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Hi Here are PCB layout for ponyprog programator. BY
and you can program it through jdm programator so as 16f84
You can duplicate also with programmer. Do you need stand alone without PC ? Look this picKit 2 Clone standalone variant with EEPROMs : 77613 77614 or for Atmel you can use this standalone programmer : ?Prog ? tiny, fast, portable AVR programmer with SD diy.elek
What programator device you use ? What IC-Prog version you use ?
You can find on EDABoard existing threads about picKit2 Clone programator. See this thread:
Hi... First of all you need programator for this pic 16F84A. Then you must have software wich work with this programator . Without software you can not load your pic with this program. Program is pure hex code. Simulation is diferent then real stuff.
with IC Prog and Simple JDM programator you can get from COM power to program the pic MCU,but some of the new motherboards con provide onli 3-4 V on PIN,so it is imposible to use this programmer ,and need extra power. May be in idle mode is you say so,but it depends on PC OS and drivers or/and programs installed on the PC.
yes i am providing you circuit diagram visit YuElektro Allpic programator - YU elektro for detail
Useful project for this construction: SQ8CBY - NIXIE CLOCK - pic16F84A Strona Gon
Is it Automatic washing machine? or just timer to guide manual washing machine? How do You mean timer ? Heart of washing is programmator. This control motor, water pump, valve, monitor temp, control heater,... This eliminate complete mechanical programator in washing machine or any other. See project :