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Anyone has the protel library of mpc8241/45/60? Thanks a lot!
New generated AD9288 protel library with footprint. Download and test it from Regards, M.M
Hi, I want to import library from protel v2.8 in altium. Please tell me how to do that.
Hi, What I understand you want to share protel Libs. Good. The orignal libs are also not very good but okay. I already did on elektroda with atmega128 and PIC18.. So lets start... :o
protel users u can download a free standalone tool for viewing Pro-tel library files. this requires Pro-tel99SE sp6
Hi all, isn't there Infineon library components avaiable for protel ? I didn't find it. Clipboard Oops... as in subject, I mean library for microcontrollers.
Hi. Does anybody have a protel DXP library containing ST7LITE09 (or ST7FLITE09Y0M6) microcontroller from ST semiconductors? Thanks !!!
is the only thing available from Xilinx, it is a pin list You can get a library from protel web site The Altium library can be browsed online also. Any reason why you cannot use the Spartan-3 library that came on y
Any one has the library for protel dxp sp2 2002 of Cyclone EP1C6 TQFP-144 of ALTERA.
Hi, Does anyone have a protel 99 PCB library for the ATMega 169? I searched the internet quite a bit, but couldn't find one. Thanks.
Perhaps the package name you are adding is not contained within the protel library when you import the netlist file. The netlist file must use the same package name for the part as the library that protel has loaded. Is the message you get after import say 'footprint not found' in netlist manager? JR
.DDB is a protel 99/99SE database. It can contain schematics, boards, libraries (pcb and sch), documents. /pisoiu
it doesn't exist in protel library, you must make lcd library by yourself
Hello everybody, I have a little problem with drawing in protel (I admit I am a rookie): I cannot import devices from library from ftdi's site (which has .LIB extension) in protel and I dont understand part from their guide whish says: "OrCAD 16-bit DOS schematics can be imported into protel schematic capture (...)
I have a problem generating protel library report. In my report footprint images are not good. I can see only the upper left quarter of my footprint. Please help :cry:
Anyone have QFN-32 5x5mm footprint for PCAD2002 or protel99SE? Thanks,
hi all, I have some questions and a request. I need to setup a schematic-layout pcb flow on linux using mentor products. I see that I have two possibilities, board station or dxdesigner-expedition. Am I wrong? If I use dxdesigner and expedition do I need to install also SDD? What is the main utility of SDD? And, in the end that's my request:
You can download and try it from here:
I want to rearrange the position of the pins given in the protel library. Can anybody tell me how to do this. Say for example I have the 555 timer IC schematic part. I want to move pin1 to a different position. How to do this?. Also if I want to increase the length of the components, guide me how to do that. Thanx in advance. Regards, Vamanan
Hello Everyone; I need the PCB artwork of AD9858 for protel 99. Can anyone provide me the related protel library for me?
Colleagues, If aynone has an OrCAD schematic symbol for Xilinx XCR3064XL (CoolRunner XPLA3 family), could you upload it? Cheers, Nick Added after 4 hours 17 minutes: P.S. It should be possible to convert the protel library into OrCAD library. Unfortunately, I don't have protel.
Does anyone know how can I convert a protel schematic library into an Orcad one? Thank you in advance.
nice windows terminal & AVR protel lib
The standard supplied library files for protel are still rubbish, Better to create your own that match your assembly house requirements.
You have to open the library in DXP and then save a copy in protel 4.0 format. After you have saved it in protel 4.0 format, you can open it and use it in protel99SE. Some of the features available in DXP will not be present in the older format.
protel DXP 2004 with SP1 does run the SP2 libraries
dear freinds i have protel eda client 3.2 . where to download pic library for it. thanks
I'm using protel DXP 2002 Release. But there're so many electronic components that are not existed in its libraries. I have downloaded Lib updated on Altium Website for 2004 Release but they are not compartible with 2002 Release. Is there any tool to convert backward these lib? Added after 4 minutes: [quot
hI all, i desined my own tsop48 library for protel but seems to be not correct, if any one have this library, please upload it here. Regards,
I use protel99se to draw the circuit. Do you know where I can find schematic library of XC3S400-40Q208I? Appreciated.
Someone tell me about a good programs for creating pcb library for protel.
Hi i want a complete library for protel se99 ,both pcb and schematic...........please give me a guidance.......thanks a lot
dear mr/madam I have just installed protel DXP and I need to add some equipment to my library. I don't have any time to add one bye one :-? . Please share your library that has ( atmega16 -Cny70 -L298 and ...).
If you are newbie in protel you should try to create your own pcb lib. Is conveniente for you learning. Is very easy and with time you will acquire many experience with protel. "Es muy facil solo necesitas un calibre o bajarte las hojas de datos del componente y ver el footprint recomendado por el fabricante". Try to download libraries to the manuf
Hi , I have justed routed a 48 Pin TQFP package with the protel PCB ,but when I press print preview all the attached lines to the TQFP pads gets shifted and print gets distorted. I have take the grid precaution while making the library and the pCB , Kindly Help. Regards TS
Hi Does anyone have the footprint for RJ 45 for Orcad or protel ? I need it. Thanks in advance
Hi, Premier EDA software had a soft for protel99sesp6 library viewing. but I don't if it's work with dxp. Try this link CD:)
AFAIK there is no way for a correct translation. But it possible to generate a usefull PADS netlist from within protel so if you move SCH just to do layout in PADS the you can still do it. With netlist in PPCB and match with all decals it may be possible to reverse engineer into Powerlogic but never tried this myself. :R
Hi how to add library in protel DXP i cannot add it (Error) :cry: thanks
Hi all, I'hv been trying to search for the protel DXP library for Microchip PIC16F and PIC18 series since the default library only has the PIC16C series. Does anyone know where I can get this library? For those who use protel to draw ur schematic diagram, how do u draw it if u r using PIC that is not (...)
Every license holder of protel DXP is ENTITLED to a FREE upgrade to protel DXP2004. All you have to do is call the Altium sales offfice nearest to you and quote your Customer number and license code and they will arrange the upgrade CD to be sent to you and a new license file. DXP2004 is a different product to DXP and has a completely differe
hi Why dont you creat your own Footprint Lib? I think you can redraw PLL-C 4 based on some packages of that IC or you can copy from other Lib in protel's projects Good luck!
Hai all, In protel 2004, I have converted my schematic sheet as a component and also added in to the library.i can call that component from the other sheets also.but the problem is when i try to export this component to PCB i am not getting the footprints from the sheet which i made as a component. :sm2: prithivi :sm35:
1. Free PCB Utilities - Free This includes commands to: Find/delete duplicate objects Copy the Board Shape to a mechanical layer Move DXP Split Planes Join arcs at their intersection 2. Zipper - Free A set of commands for zipping and unzipping DXP projects or documents within pr
Every PCB translation I've seen so far except one are pants. Importing an Orcad project into protel works very well. Do not expect too much. Git
If some of the additional features requested by protels users are made by protel then it would not suprise me if they changed the database format again, I do not see how they can do this without changing database structure. so soon DXP2004 SP1 libraries might not be same as DX
DXP will also open libraries from previous versions. Use the same libraries you used for protel98 with DXP. The alternative is as Frosty suggests, make a library from the protel98 document you have. You can then use the components generated for the project library in whatever you want.
If you are asking how to edit pre-existing packages, just open the integrated library in protel, and when it asks if you want to unpack it to source, select yes. Then edit the PCB file that you unpacked, and save it to another file or the same file. You can then recompile the integrated library if you wish, or leave it split into PCB/SCH (...)
Hi, I Have Some Experience On PCB design in protel and Circuit Simulation in ORCAD. Both Are Very Easy But Simulation in Orcad is Much More Easy than protel. Schematic Capture in ORCAD Has a simple Interface Powerful Simulation library and Many Specific Parts (Like FM,AM,... Sources). After Circuit Simulation You are able to Sign (...)
footprint is the shape of the component that is going to be printed on the PCB. footprint for 7805 is a the shape of the voltage regulator. a 3 pin diagram u will have to search in protel.. layout.. libraries.