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I want to know how to make a tach meter using pic16f84a.if any one did this project pls be kind enough to lte me have ur cct design,program,diagrams...etc thank you!
can u give me a simple project design using pic16f84a,thanks......... When you can write a request here, i think you can too Google to get a lot of simple projects with PIC micros. Just search for it...Cheers
hi zmanultra, i think u ought to search this site throughly, as there are more than enough discussions, articles and tips for one to become an expert from a novice. i learnt a lot from this place and i think i owe a lot to elektroda. Take a look at the search engine and u may find ur project done long ago here.... Goto davi
Hi there Guys and gals :) I have a problem here - I'm trying to set up a little project for my kids, and I'm a bit new to this, so naturally I'm having a bit of difficulty. I need to use a pic16f84a with a number keypad to light up numbers on a seven-segment display. The pin diagram for the keypad is: Here--->
hi friends, could you please send me some examples based on PIC 16F72.or some projects related to this so that i can practice it.even a small led based project will do. will be really thankfull. eagerly waiting for your response thanking you
thanks, but i still have one more question : i want to start any project using pic16f84a, i have some projects for the 16f84 (without A) . can the 16f84a work with the same code ? Regards,
hello, i need help from those who have any info or have done similar project before. does anyone know how to interface realtime clock IC (DS1302) to pic16f84a? how to set the time in DS1302, since i only need the hour and minute for this project. do i need any particular programmer for DS1302 to set the time? or is it the PIC is just (...)
hi guys.. i'm a newbie to pic and currently doing my final year project. my question is how to make a 20ms pulse by using a 4mhz pic16f84a? hope sum1 can teach/guiding me. thx picnewbie
i need some help from u my dear. actually i doing my final year project. my project title is Auto Door Access by Using Fingerprint. The door is controlled by pic16f84a IC. Now, i need to program that IC. Can u do a favour to send me the source code in Assembly language to program the IC. I using MPLAB to build the coding to convert to Hex (...)
Hi! has some SMS projects with english description
Here is a project I am working on. I can give you the schematic and HEX file, for code I can help you to write your own :wink:
Well since it's a school project shouldn't you be doing your own homework?
hi I'm doing a project in designing digital tachometer. so kindly tell about sensors assembly code for pic16f84a design parameters
Hello to all of you! I'm doing a project about sms using GSM Modem. but, i got confuse with connection between pic16f84a and Max232. can i connect the output from the PIC16F84 at RB7 to Max232 at R1OUT (pin12) only? bcoz i only want to send the sms from PIC to gsm modem. please help me...
helpabout my project proposal my proposal about arbiter system on the games of the generals using pic16f84a my problem is about how can i dentify the pieces of games of the general to know whose the winner when one is taking advantage..... please helpme
hi a have a pic16f84a and i want to use it as a dc-chopper i write a code and mplap tell successful and i program a pic but when build a circuit nothing happen note : pic in not burned so if anybody have a .asm code and how to connected this is be great thnx in advance compleat project post here .
Hi joy, Do you still need the code for the project?
Dear nabeelkhan Can i have full details of ur project. So that i can guide u to generate the sin wave
//include file #include //16F84 configuration __CONFIG(0x3FF1); //defining the switches #define PORTBIT(adr, bit) ((unsigned)(&adr)*8+(bit)) //display function send_7_seg(int); //main function void main(void) { TRISA = 0x01; PORTA = 0b00000000; while(1) { for(int a=0; a<8; a++) {
Hi, I think first Pc open port and wait command from PIC. When Pc get command, then turns on camera and begin image processing and at last send data to PIC. So in this project, you should use C++ to serial comunication program. And also the camera should provide control API to C++. And image processing is depend on your project purpose, may be yo
gudevening everyone. can anyone give me a schematic diagram for burglar alarm using a pic16f84a pls..??i need this for my individual project..
hello everybody,, :D I've a problems in my project,, I want to measure distance using ping ultrasonic sensor and pic16f84a with 4Mhz xtall and display it in 8 bit data,, when the distance is 300cm led in PORTB show ffh I've already made the program,, but this program doesn't run well,, the counter is reset when the distance 125cm,, the program
masters.. I am also intersted in this project.. sir hameed, can you share this circuit with us? ??? ??? ??? please.... here it is pure sine wave inverter using 8051, just u need is Proteus V7.5
This LED clock was based on microcontrollers pic16f84a and displays HD1131. The program was written in Assembler. The project was made on universal board. pic16f84a with clock quartz 32768 kHz through decoder CD4543B
It is a project of Nixie clock built of Burroughs tubes. It uses microprocessor pic16f84a for control. Boards were made in screen printing method. You can order a firm to make the boards ? a great advantage of
am using pic16f84a processor for controlling a motor. in my project i using two censer for detecting water level(high or low) If censer one activate the transmitter processor transmit a binary then the receiver detect that binary in there input leg it activate rb0 and rb1, if censer two activated the transmitter transmit a signal and the recei
hello! i want to make a electronic project by pic16f84a the project it's a clock alarm for students where they can programme this circuit by setting the time of their review (homework) and in the specific time the circuit Should ring and show matter that must be reviewed in a 14 segments display i need your help i'm just a begginer (...)
RF project Workbook features MS Excel worksheets for project scheduling (Gantt Chart style), parts lists and procurement tracking, and system power supply requirements. Uploaded by Kirt Blattenberger, the copyright owner.
Dear friends Here is a interesting project to build a PIC to emulate the responses of a Sony CD MultiChanger, so that the Phono/RCA's on the rear on Sony head units can be used for a portable CD or MP3 player. hsmpt
Hi The Dalton project focuses on the design of Intellectual Property (IP, or core) based embedded computing systems, i.e., systems-on-a-chip. Its present focus is on a "parameterized system-on-a-chip design" approach. In this approach, an application, such as a digital camera, is designed first by selecting an existing reference design consistin
How much performance raised I can get from ASIC to full custom layout design In a 32bit uP project? Thanks for your help!
Hi The Linux Home Automation project is a bit of a misnomer. It's really meant for use under any Unix like operating system. We already have one gentleman who uses QNX so he'll keep me honest. :wink: I fully intend to keep the source code as portable as possible. And I'm working on getting a *BSD system up and running real soon. The initial inte
I search to buld project mobile robot with PIC or AT (ATMEL) microcontroller. project have must hardware + software.
Hi The goals of this project are: create a new Linux kernel driver for the NTFS file system (v1.2 and later 3.0), user space utilities (e.g. format, ntfs check, etc.) and a library to avoid code duplication and provide access to NTFS to other GPLed programs. 1. -> t tnx
Hi The Linux lab project is intended to help people with development of data collection and process control software for LINUX. It should be in understood as software and knowledge pool for interested people and application developers dealing with this stuff in educational or industrial environment. The Linux Lab project is a group of develope
?HomePNA and Ethernet OHY with MII Interface? This project is a part of phoneline home area networking in which various information appliances in the home can be connected using the existing phone lines. We intend to implement a chip, which interfaces the Ethernet MAC layer with the HomePNA PHY (physical) layer with a media independent interfac
hi 2000, i finally uploadet an image of quadrature encoder. hope this image is clearing up a bit. ( i'ts just a scratch draw of principle the problem u just having... cant say mutch, because of too less info on whole project. gelly.
Hai, I am interested in doing a project in dsp field(i have visual dsp 2& EZ-ADSP2181 kit too). Can anyone suggest me abt the projects which i can implement using the above kit&software. Awaiting for your reply With Regards HBK
Hi... Please, i´m looking for electronic Ballast project for fluorescent lamps 20Watts and/or 40Watts. Thanks! MKW Motorola has a few app notes regarding this topic. It was a few years ago and I have a hardcopy dash away somwhere. You can try to find it in Mot's web site and see if it is still available. If not, PM me and I
Dear Sir, I'm working on a project maybe you can show a way to solve my problem.I have a pic16f84, an 24xx eprom and a max232 ic.I'm using COM2.I want to write a firmware and design a new schematic for this terminal program, when i send a command (which will i define) for example string "SEND" then a blank character 0x20h then a strin
Hi IR Remote project 1. -> t tnx
Hi project Gutenberg is the brainchild of Michael Hart, who in 1971 decided that it would be a really good idea if lots of famous and important texts were freely available to everyone in the world. Since then, he has been joined by hundreds of volunteers who share his vision. Now, more than thirty years later, project Gutenberg has the followin
Hi I want to develop a project on this IC .Please help me about in system programming.I need sch , code and software fot it. bye
I need project board included circuit and pcb with 16F877 urgently anybody have it??
New (KS32C50100) network controller from Samsung Electronics is used as a hardware basis for uCrouter project. Now evaluation board EVM50100 and SM-01 interface module that support V.35 and RS-232 have been developed.
Hi Introduction to the Free University project 1. -> t tnx
Hi, where i can find a valid and simple RDS decoder and encoder pic based project ? 8O
If you are asking for tools to do this project, i recomend you using CCS Pic-C
Good spot to get project kits and surplus gear Australia I get alot stuff off them. They have new kits each month and different surplus gear each month. I keep a watch out for surplus each month my self. Thought you might find URL usefull.