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I am implementing codes for Peak to average power ratio (PAPR) in OFDM system. If anyone of you has already worked in this area, i would be very grateful if you can send me any useful codes. So far I've implemented clipping and phase optimization methods but would appreciate if anyone could help me with other methods like Tone (...)
i designed a pipelined adc,and i simulated it at the frequency of nyquist(about half of sampling frequency);but when i deal with the data(txt in dec) in matlab using fuction cal_snr.m(from maxim), the noise power(Pn) is negetive,why?and snr is complex.i'm really confused.i find when i change the parameter "span",the result is different;but how to g
I want my codes to pass through AWGN channel in matlab. matlab have a function, AWGN case1 : y = awgn(x,snr) case2 : y = awgn(x,snr,sigpower) case3 : y = awgn(x,snr,'measured') . . . Accoding to the Description, using case1 power of x must be 0 dBW. why do that? Why (...)
You'll need more than the DSP toolbox. You will also need the real time toolbox (or workshop?) which lets you generate code for a few TI DSP's(and also power PC's) and simulink. The source code produced is very reliable and also fairly easy to read.
I cannot comment on your matlab code, but I can give a few suggestions. First, try to choose an input frequency that is a prime number. For example, 13/128 Mhz for an 128 FFT. In this way you make sure all of the DAC/ADC codes get exercised. Make sure you are taking the numbers of samples to be a power of two. Give the circuit a little (...)
Hi I want to build a power monitoring unit that should detect disturbances more than 5% in the ac voltage and it should record data 20ms before and after the disturbance.I am planning to use pic for sampling the data and transfering to pc and then using matlab to do the other calculation . Can any one help me with the schematic,pic codes (...)
Am a bit new to using matlab for simulation of sigma delta ADCs...have a few doubts: 1)While calculating output power spectrum we take the FFT and plot only single sided spectrum...this is because the spectrum is symmetrical...but isnt the spectrum from -fs/2 to +fs/2??I have seen tht in most codes the 0 to fs interval is divided into N/2 (...)
Hi all, I am currently doing a project dealing with brain waves acquired from EEG. My concern now is to obtain power spectrum from the raw data, e.g.: I would like to use each power spectrum of alpha wave (8-13Hz), beta wave(14-19Hz) and gamma wave(20-30Hz) as features for classification. Attached is a portion of my raw data, consisting of 10 sa
I am looking to simulate the average signal power of BPSK,QPSK,16QAM,64QAM modulated signal using matlab/Simulink. Is there a way to do this. Do libraries already exist thst does this. Any pointers/ideas?
i am working a project on power line communication i came up with the problem of using PIC for implementation of OFDM (orthogonal frequency division multiplexing) i will be happy to get some assembly codes for its implementation. 10Q in advance.
Try to create a model using stateflow, where the states are those which describe the states involved in power control. I have been telling this to others on this forum too. You can use a prototype of power control for cdma IS-95 which you can download from And before any one reminds me, I did promise to make a model for (...)
hello all please please guys i need help im doing a research on power allocation in relay networks and i have no idea what codes to use in matlab or algorithm to use for the simulation please can someone help me please.thanks
Basically, i am trying to find out the relation between PAPR reduction and power Control in mobile communications... for getting matlab codes, is there any good website related to that..???
hi, i am working on power allocation in cooperative communication, but i don't know how start it. can anyone give me some advices, and i want to get some matlab codes about this issue. Can u help me out? Thank u.
Dear all, I am currently doing my Master's thesis on 'coding and decoding of perfect space time block codes: analysis and performance simulation'. The point is I wanted to reduce the complexity of ML decoding by conditional optimization principle that the order of complexity will reduce, for example,3x3 antenna dimension the constellation size th
hi, I should extract bellow features of GSR signal. please help me if you have their matlab codes. 1-number of local minima in the GSR signal 2-average rising time of the GSR signal 3-10 spectral power in the Hz bands 4-zero crossing rate of Skin conductance slow response (SCSR)Hz, zero crossing rate of Skin conductance very slo
Hi, i am planning to design a PLC unit to control every device inside the building basically on/off and regulator control.Current options in front of me are 1.TI(AFE03+c2000 or any other DSP uc) 2.Maxim( max2992 +any DSP UC) i am planning to use G3PLC protocol,please help me choose between my options ,Does we have to Code
this might solve your Voltage current issue. :)
I have just finished my OFDM simulation in matlab. These are the graphs i obtained through the simulation. :arrow: Anyone with experience with OFDM are welcome to comment.. Please note that only simple differential coding were used. The simulation is based on codes by Erich Cosby, "Suitability of OFDM as a modulation technique for wir
Need to develop a stand alone application using Visual C++ and matlab which can be used to analyze and estimate the power spectral density of a particular input signal. plese help me i not used 2 matlab can anyone guide me 2 start my project n finish it. is there matlab codes that i reffer on. i have (...)
Hi there, I have some questions regarding a CDMA matlab simulation result. Figure1 here represents the FFT convertion of a randomly generated baseband signal up to 1000 bits. On the other hand, the Figure2 here is the FFT conversion of the baseband signal after despreadin it using Walsh Hadamard code( 8chip /s). My question is, after pe
dear all I m lookin for matlab algorithm or codes for a project of mine which requires me to have signal which is being transmitted then in teh channel there must b sum fading and noises so at the receiver end when i reconstrust the signal i have to determine the power, signal to noise ratio and i have to plot graphs too depending on (...)
Hi No, I dont forget power 2. also the difference is more than 3 dB, it is about 8 dB
(just an idea) As the CDMA codes are orthogonal. If we correlate all the PN codes with received signal (considering that received signal is time aligned. Otherwise algo needs extension to consider delay or non-alignment), we will get different power level for all the available PN codes. Now set a threshold, from (...)
two tone IMD can be a tricky measurement,because the additional equipment %required(a power combiner to combine two input frequencies) can contribute %unwanted intermodulation products that falsify the ADC's intermodualtion %distortion. Can a power combiner produce intermodulation???? power combiners are passive systems! How can (...)
I want o simulate the AGC function in a fading channel (TU6 for DVB-T,excactly). After reading many posts, I was completely comfused. 1. The rayleigh fading basically models a summary of some space equally distrubuted scattering waves( the space is 2-dimension but not 3-dimension). The summary is comply with some rayleigh-pdf-distribution. In m
I am doing thesis n my topic is using the distance dependent corelation to find the optimal transmitters to poll to overcome the multipath n shadowing effects, can any one help me regarding the matlab codes for placing the transmitters n finding the power propagated , also how to make it a file as i have to use it in PROMAN or winpro software,
Hi radiation pattern give you an idea about the coverage of an antenna gain and maximum detection area (3dB point ) the easiest way to draw the radiation pattern is to draw it manually by direction and magnitude you take the antenna and feed it by power and use an isotropic detector (omnidirectional ) to receive the signal and calculate the power
Hello Friends; I need an answers from who faced this problem which is: I have done a Selected Mapping Technique to reduce the PAPR for the OFDM system successfully using Hadamard codes as the phase rotating sequences. The problem not in my simulation that I got a bit error rate, it is inside matlab itself,
hello, i am doing project on Cooperative communication. In this i want to use existing power allocation scheme like SNR based and copare it with equal gain scheme.. anybody is having material to study the power allocation scheme , i have done matlab code with equal gain scheme , want to implement SNR based power (...)
dears, who can help me? now I am learning power allocation in OFDM relay channel, do you familiar with this field? could you give me some ideas and matlab codes to study, some codes about OFDM-AF, OFDM-DF, and subcarrier pairing. Thank you --- bless you all my email is
I use a software download in this website: Index Introduction , But I find it does't work , a error is in the follow function function = ldpc_encode(in,G,q) % function = ldpc_encode(in,H,q) % encodes data from "in" using G over GFq % q = 2,4,8,16,32,64,128 or 256 % Please, make sure that the
Numerically, 4-by-4 is equivalent (in terms of BER) to 1-by-8 except that the total power is divided by 4 in the first case, and likewise 2-by-2 is equivalent to 1-by-4 except that the total power is divided by 2. So, if you have the BER of receive diversity with N antennas, then you can do the comparison quickly. However, if you want to do simulat
dear all I m lookin for matlab algorithm or codes for a project of mine which requires me to have signal which is being transmitted then in teh channel there must b sum fading and noises so at the receiver end when i reconstrust the signal i have to determine the power, signal to noise ratio and i have to plot graphs too depending on (...)
I find following topics interesting for Project. 1) Simulation of forward link and reverse link 2) Simulation of voice calls. 3) SImulation of power control onforward and reverse link. using matlab.
Space-time block codes (STBC) versus V-BLAST: The objective is to evaluate the effect of increasing average signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and channel correlation on the bit error rate (BER) of STBC and V-BLAST for a prescribed spectral efficiency. Consider two wireless systems: i) Alamouti STBC 2x2, and ii) V-BLAST 2x2. To maintain the same spectra