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I am not able to find a matlab code for finding the outage of power delay profile for CM3 and CM4 of UWB band IEEE 802.15.6a. kindly refer me a code for the same
Hi all, Could anyone please send me MATLAB code for PDP path searcher? PDP path searcher is one finger is Rake receiver in WCDMA My undergraduate titile is power delay profile path searcher and i have already search about PDP path searcher and try to begin the transceiver WCDMA in MATLAB, then i'm confused to simulated path searcher.. i (...)
Hello, I want to estimate a channel based on LTE 3GPP EVA with given power delay profile (set of average power and delay of channel taps). tau = ; % relative delay (s) pdb = ;
Hi all; I would like to generate a discrete-time time-varying multipath (doubly selective) channel. How can I do that? Also, I need the power delay profile of the multipath channel to decay exponentially. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks
Hello There, I am trying to learn how to calculate power delay profile in a ray-tracing situation like this: 3-Dimensional room, Origin (0, 0, 0) at a corner. room_dim = ; receiver_pos = ; src_pos = ; (distance between the Tx and Rx is sqrt((1-0)**2 + (1-1)**2 + (1-1)**2 ) = 1m Some additional parameters: UWB
Hi all, I'm measuring the frequency response and calculating the power delay profile. In between the transmitter and receiver, i kept the box with water(level-24cm). I'm measuring in indoor environment and also in Anechoic chamber. I calculated the rms delay spread for both cases. Indoor environment has 22ns rms (...)
hi does the code bellow generate the 16-path rayleigh fading with uniform power delay profile? R=randn(1,16)+sqrt(-1)*randn(1,16);
Hi all, Is it possible to create a small program (in Matlab, preferably)-- thinking about Monte Carlo simulation--that creates a fingerprint database? I would probably want to record/store 2D or 3D location information along with Channel Impulse Response (CIR) at that point. Now, I am not clear what precisely of the CIR could/should I try to r
Hello How to generate a channel with exponential power delay profile? Thanks in advance
Hi, I have some channel measurement data obtained in frequency domain using vector network analyzer. I would like to plot the power delay profile(PDP) of this data in Matlab. Can anyone tell me how to do this?? It is urgent... help please...
Is the power delay profile dependent on the carrier frequency? I have read in many books that the delay spread for outdoor environment is in the order of 1 us. But that is for carrier frequency of around 900 Mhz. (cellular communication). I need the power delay profile (...)
Hello Everyone. Im computing a FDTD simulator to study the radio channel characteristics using power delay profile. I use a scenario 2550px x 2550px and I need more than 2 hours to have some kind of results. Im reading about parallel computing with parallel computing toolbox and I tried some stuff...without good results... Tried to (...)
Hello all. I'm working on FDTD + CPML and for now my objective is to plot the power delay profile or for other words a graph with time in order of power. Im using TEz mode. The manner that Im calculating the power in dBW is: 10log(((Ex^2+Ey^2)*lambda^2*1)/(120*pi*4*pi)) where I admite that (...)
Hi everybody. Im working with FDTD + CPML. Im simulating a typical scenario with 6 buildings (PEC structures) and in other situation (er = 3.0 e sigma = 0.005 S/m(electric conductivity). For now Im trying to plot the power delay profile and I think, when comparing with the original document that something's wrong. The (...)
Would anyone please have any idea about how to find the h values of a channel when you know the power delay profile of this channel I have tried using the rayleighchan and filter commands I dont know how to find the h though which one is which. I have a 6 ray model Please help