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i ve made the layout of the circuit but i don't know how to get out the print out and stick that tracks on the board can anyone help me
problem is at interfacing the finger print board with 89s52 . i m generating the same command via serial communication but the response command , generated by fingerprint board is "invalid command" . so kindly help me out... board data is available at :
For Protel 99se: After you have the board layout as desired, you File->print/Preview. In left window pane highlight "multilayer composite print", right-click->properties. In the "options" section of the dialog box check "show holes".
Hi I agree with Nick C, and if you like you can print on ordinary copy paper (100g/cm sq is best). It depends on the resolution you need and you need to increase the tima a lot. If you have 2-3 min with transp. then you need 13 min with ordinary paper. Sometimes it is easier to obtain and print on copy paper, give it a try the "black" will somet
I'm using Fujitsu FTP-609 series with controller board FTP-629DCL They said, epson compatible ESC command, ESC+*+m+n1+n2+d1+...+dN - print graphic ESC+J+n - feed and print I try but they printout japanese character. I would like get some advise from someone who success with print graphic on epson (...)
It is more than likely a bug in the rendering of the print image from the PCB file and nothing to do with the printer. I did a test board and it was the same. The error is present in the print preview image and any printer driver will just reproduce it. After a bit more trial and error work, It looks like (...)
You can download TI's TMS320C3X DSk Software freely.
Hey I have a board there is working with the aduc842... i think there is some small errors in the schematic... example all the coils are 1206SMD ferite beads some of the files are named aduc812, but it is a ADUC842 the schematic uses... else the functionality of the board has to be ok, in a short while i will recieve the pcb from the p
TI provides FREE TMS320C6000 Chip Support Library: Also, some FREE C6000? Signal Processing Libraries:
Hi friends Does anyone know How to print 3D view from Protel. Every time when I'm hitting print from 3D Viewer it shows "Access Violation at xxxxxx, AD2KreGP.DLL, Exception Occurred in printDocument". Am I doing something wrong ? One solution is to use print Screen in Windows, but I would like to print (...)
if you just want to see how the mirrored version looks like, just go to print, and set it there. i believe its in the preference. you can choose which layer to appear and which layer on the top.
What DSP you need? There is TI DSP chips with built-in ARM processor. Look to TMS320VC5471 chip Search TI site for reference designs and example schematics.
Hi All, I am developing a XC3SPQ208 Demo board. I have following questions on the same. 1. Should the demo board be in 4 layered? or 2 layer would do. 2. I am using XCF01SVO20 Flash. Is this alright? I mean does the flash match the required basic criteria. 3. M0, M1, and M2 pins of FPGA should be connected in what fashion. 4. Can all IO
the simple procedure for making PCB is as follows:- 1)draw the layout of your circuit on a tracing paper 2)then plot the layout on the copper plate. 3)after this paint the plotted layout on the copper plate with a oil paint. 4)now put the copper plate in FeCl3 solution for few hours. 5)now take out the Copper plate from the Fe
Hello, apologies if someone has mentioned it before (I cant find it in searching). I have been collecting an excellent series of articles about PCB design & EMC & how best to layout a board to cope with it. They are in the EMC & Compliance Journal available freely to the compliance club. Articles are available at
I don't know about using Eagle, but you could create Gerber files, get a copy of GC-Prevue from and load 4 sets of the gerbers into thier own layers then offset them to give you a 4 up layout. printing it then is simple.
WaveVision 4 FastDAACS USB Controller for QuickEval-II Evaluation Kits ADIsimADC? Virtual Evaluation board Digital Data Capture and Analysis for Hi
Eagle 4.09r2 has always worked OK for me but suddenly its impossible to print a schematic. Everything looks OK on the screen. When I print all IC outline and all components are OK but all text, ICpinnumber, componentidentity and value is only black boxes. Is there anyone on this board who knows what to do? rgds Ludvig
In Protel, the solder mask layer is a negative layer. That is, any lines or marks on that layer (as seen on the screen) are openings in the actual mask that will be produced from the Gerber files. The color of the on-screen display for the mask layer are set by hitting the "L" hotkey, and then clicking on the color box next to the name of the m
The easiest way to make a home made board is to have a UN light, an iron, a printer and the necessary solution for the pcb. You buy the PCB from the market. You have your design ready in gerber format. You print it with blank ink in highest quality to the printer. You repeat the same procedure two or three times, in (...)
Has anyone try using Platform Studio 9.1 with the XUPV2P? I try to build a project from scratch but unable to print anything in Hyperterminal? If someone has a bsb file for 9.1, could you please send me it.
Hi all, Pad holes disappear when I print from Altium 6.8. Pad holes will appear again when I change 'Colour Set' properties from 'Mono' to 'Gray'. Moreover, If I print the file to pdf(adobe acrobat), all square pads will disappear on the generated pdf. is there any solution? Thanks in
What exactly are you looking for? The SCI is just an RS-232 protocol with TTL implementation. Check out this link.
Besttech Manufacturing Co., Ltd was originally found in 2004 as a small factory electronic sub-contract manufacturer services. The need was recognized for a service to produce quality, fast turn round assembly of print circuit boards (PCBA), initially in the Ayutthaya (Thailand) area. Sure as Competitive pricing and quick
Hihi, I mean when I write code for AT89S51 by assembler ( or any code change to .hex) and then I want to charge by USB port ( not by print port as ISP of Khan Program). Anyone have schematic fo Microcontroll charge by USB port let share. thank a lot!
I suggest you to use the sn74lvc8t245 (1.65-5.5V) or the sn74avc8t245 (1.2-3.6V)
Not familiar with the kit you are using, but generally Alpha LCDs respond to ASCII characters and codes. You have to send numbers in this format I seem to remember Dec 48 is zero 49 one etc. Probably the easiest way is to place numbers into a buffer, and then print as a string when needed.
hi . i'm working on embedded board EM2440 (embedsky) i'm trying to connect rfid and finger print devices to this board via serial port but the problem is about serial port : i can't use serial ports such as /dev/ttyS{0,1,2} even /dev/ttySAC0 as serial port. /det/ttyS{0,1,2} are in /dev/ dir as character device but /dev/ttySAC0 (...)
Hallo, If you know, that the LM has a pin distance (1 to 3) of ca. 3.4mm, than is the layout on the datasheet ca 50% of reality, also the thickest copper lines are at 2.5mm :-) Of course, you can have wider, but pls not less... Check in Farnells Catalog/webside,they has lot of things for print making: be care pls, its not less if you wish to ma
Hello, I'm trying to print characters at particular locations on the LCD of the Spartan 3e using Verilog. I've initialized it, but can't seem to print characters where I want to on the board. Thank you. Added after 10 minutes: Here is my initialization code. I'm trying to display numbers in particula
Hello All, I have my first doubt cleared, Thanks for that well, I got another one, what is the limitation on the size of canvas or rectangle box when i switch to the PCB/board from my schematic? and how can i print using the Laser printer on Glossy paper for using it as toner transfer method, I mean , what should be the (...)
Hi, I'm new in using this PIC18f4550 PICDEM FS USB board. I would like to know how to use the ADC of this board. Can anyone give a very simple ADC sample C code using this board? Also, I'm using the MPLAB IDE and the MC18 as the compiler. Is there any way to print the ADC result in the MPLAB IDE, like using (...)
Resistive tracks for pots on pcb's and the like are usually screen printed on, you can make your own screen print easily enough, but where you'd get the conductive 'ink' from is a tricky one. You'd also be better using a transistor to buffer the output of the 'pot' as the current drawn by a motor would need a very low resistance and a very wide tr
Hi frnds, Can we use data sheets land pattern size and hole size during foot print creation. Please give the confirmation. If its not correct please give the guideness to me. How to do as per standrad spec.
I use a normal laser printer. I print the track layout on to OHP film (OverHead Projector clear plastic paper) then use the image as a photographic negative. I shine UV light on to a plain copper board that has been covered with special light sensitive paint. The shadowed track area doesn't see the UV, the rest does. When chemically (...)
In Orcad PCB editor, version 16, I need to print top layer and bottom layer negative (copper tracks are clear and the dark background). In Manufacturing> ARTWORK put "plot mode" in negative in the tab film control but then I do not get the result .. A window opens with the following error: ERROR: aborting film - Layer polarity of layer ETCH / B
Hello, I am using Altium for PCB designing. For manufacturing Double sided PCB we require Top & Bottom layer & drill file. I am first created Gerber file of Double sided it Creates CAMtastic file of Top & Bottom I am taking print by using PDF creator (Scaled print & scale is 1.0 & A4 size paper). I am successful to give PDF files
This project was based on ZL2-AVR kit from BTC. Features: display HD44780 4x 7-segments display 8x LED RS232 I2C matrix keyboard 2x2 PS2 keyboard buffers [
I am using Altera DE2 fpga board and verilog, and i designed a simple cpu using verilog and this fpga board.Now i need to print the value of a register using vga output of the board. Could you please give me a path to follow ? :)
In the Adobe reader you can print the current view so simply zoom to get a reasonable sized chunk on your screen and print that view. The selection is in the print dialog (ALT V is the shortcut I think). Keith
Hi, One of my components in my PCB needs a footprint which contains a T-Shaped pad. Is it possible to draw this in Orcad-Layout? Normally I see square/circular/rectangular pads. Can we assign an arbitrary shape to a pad? How can it be done? Thanks in advance Sreejith
Hi i am using Xilinx ML 402 board having vertex 4 fpga. Hard ware config. UART,E MAC Lite , DDR RAM. i written a simple code to send a frame and obsureving in Wire shark software. but no packets are coming. My code is #include "xemaclite.h" #include "xemaclite_i.h" #include "xemaclite_l.h" #include "xbasic_types.h" #include "
I will think about it... for now you can do screenshot (print screen in Win) and upload as image or just upload source file.
:D I think I understand your question. I’m also thinking same for long time. You want to feed PCB instead of Paper in the laser printer to get direct print on PCB. You can try to modify any old laser printer. Or try flexible PCBs(i.e. copper on plastic sheet). If u gets success then inform me too.
Hi, My first question is : Are you satisfy with it? Is it precise according to the specifications? Is it realistic to prototype PCB for SMD? Can you mill a SSPO foot print with it. Thanks, hc
You have all that I have the board size is width 12.4 cms hight is 7.3 cms. If you print it out to that size and then photocopy on to overhead projector film. You should be able to make a good photo template for photoboard. Hope this helps Barrybear
Hello everybody. I have used POWERPCB 5.0.1 and been new on it. I see everything on the PCB board but i don't see via and pad holes in PCB printouts. Namely all holes are filled. What should i do to see empty holes in pads and vias? Thanks a lot for helps
you must to set scaled print ... go to: file page setup scale mode:scaled print and set 1:1 or what you want regards cancel
Hi, all Here is useful freeware for schematics and PCB layouts. I think you can be easily use this one in a short time with small effort. This freeware is newest version and it contain tool SCH & PCB both. It big difference with former version which w/o SCH. So, I think, you can draw your circuits idea and also save/print electrically with