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Hi Here are PCB layout for ponyprog programator. BY
You can duplicate also with programmer. Do you need stand alone without PC ? Look this picKit 2 Clone standalone variant with EEPROMs : 77613 77614 or for Atmel you can use this standalone programmer : ?Prog ? tiny, fast, portable AVR programmer with SD diy.elek
What programator device you use ? What IC-Prog version you use ?
You can find on EDABoard existing threads about picKit2 Clone programator. See this thread:
Has anybody seen a pic routine for PPM ? Any info greatfully recieved. Schmitt :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:
I have tried sereral Basiccompilers for the pic. Most compilers had bugs..or compile very large sode for simply instructions... Anyone know what's a good
Need information how to make the pic circuit with connector to an programmer. Programming should work even if the pic circuit has power switched on. But should also be possible if the power of the pic board is not availabel. I already have good info on programmer. Any one has a proven circuit design that works well?
I'm looking for a simple PWM low voltage (6/12V 50W) lamp controller, using pic 16F84/F628 or 12C509 and a power MOSFET. It should provide "soft start" and regulate the lamp voltage from a battery V greater or equal the nominal Vlamp. Does anyone has already it or I have start this design from scratch ? T.I.A.
what is the best language to program with and is it proprietary to microchip? what tools should I use ? Is the Mplab ide suitable and is it complete? Debugger or emulator or both? Any help is greatly appreciated. thanx
i uploaded some pic programmer schematics that i found from some sites i wish they will be usefull for you. fm/digitallan/pic digi...
Hi, Where I can find definitions to build an interface for a curent loop (4-20 mA) and a pic micro? ThX NeuralC
Hi folks! I realy nead a schematic and a hex code for building a circuit with a pic to measure the pulses came from A & B channels of a TACHO generator and display them in a possitive ora negative direction. I need this circuit for testing high precision SERVO motors. Thanks in advance John
Here is a nice guide to pic: alots of example and progs. pic Happy New Year :smile:
Dear friends Here is a interesting project to build a pic to emulate the responses of a Sony CD MultiChanger, so that the Phono/RCA's on the rear on Sony head units can be used for a portable CD or MP3 player. hsmpt
i'm looking for a circuit or a pic program to convert from irda to rs232! thanks! ***************************************** Please don't reply unless you have useful information to add on this post.Thanks
I am plannig to dial cell phone and send sms message by using pic. I will use Ericsson GA628 for this purpose. Any help needed. Please?
Hello, I there someone how have already build a domotica system based on pic's with pic Basic ?? All info is welcome
pic C Compiler Manual Uploaded file: pic C
Has anyone seen any designs of a switch mode power supply with a pic or possibly another MCU as long as it has 3 PWM outputs like the 17C756?
I am looking for a good simulator for learning to program pic chips 16F84 etc.
hallo, have anyone tipps for pic and midi connection? thanks, simba111
cherche schema des modules picbasic de chez comfile.est il possible de simuler un module pic basic dans isis de chez proteus j'ai le cr@ck de proteus prodemo quelqu'un a une adresse ou le ou le mettre je sais que pas mal le cherche
I need this program. Who can hel me?.Thank
The latest issue of circuit Cellar has an artical on using a pic to send and receive SMS using an Ericsson phone. It is explained easily and simply, even I understood it first go. I have uploaded the artical and software to FM1 directory BobP Have fun....
ANybody have built a bitscope before, they give instructions for you to built from scratch bit refused to disclose the PLD and pic source codes. THey made you purchased those chips, that's sucks.. Anybody have the source codes for that? thanks in advance
Hi all, I'm trying to simulate a program with a pic->PC communication. For that I use Pro**Teus with the VTERM module connected to the RX/TX of the 16F870 USART. For error checking I'm using the 9th bit of the usart to send the EVEN parity bit. After simulate on MPLAB I see that the bit TX9D(9th bit) is correctly set (When we need it to get E
I search to buld project mobile robot with pic or AT (ATMEL) microcontroller. Project have must hardware + software.
Hi friends, does someone has tried to implement a simple vme slave interface in a pic micro + may an 8 bit comparator, like 74ls688 for base address ? thx proton
Need a tip about pic16f84-based GSM alarm (GSM suports AT command set) + source code schematic wellcome thanks
I am working on some sofware for pic's on linux. I am using picpro 2.2.3, but I need some one that support 12C5xx. Any link or patched version?? TaPa
how to decide when to use a avr and when pic. I have some experience with avr so i prefere 8515 in most cases but is it a good solution. Thx
I need all kind sources and pic asm's for electronic faucets end basins. Thanks advance.
What kind of supply design is safety for pic from 220v 50 Hz ac lines. I need of 5vdc and 30 mA for a 1 ms duration. Thank advance.
Hi, I need a D/a/l/l/a/s - DS2401 “silicone serial number” emulator, based on pic. I have seen something like this on the net, but I can’t remember where and I can’t find anything now. Can you help with some links or/and code? Regards, stroma
Dear Sirs, I would like to build a project for my pc with a member of pic series.But i dont know how to protect its software? Is there a way to protect it from copying? For example a fuse? By the way i'd like to ask if i can change some datas in pic16f84 while running? I'd like to use there a sample schematic, project or like this? Well
hi i nedd info and pic hex code for panasonic dk2
hello ppl, I want to work with LCDs under pic ?C (I have 16F877) but no idea which LCD should/can i use. I 've surfed for tutorials/examples in internet, but it hasn't given me very helpful infos. Can anyone suggest me, which LCD ( graphic or character ... dont know the difference !) should i use just for learning, and which are available comm
I write a program that can be running in 16F84A but can't run in 16C56A. In the include file,i have change to "pic165x.h" from "pic16f84". Who can help me thk. I am looking for IAR for pic not for pic18,too.thk best regard!!
Hi there! I would like to use an eprom which is controlled by pic.You know digital receiver cards.I would like to design like same thing.I want to write a program that sends datas to pic and the pic will store it in eprom.Then i will send commands to pic, pic will read eprom and send data back. Has anyone (...)
Hello, I am a bit new at low frecuency electronics. I would like to connect some of the output pins of a pic to 6 optocouplers with a series resistor. ------- |------/\/\/\------| | | |
Does anyone have the inf about ir for palm ? What is the format of the string ? Thanks
Hi there! Can anybody light my way about how to combine pic mcu and pc? How to design circuit and write firmware for pic? All comments are welcome. Thank you! Ergen
Dear Sir, I'm working on a project maybe you can show a way to solve my problem.I have a pic16f84, an 24xx eprom and a max232 ic.I'm using COM2.I want to write a firmware and design a new schematic for this terminal program, when i send a command (which will i define) for example string "SEND" then a blank character 0x20h then a strin
I m looking for a really simple pic 16C7xx programmer schematic. Thanks in advanece
Hi All I'm looking for some expert opinion abt using pic C compilers. there are various cross compilers availabe right now.. i've never use pic processor before but now i've got ICD to start some project. What is the best cross compiler to start with. in past i used mcs-51 uc with keil compilers.. is there any pic compiler available with (...)
Hello, I would like to interface a WinCE PDA to a pic via the USB port that most PDAs have built in. I know that MC has a pic with built-in USB support. I would like to develop software for the PDA and use the pic for digital I/O. Do PDAs have USB drivers built in? I would like to avoid using ActiveSync since it does not seem very (...)
Hi, im working on a circuit to regulate the temperature of a mains heating element. Im planning to use a triac driven by a pic16f84. Does anyone know how i can measure a temperature in the range of 0-350 deg centigrade with a pic? i only need to be acurate to a few degrees, and need a relatively cheap solution.
Hi, i need a example the program "C" CCS with pic and HT9200A serial. Somebody can help me? Orcino
Hello, I think on a cheep Ethernet to CANbus Gateway. commercional products use ARM... Please have a look you think the solution works also with a pic18Cxxx? Is this a way to go ? THX Hugo
I'm looking for the best brand, as a core, as global system... Thanks in advance.