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Hai, I have a doubt about EDE1400 IC. I read data sheet of this ic. I have attached the schematic of this IC with micro controller. by doubt is there is no connection to stepper motor. how we control the stepper motor? or no need of that? And from where i could by this IC? Please give me a reply for this. (...)
If it's a stepper motor it is probably just a cover over the connections to the coils. If it isn't a stepper, it might cover an optical encoder. In most printers the motors are steppers these days, it's easier to move the motor in known steps than spin it and try to stop it (...)
hi,all i have unipolar stepper motor ,1.8 degree/step i dont have any data sheet i take it from a dot matrix printer how i can identify type (variable relctance or permenant magnet)
Hello Saad, Mach3 is pretty straight on LPT. I would suggest you to please go through following steps to resolve your LPT issue. 1. Are you sure that your LPT port is in working condition. You may connect an external LPT printer to quickly test your LPT port. 2. Are you sure that you are looking at the right pin at LPT port? please see following p
Don't know if this applies to yours, but my inkjet printer has plastic gears that transfer rotation to the rollers. One plastic gear grips a metal shaft tightly. After a number of years the gear's hub cracked. Its grip on the shaft loosened. Paper movement was affected. I could not understand what was wrong, because it was difficult to repeat t
Hi.. I am using thermal printer FTP644MCL001 and taking head up and paper sensor outputs(which are high) as interrupts and then i need to run the stepper motor.. if any 1 is not high, then it should enter LPM (low power mode) i am attaching the code.. the program is getting terminated without going into the function call.. mostly there (...)
in a unipolar motor you should be able to measure 4 identical resistance values, from the common to all the other coil ends. Does your motor have any identification of the voltage you should use? Usually the printer motors can be used with the specified voltage, for example 12 or 24v. There are also motors (...)
I don't think you will be able to find any datasheet, this is probably from an oki printer and sometimes these are custom made for the printer company. Alex
a stupid question are you using the right paper for thermal printer? :-)
Hi I have just taken out two electric motors from an old HP printer (Deskjet 3325).I wanted to know if these motors are actually DC motors or stepper motors.I have never seen stepper motor before,but i did some research on the internet and i noticed (...)
i use labview to control stepper motor.i can't use printer port in winXP to control my stepper motor but in win98 there is no problem.
Hi All , I doing a small project and i need a dc motor in special size ( to harmonise with its space ). i found it in an old printer , but i could not know the value of typical voltage which i must use for it, and there are no thing was written on the body of the motor. are there any way can i use ( measure or any same way ) to know the (...)
I have a stepper motor salvaged from a printer. I can see that it draws 1.3A/ph. I also salvaged SI 7300 chips from it. I am trying to drive the motor with that chip, but fail to do so... I dunno y. The power supply to the chip was 12V 3A. I want to know wheter this didnt work coz of this low voltage! I am sure that (...)
ı convert hp deskjet 820c printer to plotter.ı use a homemade cnc mill table , and hp 820c printer head mechanizm.the printer head mechanizm moving with 1,8 degree unipolar stepper motor. I goal to print pcb and glass.But printer head mechanizm to slov move ,because hp820c (...)
I grabbed some motors from an old EPSON dot matrix printer. I think it should be stepper motor. anybody has done anything with such motor? how can i use them? anybody has spec on the motor used in EPSON? i see no label on them