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I grabbed some motors from an old EPSON dot matrix printer. I think it should be stepper motor. anybody has done anything with such motor? how can i use them? anybody has spec on the motor used in EPSON? i see no label on them
I`ve already determine the middle-wire with my multimeter and now I want to know the correct current and amperage of the stepper. How can I find that out? I didn`t find any information or datasheet in the i-net. Somewhere I`ve read that it is a 4 Watt motor.If your OLD laser printers are still available, probably you could find out
hi i'm sorry that i didn't work with stepper before , it's out of field :( i've slavaged a stepper motor with it's driver chip from an epson printer too for testing but didn't have enough time for that . may be later and one more thing i'd like to let u know .. i think u are posting in the wrong section . most of the (...)
I have a stepper motor salvaged from a printer. I can see that it draws 1.3A/ph. I also salvaged SI 7300 chips from it. I am trying to drive the motor with that chip, but fail to do so... I dunno y. The power supply to the chip was 12V 3A. I want to know wheter this didnt work coz of this low voltage! I am sure that (...)
i use labview to control stepper motor.i can't use printer port in winXP to control my stepper motor but in win98 there is no problem.
I am using ULN2003 to run Mitsumi M35SP-9 stepper motor salvage from old injket printer. The motor is 5 wire unipolar, with 24 V and 7.5 Deg step. so it's 48 steps per revolution. The problem is than I operate it on 12 V instead of 24 V and instead of 48 step it rotates full turn at 12 steps. I havn't check it on 24 V. (...)
I don't think you will be able to find any datasheet, this is probably from an oki printer and sometimes these are custom made for the printer company. Alex
Hello.. I need code for L297/L298 stepper motor driver. I am doing project on thermal printer interface with MSP430. As initial stage, trying to run stepper motor of the printer using the driver circuit. As i am using MSP430 microcontroller, i think i'm in need of code. I will rig up the (...)
Hello Saad, Mach3 is pretty straight on LPT. I would suggest you to please go through following steps to resolve your LPT issue. 1. Are you sure that your LPT port is in working condition. You may connect an external LPT printer to quickly test your LPT port. 2. Are you sure that you are looking at the right pin at LPT port? please see following p
hi,all i have unipolar stepper motor ,1.8 degree/step i dont have any data sheet i take it from a dot matrix printer how i can identify type (variable relctance or permenant magnet)
hi,all i have unipolar stepper motor with step angle 1.8 i use the following code to rotate it in full step mode (4 sequence) mov a,#66h mov dptr,#portc mov r7,#4h N91:mov r6,#29h begin3:movx @dptr,a rr a acall delay2 djnz r6,begin3 djnz r7,N91 where delay2 represent delay=23.911ms how i can calculate the following parameters: (i kno
hi all i looking for copy of article on magazine silicon chip stepper motor control pcb is mark # 07208991 i need it article to finish built it board to make pc drill on home best regards muale
Does Any body know how to Drive a 3A stepper motor , I want a Schematic. thanks
I am using a 2.75Nm rated ( Pull out torque ) bipolar stepper motor. This has a winding resistance of 2.3 Ohms per phase; Rated current of 2 Amps / Phase. and Inductance of 14mH/Phase. I am using the L297 + L298 combination driver as a bipolar chopper for driving the motor in full step mode. The supply is at 12V / 10 A rating. I am (...)
Hi there I've a stepper motor from HDD drive.HDD model Seagate ST351 A/X, motor that spins the plate. It has 11 pinouts. Can someone tell me which pin is what:) There are some numbers on it: 73i57-870 ("i" or "1"), and REV E/EC5140. I don't know is it unipolar or bipolar, does it have tachometer or something... Another question:) is it (...)
Can somebody help me with information of nonlinear dynamic models for stepper motor. Links, papers, or recommended books are very gratefull. also links about nonlinear control of these devices are very appreciated thanks nebisman
Hi! This is about stepper motors....... I have a bipolar stepper motor (2 windings and 4 wires 2,6Amp, 24V) and are trying to controll it by using a H-bridge (Mos transistors) and a ? Processor. I have 2 questions. 1: Why using N-MOS and P-MOS transistors, why not only N or P?? (i have a schematic with N and P). 2: (...)
I dont know if is possible to drive a stepper motor at 8-10k RPM without missing steps and overheating .. Is that realistic ? CAN YOU HELP?
hi, i need some inforamation about stepper motor controller,who has any idea about it,to impelement a controller in cpld ic,or which is the best site that it has document & datasheet about stepper motor and controlling it. thanks
hi how can i find a schematic or some info for sanyo 2com wire +4wire stepper motor.
Hi All, I searching some VHDL/VERILOG sources code for stepper motor. Thank you in advance best regards
Hello I have found a mototech stepper motor from an old scanner. It has 5 wires (black,red,braun,orange,yellow) The red cable with every other wire is 60 KOhm All other wires have 120 KOhm with eachother. Does anybody know: 1.The wiring diagram of this stepper motor 2. What the colors of the cables mean 3. How (...)
Hi! I need a SPICE model for a 2-phase stepper motor ... or something similar!
Help Required to control the stepper motor by using VB6?
I'm a new comer with analog design. I'm going to design micro stepper motor drive. some problems i meet in the way i control current through coils. Current I use method PWM to control current, please show me some place can i get more good knowledge about PWM in step motor control, or can you show me some circuit control current by PWM in (...)
Dear all !! I need some informations(schematics and codes) about interfacing stepper motor with 89c5x, I am going to use it in my robot, does any one have any information about it?
i am trying to build up a simple circuit for driving stepper motor: - unipolar. - using power transistor have been searching around.. a few circuits use a AND gate between the microcontroller pin and the transistor B pin. Why dun we connect the microcontroller pin directly to the transistor?
hi all i work in a tracking system project i need to know what kind of motor i can use ?? what is the differance in DC & stepper motors in tracking system help me please SZ
hi, i am driving a stepper motor using AT89C52 . i have made the stepper motor driver card usnig power transistors(2N3055), driver transistors and diodes(IN4008) my problem is that on switching on the power supply ,the stepper motor is not receiving the pulses from the (...)
First module: Compare code for running stepper motor in full step and wave drive mode, if both move with same number of steps/revolution then what is the difference? the code may be in C language. Please reply me,as soon as possible Second Module[
hi i'm looking for any project of stepper motors based on avr micros... anyone have any idea ??? thank you maxer
hai all, can any one tell me about Mitsumi M35sp-9T stepper motor i got from scrap, it has five terminals but i cant determine it is a unipolar or bipolar. i checked with multimeter but it behaves like a bipolar . i made it to run using a H-bridge by single stepping for a bipolar motro, it worked but not double stepping. can any one give its in
Hi All, Can anyone give me circuit schematic of interfacing single phase 12V DC stepper motor with Spartan 3 FPGA. Let the circuit be simple and efficient. May use Opto coupler IC's for protection. Also all the components in the circuit should be easily available locally. Thanks, Gold_kiss
hi every one i want to design a 10 ampere upto 40 volt stepper motor driver circuit can any one help me please thanx
I'm currently working on a Major Project @ a diploma level. I need help in using PIC16F877 to program a 1/8 stepper motor. Can anyone lend a helping hand as in to provide the source code or to teach me on how to start this programming???.. Anyway, the program i'm using is MPLAB(C and C++ are not a requirement in my project)
Hello experts, As for stepper motor, what is meant by "motor type: 2-Phase Full/Half-step"? And what is "connection type: Bipolar (Series) or Unipolar"? Very basic. Thanks for any hint.
:| Hai...I have a question about VC++.I using it to control a stepper motor. Pulse is gived to the stepper motor by clicking a mouse,e.g 600pulse per click. I facing a problem to read and save a data in xxxx.txt file. I am able to get a data but, the first pulse data is 0, even the motor is moving . Maybe (...)
hi, Does anyone know have any idea or circuit about stepper motor driver using a mosfet? Can a 3.3V output from a microcontroller enough to saturate a 12V Vcc for Mosfet? Il be using the Mosfet as a switch, so can 3.3v input to the gate saturate the mosfet? il be using a unipolar stepper motor, so it has 4 coils. tnx (...)
Hi all, remember me? I drove a stepper motor with four phases and six wires by SLA7062, it can move now, but what should I do then. I change the speed of motor by changing the frequency of CLK.
I want to design and implement a stepper motor controller built around a pic 16f872. Would like to use motors found in LX300 dot matrix printers. Could someone help me with the ideas as to how I will be able to implement this.
ı convert hp deskjet 820c printer to plotter.ı use a homemade cnc mill table , and hp 820c printer head mechanizm.the printer head mechanizm moving with 1,8 degree unipolar stepper motor. I goal to print pcb and glass.But printer head mechanizm to slov move ,because hp820c (...)
Hi I need to find simple tutorial to teach me how to control stepper motor in each step and 360 degreee complete cycle. Your help would be greatly appreicated Maverick Max
hello, i need color code of wire of the 24 v stepper motor astrosyn 17BB-H269-10 OF LTD plz help
hi all, i don't know how to connect tyhe wires of the stepper motor along with the 89c51 . there are totally 6 wires in it . and the motors type is KP39HM4-018 and it seems to be japanese make that works for 5v. the colors of the wires are 1 brown , 2 red , 1 black , 1 yellow and 1 orange . where can i get the exact dataheets for my (...)
Can anyone please give me the complete project stuff(assembly coding & circuit) about controlling stepper motor using 8051 microcontroller coz time's short
can anyone help me to create complete programming ( in C or Visual Basic) which can control stepper motor through parallel port. kindly help. this is my email :
hi... can anybody check my programming cannot be run... i dont know what is the error....please check and inform me a.s.a.p.. i suggest, copy my programming and run it in c u will see clearly my programming...please help me.. kindly help... p/s : i want to control stepper motor through parallel port
I am doing a stepper motor control project. But it vibrates while step forward and backward. Is there anyone can help to solve it? any suggest artical/ books? Tks.
I'm trying to control 2 unipolar stepper motors using a PIC16F88 for each motor. The control for thse stepper motors is via a joystick. I'm having trouble writing the code & if some one could help did be grateful
I have a stepper mottor driver ic - TMC249, which has to be controlled like this: photo below. I would like to change this to step and dirrection contoll. What logic gates should i use and how should i connect them?