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I have made a circuit with a 27256 eprom in proteus 6.3 & SP1. eprom settings: Vpp to +5V, /OE and /CE both to GND, didn't change the Advanced Propeties. The image file is a BIN file, start address is 0x000 and when I use Debug the memory contents is OK. The address lines A0..A2 are connected to a counter 74LS90 with a clock of 3.6kHz. (...)
Hi Bomba, I didn't see your ckt becuase i havn't proteus V6.3 (i only have V6.2 SP5) I redraw the circuit from your c code. I uploaded the DSN file. Your orginal c code don't need any change. Bye
I want to generate a HEX file for an eprom in PROTUES. Is there any way or any software to do ? Thanks in advance
Hi: I think you can just edit a file by ultraedit in hex mode. Then use a programer like superro to burn this file to eeprom. The craziest answer I've ever read in the forum. What was the question? HEX file for eprom in proteus, wasn't it? You answered "use a programmer"! ? Were you under pressure to throw out an i
did u simulated it on ISIS i think that can give u a very deep inside you can really see if data is being written on the Eeprom a better way paste your code
I am getting the error when trying ti simulate 2732 IC in proteus Please help.
What do you mean by not working? Did you try in hardware or proteus? Can you post the Code?
hi guys im in need of the shematics of an hc1 expanded mode wth eprom and ram .(other then hc11 evaluation board or the shematic found in the manual of the hc11) i made one but i m having problems wth it :cry: so any help and if someone have a hc11 model library for the proteus sp7 please pm me thx for all the help W
hi all i am trying to interface AT89c52 with the standard PC serial port, but it didn't work:cry: could someone send the scematic for this application?? i have the program in ke*il C. i am using MAX232 and hyperterminal to send and receive characters. anyone have good sw example plz send, thanx alot for your time sala
Hello Evrybody, Does anybody know how to write binary file to be loaded to a microntroller for Eeprom initialization using proteus VSM? Thanks
I have a program greater than 20K. I decided to use 89s52 and a 27512 to store this program. I have no ideas using 89 series with rom. There are total two hex codes. One is the program stored in 27512 and the "main" program stored in 89s52. Can anyone post this two small programs ( turn on a led via port a ) so that i can stimulate this program o
What is the mcu you use? is the mcu set up correctly in proteus? What kind of display did you use? Can you post an attachment of the circuit and the hex file. Alex
This Circuit is from the book "8051 Microcontrollers and Embedded System Using: Assembly and C" by Mazidi, Page 375. The Circuit Connection are ok but I am getting logic contentions message in proteus and it is not working? I am attaching mikroC PRO 8051 files + proteus file. Does the access time of eprom causing logic contentions? The LED (...)