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I have made a circuit with a 27256 eprom in proteus 6.3 & SP1. eprom settings: Vpp to +5V, /OE and /CE both to GND, didn't change the Advanced Propeties. The image file is a BIN file, start address is 0x000 and when I use Debug the memory contents is OK. The address lines A0..A2 are connected to a counter 74LS90 with a clock of 3.6kHz. (...)
Hi: I think you can just edit a file by ultraedit in hex mode. Then use a programer like superro to burn this file to eeprom. The craziest answer I've ever read in the forum. What was the question? HEX file for eprom in proteus, wasn't it? You answered "use a programmer"! ? Were you under pressure to throw out an i
Hi Bomba, I didn't see your ckt becuase i havn't proteus V6.3 (i only have V6.2 SP5) I redraw the circuit from your c code. I uploaded the DSN file. Your orginal c code don't need any change. Bye
I want to generate a HEX file for an eprom in PROTUES. Is there any way or any software to do ? Thanks in advance
I am getting the error when trying ti simulate 2732 IC in proteus Please help.
Hi i have problem using memory blocks in proteus under memory ICs section. When I try to simulate it, it shows error "No pakage is selected".
hello; i have schematics of some eprom programmers if anyone interests these i try to upload schematics and pcb designs bye
Hi all I've a problem capturing schematics to PCB in proteus pro (ISIS->ARES) I cant import a netlisting from ISIS to ARES. Really i can import the components from schematic to pcb design but i cant keep wires and connections. Why? I want make a schematic in ISIS, and get its PCB in ARES. I generate the netlist to ARES, but as i said, it on
Link for (e)eprom fun Korenaar
How to make sure that the checksum of the program is same even when the program is changed for an eprom. Any way to cr@ck it? -GreatIndia
I'm trying to use a 27c256 eprom instead of a 27c128 in my ca18det ecu. I've heard this is possible by hooking up a switch that pulls a pin Hi/Lo to select the upper or lower area of the eprom's memory. a performance and economical ecu map. top 128k, bottom 128k. in a nut shell. how can i rig this up? using a standard 28pin 27c256 eprom?
Hi, I make a simulation of a avr at90s8515, the programm .hex is ok, this run fine... but ICCAVR create me a file X.eep that i cannot load from proteus...When the simulation run, data aren't the eeprom data( but FF). I d'ont understand because there is no error message when compiling the simulation whith my file X.eep... Somebody can help me ?
I am looking for 8051 Schematic or PCB Eagle File with eprom and I/O Connection for design of applikation. Can somebody help me?
Hi there! I would like to use an eprom which is controlled by pic.You know digital receiver cards.I would like to design like same thing.I want to write a program that sends datas to pic and the pic will store it in eprom.Then i will send commands to pic, pic will read eprom and send data back. Has anyone got link that tells how to use (...)
Hi to all, I am hardly trying to use the page programming feature of 24LC64 or 24LC128 but I can't write more than 2 bytes. The next bytes overwrites the 2'nd byte. Please help! Maybe someone succeded to use this feature or maybe proteus did not support this mode... Thenks!
Hi All, I have started to learn proteus. I wrote a simple program to make a delay of approx. 100uS using interupt. ' Xtal= 12Mhz Org 0000 sjmp start Org 0bh sjmp inter start: mov p1,#0 mov IE,#10000010b 'Enable interupt on Timer 0 overflow mov TMOD,#00000010b 'Choose Timer0 Reload mode mov TH0,#155 'Mak
this CANNOT be done unless you write a dll in proteus as it stands perhaps version 6 will have sound input
hi guys im in need of the shematics of an hc1 expanded mode wth eprom and ram .(other then hc11 evaluation board or the shematic found in the manual of the hc11) i made one but i m having problems wth it :cry: so any help and if someone have a hc11 model library for the proteus sp7 please pm me thx for all the help W
cant remember seeing a referance too it look in the help using the index for jumper and auto jumper etc settings details proteus isnt the best for single sided try out another and just use the netlist....
u have proteus 5.2 sp7 full?
i WORKING THROUGH A project that is using a 16F84 chip in proteus lite the library does not seem to have a 16F84 but a !6F84A i statred to use this but when I went to connect pin 5 VSS and pin 14 VDD they were missing from diagram . I need direction chris
yes but there is an easy way and a not so easy way the best way i found was to place all the bits in one folder then compile the basic to asm and load the asm to proteus to compile and run the circuit you need to make your project folder inside the proteus folder and also add the pa
Hello: How I can to simulate Pic16F628 on proteus.
Hello: This is my first time to use Xilinx FPGA. I had designed the PCB , now I want to test my code is correct, so I have to program the code to the Xilinx eprom . I have question about programming , I upload my schematic about Xilinx FPGA programming circuit. I use a XC18V01PC20 eprom and a X2S150PQ208 Spartan 2 FPGA, between XC18V
Hi, Dont use the hex file, use the COD fiel, because with it you can debug the C source code! Pay attention in one important point, that is, if you use only one pin like: RB0=!RB0 Some time proteus dont work well (pin stay allways at one), to make that you must use: PORTB=(PORTB&0xfe)|(!RB0) Hope helps, NeuralC
Does anybody have an information or a URL for a USB eprom programmer please? Git
hello; i have recently been advised to try out proteus for all my pic16F877 simulation needs. this program is great! i have a question regarding simulating an LCD. I am writing code in PIC BASIC PRO. and am trying to integrate this into proteus. In proteus i have a PIC 16F877 and connected LCD as per the PIC BASIC book found here: (...)
yes there is ump something a c app non gui type no schematic pure code also misim and virtual breadboard i think the later would suite you as it is more straight foward than proteus for many tasks but and is a big but has no pcb support so bite the bullet and learn or face virtual breadboard and longer dev
download the demo open the libs decompose then and copy the script to notepad then paste to a script you have in the older version already prepaired and adjust as nessisary and compile the lcd lib {you may need to make a lib part by study the way the ones they has come appart into symbols and then reconstruct each
Hi! Can this ics be emulated in proteus 5.2?
Hi, Who have experience which eprom emulator is relay good and information where I can get or buy it. I need for 8 bit only and for 8 and 16 bit eproms. Reagards
proteus has nothing for soudblaster. Speaker and buzzer are models within proteus alone. bye
i am running proteus 5.2 but i do not see selectable the PIC chip 16F84. i see the 16F84A, but i require the 16F84 because my assembly software is written for 16F84. Mr.Cool
Please: How I can to simulate Pic16F628 on proteus? I need to use Capture module (CCP) . Please help me. :oops: :!: :!: :!: :!:
Hi! I would to start learning the 8051 core software development. I would buy a development board / development software package with buit-in RAM, eprom, network and RS232 support. Where could I look? I need something with tons of tutorial/examples, and an affordable price! Thanks
There is a serious bug in AVR model in proteus VSM :!: It seems that the simulator pushes a return address of CALL instruction with bytes in wrong order, which is difficult to trace because of RET instruction also working that way. The problem occures when you want to run e.g. AvrX in proteus VSM env., because of IJMP instructions used in co
do u have proteus 5.2 sp7 full pm me
Fragrance: thanks a lot! before i don't know that must keep the *.hex file within the proteus folder, so everytime when i summulate, always looks like the program didn't load into the 8051 chip! You saved my life. Brant
It´s possible make debugger on PIC Basic Pro (MELABS) from proteus SP7, how? Please , I need help. :cry:
Could anybody explain me how can I create a circuit in proteus using schematic modeling, (example do a 555 with discrete parts) I'm doing the following: 1.I create a subcircuit with the model of circuit that I want in child sheet 2. I compile this model with tools=> model compiler 3 I create the schematic device with library=> make devic
HI ALL, Please find a complete manual for proteus almost 500 pages cover every topic related to proteus,This is bundle manual for isis ares only this upload dedicated to my great friend SIMBOX who gladly shares his knowledge and expertise for proteus lover regards khalid
It´s possible make debugger on PIC Basic Pro (MELABS) from proteus SP7, how? Please , I need help.
where to find proteus 5.x model or library files or how to create mdf models ? :roll: Thanks.
This is an automotive related topic. Basicaly i have the following citcuit up and running. but for some strange reason, when its accessing the upper regions (colum 13,14,15,16) of the 16x16 matrix its having issues.. could be a circuit problem or an atmel micro issue. The outputs from the 374 latch goto a port on an atmel processor, which consta
Hello! I have been released some proteus VSM models. Welcome to: these are very nice models Thankyou TEHb to the models writers to make models for proteus is fairly straight foward you construct a dll using the api there are examples of code on several
Extra library for proteus credit goes to monkey my great friend who provide an excellent link to web the zip file contain information from web site mentioned by monkey, and some information came from other web sites. My job is only that to collect all these information to help other members and friends
has anyone got a circuit design for such an emualtor? i need an emulator that can do up to 512kbit x 16bit in real time... currently i have a deisng in progress that uses two banks of 1mbit x16bit NV SRAM and switches between banks to edit in 'real time'. Would anyone be interested in helping me out with this design?
Hi all. I have tested CCS Compiler in proteus with cod file in proteus. In older CCS version work OK , but on last version dont work. CCS cod file is corrupt or have another distribuition? I have tested with all option. "Standard .COD","Expanded .COD." but it dont works. Thanks in advance. Regards cb30.
Hi, proteus can simulate the keil file's and also debug the code see the attach file regards Fragrance