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hi xenos, thank you for the reply. 1) based on training videos on the site you given, i got to know that proteus have only ARM7 MPU available but im gonna use ARM9 MPU. how can do this? 2) looks like proteus can create equivalent circuit models for MPUs and LEDs. how if i want to simulate the exact part which im gonna use? im gonna use freescale
Hi all I am working on a project which involves the use of 89s52, an RF module (TWS/RWS 434a) and a few more bits and pieces but I desire to simulate the circuit in proteus first, before i actually go ahead and make a real one. This part is not available in proteus Lib. So I have looked everywhere, from the proteus Parts Lib. to Spanish (...)
I hv tried But I m poor in programming And in next two days I hv to submit my minor project In which I hv to show data transmission on proteus Pl help me Put up your simulation and code you write and problem you are having with out that its like shooting in the air for others and hard to help you. provide more inf
I am new here I m working on project srcrete rf transmissin For my college project But unfortunetly i dont know anything I just trying to learn through internet I m using At89s52 microcontroller With keyboard/keyped Rf modules Ht12E and HT12D Lcd 16*2 But i dont know how to intreface them to microcontroller Actually i dont know micr
I am using proteus for simulation and micro c for hex file generation, is there any option to verify my code with out going to hardware? What is the use of UART terminal in proteus? and also in micro c? Can i use them for my purpose? how to use them? I am using pic 16F877A and 434MHz transmitter and Receiver. I need to send a code like ' START
I am searching for HT12D, HT12E and 434MHz Transmitter and reciever libraries in proteus ISIS 7 but couldn't find them. Please help me with this 8-O
hello there! is there RF transmitter and receiver on proteus Isis? if there please .....what is the key name of these parts? thanks!!
i am in need to simulate rf transmitter and receiver with micro controller(89c52). i am using proteus 7.7 for simulation. but it is not having rf transmitter and receiver module device. so please any one help me how to simulate RF module in proteus 7.7(or otherwise how can i make it as my own).
Hello Everyone! I am working on a project which uses a RF transmitter and receiver and a Accelorometer. Anyone who have any idea where I can download Models and Library for these devices? I need these to run my simulation. Any advise would be of great help. Thank you and more power to everyone. Best Regards, Jay
hi i need to simulate rf module chip cc2500 with 89c52 in proteus simulator but her is no rf module library in it
I did some code in mplab using hitech compiler for RF transmission. When i am simulating in mplab i am getting correct output in uart I/O tab. But iam not obtaining any value in the portC ie, TX pin. I tried simulating in proteus by connecting an led to the RC. But nothing is coming. Is there any problem with my code? How to simulate it correctly?
Is there any way to simulate the RF communication? Is there any RF modules available in proteus?
I would suggest proteus which is good in simulation Eagle is good PCB software. in electronics there are some fields that you may have narrow down.. like RF design.. Analog design digital design embedded now your product is broadcasting equipment which need RF and embedded if its correct we will go ahead with that..
Depends what types of circuits. Multisim an proteus works well on general circuits but not so well on RF. I often use 3 types depending on the circuit. RF often require a non-linear simulator to get accurate results. For high frequencies a EM solver may be needed as well. List of popular software (general): Multisim (supports MPU - sl
proteus is good for simulating your code. This feature is not included in Orcad. Otherwise, Orcad is better for designing hardware and simulating it. Added after 1 minutes: proteus is good for simulating your code. This feature is not included in Orcad. Otherwise, Orcad is better for designing hardware and
can anyone give any idea where can i find rf tranceiver models like LINX or any other for proteus?? maxer
i have an elektret microphone that only produces tiny voltages with a max impedence of 1.5k. i need to filter this with a bandpass filter. then amplify this so i can input it into my adcPIC or CVSD. i am also having problems with my ISIS simulation of the mic- ie i can`t get it to work. Ineed some good proteus librarys any suggestions i hav