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You have to use the "small memory model" to create the EXE (compatible with the proteus 8086 device). Look at this site (for example):
hello dear friends i have a question that i read in books in high frequency law's is changed(KVL,KVL) my question is for simulate a circuit ,whats range frequency that i can get response for each Orcad,Hspice,ADS,proteus ???? thanks for replay:idea:
Just an idea: use a scriptable EasyHDL generator in proteus. For example look at this site:
118087 that is the pattern and the code to vary the speed of a stepper motor with push-button how do this function with ADC thank you char a,b; void interrupt() { if(intcon.rbif) { if(portb.b4==0) {a++;} if(portb.b5==0) {a--;} if(a==10) a=9; if(a==0) a=1; } intcon.rbif=0; } speed();void speed() {
i want library for a solar panel in proteus or a variable power supply which gives voltage and current variation during simulation.kindly help
The signal M/IO' shows LOW only while perform a read using IN instruction from a port (or OUT, of course). Otherwise it is always HIGH. Please look at the proteus 8086 example, in "SAMPLES\VSM for 8086", it works well, tried. I'm using proteus v7.10.
I have not checked your attached file but in proteus for I2C devices to work you have to connect the I2C debugger.
Hi; First of all: - both IC you are using (HC595 and HC164) are serial-to-parallel converters but only for outputs. For parallel-to-serial converting (ie for inputs) have to use for example a CD4021 like in my old project. See the picture and the attached proteus simulation. Its program was written in mikroC (not in CCS C) so does not atta
I think, i do the same like you talk, but the simulation in proteus is not correct
in proteus there are some example related to enc28j60.
Hello, Has someone know how to make this? For example, how one can trace the characteristics curves of a transistor. Thanks.
how to input the winding wire in the ISIS proteus? (example, winding wire with 5 turns) 106627 Note : red line.
is it works ??? i want to interface 4GB sd card. did you tested in proteus only or also in real world ?
Hi, What's the procedure to group similar components together in proteus? (example- decoupling capacitors should be placed as close to its IC as possible) My memory is we have to right click the component (decoupling capacitor) and in the 'Other properties' tab, enter {GROUP=Uxx} where xx is the number of the IC. It's not working though. A
What version of proteus are you currently using? There are known issues with TC7107 model on many of the proteus versions before v8.0. example: BigDog
Hi friends, I am new to pic32 bit microcontroller. I am learning the basic codes like LED,LCD,PWM etc. I found that there is no simulator for pic32 bit microcontroller. For example proteus for 8 bit controllers. If there is any simulator for pic32 bit microcontrollers? If there is no simulator for pic32 then
i want to make new device in proteus but i don't know when to use the electrical types configuration (passive, input, output, pullup if i want to make device Q4004l4(triac)....... where should be the passive, input and output pin here? ht
hello, I don't have proteus and PIC18F4455 with USB i just can show you an example with 18F46k22 with many possibility for FOSC internal or via external Quartz. Maybe is more complicated with USB because need of 48Mhz clock for USB part.. I am not sure that with Q=20Mhz you can satisfied for USB clock =48Mhz but with 16Mhz x 4 => 48Mh
Hi; MikroC for PIC has a PS2 and also an LCD library too: And there is my PS2 simulator library for proteus (with example projects), while this is just for a PIC16 (for now) and in mikroC, not in MPLAB, sorry. But you can use the free compiler too.
Maybe this example can help you!!! 97506 < - Added Its use PIC12F629, CCS compiler 5.012 and proteus 7.10!!! But schematic for cascade 2 7Seg in one CD4511. Sorry for bad english
Hi i am trying to simulate USB example in proteus ..using pic18f2550 . What would be the easiest way to connect to the usb . I want to know how to write windows gui c program to connect to simulated usb in proteus . can i simulate the hid terminal in proteus itself . Please Help .
I'm copying some proteus stock components to a new library I created, just to keep all the most common components in a single library. Everything is fine when I just copy the components to my custom library, but I can't simulate the component if I rename it. An example: I copied the component VSOURCE to my custom lib. Then I built a simple VS
Dear all, i would like to ask how do i do seperate sources for voltage for example 1 circuit need around 60v another need about 5V so i need that 2 sources in 1 project. how do i do it in 1 circuit thank you, hope to hear from you all soon tq
Hi all. I am currently trying to simulate a part of my work on isis proteus. It consists of pic 18f4620 and mmc card. I am using ccs for programming the pic. I tried the example that came with ccs, that is, the ex_fat.c example, but though there are no errors in initializing, i tried to use the 'format size' of the code but it just stops at (...)
Hi, Thats a terrible example of assembler coding you have used, will post a more sensible example shortly. As Jay said, 22-33pf is a much more typical value for the crystal caps though 15pf may work; proteus does not actually use them. Have you got Pin1 Mlcre tied up to +5v ? - - - Updated - - - Hi, Try this code, a
Looks like a slave code problem at first sight, presumed proteus is managing everything correctly. Can show the slave code?
Hello!!! I need help in CCS compiler (V4.140), the PIC16F76 cannot run lcd in ISIS proteus (V7.10)... I trying the example created by the Project Wizard. This is the log " Message Source Time ISIS Release 7.10.00 (Build 12325) (C) Labcenter Electronics 1990- 2011. Source code build completed OK. Compiling design 'C:\Pr
Hello, I have designed an amplifier circuit that shows some result if I use 10k resistor as a load. But when I use a speaker no signal comes. What's the problem? All I have done in proteus software. schematic is here 87507 .
hi everyone i want to communicate 2 pic18f micro controllers using CAN protocol and i wrote a software for each of them if i want to simulate it by proteus software how should i connect the cantx and canrx nodes? does anybody have an example program for can protocol in pic18f?? if i want to get started with CAN, does anybody know which site
Hello all, I've designed a square wave generator on proteus and i want to check its output on the virtual graphic mode but it seems i've a problem with the design itself I got this error "Singular Matrix : check node ....." here is the simulation file 83628 Your help is much appreciated :) - - - Updated
hi may any one send me dspic33 example in hitech c for proteus
take a look at datasheet section 2.3 Oscillator Settings for USB there are only some good oscillators possibilities for usb to work properly in proteus, the simulation is always good for that timing... but not in real life.
Hello! Can someone provide me with a example of PIC based mmc/sd card read/write project. It should be mikroC and proteus based. Thanks Jayanth D
I've tried your program on proteus. It's working Here is the project file of Kei & proteus on which you can check. I've take it from the examples of MDK-ARM & just replace the main program with yours & it works.
The program generates a "1 second interrupt" if the PIC is running at 8MHz. Maybe you have not set the PIC clock frequency as 8MHz in proteus. If you haven't, set the PIC clock frequency as 8MHz.
proteus has a limited number of models, there are several models that don't exist in which case you can either use a similar model if available or work with a real device. There is no need to use asterisk when you are searching for a device, just type a few letters and the results will be filtered.
Any Body Help Me?proteus 7 Professional is work nice.But...Write PICPgm Programmer pic 18F2550 ,not work all LED is Blinking to problem??? Hi md.rokon; This project (and its program) is definitely not mine. Please do not use my name For example I've never used the column scanning method, this
Not being able to run proteus simulations in real time is fairly typical, no matter how fast the host system. To accomplish the task would require a high degree of concurrency, higher than available on a Quad Core and Windows based system. You can use the simulation clock in the lower corner to track critical timings. BigDog
From version 7.7 in the proteus_inst_dir/SAMPLES folder exists some example project wich contains a .vsmp file. For example see the simple "PIC 12C671 ADC" (the complete project folder is attached), or look at the project "C18 Calculator" Here is the "PIC12C671 ADC Converter.vsmp":
Hi, everybody?Who can help me to simulate DOT Matrix with proteus ,I do not have any problem about circuit but the needed help is for programming dot matrix and OLED,how to code for it in ccs c compiler? Help me please to display for example KJB,I am using PIC16F877A.
Hello I don't know proteus, but how did you model your transformer? Can you provide some details? Vlad
Hi; This is a Labcenter's proteus example project (full, working in ISIS, but coded in IAR C language). Sorry, no more help, try to understand the program and the circuit!
This is the schematic for easypic7 which has the board cirucuit built in easypic_v7_schematic_v103.pdf and this is another example I found 079-touchclock.html Found this ol
In on of my project i need PWM out put through the specific port by PIC MUC. So that i found an example code of PWM in my compiler(MikroC ) 'HELP' desk. but problem is that it doesn't work. for the simulation purpose i'm using proteus. I can show the example code of that if want. Now what can if fixed that problem ? An other thing, can any (...)
I see, that you have a stop start sequence between address write and data read. The datasheets requests a repeated start instead. Even if it isn't a problem with the real chip (I don't actually know), it may be a problem for proteus.
there are many devices around for example a733 as a transistor. but there is a problem: orcad does not have all of them what should I do? what about proteus?
HOW TO configure lm016l in proteus using16f877A
I m just learning MikroC with pic 16F887. I try to use MikroC example to simulate with proteus. but it doesn't work i don know why? please help me. when i compile it succes but when i try to simulate with proteus it doen't show me any working. By using mikroc function how may clock oscilator should we used? /* In this example,