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just click the RD key that is for verifying signature... then click the load flash key at the right upper corner and choose the hex file you want to burn... Then press "auto"...this should program your muc... - - - Updated - - - hey my dear friend, Can u provide any link to download progisp
I have successfully compiled usbasploader for atmega 16 and atmega 32 and devices are detected correctly on progisp however when I transfer hex it is not running, when I transfer same hex using avrdude GUI, it is working, had anyone
Hello everyone, I am trying to program AT89S51 using a ISP programmer and progisp using USB port. But the microcontoller does not get programmed despite the progisp's message saying that the operstion was successfull. Please help!
Thanks for the new version link. But Sina prog when used with my USBasp on Windows XP based laptop, doesnt even detect the programmer. Can you please guess what may be wrong?.. It works fine with progisp.
yes its possible .i have the working one with hello world programming in 89s51 Not possible. Usbasp dont support 89S. 89s52 is in the device list is because the progisp software is designed to handle a number of hardwares which also supports 89S micros (For example stk500) Nandhu
As per your given description, it seems the connection between the ISP pins of the Chip and the programmer are not connected or broken. Too the same message will pop out in case the SPIEN is disabled in the last programming session. Try using a new chip or have a continuity check between the target and the programmer pins. The company recomends the
Hello Frds, I have Made a USBasp programmer mentioned on it successfully programs atmega ICs...i use extreme burner software aswell as progisp... but now im trying to make it program AT89XX series i programed atmega8 ic with the usb51 software given in
Hi everybody, how’s going. This one of my firsts posts. I’ve been working in a project and one of the problems or something a little bit difficult to understand (if like me it’s the first time using AVR’s ) had been the fuse configuration. Here i left some interesting and useful links.
You can too use progisp which is programming software compatible with USB ASP with in built Fuse settings with details of each fuse selected.
Hi, My version of progisp is June 10 2010 direct from this site, its an English version. ( sorry wont link?) 2006-12-29 version seems to work, but when I use it with the latest avrdude, I get this warning: avrdude: warning: cannot set sck period. please check for usbasp firmware update. Yes I see that as
hey guyz ive flashed my muc there anything more i need to do like set external frequency and if so how? im using progisp 1.72 and AT89s52 chip Dont use short form of words as you use in mobile... this is the first warning.. if continued you will be infracted and all your posts will be deleted.
Hi, To clearly answer all your questions depends on which Arduino board you have. Basically the Arduino comes with the mega chip pre programmed with a bootloader. Some Arduino boards can program a bootloader, the later ones like the UNO I have cannot. However you can usually buy extra chips with the bootloader already pre programmed, b
Hi everybody! I'm having a little problem with AT89S52 ISP programming. I bought an USBASP programmer to program some of AT89S series. I read here on edaboard how to use the USBASP for AT89S series. I'm using software progisp 1.72. When I try to read the device signature, it returns 02 52 06, and the AT89S52 device signature is 1E 52 06. But, wh
Then go with USBasp. USB 8051 (89 series) & AVR Microcontroller Programmer progisp 1.68 software.
I am using usb 89s52 programmar (technido) I write led blinking program its work but when i write another program its not running previous program is running I did not select chip lock option in progisp programmar I replace IC but no problem solved Please guid me
Hi, If you are after a programmer, then there are many cheap ones on ebay that work well. Heres just one
hai , i successfully connect and burn program in 89c51 using USB ISP FLASHER (progisp.exe) . but the problem is it connect only with window xp oonly , for window xp only drivers are available , i con't connect it with window 7 , i need drivers for window 7 . please help me ..
hai , i successfully connect and burn program in 89c51 using USB ISP FLASHER (progisp.exe) . but the problem is it connect only with window xp oonly , for window xp only drivers are available , i con't connect it with window 7 , i need drivers for window 7 . please help me ..
hello, I went through the previous posts but still haven't found how i can rectify the error. I am using at89s52 their any difference between avr controller and at89s52 controller? I am using progisp programmer,when I click on read device,I get " Chip Enable Program Error" why am I getting this error? what do I need to do to correc
Guys, Does anyone of you have experience with USBAsp ? I got 'Programmer can not be found' error. I used progisp 1.72... Previously, it was allright... The driver is installed properly, but suddenly it can not read my target MCU, Any ideas ? thanks - - - Updated - - - I fixed it, found the drive
Hi, Im using progisp v1.72. My ISP programmer has ATMEL ATMEGA8L-8PU chip. progisp software doesnt show ATMEGA8L. Have a look at below image 96645 Which version support this chip? Your solution will be appreciate. Thanks.:-|
Hello, I am a beginner with 8051 family. I am trying to implement serial communication using 89S52 with PC. The string (rather a singel chracter at this stage) will be transmitted through Hyperterminal and after reception the received text (what ever it be) has to be displayed on LCD. The problem is when I am debugging the code in keil, it'
Hi, I've made USBASP programmer with ATMEGA8 mc and falshed the firmware successfully.I am getting the flash verify errors while flashing the program into AT89S52 mc. Am using progisp 1.72 software.Please help me...
Hi, As Nagkiler says Adruino is a good way to start. You can buy the genuine Arduino boards or ebay clones for very little and they do not need a separate programmer as its all bootloaded. Arduino has it own very simple IDE and when you want to actually program a separate chip for your own circuit you can run an USBASP type programmer usin