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Hi all, I need a HF (1MHz - 50MHz) AM/SSB Modulation monitor to adjust and monitor the amount of modulation of my CB rig using a small analog meter (50uA needle meter). This will be part of my SWR / power / Modulation meter. 73, Fernando - Call sign PU2PLL - Brazil
Hi, I would like to estimate the power consumption of my ASIC design at each clock cycle. At the moment I have set up the following flow: 1) Generate the netlist using RTL compiler. 2) Dump the VCD file using NC-sim and the netlist obtained at step 1. 3) Back in RTL compiler, for each clock period I want to monitor I annotated the VCD on the n
Hello, I am working on a project that will meausre internal resistance of a lead acid battery. I know DC Load Test but my problem starts with Open Circuit Voltage(OCV). My batteries always connected to power source and i cannot switch my batteries and power source. MY CONNECTION : (-)-----power SOURCE--------(+) (-)-----LOAD (...)
See if there is an advanced menu by turning on the display with holding power and SELECT buttons down for at least one second. Larry G
That sounds very much like video signal creeping into the audio stages, especially as it changes in time with the picture content. 15KHz is probably the picture scan frequency so it points to either a loose grounding point or a capacitor on the power feed to the monitor section being faulty. Brian.
Field probes with l<<λ are often used in EMC laboratories to monitor field strength in susceptibility tests. Their output can be interpreted as power density under certain prerequisites (e.g. far field or quasi far field conditions). The field probes are terminated with high (ideally infinite) impedance, in other words there's no received p
I'm using CST Microwave Studio to simulate a thin square cavity resonator, one face of which has a grid of holes. I want to evaluate the amount of field leakage, to relate it to the hole size. This involves quantifying the power transfer through a plane, but at this stage I do not even know how to write out the field intensity values on a specifi
We are trying to calculate the Feedback loop Bode plots for a 48Vin to 48Vout,3A converter using a PRM48? SMPS module (as on page 18 of the PRM48? datasheet below) As such we wish to calculate the gain & phase margin of this we can check it will be stable. The details of the power stage inside the PRM48? module are not given in th
Like any arc, the power conducted occurs at low voltage after the high voltage trigger. Simply use a low pass filter and the fast transient RF will be filtered. Start with 100Hz LPF to monitor both V and I then multiply. When I monitored 100kA diffusion welding below 6V back in the late 70's , I used shielded twisted pair at right (...)
If your high side voltage is above 2v then the ZXCT1009 chip will work fine. Unless your high side voltage falls below 2v and you still wish to monitor the current, than you will probability have another source to power the shunt amplifier available. Any op amp that has a common mode voltage reaching down to zero would be more appropriate.
A VNA measures network parameters, including the power gain between ports, but isn't the appropriate instrument for measuring absolute power. A spectrum analayzer/signal analyzer is the proper instrument for that. Using a VNA to measure the S parameters of a transmitter/receiver could allow you to calculate the received power, if you know (...)
it is used in Dell monitor power supply board and i cant find it in market please give datasheet and substitute information for it.129777
Hello to all, I need some help fixing the power supply of the mentioned monitor. I turn on the monitor, it is working fine for a second or two, and then the backlight goes off. The problem is with the inverting part of the suply that powers the backlight of the monitor (650 volts AC). I have come to (...)
Dear All, I have a 3V coin cell battery to power RTC logic in my controller. I have calculated the lifetime of the battery and its coming around 3+ years. But I want to design a circuit which tells when battery voltage will go down to certain voltage (say 2.4V) and give a signal to controller. I have very less space in my board, so a simpl
i need to monitor current , voltage, power factor, active power, real power. kindly suggest any low cost ic that can measure all the above for 3 phase thank you
Hello guys, Can anyone guide me that how to plot Normalized power radiated in a specific direction in CST. let say in case of Patch antenna radiating in Z Direction.
I need to design a low cost power analyzer for my thesis work (solar inverter system) as one is not available and their is no plan to buy a new one. power Analyzer will only be used as an instrument for measuring electrical signal of characteristics 230VAC; 0.5-10 Amps. current; Single Phase and frequency 50Hz. I have access to Infineon Relax Kit
Hi, I wanna add battery for internal rtc and when power get off, device will run until battery charge off. So I have to add chargable lion battery in schematic. Anyone can help to adding battery and charging part. I use pic18f66j65 microcontroller. Thanks you
Hi, what are "these phone type batteries"? Do you have technical data? i want to use these phone type batteries and get 3.3v 300mA , any recommendations for battery that has higher voltage than 3.3v since i will be using a LDO to get 3.3v regulated output. Using 9V batteries to generate 3.3V / 300mA with a LDO.... is wasting about
Doesn't explain USB interface damage, but USB specification require a self-powered device to monitor the VBUS line and not to drive to bus lines before a voltage has been detected.
Hi, I am designing a device that will have automatic switch to battery when primary power source is removed also charging battery when primary power is present. In my design, I will be using PIC24 and BQ24725A as battery charger controller. For the charger I will use proposed schematic from datasheet. I would like to monitor battery (...)
Hello. I have a problem with my philips 190x lcd monitor. I have once changed capacitors on board where is power cord and it was working fine till other day when he turned off by itself and doesnt want to turn on. So i have disassemble it and find 2 capacitors on board where are buttons for turn on they didnt have voltage or capacity, while i was u
Hello all, my Asus LCD monitor MM17D shows this OSD popup sign: 112582 I understand "ISP" mode is for programming the scaler via the VGA connector. The monitor is stuck in this mode and I can't access the menu any more. Asus told me to press the power button for 30s before plugging in the power cord but that didn't ch
Hi, I am trying to repait a Benq Q9T4 monitor which wouldn't turn. I found some help online that they need to replace some caps on the power board. I check all the electrolytic caps with my DMM all gave good readings of capacitance and after the test they gave a resistance in the range of Mega Ohms so I thought they were good. I am i right?
hey, i got an old computer monitor and i want to use it as a high voltage power supply but i can't because the power saving feature turns it off when not connected to a computer.:-( Any ideas to bypass it:?: Regards Cecemel:wink:
Hamid you have very high gain in a design that compares current not power to the variable voltage. If you want to control dummy load power dissipation regardless of supply voltage, then you must monitor power. One way to monitor power is to mount a thermistor to the heatsink and use some (...)
Aluminum Electrolytic capacitors have always had an aging effect on leakage after long storage which can be eliminated to prevent self-heating on first use with high voltage by using a large resistor in series to monitor current decay before being used. Back in the days when we used 60V 150k uF caps for stereo amps and bought these mainframe compu
hey guys, I'm an undergrad in software engineering and I'm doing my final year project. I'm trying to power up a monitor and a Beaglebone Black from the car. I have used a 100W Inverter for the monitor and a LM2596 regulator for the BBB. And the LM2596 is a switch mode power regulator. Check diagram. 104981 But I d
Many lab power supplies will read back current over GPIB, are you overthinking the problem?
Hi All, My first post in this forum. This monitor cannot power up. External power supply is confirmed OK. I have been searching for a replacement mainboard at Ebay but no luck. What could be the common cause of failure for this monitor ? Thanks in advance.
My Acer Al1717 monitor not powering on, i replaced all capacitors in the power section including the big 100uF/400V one, still not powering on, None of the power rails are giving correct voltage checked the optocoupler, transformer and others, but no problem there, what can be the actual problem ?
Hi to all i've simulated an article with CST and got the same Result , but when i want to Define power monitor to calculate surface integralof (  E × H ) over the surface of the port , unfortunately i can't define , so could you please Help me? ( and also i've defined impedance line on ports for calculating the characteristic
i know its very nice!! but i want a basic!! i dont know how to monitor output power, voltage, p-p, rms and frequency output on oscillator.. i think Agilent Genesys for professional and advance user But you wanna see harmonics,transient voltages/currents,power etc. This simulator will use nonlinear models with t
Hi guys, I've been doing multitone Harmonic Balance simulation with ADS. I've been using "labels" to monitor the evolution of the power amplitude of the various tones between the devices. I've noticed that the value of the power amplitude shown is always a little bit higher than the expected, and after some controls I've found out the (...)
This IC with 7pins is from main power of EIZO FlexScan F520 monitor ,is not microcontroller.
Hi, Eda_family I need sample instruments/designs that are using AC and DC voltage and current sensors. I would like to use them along with NI-DAQ system to monitor my Solar power station.
Hello once again... I have a problem with making a battery level monitoring. I am building a RF low power module that is powered by a Lithium-thionyl Chloride battery problem is that the discharge curve is to abrupt. The system
Hi, I am designing a rectifier and need to calculate the efficiency. I have followed the below procedure: 1. Designed a rectifier using MOSes with RF signal at 865MHz with a load current of 4uA. 2. Simulated the rectifier using transient analysis. I tried to vary the design variable 'v' (Input Voltage amplitude) to monitor the dc v
When you are below the threshold, the device is asleep, isn't it? I think that's the whole point of the supply monitor, to shut the chip down when the power falls. Obviously, it draws more current when it's running than when it's asleep.
i want to work on " monitoring system for power Generators" as my final year engineering project. in this project, i will monitor the load voltage/current, and fuel level of generator and will show it on LCD wirelessly by using gsm. And generator will be turned off in severe conditions. I will use PIC micro-controller f
I have Arduino, it's supposed to take power through a mosfet from a battery pack when I press a button. I'm running the program through the serial monitor to see if it's actvating it's digital out and it's not. I checked to see if it's getting input voltage into the input pin and it is, but for some reason it doesn't want to send voltage out throug
Hi Dvid and Welcome to EDABoard, power supply should have enough power to handle load, in your case monitors. Voltage should be as monitor need 19V, but I dont think that 19,7V will be some problem, and current of psu can be higher then your load needs. I dont think that laptop psu is good solution, and will not last (...)
The amplifier is simply overloaded by 50 Hz interferences, as clearly shown by the pin1/2 waveforms. Not a problem of the amplifier circuit itself, but related to unsuitable electrode configuration, power supply etc.
Hi all, I have a couple of LCD monitor Samsung SyncMaster T190. Both of them do not power on when connected to the power supply line: the red LED starts flashing and the panel remains black. I guess there is a problem in the power supply stage. I had a look on the rear panel in order to open it, but apparently there (...)
Operating the laser diode at a low current should be safe. For full power output, closed loop feedback is required. If you read the data sheet carefully, you'll notice that the monitor diode sensitivity can vary over a wide range (PD current at rated LD power is 0.03..0.5 mA). This means that a calibrated optical power meter (...)
Go to this link and use calc :
For 2 Required devices having different power ratings : 1) single phase : AC 220V & starting amps 3Amps (i.e. starting torque) and the stabilized amps 2A ... For deep freezer 2) single phase : AC 220V & starting amps 2.7Amps (i.e. including the starting torque of a CRT monitor) and the stabilized amps 1 Amps thanks[/QUO
HI ALL; kindly help me to design a circuit to detect(supervise)the output of audio amplifier. the case is :there is for example 10 speakers concocted to the output of audio amplifier and i need to monitor this line for open circuit or short circuit or amplifier power off . what i need is when the signal is active(music on or volume high or
In this case it is the better to use a constant current, or driving it like a laser diode with monitor diode(would mean you need a photo transtistor for the feedback). This provides optical power control. Here are the LD principles: . Enjoy your design work!
Could be a mic problem. Or a USB problem. Or a circuit board problem. Maybe a grounding problem? You have a number of spots that should each be tested. Can you connect the mic by itself to an audio system? You'll also need to power it, with its resistor and capacitor intervening as well. This will require jumpers. Maybe some unsoldering as well