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I have a big power mos fet and Ron is about 50m ohm. The routing metal wires (metal 1/2/3/4..and via ) on the layout generate some parasitic resistance. I don't know how much the metal resistance could be. Is 5 mohm good estimation? (In my case 5 mohm is about 10% of the power fet Ron: 50mohm *10%=5 (...)
power mosfet drivers or bridge drivers may do this but generally they are not so fast. At the 40V node, BJTs are good for less than 1GHz fT pretty much, and that's if you're really careful about preventing saturation. 40V mos is even slower. Anyway, I think I'd look at high side fet drivers or using a (...)
maybe power mosfet?? search STMicro or fairchild...
Hi, I need a schematic for a NEC LCD monitor model LCD223WXM-BK (22 inch) The 19 & 20 inch models may also be the same. In particular I am interested in the power board module. The monitor shows no sign of power and the mos-fet on the power board looks to be OK Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in (...)
The constant 1'b0 or 1'b1 in HDL is realized with a wire connecting to VDD or GND. That is fine until you consider the ESD issue where a gate of a mos fet is connecting directly to the power supply or ground. That's where the tie on/off gates come in. They are usually provided by the standard cell library and synthesis tool can pick them up (...)
What you are asking is a very involved question..there are lots of differences between between BJT and mos, the foremost being what "darla1" said. Further, 1) in BJT there is a static power consumption due to finite Ib(base current) whereas in mos we can have a zero DC power, the reason for advent of (...)
I high current application(or power mos fet ). I aften let the mos layout by finger type.and fill COs and VIAs in drain and source side. this can reduce the contact resistance . The metal layer and uniform turn on is another important factor of high current mos layout.
Hello folks, has somebody an idea where I can purchase the power mos fet TPC8107 form toshiba? In parallel I´m interested in a similar fet from an other supplier. Thanks in advance. Regards reiniheini
Here are links to sites on smps based on single as a reference, if you would like to rewind the HF transformere example of transformer for you