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I Design Board With 5CEBA9F23C8N I choose AS Configuration for programming & EPCS128 After Develop PCB I start to program my board STEP1- Compile My Design in quartus 16.1(SIMPLE LED ON FOR TESTING) STEP2-CONVERT .SOF FILE TO .POF (FOR ACTIVE SERIAL EPCS128) STEP3-PROGRAM EPCS128 VIA programming(I SELECT ACTIVE MODE) STEP4- SUCESSFULLY E
Start with a *VERY* simple project in mind, look for tutorial examples that cover that type of project, look at the microcontroller used in the tutorial and get a development kit based on the same type of microcontroller. Then begin with a 'flash a LED' style of program - you will be amazed at how much you need to do to get that going BUT, once yo
Top Twenty chart of programming languages
Hello all, I started using CodeBlocks for programming AVR micorcontrollers, it looks a good IDE for AVR programming. But I have a small problem with it. I wrote a simple code for testing, the code is: #include int main(void) { DDRB=00000011; PORTB=00000001; while(1) { } return 0; }
Hello guys, Ive been learning python and all is very nice, my main goal is to make simple scripts to interface mainly thru serial/USB and ethernet to some PCBs i design to control purposes, more like for prototyping. But now i want to go to a next fase which is to make things a bit more pretty on screen with a GUI, buttons, message boxes, etc. S
hello,i used avr programer to program the atmega8l -8pu ( ) this is the programmer i have tow kinds of codes @8MHz atmega8noxtal.upload.protocol=stk500 atmega8noxtal.upload.maximum_size=7168 atmega8noxtal.upload.speed=38400 atmega8noxtal.bootloader.low
5.4 Code source du prototype avec laser #include LCD4Bit_mod lcd = LCD4Bit_mod(2); int Signal1 = 2, Signal2 = 3; int STATE, PreSTATE; const int NUM_KEYS = 5; const int adc_key_val ={30, 150, 360, 535, 760 }; int key = -1, oldkey = -1; boolean en_position = false, lasers_detectes = false, lasers_non_detectes =
Hello I am a beginner in embedded programming. and i need help I want to send audio captured by microphone over Ethernet for further analysis. for this i bought a board from NGX here is now here are my questions 1) which debugger should i use KEIL UNILINK
I trained a NN with matlab using the following code : p = ; t = ; net = newff(p,t,3); net = train(net,p,t); y = sim(net,p) Now i'm tring to use the weights & bias calculated by matlab in order to use them to creat a NN in other programming languages, so i used the NN parameters
Hello guys I was wondering if I can get a direction of where to start in vehicles control system especially these new vehicles. I have a university diploma in Computer engineering and wide knowledge in programming in C, php, Python and others. So if you can help me get start it'll be appreciated.
#include #include #define input_CLK PIN_B0 #define pin_1 PIN_B3 #define input_data PIN_B4 #define input_LED PIN_D1 void main() { usb_cdc_init(); usb_init(); usb_wait_for_enumeration(); int1 data; int i; int1 received_data=0; int1 data_input=0; int1
The following tutorials and code examples should assist you: 8051 programming for UART - Starts half way down the page Serial Communication Tutorial: Introduction [URL="w
Hi everybody. i use bascom for programming and proteus for simulating i got an error on proteus when i use can be simple to fix it, but i really cant find the problem so i cant use keypad $regfile = "m32def.dat" $crystal = 4000000 Config Kbd = Portc Dim B As Byte , I As
AVR In-Circuit Serial Programmer ATTiny2313 programming pins are: 92283 Best regards, Peter :wink:
ICSP - In Circuit Serial programming Microchip programming Specification Search programming specification on Microchip web sit
As far as I know, php has its own capabilities for creating graphs so you can do everything you need just with php. Also, as far as I know, VB is not compatible with php, so you can't include VB code and php code in the same page. However, you should be able to pass variables to a web page via any (...)
Make sure you go through the AVR Freaks tutorials section: These are some tutorials to get you started: AVR programming Methods [url=www.avrfreaks.n
HEllo everybody, My passion is to become a ethical hacker, So slightly started getting in to it, i want to know what al the programming languages i have to learn in order to become a complete professional hacker?? As of now i'm almost a junior hacker, in networking so wanna become more professional, And by net and blogs i came to know that ( C/C+
Hello, I want to make some simple projects with the Attiny85. I found this programmer and now looking for C headers to write to the I/O pins and set the mods of the pins. I'm new to AVR programming. Can you help me with finding a Compiler or a header for Keil? How can I program the Attiny with th
I'm a computer science student. For the last several years I've gained a good knowledge of programming, mostly Java/php/C++ and general principles of object-oriented programming and structural programming, some information about databases, operating systems and networking. I've been studying electronics for a couple of (...)
Hi All, I want to learn on how to make a CNC. I can do all the mechanical and 8051 programming, but how and what should I do to interface with computer, what software to use, how could I get AutoCAD drawing to import into the software? I plan to start with XY axis first. Thanks.
So I have built a working 11x11 matrix from 3 daisy chained 74HC595s using a msp430 ( from this previous thread) , To test the matrix, I used the shiftOut, latchOff, and latchOn function founds on the comments section of this TI wiki page
Maybe this can be useful for you : Elementary Course BASCOM-AVR
Hello here is my program #include #include #include #include #include #include "LCD.h" #pragma config OSC=HS #pragma config WDT=OFF #pragma config PWRT=ON #pragma config LVP=OFF unsigned char x; void babys(){ SWStartI2C(); SWPutcI2C(0xd0); SWPutcI2C(0); SWPutcI2C(0)
Maybe this thread will help. You can run away from C but sooner or later you'll need to learn it if you're serious about using microcontrollers. BASIC has little place in programming these days, as much as I like the language. You'll find that very few people understand th
I'm wondering if anyone is interested in supporting my Robot programming Software on a crowdfunding site called Pozible. Please check out the link below Hack a Robot Today with PicoFlow Alpha - Pledge and be rewarded Thanks, Please give me some feedback on th
Hello sir, I am learning Atmega64(uniboard) with c programming. I need sample programs along with explanation(mainly logic behind them) based on simple 2D gaming i.e.snake,car,tetris... also, i need some documents related to the Atmega64(uart,timer/pwm)with c programming.... please,mail me.... Thanking you...
Hi, Planning to buy two ARM development boards for programming (assembly & C) one cable of running Linux and for small embedded system. good to have... USB (may be host and slave) UART Ethernet LCD JTAG I2C budget is tight. please suggest few Thanks, BT
This is my existing code : #include "p24FJ128GA010.h" #include "system.h" // Set up configuration bits _CONFIG1( JTAGEN_OFF & GCP_OFF & GWRP_OFF & COE_OFF & FWDTEN_OFF & ICS_PGx2) _CONFIG2( FCKSM_CSDCMD & OSCIOFNC_ON & POSCMOD_HS & FNOSC_PRI ) // Set up user-defined variables int main(void) { // Set up PortA IOs as digital outp
can anyone post a C code for converting string of hex numbers to binary?
Hi all, I haven't done any dual core processing before. How's it different from single core processing? Is OS a must for dual core processor, or can I make the two cores work on different tasks? If you have good reference, could you give me the link please? Thanks, Gongdori
Examples : Yo
What processor is the best for connecting to 4.2V and 2.8A stepper motor? I intend to use c programming btw. I have tried researching but does not seem to find the right one.. This will be Right for your application i guess ( probotic )
Dear Friend I would like to say that i am designing one charge controller based on Pic microcontroller based. I would like to use EEPROM. I have not so much knowledge about the programming for EEPROM in Pic. Plz help me about the programming.
for your oscillator setting see above link try this solution also.
you said that Depending on the actual device and whether or not it has incorporated a bootloader in its design, a hardware JTAG programmer/debugger device maybe required to program the device. what is boot loader design ,a hard ware jtag programmer A bootloader is firmware code which allows a program to be loaded i
Hi, hello!!!!!! I'm working on a project and needed to program atmega32A microcontroller.I want to make my own programmer with in i tried this circuit from ponyprog website.when i connect the device for programming along with external supply from 5v regulator there was an error saying "Device not found or unknown device(-24)".I didn't use an
I am new for this AMR7 LPC2148. I have no idea about Embedded C programming for this ARM7 LPC2148. I need Instruction Set's. I want to try from basic that is from Input output accessing, ADC, I2C, CAN and Serial Communication. If any one have any details about this ARM7. Then Send it to me with some Example Codes.
Flowcode can convert flow char to assembly language for PIC AVR & ARM. Check here Matrix Multimedia - Flowcode graphical programming languages for microcontrollers - rapid electronic development kits
this should solve your problem Agilent Discussion Forums • View topic - Help Needed in Matlab programming ---------- Post added at 19:38 ---------- Previous post was at 19:35 ----------
Check this AVR GCC Tutorial (1) ? Basic I/O Operations ? Suhas?s Blog and for bitwise operations check View topic - Bit manipulation (AKA "programming 101") :: AVR Freaks You may also find
Check View topic - Bit manipulation (AKA "programming 101") :: AVR Freaks Bitwise Operators 101 - KSK's Project Pages Any bit ANDed with 1 keeps the value it had and any bit ANDed with
That is not possible... because by default it has to go to programming mode.. it is not because of a program.. maybe the EA pin is not getting proper voltage..... i have used so many time but never came across this fault.. maybe the bootloader problem..
I've asked ckshivaram, and he said I can post it here saesaria - Today 19:09 - permalink View Conversation Edit Report I want to post a thread related with how to make a web page using php. What topic I can post it into? I need to build a web page to completed my microcontroller project. Thanks
Is there any other software for programming 8051 like Flowcode? Flowcode is not available for 8051, is any other software available?
I think this will be helpful for you Matrix Keypad interfacing with Microcontroller AVR tutorial: AVR programming : 8051 Microcontroller Projects AVR PIC Projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes MedTronic
Dear Friend it is easy your cct is ok now try to write code assembly language with multiplexing use this link for cct Pic Microcontroller P16F84 Tutorial: Seven-Segment Display Example : 8051 Microcontroller Projects AVR PIC Projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes
Hellow Everyone! I was wondering if anyone know the link on.. "How to program 8051 with JAVA" Thank you!