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Hello! I have a question regarding ISIS proteus. I want to modify the existing LM35 so that the output is 250mV + 7.0mV/degree instead of a flat 10mV/degree. I was thinking of modifying the SPICE model? Design: LM35.pdsprj Doc. no.: Revision: Author: Created: 27/11/2012 Modified: 27/11/2012 *PROP
In DC circuit Sim, can the Ideal capacitor model in proteus perform closely what I can actually get in real life with polarized capacitor? What's the capacitor's circuit function, which properties do you look at?
when i copy the hex code link created by arduino IDE and put it into the arduino model in proteus it works but compiled code within proteus doesn't, why? does anybody have any idea? Let's start from scratch, taking one of the various tutorials available on the web, so that you can pinpoint exactly at which stage you
How to make Connections to BLDC Motor ? I am using PIC18F4431 to drive a BLDC motor in proteus. I want to know how to connect the BLDC motor connections. Attached is the incomplete circuit. Please provide me Motor connections and what should be connected to load terminal and omega terminal of motor ? - - - Updated - - -[
You have to put library files to libray files in labcenter/proteus/library that has files with extension "lib" and other files models you have to it to model files labcenter/proteus/models.
hi, does anybody know of 14 bit ADC with spice model for simulation purpose? looking for similar in performance to AD9245. thanks!!
i want to create simulation model of a component which has spice model If you are talking about a standard device, this article seems to answer exactly your question: Important to mention that prior to know how to handle the suffs in proteus,
Hello everyone, have been trying to fix this problem on proteus. i tried to design it myself with child-sheet but have been failing. how can approach the solution thanks for ur time.
Absolutely agree with the above, the thing is almost impossible. However, in this particular case, perhaps there is hope: Use the proteus 'Swiss pocket knife', the EasyHDL scripting, with which almost every feasible. Search for it on the net. The proteus EasyHDL uses a basic-like programming language, the existing C++ source only (:win
You have to use the "small memory model" to create the EXE (compatible with the proteus 8086 device). Look at this site (for example):
According to datasheet specifications, a 5V supplied cd40xx can reliably drive one LS input. I won't expect to get meaningful fan-out/fan-in simulation from proteus. Like other SPICE based simulators, it uses a mixed-signal mode and doesn't fully model the analog properties of digital gates. There's also a large gap between the worst c
Hello, I am new to the community and I'm having an issue while simulating a simple amplifying circuit with an instrumental amplifier (AD620), I am using proteus. I wanted my gain to be4, so I calculated Rg an it is: 16.46k. However since I have to do this circuit in real life, I tried to use the closest commercial resistor, which is 15k. so
I think proteus does not have an accurate model for the LM324, or all its opamps must be powered.
I suppose your formula can be a suitable algorithm, and it may apply to a battery at rest which has settled for a while after a charge. During charging, however, battery voltage rises higher than normal. Factors which cause it to go higher: (a) If charge rate is too fast (b) If battery chemistry cannot absorb a charge quickly (c) If battery has hi
I am having MATLAB SIMULNK model. I want to interface it with proteus for reading data using PIC and display in LCD.Whether its possible to interface like that???
How can I add tda7052 in proteus?
There is not a model for the PIC18F97J60 for proteus nor is there ever likely to be as it would be very expensive to produce. I hope that in the future that Labcenter will produce models for some of the newer processors, but I am not holding my breath. The best available PIC18F processor in proteus is the PIC18LF47J53 this (...)
Hi, I want to do a project based on Zigbee technology will be useful for maintaining the voltage and current of an induction motor under prescribed values.For that i want to use pic controller and zigbee module to monitor and control it. Can anyone help me with the proteus model for the above mentioned project. THANK YOU
1) can i import microprocessors IDE, BSDL model or IBIS model to proteus ISIS to simulate them? will it work? 2) is there any supplier giving proteus spice model to direct import to proteus library? if yes, please state the supplier name, model types and how to import (...)
Hi there, I?m looking for proteus ISIS simulation model for i.MX233 processor. Based on website, only IBIS model available. I know that IBIS model cannot be simulated in proteus ISIS. The objective is to simulate the processor model in proteus ISIS before starting (...)
I'm not working with proteus, but I believe it's transformer model can be setup with SPICE inductance and coupling parameters, otherwise consult the documentation. For the inductance of typical coil configurations you can refer to tools on amateur radio web sited like
Hello, I am designing a voice compression circuit and i use Tc7109 12-bit resolution adc in my circuit, the problem is there is no simulation model for this adc in multisim, orcad, or even proteus. How can I simulate this adc chip? Thanks for your concern.
Hi Pawan kumar Have You asked to Labcenter. Creator of proteus system ?? Visit this link: They have a discussion forum here: Probably you find something good for you. Moreover: why not looking for these displays, first, in your area ??. . I recommend you firs
Hi, I would like to simulate SGx524 IC using LTSpice, proteus or Multisim. I've searched and tried everything I could find about this but none of them worked. Does anyone have a SPICE model or library that I could use to simulate any of this ICs? Thanks!
you will only get PCB foot print and model in proteus, you wont get simulation model. you want?
119728 I simulation cable model circuit for circuit Vsource=30kV AC when C27 have 15kV S1 is short C27 to 0V and open circuit any loop but!!! I don't have plot graph by current C28(2) How any thing sim this circuit? or 0ther program support this circuit ? thank you any one :-?
Hello,everybody; I got a proteus component model of microphone at this forum that is;ISO-8859-1__MIC.rar(I attached it here) ,but I don't know how to add it to my proteus and use it. Would you please tell me how and in which folder should I place the; ISO-8859-1__MIC.rar / MIC.DSN ,in my proteus software,so (...)
Did you see this link ? You have to use COMPIM model to interface RFID with proteus. Connect RFID Reader to PC using TTL2USB adapter.
You can simply use proteus COMPIM and interface RFID, GSM, GOPS etc... to your PC and communicate with proteus. Do not use MAX232 with COMPIM model. Also you should have a hardware COM port available in your PC and its COM port number should be between COM1 and COM4 then you can install eterlogic Virtual Serial Ports Emulator and create a (...)
Referencing previous discussion: i want gsm based home appliance control in proteuse
Can anyone please give me the model for this sorry if the thread isnt for here. I need the model,also any help on the ethernet protocols will be useful.I know the schmeatic is conected to a CJ 10/100 base transformator and then to a router,switch or router and PC.Any help would be useful,Im using CCS 5 plus proteus. There is (...)
i want to use nRF24L01 in proteus but cannot find it in its library. Please suggest how can I add nRF24L01 to proteus library or suggest any other alternative.
hello friends i am facing some problems while interafcing PIC18F4550 witl GLCD. i am using Mikroc 6.00 compiler, and using built in libraries present in MIKROC. i am attaching my code here, and also a proteus model. if i comment the line No. 173 and 174 then LCD is displaying. but when i uncomment thease lines then nothing is showing on LCD.
I am trying to generate 53 Hz signal with bubba oscillator and I am simulating in proteus. I have made the gain = 4, and the phase shift is -180 degrees, as required for oscillation by bubba oscillator. in the circuit, RF = 10k, Rg= 2.5k, Vcc = +12Volt, VEE = -12Volt. R = 9.1k , C= 0.33uF. when I run the simulation on proteus , there is no ou
Zip and post your Keil Project files and also proteus file.
i want library for a solar panel in proteus or a variable power supply which gives voltage and current variation during simulation.kindly help
when i tried to run my proteus schematics i received the following messages: *DELmin increased *transient Gmin *timestep too small i want to know the reasons behind these error messages.
hello, someone to help me to give me directions on how to get a current transformer in proteus software. or in case its not in the library, how can i import it into the library? I want a CT which can be connected on a PIC
Hi.. I am trying to interface DS1307 with PIC. I am trying to do that in proteus first and then planning to implement in hardware. In my proteus model, RTC is working fine for 130 seconds exactly. After that, RTC is resetting to the time I set. Can anyone here pls throw some light on this weird problem.? I will be grateful if you can (...)
hello, Sir/mam I need to know that which is the best software to simulate pic16f72, as I am not able to simulate it in proteus 8. Also want to know that how to simulate 16f72 in proteus 8. Explain step by step if anybody knows it.
proteus has a center tapped transformer. Just flip secondary with primary side. Refer to basic enginnering knowledge for relation betwen inductance and windings ratio, e.g. and use a reasonable coupling factor like 0.95 for the start. Higher coupling is possible with special windings design.
I don't believe that proteus provides models of ultrasonic transducers with time-of-flight. You can possibly make your own behavioral model based on RLC resonant circuits and delay lines.
Hello, I want to build an android-based embedded system. Is there any simulation tool with the ability of describing and simulating the design before hardware prototyping? (something that proteus does for simpler parts and ICs). I need the tool to model one or more SoCs (Tegra, Exynos, Snaopargon,...) to conduct a design space exploration to find
Have you disabled ADC and other multiplexed function on RC0 and other pins used for MMC SD Card communication ? Post your complete mikroC project files. Zip and post your proteus file. Have you created an .mmc file to load into MMC model of proteus using winImage 8.9 ?
Hello to everyone, I designed spice model of HCPL3140 in proteus. It's not working properly. It gives unexpected output of 0.6V instead of high output. --------------------- model properties: {PRIMITIVE=ANALOG,SUBCKT} {SPICEFILE=AvagoHCPL3140_MOD.TXT} {SPICEmodel=HCPL3140} {SPICEPINS=A,K,VEE,OP,VCC} (...)
Compile Arduino code in Arduino Compiler which is free. It will create a .hex file in Temp folder. Use this .hex file in proteus with Arduino board model.
hello everyone, I need a DHT11 or DHT22 model for proteus 7
If I define a custom character that uses the lowest (8th) pixel row also, this row is never displayed, although the HD44780 datasheet says this: The 8th line is the cursor position and its display is formed by a logical OR with the cursor. Maintain the 8th line data, corresponding to the cursor display position, at 0 as the curs
Hi, Can any one help to develop or provide me the proteus model for Lnk 306P IC to simulate my circuit