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I grabbed some motors from an old EPSON dot matrix printer. I think it should be stepper motor. anybody has done anything with such motor? how can i use them? anybody has spec on the motor used in EPSON? i see no label on them
I`ve already determine the middle-wire with my multimeter and now I want to know the correct current and amperage of the stepper. How can I find that out? I didn`t find any information or datasheet in the i-net. Somewhere I`ve read that it is a 4 Watt motor.If your OLD laser printers are still available, probably you could find out
ı convert hp deskjet 820c printer to plotter.ı use a homemade cnc mill table , and hp 820c printer head mechanizm.the printer head mechanizm moving with 1,8 degree unipolar stepper motor. I goal to print pcb and glass.But printer head mechanizm to slov move ,because hp820c (...)
hi i'm sorry that i didn't work with stepper before , it's out of field :( i've slavaged a stepper motor with it's driver chip from an epson printer too for testing but didn't have enough time for that . may be later and one more thing i'd like to let u know .. i think u are posting in the wrong section . most of the (...)
I have a stepper motor salvaged from a printer. I can see that it draws 1.3A/ph. I also salvaged SI 7300 chips from it. I am trying to drive the motor with that chip, but fail to do so... I dunno y. The power supply to the chip was 12V 3A. I want to know wheter this didnt work coz of this low voltage! I am sure that (...)
Hello! I am thinking this problem exist because the printer port is closed on default How it is open? I don't know !
I am using ULN2003 to run Mitsumi M35SP-9 stepper motor salvage from old injket printer. The motor is 5 wire unipolar, with 24 V and 7.5 Deg step. so it's 48 steps per revolution. The problem is than I operate it on 12 V instead of 24 V and instead of 48 step it rotates full turn at 12 steps. I havn't check it on 24 V. (...)
I don't think you will be able to find any datasheet, this is probably from an oki printer and sometimes these are custom made for the printer company. Alex
Hello.. I need code for L297/L298 stepper motor driver. I am doing project on thermal printer interface with MSP430. As initial stage, trying to run stepper motor of the printer using the driver circuit. As i am using MSP430 microcontroller, i think i'm in need of code. I will rig up the (...)
Hello Saad, Mach3 is pretty straight on LPT. I would suggest you to please go through following steps to resolve your LPT issue. 1. Are you sure that your LPT port is in working condition. You may connect an external LPT printer to quickly test your LPT port. 2. Are you sure that you are looking at the right pin at LPT port? please see following p
hi,all i have unipolar stepper motor ,1.8 degree/step i dont have any data sheet i take it from a dot matrix printer how i can identify type (variable relctance or permenant magnet)
hi,all i have unipolar stepper motor with step angle 1.8 i use the following code to rotate it in full step mode (4 sequence) mov a,#66h mov dptr,#portc mov r7,#4h N91:mov r6,#29h begin3:movx @dptr,a rr a acall delay2 djnz r6,begin3 djnz r7,N91 where delay2 represent delay=23.911ms how i can calculate the following parameters: (i kno
there are two types of position control; absolute positioning and relative positioning. the stepper motor uses relative positioning. you give the stepper a sequence of steps to move its rotor. at any time you know how many steps you are from some reference. the problem with such a system is establishing the reference and depending
Hi I have just taken out two electric motors from an old HP printer (Deskjet 3325).I wanted to know if these motors are actually DC motors or stepper motors.I have never seen stepper motor before,but i did some research on the internet and i noticed (...)
can anybody help me in using fujitsu 2 inch thermal printer the stepper motor is controlled but the problem is with printing head the paper is running without printing i am try to use it with msp430f2252 controller can anyone help me its urgent
hi I try control an step motor, but I don't have datasheet of motor, because I remove them from printer. this is my motor reference 17pm-k041-p2f: on my program I make: output_high(PIN_B7); delay_ms(10); output_low(PIN_B7); delay_ms(1
can anyone help me..i got 12 days to make my machine. the machine involves driving a bipolar motor of a printer. the problem is i need to drive the motor is such a way that it feeds in and feeds out the paper in the printer.. like the maintenance part of a printer..rolling out of paper. pls help.. (...)
I am using stepper motor 'MINEBEA H005 P3V' (I was taken out from an old wipro printer) It has 6 connections but only 5 wires are taken out. wires are yellow,black,red,blue,"---",brown is connection to motor but wire is not taken out from it. I have measure resistance , its 4.9K from black to all wires. (i (...)
If you have any old printer you can get the motors from it, it usually has a couple of stepper motors. Alex
Hi all I have take off a step motor from a printer.but i don't know how can i use it! can u help me plz? it has 6 wires.
yes!~stepper motor like printer 1.any idea to check?
I have a stepper epoch T1319635 , any one having datasheet for it ? , after google search it says its a HP printer part as 5 wire stepper is difficult to check
Don't know if this applies to yours, but my inkjet printer has plastic gears that transfer rotation to the rollers. One plastic gear grips a metal shaft tightly. After a number of years the gear's hub cracked. Its grip on the shaft loosened. Paper movement was affected. I could not understand what was wrong, because it was difficult to repeat t
Do you need the motor in huge volume? My friend works in NMB (Mineaba) + MAEM (Matsushita Electric motor). The company manufactures many types of motor (dc brushed, dc brushless, stepper, etc). The motors are for printer, camera, cd/dvd drive, automobile power windows, etc. The company also (...)
I found a problem that affected early Epson printers and possibly any older Bubble Jet printer. The problem is at first switch-on it starts to initialise then makes a high pitched whirring sound associated with what sounds like gears stripping, then all the lights stay on in error mode. This can be intermittent and several printers I had (...)
I use bipolar PM stepping motor for small printer,and I need to accelerate motor from stand to 1000PPS speed,But how can I to design first step time and acceleration profile? (stepping motor datasheet have PULL-IN and PULL-OUT Torque data.) anyone can help me?
Hi All , I doing a small project and i need a dc motor in special size ( to harmonise with its space ). i found it in an old printer , but i could not know the value of typical voltage which i must use for it, and there are no thing was written on the body of the motor. are there any way can i use ( measure or any same way ) to know the (...)
Hi all, I am designing Portable Ticket Vending Machine. (Hand held electronic machine with small printer 80 lines, keypad and LCD (16*2)). Please suggest me some good printers. Also i need to know some details about thermal printers. How does it work? Is laser printer available at this size if yes then how much is the (...)
if it has 6 wires it means it is 2 phase bi-polar stepper motor. I will not be able to tell you the exact torque of this one. But looks like something that is used in dot matrix printers. I still suggest you to get a Geared DC motor that is easily available in the market. I hope you are from India. If yes then you have lots (...)
Hi, In datasheets from Allegro and Sanken the typical application are without diodes across stepper coils. Same implementation on real printer drivers. So , a few questions: 1) is correct to think they use avalanche breakdown of rugged MOSFETs for BEMF decay ? 2) What will happen with torque if I'm putting diodes across coils ?(guess I'll ge
I know there is many way to connect to pc,serial port,gba,usb...but i really hope i can understand the most difficult part,interface hardware need to measure voltage,current values,..once i click 'run' in my software,the hardware can get the signal and power on pc.the hardware is a testing printer board.Testing the voltage and current of th
Your motors seem to be 5wire unipolars whuch means a cmmon connection and four coils. To drive them you need a specific sequence, usually in CNC applications the PC sends a direction and step signal and there is a CPLD/FPGA of microcontroller that translates this into the needed sequence and drives a power stage which feeds the motors. I think
Hi.. I am using thermal printer FTP644MCL001 and taking head up and paper sensor outputs(which are high) as interrupts and then i need to run the stepper motor.. if any 1 is not high, then it should enter LPM (low power mode) i am attaching the code.. the program is getting terminated without going into the function call.. mostly there (...)