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your code apears below. you should use .* not *. *, /, ^ =====> use for matrix multiply .*, ./,.^ =====> use for number multiply .* = .^2 = * = ^2 = t=0:0.0001:0.1; v=100*cos(377*t); x=2*pi*60*50E-3; L=50e-3; f=60; w=2*pi*f; PL=((v.^2)/w/L).*sin(2*w
Hi all! I am seriously in need of matlab codes for video transmission through MIMO system. I've tried to find here and there but it seems fruitless. Anyone could help me please? Thanks!
i am trying to simulate the 802.11 WLAN in matlab but i am unable to design it any advice and help in matlab codes or matlab codes for 802.11 are urgently required please help
can anyone help me in matlab codes for using mac layer in wsn
I am implementing codes for Peak to average power ratio (PAPR) in OFDM system. If anyone of you has already worked in this area, i would be very grateful if you can send me any useful codes. So far I've implemented clipping and phase optimization methods but would appreciate if anyone could help me with other methods like Tone (...)
i designed a pipelined adc,and i simulated it at the frequency of nyquist(about half of sampling frequency);but when i deal with the data(txt in dec) in matlab using fuction cal_snr.m(from maxim), the noise power(Pn) is negetive,why?and snr is complex.i'm really confused.i find when i change the parameter "span",the result is different;but how to g
Hi..... Has anyone matlab codes or any references for the potential integrals calculation in a triangular patch? I use RWG basis functions for a PEC sphere. Thanks...
hi please tell me ,that how to calculate plot the power (db) in matlab. best regards
Hi all, Can somebody help me to implement fountain codes (LT codes) in matlab.. THank a Lot.
i got a senior project related to matlab codes using method of moment in scattering.. any advice?,helppp?? what can i do?
i am doing the final year project about class D amplfier , use some algorithm to produce PWM , then pass to the power amplifier and low pass filter to generate sound. Since i finish to build the class D amplifier in fypga and also able to see the power spectral of the generated PWM to measure the THD of the board. The only thing i need to do now
this term my subject is simulate a power amplifier with predistortion in matlab, i have designed a model, but it is not good enough, could you help me if you had done the same befor? send me your model or give me some advices, please, or tell me which models you used in your work, how to use them? thank you
Hello all, Good day. Please could you be so kind as to help me with the matlab codes for minutiae extraction of scanned fingerprint images? Thank you. Regards, Oge
friends, I want to know that for which codes the matlab itself provides the encoder and decoder and we just need to provide it with the information bit and at the destination get the message back (hopefully without errors)
i need tdm and fdm codes in matlab. plz help :cry:
pl giv me matlab codes for noise removal in ecg using emd
hi! anyone help me for programming of powerloss and power transmitted in matlab.
hey can you pls help me with code for alamouti codes in matlab?? thank you....
hi guys, am doing my final year project, can u help me out with matlab codes concerning jake's model for rayleigh fading
i need Basic books for digital modulation codes in matlab if any 1 have plz give me the link.... It will b helpful thank U!
Help in doping Decoding of Punctured Convolutional codes in matlab...
I have created a GUI in matlab for Amplitude Shift Keying so that it would prompt the user to input the binary bit stream, then it would be able to produce the modulated graph and the bit rate and baudrate below. I have done three months research on the codes and it is successful; Unfortunately something went wrong when i programmed into the GUI
Hi, I have some channel measurement data obtained in frequency domain using vector network analyzer. I would like to plot the power delay profile(PDP) of this data in matlab. Can anyone tell me how to do this?? It is urgent... help please...
Hello all, Is there any way of converting the block codes created in the simulink of matlab 2010-a into either matlab codes? or if possible to C? I belive some have done it with the older version of matlab, so i want to know any of u have tried that ..if so how did u aproach? Thanks
I am calculating power spectral density in matlab of some data I collected. The various power spectral density calculation methods that matlab provides return y axis units in db/hz, power/frequency. I need to get a plot where the Y axis is in V/rtHz. My question is, is there a command in (...)
Hi, all, How to know the power consumed by each of the + - * / and sqrt operations in matlab? Thanks!
can u help 4 BER performance in MIMO?I need matlab codes for this..... thanks in advance...............
how i can simulate high power amplifire in matlab????
Hi all, Maybe this is a noob question but I just started working with matlab and really no big idea on how to use its commands and functions. I have a AC circuit with following the voltage, current and power wasn't that hard
hye there, i'm facing some trouble in finding the solution for my project. can anybody help me regarding the matlab codes for relay selection in cooperative communication?i am using the geographic random forwarding (GeRaF) protocol for the relay selection. i need the codes urgently. do email me tq :)
I have to solve restoration service problem in distribution network system in matlab using graph theory by optimization method. Did anyone do anything similar to help me by giving some guidelines or instructions? Precisely, I need to find all possible ways for power supplying an area after the failure.
how to send transmitted power of a signal along with the signal in matlab......Need help for Example the receivec signal is y =hx+n if x is BPSK transmitted signal h is rayleigh fading channel n is AWGN how can I incorporate the transmitted signal power in this formula?
hi all I'm using the functions(fft,ifft) in a matlab code,theoretically signal power must not be changed before and after transformation according to Parsaval theorem. But when calculating the signal power before and after using E{X^2},the power of the 2 signals aren't the same. please can any body helping solving this (...)
I want my codes to pass through AWGN channel in matlab. matlab have a function, AWGN case1 : y = awgn(x,snr) case2 : y = awgn(x,snr,sigpower) case3 : y = awgn(x,snr,'measured') . . . Accoding to the Description, using case1 power of x must be 0 dBW. why do that? Why (...)
Hi My problem is as following I have to plot SNR in MAT lab, where i have only transmitter power in db and noise power(Sigma). What happen if sigma=1; What happen if sigma=2; Any body give matlab code
Hi All, Please can anybody help with genetic algorithm codes to be implemented in matlab that I can use to predict or model data close to or same as measured data values . Thanks for your help.
I desparately need matlab codes for noise & shading correction of 16bit tiff file captured with an experimental digital camera. I have three images: One is the noisy original captured image, one is the dark noise image (black) taken with the camera shutter closed and the other is the white shading image. I don't have much theoretical knowledge
hello to a looking for any matlab codes that plot out the radiation pattern of a circular patch antenna...does anyone know anything in regards to this matter?
I have tried to implement the UPML ABC for FDTD in matlab, by following the textbook written by Allen Taflove. but I still have trouble to get it going. Does anyone has a sample FDTD code using UPML so that I can have a good look at it? Thanks
hi, i need to read a bin file in matlab...for which i use fread command.. fread(fid,samples needed,format)..problem is i dont know the format( have tried different combinations..its not working) shld i write a code to read.. to be precise its a eeg recorded bin file with 59 channel to read that into matlab..any (...)
hi, currently i doing my Msc for face recognition using eigen faces + neural network. i have a problem to train + test my PCA for recognition using Backpropagation Neural network using Visual c++ (i developed myself but it's the standard) unfortunately my neural network only work with small data, so i intend to use NN in matlab but i'm not
hi i want to simulate some MIMO-OFDM codes in matlab. i need some m file regard
hi all, do anyone has matlab codes for MOM based SI and field analysis of interconnects?..... if u find any codes related to this plz mail to me,.... with regards, venkat.g.
I am in final year electronics and telecommunication engineering and would like to have the matlab codes for cdma rake receiver at the earliest as it is my final year engineering project. Regards, Neeraj
I am in final year electronics and telecommunication engineering and would like to have the matlab codes for cdma rake receiver at the earliest as it is my final year engineering project. Regards, Neeraj
That question is bad! There is no "n" variable. a = 0.88 * exp( j*2*pi/5 ); % This is a Complex number nn = 0:40; % This is an array xn = a.^nn; % "xn" is a Complx # raised to a power "nn" for n = 128. % this looks like it wants to be a loop w/128 i
You need orinoco tool for algorithm power analysis.
do FFT, if signal frequency is fin, then 2*fin, 3*fin .. N*fin inside the frequency band (or inband) are harmonic, sum the total power of harmonic, then you get total harmonic power, / signal power is harmonic distortion in db. Another formula is sqrt(harmonic power)/sqrt(signal power), unit is %.
hi ... i m final year project is voice controlled robotic arm using matlab as tool this project the input voice signal is given thru mic n proccessed in matlab and output in taken thru serial port n intefaced with robotic arm..we have design a robotic arm with 5 degrees of freedom..but our problem is in writing codes for int
MMSE RECEIVER Plz reply us as soon as possible.... Regards, maya