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Hello sir ,i am usin 4 SCR in bridge configuration.and i have to use both resistive as well as inductive load. i am using zero crossing detector to create the firing pulse and applied it to interrupt.i am using pic16f877a ic. to vary the firing pulse i am using a variable pot of 0-5 volts which is applied to analog port.and according to which th
You have to use the "small memory model" to create the EXE (compatible with the proteus 8086 device). Look at this site (for example):
Hello,everybody; I got a proteus component model of microphone at this forum that is;ISO-8859-1__MIC.rar(I attached it here) ,but I don't know how to add it to my proteus and use it. Would you please tell me how and in which folder should I place the; ISO-8859-1__MIC.rar / MIC.dsn ,in my proteus software,so (...)
Nice job, thanks. It might be worth to adding a keypad (1-wire analog) to set the clock. An alarm function (using a buzzer) also can be useful ... The 12f1840 has usable pins yet ;-) ;-). Do you can attach the proteus simulation (dsn) also in ver7 (not v8) form? Regards zuisti
Post your proteus file This image is from proteus: 112800 Please send me dsn with 4078. Thanks.
No one can help you without your source. Attach the entire project folder (in a RAR) and the used proteus dsn file (max. v7.10 please). A note: instead of the 4 * hc138 use only one hc154 like me: (this is a 2-sheet dsn !!)
What are errors in your schematic..? Post your proteus file *.dsn file
Generating Bill of Materials using script '1. HTML Output'... Generating netlist to obtain parts database... #I:Compiling design 'E:\PCB\8051 PROGRAMMER .dsn'. %C=0001,00000023 Generating internal BOM database... ERROR: Part '7447' was added to 21 categories. ERROR: Part '7805' was added to 21 categories. ERROR: Part '8051' was added to 21 c
can someone help me extracting .dsn file from .pdsprj file in proteus 8.0.
Can anybody confirm whether UART1 and UART2 Rx of proteus 7.x model for PIC16F45K22 works or not? I have spent 2 hours and only Tx is working. The same code works with other models.
I can help you if you send the proteus file in 7.x format. I don't have proteus 8. Also mention Crystal frequency.
Hi jean12; As I promised I made and uploaded a project, just as you wished: it uses a PIC16F876A, three 8x8 LED matrices, a 4017 (instead of LS138) with ULN2803, and three HC164 (instead of HC595). There are also a Start-Stop switch (see the dsn). Note this is a proteus-only project, I hope it works also in the reality, try it. But do
The attached file contains a very simple proteus circuit and program with a problem that has had me stumped for some time now. All the program does is write some data to a port and read it back in again in a loop checking the results. Every so often the wrong data is read from the port if any analogue component is connected to the port such as the
proteus file..
84608 In the design, a 400V DC is turned on and off,buf the output voltage is 80V. I am new learner, please help me. Thank you. dsn and hex are in the attachment. Niu
When I try to simulation the following design in proteus, the software always shows that timestep too small,trouble with node....(the node about the switches).When i delete the switches circuit,the simulation can work well. Help me ,please! 84342
Seems it's a part of a column-scanning system but I see some problems. If you are working in proteus and using MikroC then attach here the complete project (dsn and all sources in a ZIP), only then can we help you.
Dear All My LCD 4bit mode program is not working. Can any one please advice me what are the errors with my codes. No compile errors, Please find the attachment for dsn file for proteus #include #define _XTAL_FREQ 4000000 // 4 MHz clock __CONFIG(0X3F39); #define LCD_EN RB3 #define LCD_RS RB5 #define LCD_RW RB4 #define LC
any body help ...proteus 7 Professional is ok , but hex file write my pic16f628a not raining my Dotmatrix. all led blinking so how to problem? Hi md.rokon; The there used dsn is mine, but the HEX program does not !! Look at my answer to your other thread:
zip and post your proteus .dsn file. --------------Update-------------------- It is working. Add these codes TRISE = 0b100; PORTE = 0x00; ADCON1 = 0b10100111; CMCON = 0x07;
Any one have PWM chip UC3842 for proteus?
zip and post your proteus .dsn file Not everyone uses proteus to make microcontroller projects so why do you assume that there is a project? - - - Updated - - - Actually there is a dsn file in the zip, not sure if it is from proteus
please upload your schematic, so that somebody can help. If you have a proteus .dsn file, zip and upload it. Check this Do you want something like the attached image... You can compile the code at the link given by me using SDCC compiler and check it with the real hardware or you can draw your ow
Hi MYMelon; Just a suggestion: - remove the following components in your dsn (in proteus they are unnecessary): R1, R2 with the reset switch, R3 (= 0 Ohm), C1, C2, C3, X1 - modify R4 and R12 type to DIGITAL or PULLUP (instead of ANALOGUE) and the simulation will be much faster. zuisti
In proteus ISIS, if there is a library GLCD by name GLCD.LIB and GLCD.IDX, and if it contains a glcd part by name GLCD1, we can place that part on to the .dsn file we create. If we send that .dsn file to somebody who doesn't has GLCD.LIB and GLCD.IDX files on his system, he can view and simulate the file. Now, what I want to know is, How (...)
Hi, I don't think proteus can do that. You need some other software like PSIM, labview or etc that able to simulate the mechanical parts as well.
Hi guys, My project is DC-DC Boost Converter with PID Control.I build the circuit on ISIS, its working without PID control.Coz i didnt know how use PID control in order to getting desired output voltage. Here is the circuit images and ISIS schematic file (.dsn) images.elektroda
Hello everyone I am using proteus Issis and I can't seem to show the pulsed output of an 555 chip with a simple 2 resistor and 1 cap in a simple astable mode. I can't show the waveform on the oscilloscpe in Issis. Any ideas Thx in advance Francisco
Hi and Welcome, So what do you need help with ? You can do that either in Mplabs Sim by viewing the File Registers and Watch Windows or with proteus Isis. If you hare having problems then post you code and .dsn so we can see what is going wrong.
Hi ramxis; Sorry but I cannot help. I don't have (and don't like) HITECH C, I'm working in assembly, also using Proton compiler but only as a very smart assembler, without its high level (library) routines. Rather, I'm writing myself these. And ... Hitech's asm output is horrible, Proton's is very clear and useful (at least in my opinion ...)
Please pose the .dsn file for proteus. nobody knows how your circuit looks like.
Thanks for the replies... I have made a little more progress on the design, I used LOGICTOGGLE components in proteus so the simulation runs correctly. And I didn't know there are SPDT push buttons, which solves my problems. I think I will build it first with regular buttons and then if it doesn't work, replace them with SPDT.
#include //Set Internal Oscillator with 4MHz freq //Disable WatchDogTimer and Brownout Reset //Disable code protection //Enable MCLR __CONFIG( MCLREN & UNPROTECT & BORDIS & WDTDIS &PWRTEN & INTIO); void main() { TRISIO = ~(1<<1); while(1) { GPIO1 = 1; } } This is the code, I was trying to sim
Your question is not clear. Post your circuit schematic (eq proteus dsn) and your program here.
I think this happened in older versions of proteus, at least for AVR that I have tried. New versions need a power supply for the chip and the ADC too. Alex
Post the schematics and/or proteus design file, I do remember making a melody alarm clock based on PIC18F2550 a few other chips, once you post the schematic/dsn file I try to port the alarm part of the code/design to 877A (provided I find it soon). For people crapping my inbox with PM, please stop it. If I find the project, and the thread start
hi all.ı try to write asm code for up-down(0000-9999) stopwatch with 8052.but ı have some problems about down stopwatch.can you offer a powerful algorithm for this problem?ı attached .hex .asm .dsn(proteus) can see problem.for example; when you see 0130 in displays,open "up-down switch".displays will crazy :-? ı wait
Hi, This is a code using mikroC v8.2. I've attached the hex and proteus dsn file. Try with the hex file (clock = 4MHz) and let us know if it works. void main(void){ LCD_Init(&PORTB); LCD_Cmd(Lcd_CLEAR); // Clear display LCD_Cmd(Lcd_CURSOR_OFF); // Turn cursor off LCD_Out(1, 1, "Hello"); // Print text to LCD, 2n
what might be the reason that my circuit was not working?? I'll have to check your schematic again to answer that question, I'll get back to you did you changed any thing from program??? so how can my logic work in your circuit?? I have used your .hex file , i didn't change anything, i have just connected 4 pro
I have an inverter as shown below on proteus.I want to work my little 24v synchronous motor with it.But while I use this circuit, motor doesnt work just vibrating.I want a well sinus wave to work it.But i dont know how i can manage it.maybe h-bridge may help me but i dont know how i connect it.Or if you have a new ac motor control schmetics(with f
hello frend i m facing a problem in simulating a circuit---astable multivibrator using 555. i m attaching the circuit diagram and the error msg in jpeg.plz someone comment on this...rectify the problem thanx.
Do one thing. You are using proteus for simulation rite? Do refer to the examples given in .dsn files for PIC16F877A & there you can find the same digital clock which you are trying to refer the code .asm in the corresponding project folder.This may help you. Regards, Jerin. :-) ---------- Post added at 04:22 -----
Your code has no problem on mine. At 4MHz clock the led blinking at about 4.4 second period. Tried it on MPLAB SIM and proteus. -ichan
Hi, It you attatch both the .dsn files and your .hex code then we can run your program. I cannot help with the C but might see something in the proteus design.
Hi, It might be easier to check your proteus .dsn first as the fault may be in that - can you post it together with the .hex file.
Hey making an embedded server on ENC28j60 seems an intresting project,mikroc offers a nice library ,but i couldnt get it to simulate on proteus...i tried the example from microchip (Explorer16 with Ethernet PICtail.dsn) and it works just fine,i also found another proteus simulation on the internet that also works, but still i couldnt make (...)
Hi, I'm using Protus Isis for my project simulation, and than Ares for PCB layout. But my company decided to buy Altium. I wonder about that is it possible to open Isis file .dsn and Ares file .lyt with Altium. Thank you all.
i got my hands on a copy of proteus version 7... i found out how to load on the PICDEM2+ board which is used in uni...and then after an age i found out how to properly load on the source files... but then when i try to execute it, i get heaps of errors about missing models for GND, VCC and stuff like tht...wht do i do then? ive atta
Download proteus VSM install it and you ll be able to open the .dsn file.
This file (.dsn) is a proteus simulation file.If you install the proteus Software and double click on this .dsn file,this file will automatically open in ISIS7 of proteus and you can see the simulation __________________________________________________________________________________ You (...)