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I am planning doing power line communication based project. May anyone help me...nowsaday people usually using power line communication to do what type of final year project??thanks
In my project I use ST7537 with a COP8 mcu at 2400 bauds. I use HDLC protocol with CRC16 checksum. See the application notes for ST7537. Be careful with switching power supply connected to main power. This produce noise that produce errors in communications.
I actually have a couple of friends developing a system like it for the last year project course, as i have heard they are trying to make some spread spectrum modulation, because your signal have to be low enough no to alter your power drive in the cable, i'll try on talk to them but it wont be ready till end of the year, they are iunvestigating ri
Hello Search Freescale site thay once publish a referance design best on the DSP56f8xx for power line modem All the best Bobi
There is no such a thing like protocol or standard for communication over power lines. People try to use power lines with or without success. What you need to connect 2 PC are power lines modems. Examples here: Or if you wish to cre
hello we are group built project of home automation using power line communication using pic 16f877 , we get the project from microchip and the code also , but we didn't have any result on lcd can you help us!
Hi, check this page for
i am working a project on power line communication i came up with the problem of using PIC for implementation of OFDM (orthogonal frequency division multiplexing) i will be happy to get some assembly codes for its implementation. 10Q in advance.
Hi I need help to developing DC power communication using PLC I need documantation,shematic ingineer project,books, any think wich can help me best regards
I am looking for a simulation software which should help me in power line communication and power electronics circuit simulation. I am working on a project of data transmission over power lines. I was using "protious" but it didn't worked. I can not find my required IC's in (...)
Hi Search MAXIM site for power line communication They have several IC who use CDMA for transferring data over power All the best Bobi
Thanx.. I'm newbie and I even don't know basics of power line communication. It will be grateful to you if you suggest some ideas where i should begin at. Thanx in advance
X-10 is a communication protocol designed for sending signals over AC wiring. X-10 uses 120 kHz bursts timed with the power line zero-crossings to represent digital information.
Hi I need help designing a coupling circuit for power line communication for home automation. I will be using a powerlines FSK modem in my final project but initially i want to test my coupling circuit. i am using this coupling circuit 93409 with a basic function generator and an (...)
hi! i am beginning a project in which I need to use a power line communication.i don't know what is the state-of-the-art. for that reason i would like that somebody provided a list to me of the commercial power line modems that exist at the moment. thanks
Can anyone suggest me a good application of power line Carrier communication? This is for final year projet.
Is it possible to transmit video signal through power line ? or FM signal through power line? Required some line cause i want to make transmitter and receiver model through which i can send high frequency signal through power line i.e 50Mhz to 100Mhz signal. Please provide (...)
I am doing a project on power line communication. So I need to send data at 100 KHz on 220 Volts power line at 50 Hz. Hence I need to attenuate 220 Volts at 50 Hz to the minimum possible level. For this I will have to use Passive High Pass Filter both at Transmitter and Receiver end. (...)
Hi All I m doing the final year project, which is power line communication using OFDM on TMS320C6713.Can any one help us on this.I m actully bigener at this.i have no idea about this.
you can start with this product from tenet bangalore powerline communication Modem PLC UART 12V - Tenet Technetronics Description:61919 This is a transceiver module designed to send/receive serial data over power lines. PLC-UART is designed to transparently
Got anyone using this series of power line modem doing project before?? please feel free to leave a comment here. i have some question wanna ask you yours.
I am doing project on power line communication. I want to communicate 2 PCs via power lines. And i want to make use of MAX2986 for OFDM .Can any one suggest me about its cost and schematics?
Your links are useless unless they are accessible on the 'net. Your personal files need to be uploaded for others to see. having SAID that, all of your questions are directly answered in the specs sheets of ST7540. Why don't you read it first before posting questions here ? Also, you will get a wealth of information if you Google for PLCC or power
I would like to do in my finally project a remote using the power line communication for exemple to turn on a lamp in my bed room at any place of the home I neeed help for the schemtic of the receiver and the transmetter if it's possible
Hi I would like to send data from pic to pic using power line communication. how can i design this circuit using proteus isis. Please i need your help
I am doing a PLC project. I use the PLC modem LM1893 and microcontroller 18f458 . The LM1893 work with frequency until 125KHZ I don't know what is the frequency of the data send from the ?Pic to the Lm1893 it must be 125khz ?? please help
Hi, I would like to know more about powerline communication systems. if somebody have experianced on this field, mostly welcomes yours comments, ckts designs etc... Regards...,,, Indy ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ enclosed technical information (pdf files) regrdas - haymeron
ST microelectronics have powerline modem solutions,i reccommend see the website
Hi ! I have the following problem: I want to do a network like RS485 , a master and some slaves, using the power line for the power supply and bringing the data signal. I have seen that microchip do this with his onewire, but I need that the length of network be around 500 meters . Someone can help me ? Thanks
Hi I am working on the power line communication project. I have implemented FSK modulation and demodulation using XR2206 and XR2211 respectively. I am getting 30khz and 15KHz, 5Vpp output for logic 1 and logic 0 respectively. I have also implemented the coupling circuit using ferrite core from the (...)
I am doing the power line communication project and prepare the C program for the home chatting but whenever the module is attached and message is sent then there are error at receiver so that I have to implement the error detection and error correcting scheme so would you please help me with providing the link or material (...)
Short range data over power lines has been in use for several decades. There are commercial intercoms and "baby monitors" that work within a home using "carrier current" techniques. The United States power companies even use carrier current communications for power station data exchange. Some references are:
power line Carrier communication
Is it possinle to make zero crossing detetctor with only microcontroller?
Hello everyone.. I am a newbie in this forum.. I would just like to ask if anyone have already work on modeling powerline communication system using digital modulation in matlab? Your help will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
HI, With what i can replace theTDA5051 in this project THX
I would like to realize power line communication project but i haven't found the TDA5051 what' is the component that can replace this TDA5051 and give the same performance HELP ME PLEASE THANKS
Hi The Linux Home Automation project is a bit of a misnomer. It's really meant for use under any Unix like operating system. We already have one gentleman who uses QNX so he'll keep me honest. :wink: I fully intend to keep the source code as portable as possible. And I'm working on getting a *BSD system up and running real soon. The initial inte
* First serach elektroda you will find a lot of posts on this topic. * also visit the web site of lonworks company. You will find a good information. * Visit metering magazine in the web, you will find articales talking about power line
hi everyone , i am doing a project on power line carrier communication, i am managed to get a modulated FSK signal which i am going to ride over a 50Hz/220VAC line. i am using a 89C51 microcontroller and XR2206 as a modulator. i need help in a line coupler/driver. Also in the contruction (...)
hiiiiiiii all i am working in that project plccs power line communication and i have some modem ic for transmit and recieve but i heard that there is some problems will face me in modem, i cant choose which is useful and if any one used modem in this project and acts good plz tell me about it (...)
wajahat, a boost converter is a switch mode power supply ( i am not sure if you know about it ) where it takes a smaller input voltage and gives a greater output voltage. ie. Vin = 5v and Vout = 10v. this is achieved by switching the inductor on and off. u may wanna do some search on google on smps. u will understand more. but mainly if you are
hi everybody, i have a project of AMR system using PLC modem(power line communication) i searched and found the EVAL-ad7755-eb it can make power measurments from an electromechanical energy meter like ELSTAR E200 does any body have a full design ,hints,or anything that could help i have read the (...)
hello to everyone, i m doing my final year project on "power line communication-home automation" i m using xr2206 and xr2211 for fsk i have completed the modulation part but hving problem in demodulation.i have used frequencies 110khz and 120khz for fsk but desining the demodulator part i am getting hard time for the (...)
Please tell me if a person is expert in DSP-FFT What else Qualification does he need 1. There are Requirements: - DSP expert. - Matlab, simulation Programing expert. - FFT, OFDM Modulation and Demodulation Expert. - project (PLC- power line communication) Development. - Keyboard and Wireless Keyboard Development.
I had done a project during my undergrad, it was power line communication. Basically I developed a power line modem ( with some significant help from my professor :P ) and implemented it in the power meters in India. Which was a big thing at that time. Also it is an embedded (...)
There is Zigbee power plugs, dimmers, door sensors, occupancy sensors, you name it and from many different manufacturers. For a starting point go to www dot zigbee dot org and navigate to (using the links on the left side): Products/By Standard/Zigbee Home Automation and scroll down for a list of Zigbee certified products. Or google "zigbee home au
google is your friend... the first item of the search leads to : which is : The DS1973 4Kb EEPROM iButton is a rugged read/write data carrier that identifies and stores relevant information about the product or person to which it is attached. This information can be accessed with minima
Hello, I am using opnet 14.5 modeler and I have to setup the Non line of sight communication/link to observe the Received power level. My project is purely based on the recieved power level of a End node so I can compare with non line of sight conditions as well. Can you help me out (...)
Hello, I saw your email address at the forum and am facing some problems related to Zigbee project. I am using opnet 14.5 modeler and I have to setup the Non line of sight communication/link to observe the Received power level. My project is purely based on the recieved power level of (...)