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Hello. I am planning to build an 12 channel DMX dimmer. Right now I am figuring out the power part of the project. After some research, I decided that I will try to make trailing edge AC phase cut dimmer with an IGBTs. While googling for solutions, I came across this dedicated IC: FL5150[/URL
Hi! I'm designing a grid tie inverter. The important thing is it's synchronization with grid sinusoidal waveshape both in phase and frequency. I was planning to use PLL 4046B IC who will be given power from Vdd = 5 VDC. I'm not used to PLL so much so my thinking was that it will generate a sinusoidal wave of same phase and frequency as input gri
can anyone pls explain some of the circuit principles affected by layout such as speed, power, noise & area??? Thank you!!! :)
Suppose we need to insert horizontal and vertical stripes in power planning. What are the considerations we should take to decide which one has to be placed first? Or can we place either of these stripes first?
You mean like one of these chips.. ..what you are asking, the “silicon floor planning” of it, well, I always assumed that was secret info held in top security by those fab houses who know it
I am planning for a drive using 6 lead stepper motor voltage is 12 V Winding Resistance is 25 ohm. ULN 2003 or ULN 2803 seem to be insufficient in terms of total power handling capacity. Any advise for a suitable d
Yes, it should be terminated with a 50Ohm resistor with minimum parasitics. Output powers are correct, however you may experience loss due to microstrip lines.
Hi All, I am planning to build a 5v power supply which can provide at least 50A. I found many project on internet that use MOT (Microwave oven transformer) it can produce a lot of current. I am focusing now on the losses and low ripple DC voltage. I am planning to use Pi-Filter to remove the AC ripple voltage (Forget about values in (...)
UPS requires battery charge and storage for DC-AC inverter to provide power when grid power is interrupted. These are called 2 stage UPS. A good design avoids power interruption, glitches and brown-outs that may drop your PC PSU , "faster than a rock", since they are designed cheaply to have only 1 cycle of storage capacity at line speed, (...)
70 MHz filters are IF filters, so there's no reason to design it for power handling. I see a +23 dBm rating for some GSM filters, I would expect similar numbers for 70 MHz filters. Without a specification, I won't hesitate to expose it to low power like +10 dBm.
Hello, I'd like to ask just a quick sanity check question about my approach in my design. I'd need to know what is the most reasonable solution to switching high loads, such as 12V solenoids/relays within low-power(e.g. battery powered) system? I'm planning to use 3.3V MCU(to save idle consumption), for which the load is driven with a (...)
I agree with FvM I also believe for high power 3 phase bridge drivers for high efficiency single phase is best for apps >>100W resulting in low dynamic losses. If you can limit the load swings 2 phase half bridge (with ventre tap making a full bridge) can work. But if not , well then valley sensing on current to commutate is better. Recall time
Hi my friends i have a problem in add strip in 45 nm tech when i add strip i see this warning in shell window " **WARN: (ENCPP-2008): AddStripe option -remove_floating_stripe_over_block is ON so all fragmented stripes within a block will be removed. To turn OFF, setAddStripeOption -remove_floating_stripe_over_block 0. Starting stripe ge
Hi all, Could anyone help me to calculate the power of a chip? Any formula to size and offset of stripes, power rings? Thank you
Hello , please I need a circuit that can help power electric pressing iron or cooker using small generator or inverter.. Thanks
Hi Guys, I have this power supply w/c originally an N-CH Mosfet installed with this rating. Vdss-500V Id=24A Rds (on) .23ohms Right now, I am planning to change with IGBT type with this rating. Vces-1200V Ice-40A Vce(on)-3.2V Is it acceptable? Normally in changing the power Mosfet, what are the things that need to (...)
HI All, I would like to know how to force SOCE to use exact types of vias for PG connections. Is it possible in SOCE? Is someone aware of it? Thanks in advance. Regards, Vahe
Hi All, I am planning to build a light with 10 Watt LEDs. These LEDs work on 32 V. What do you think of connecting 6 or 7 of them in series and power it with 220 V Ac? Regards, Devil
My focus is on MAC unit to reduce its area and power dissipation.I'm planning to code multiplier unit by using vedic or any other technique. Can anyone suggest a good modification on this MAC unit? thanks.
Hello i'm planning on build a dc electronic load and i want to make the constant power and constant resistance modes analog so i can just put that in a feedback loop rather than constantly sampling -> making floating point calculations -> outputting through the dac so i need your help with an analog multiplier/divider circuit/IC whichever possi
Hi, I'm planning to make a small project based on microchip's application note on interleaved power factor correction at However, instead of using high voltage, my input is just 5-9 Vpeak and output is 15 V, since this is just a small project. Therefor
Your power supply has a maximum allowed output current of only 5A but each LED strip draws 6A which will overload your power supply. For 3 strips you need very complicated mathematics to figure out how much current a new power supply must provide. What is 6A times 3?
IR drop, is close to EM, and this could be solve at floorplan phase with a good power structure, or with the metal filling after the routing/si phases.
Hi darkbloodshed, I'd suggest you to search in Internet for the book power Supply Cookbook, from Marty Brown, it is an excellent book, here is explained all you need to know from a very basic perspective, with design examples included. Let me ask you, are you planning a variable power supply?
Hello everyone, I am planning to use a DSP board for my power factor correction project. It's my first time to use DSP so I am completely clueless how to choose the right one for my application. I am a student and the DSP board will be bought as our laboratory equipment so maybe I will need a sort of general purpose DSP. Doesn't need to be very
Method to Reduce the Output Ripple & Noise of power Supplies Understanding, Measuring, and Reducing Output Voltage Ripple
Hi! I'm interested in, to build a remote light switch, I succesfully made the remote, but can't make the power source. I'm planning to integrate into the existing switch's place, so interested in a solution, that is using the existing cables, no need another cable, because the cable channel is that thin, there's no place ano
It appears this is a power transformer. Therefore it is designed to operate at power line frequencies (50Hz or 60Hz). It will not behave like a broadband audio transformer, in case you were planning on using it that way. As for the 500 ma. current specification, that looks like it is a specification for the 12 VAC windi
I am planning to using a RS232 to supply voltage to my circuit. In this circuit the LCD will read out the temperature sense by LM35 and display it. The pic also will send the temperature to pc and store it. My problem is, initially my LCD give out some reading then after a few second it then give out zero only. Is it not enough current supply by th
Dear All, I am planning to implement an MPPT algorithm for solar powered battery (Lead Acid, 12V, 7Ah) charger. The solar panel is a 50W one. At peak power it can give 18V and 2.78A. It has a Voc of of 21V and Isc of 3A. I have some querries regarding the design I plan to do, which are: 1. Which converter topology is suitable for this (...)
Hi guys, I am designing a power management board. The board expect to receive a input of 12V and product 2 output, V(50V) and V-10. I used a LM5002 chip to boost the 12V to 50V. I am not sure that is the best option. please advise me if you have a better way/chip to do it. Since the V-10 is directly from 50V, so i am planning to use a Zener
Hi, i am planning to design a PLC unit to control every device inside the building basically on/off and regulator control.Current options in front of me are 1.TI(AFE03+c2000 or any other DSP uc) 2.Maxim( max2992 +any DSP UC) i am planning to use G3PLC protocol,please help me choose between my options ,Does we have to Code
hi everyone. i am beginner in signal processing. and have homework to find psd of any eeg signal and by using neural network determine a class. i am planning to find if anybodys eyes are open or closed from eeg signal. please help me about it. in which format i must use eeg, there are lots of formats. and how to use eeg database; which channels
I'm planning to build a dual DC power supply unit over the weekend.The transformer I'm using is a 12-0-12 with a 3 amp output.There seem to be very few voltage regulators with a high output current.I do have the lm338k, but it doesn't seem to have a complementary negative voltage regulator.The only pair I've found online is the lm350/lm333.Unfortun
hello everyone, i am trying to find a power monitoring as well as switching circuit,can i use battery monitoring ics for power monitoring and for switching to battery back up i am planning to use ssr's of 3 amps can any body help me to find power monitoring ic's
Hi, We are using MCP1825 to power a board which has mainly a Xmega MC,Current sensing, Voltage sensing and Some extra circuitry. as this LDO has PMOS as pass element which has parasitic or body diode connected between Vout to Vin, we are planning to remove reverse current flowing case. when we have searched the web we have found these explanat
Hi all, For A/D conversion I'm planning to connect INA125 5V precision voltage reference to VRef+ on the EasyPic v7(onboard is PIC18F45K22) board and GND to VRef-. INA125 setup and EasyPic v7 board have each own power supply. There's a circuit from INA125 datasheet that I intend to connect to EasyPic board. I'm not so experienced in electroni
Hi, i have M.E in Embedded systems and i planning to do my Ph.D in embedded systems. I wishing to do in low power embedded systems. can anyone suggest me with the emerging trends in my area regards coder
Hi Floorplanning is process of planning out the placement of different elements of a Mask/wafer. The elements are pads / Analog modules / memories /.. hard/soft macros....CTS...power lines... etc..etc... So we would have scripts to tell to tool to place them in a designer defined way/location on the mask. For those which violate the (...)
hi to all, for power optimization what is the better method to syntheses the design Top-down design or Bottom-up design?? thank you
Hi, I'm planning to power a 350W heating element (quartz) via 230V mains using an SSR here (model EZ240D5). The heating element has about 550mH inductance. I originally planned to use a zero-crossing circuit interfaced to a microcontroller to switch on th
output pulse count indicate rate of power consumption usually 1188000 pulses = 1kwh (1 unit).
Hello! I have to plan the layout, cabinets, structure and power supplies of a new electronics laboratory for a company. We have already the components, power supplies, scopes, etc. The laboratory will mainly be used for testing, prototype assembly and development of electronics from low voltage to 400 VDC, 380 VAC product
what are the concerns while doing power planning in spacing between stripes ?.... thanks in advance....
I have to write seminar thesis on topic "Analysis of macrocellular power consumption". The problem is that i can't find any appropriate literature or any source of knowledge. Anything connected to this theme would help me. I found some white papers and presentations on IEEE, but i'm not a member, and can't access them. Thanks in advance.
I am trying to drive a Netgear Wifi router by a parallel combination of 3.7V LiPo (950mAh) cell phone batteries. I want them to run for at least 3 hours on full charge. According to my calculations Ill need around 10 batteries in parallel to achieve this power capacity. Wifi router input power is rated at 12V, 2.5A. I am planning to (...)
Hello! The most difficult about giving you advice here is that we don't know what you are planning to do. From my point of view, MSP430 is a low power device and it has been designed to drive a whole system from a single chip. Therefore, if you need external memory, probably you should use another device, possibly Stellaris if you want to sti
Hi, i am designing Low Resistance Measurement,my problem here is i need power supply that provide current source 5A and very low voltage almost zero(if it possible). the resistance i would like to measure is in uOhm,, 1)i was planning using ic regulator for current ,, anyone have
Hi all, I want to use a load switch as a switch to turn on and off the power to support circuitry that I have. A microcontroller which will be powered ON at all times will provide the control signals. I have a couple of questions on load switches. I was planning to use a Vishay Si1869dh load switch @ Vin = 15V, Von/off = 3.3V. I want (...)
Hi, I am going to start a project in which i have to read the 3-phase voltages, current and power in microcontroller. Can Someone guide me how to start a project...what should i consider... I am planning to choose PIC24 or dsPIC microcontroller series...what resolution of adc should be enough for reading parameters...what sampling rate is required