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Hello All, I am trying to drive triac with Positive power supply. With positive power supply it should be possible to drive triac in Q1 and Q4. Here is the circuit I am using. But triac is not triggering. I have checked in oscilloscope the signal on gate looks (...)
Anytime i want to build some power supply i have to have a there any solution to build some power supply without using a transformer?I was thinking about an pwm regulated power supply which uses triac(s) and the current coming right from the main source ( 230 V 50Hz).Does (...)
how i can on the ATX power supply for my micro-controller board . in my universal rf remote controller board , after switch on the CFL1-4 , microcontroller restart . cfl drivers with opto triac , isolated relay , but still there is problem . board try with cd ,dvd player power supply , tran
The 78 or 79-series need not much circuit, only a capacitor or two as shown in If you need variable than go to ENJOY!
Hi! I'm working on designing a touch button using pico power AVR microcontroller. upon detecting a touch, the system should activate an AC appliance. For that i will use a triac. The whole circuit should consume no more than 1 mA at 2V. Now I'm searching for the best way to power this circuit from the AC mains without using a bulky (...)
I design power supply for electric fence. Primari voltage 230V AC 1 Secondary +5V <100mA for control electronics 2 Secondary +400V for charging 70uF capacitor, capacitor must be recharged in less 1s Other conditions and pitfalls Control electronics must be able to source block for time <1ms, ie after the time when the capacitor discharges
If you want to design a low cost heat sealer, then you must use AC power without any conversion. Otherwise you end up with a welder or an expensive SMPS @ $1/W. To do this you must choose a much thinner heating element with perhaps many windings in series.
On 2001-05-01 23:18, Rfboy wrote: Hi, I'm looking for a project or information about a switching power supply with these caracteristics: - Input : 110-260 Vac - Output : 48 Vdc 18 A with PFC. Thank you put your email i will send you pdf files.
hi there, I'm lookin for a project of a modified PC AT switching power supply so that its modified voltage (0 - 30V) is made variable. Any help is welcome! regards, 2000
I am planning to build a microcontroller power supply. Should be symmetrical, 0-30V and adjustable current limit.. both voltage and current limit controlled via D/A converters. Anyone out here who already did something like this, or has some suggestions ? ***************************************** Please don't reply unless you have useful info
Has anyone seen any designs of a switch mode power supply with a PIC or possibly another MCU as long as it has 3 PWM outputs like the 17C756?
I suggest use old TV set, only decrease power supply voltage. I used this approaches several time for low-current supply, It works fine.
Hi, I try to explain very briefly: VAC = Voltage, Alternating Current You can find this voltage in wall-outlets, the well-known mains voltage with 50 or 60Hz frequency or a Voltage coming from a mains' transformer secondary winding (opposite of VDC which comes from batteries or rectified and filtered supplies) VA = Volt x Amper, power when t
I need to know how can i digital abjust the Vout of a power supply basted on voltage regulators like LM317.Any Shematics? THNX
where can I download "Switch-Mode power supply SPICE Simulation Cookbook" I need it for smps design who can help ? thank you
Check out OP548 (I think it is called) a power OP with built in current limit. That OP with a CPU with two PWM outputs will make a very few component PSU. Check out TI for free samples sent overnight with UPS. Very impressive. MrEd
Hi I need to design some power supply with this characteristics: Vin: 60-70V Vout: Adj (3.3v..5v..10v) Iout: 100..150 ma Ignd: really low (as low as posible). I have only 100 mW for all the circuit, and I need a power suppy with very very low Ignd (very power loss) tia! regards
Hello I would like to design a power supply for a wireless transmiter (4W max output power with Vin=12V). I don´t know much about power supplies and I would like to design a reliable and more or less small one. I would appreciate any sch. or link. thanks a lot anyway, mimoto
switched power supply generates less heath, uses less (battery) power but is more complex and needs measures against emc. Switchers are used when power is high to save energy and minimize cooling. Also when power is not so high but it comes from a battery. Linear supplies are used when battery life and heath (...)
Hi, My PS1 9001 fall down from my hand, When i connect it to the power supply, it didn't work. The power led indictor is off So i assume that the fault in power supply unit. So any way of getting a power supply schematic for the PS1 9001 ? Thanks for any help, (...)
Look at: 0-30 VDC STABILIZED power supply WITH CURRENT CONTROL 0.002-3 A
dear friends, i am going to design a HV power supply with following specs: Vo=6000V Io=1mA load regulation=5% Vi=12V i am familiar with switching power supply design,but until now it is my first experience in HV power supplies. i think flyback topology and UC384x is the best solution; my problem is (...)
I need to build a switch mode power circuit requires +-33V 3A power.Can somebody advice me a schematic for me? I dont want to use big, heavy transformators.I'll place it in a small box (of course if it is possible).Thank you. Analyzer
I am about to build a switcing power supply from 220VAC to 13.8Volts 35-40Amps. Any suggestions for the switcing IC for so big currents? regards Since the switching device is a MOS, the critic part is not the IC itself. Look at the power supply section of the ARRL Radio Amateur's Handbook (it is also available in PDF fo
You are getting into serious safety problems if you draw power from the utility mains without any transformer between. The only way to overcome this is to have your circuit totally cased in insulating material of two independent layers (double shielding). The minimum power supply would be one transformer between one phase and neutral. The (...)
hi, Transformerless power supply.
+30V power supply, how to? tips and schematix
modified the PC power
I found that it's possible to use this component design for RS232 transmission as a small power supply system. You apply +5v and get +/- 10V output. I can't find how much can be the output current from this supply. Thanks in advance
A 13.8-V, 40-A Switching power supply.pdf
Here's a schematic for a 200W ATX PC power supply:
It is usually used for low power supply like battary charger.
You also can find detailed explanation on No need to build schematic.I can't remember clearly but you should connect power good pin (green) to vcc.(I'm not sure please have reference)
It depends on the chip and some times your power supply if and how you need to do it. For the chip, the manufacture should be able to answer that. Usually it shouldn’t differ more than about a diode voltage drop. If you have create your voltages with linear regulator, it’s probably not a problem, because a linear regulator follows
Do you mean that is normal to receive 50Kv peaks on your power line?? or you need 50Kv to prevent for lighting??. If it's only to prevent from lighting, you can protect the input of your power supply using sidactors, PTC, and ceramic dischargers, using it you can clamp the final voltage at input of the power (...)
Hi, I got a old IBM AT power supply without main switch. It starts from motherboard. Now I want use this as my hobby power supply, becauce there are 5.0V, 12V, 3.0V. But I don't know how to put it on. The model is: DPS-200PB-70 E Rev:00. Do some of you know how to put it in on mode? Thanks a lot! Best Regards, ltg
hi all, i need to design this programmable power supply(AC to DC) using PIC16F877 to source high current. The current control is to be through a matrix keyboard(either a numeric keypad or up/down keys) interfaced to the PIC. Also a LCD interfaced with the PIC to display the voltage & current. the specs are 230v 50hz input +-20% single phase. ou
hi all, i need to design a power supply for sourcing high current. the supply should be current controllable through a matrix keyboard interfaced to the PIC i.e. the supply should be capable of sourcing any current entered through the keyboard. An LCD interfaced to PIC should display the voltage, current & other options. (...)
Hi, One good appnote for current sensing: For Voltage sensing, is quite easy. For control, you must use switch mode power supply (browse the Web) NeuralC
yes for MPPT you must implement some way to control the voltage (or current) output of the solar panel. most people use a SMPS. but really, this does *not* add extra circuitry because often people have a SMPS at the output of their solar panels anyways! to create varying DC bus levels.. then you do not have to have certain # of panels to get ce
Hi, I need to build an electronic power supply load for testing purpose. Any information, link or diagram is welcome. Thanks, hc :wink:
I need schemas from power supply HVDC, for electrostatic precipitator
Hi, does anyone where I can get information for designing and building a cheap digital power supply controlled by a 16f84? Thanks in advance
I need to schemas or designs of electrostatic paint power supply .
Hi someone does it have the elettric schematic of the PC power supply ATX " JNC MPS-8804" ? Thx
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Who has already made a ATX power supply from a 12V DC source (from a car sigarette plug)? How do you handle it? Roel
Hi, i want to build a testing jig for a multy output power supply, that checks correct output voltages,ripple etc. the result should be send automatically to a PC. Did anyone ever build such a jig? any ideas?software? Thanks, BULL
can somebody give me directions to websites/articles that describe the design of a ~400W or similar power supply for the computer industry (regular PCs)? I cannot find any such designs on the web. It will be more helpful to find descriptions of design choices, not just a one sheet schematic... Thanks in advance... Cheers