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You can simply use proteus comPIM and interface RFID, GSM, GOPS etc... to your PC and communicate with proteus. Do not use MAX232 with comPIM model. Also you should have a hardware com port available in your PC and its com port number should be between com1 (...)
Referencing previous discussion: i want gsm based home appliance control in proteuse
is there any virtual USART device like Virtual GSM modem,virtual bluetooth module,virtual GPS devices that can be interfaced with proteus ?
is it possible to access the same serial com port simultaneously? i.e one in visual basic and the same (com1) in proteus virtual terminal
If you are simulating serial comM in proteus then don't use MAX232. Just connect TxD of comPIM to Tx of MCU and RxD of comPIM to Rx of MCU. Set baudrate for comPIM and VT.
I have proteus 7.10 and I have not seen this problem. Do you have port conflicts? Try using virtual serial port.
i write my code in c to read sms from gsm modem using proteus simulation.but i got the following on one of the virtual terminals and nothing on the other. AT AT+CMGF=1 AT+CMGR=1 but the response from the modem expected to be displayed on the 2nd virtual terminal.the code is as folows void sms_read(); void sms_send(); char output; void
The proteus compim can be connected to com1 to com4 but all these Ports in my PC are occupied by other applications so can not be used by eltima virtual serial. Is there a way to connect the compim to some other port, say com10.
Try to use real hardware not proteus simulator. Final goal is to make some real hardware which works I suppose. Difference is like real girl and some girl photo on monitor screen. :-) Best regards, Peter :wink:
Hi...! Beginner's voice:Is there anyway to simulate GSM module with 8051 in proteus tool? Thanks in advance
I wanted to connect my hardware to proteus through UART. I have used comPIM DEMO model provided by proteus under sample circuit. I connected my hardware through serial to USB converter. But i dint to get anything in proteus. I just wanted to know whether the comPIM works with (...)
I've tried your program on proteus. It's working Here is the project file of Kei & proteus on which you can check. I've take it from the examples of MDK-ARM & just replace the main program with yours & it works.
i am using DHT11 in my project.. but i can't find the DHT11 in proteus design.. i need some alternative simulation model for DHT11..
Concerning, gsm, I want a simulation on proteus, proteus equivalent of GSM module, and method of connection with microcontroller
can anyone send some project code with proteus design using serial communication? hi friends pls send me some project code with proteus design,and i want some tutorials about proteus,i have already seen some sample design from proteus software but i did not get properly...
put your code and proteus circuit here.........
hi i want to connect my uC with a PC using serial port but when sending a string "start" from the uC to PC it send like is the problem?
I have stored GPS data (without parsing) in a text file through hyper terminal in Laptop. I need to process that data in proteus Simulation. I want that data to be read by PIC18F4520 from 'File' model of proteus and then perform the necessary Parsing for extracting desired information from data strings stored in text file and read from 'File' m
hi friends ,,, is it possible to simulate real device with proteus??! , like connect real serial LCD with com port and interface with proteus in real time is it possible??
Hey guys i'm using proteus 7.4 sp3 and its working fine until i do serial programming, i have connected a virtual terminal to see what the output would be etc... now sometimes when i make a new project and use my code it shows perfectly on the terminal but when i make another project to do the same thing it always shows me garbage... I know the cod
hi ive used the drivers here for comvdd and it worked i used trsansmit from a master via the lan driver to another machine also running the same driver and was able to control a proteus session over lan infact several machine all listening on the same port look down the page to the bottom for ne
proteus is excelent solution for multiple AVR simulation. For example serial port, SPI or I2C communication.
Hi, I am wanting to establish a virtual serial port connection between an 89c51 being emulated in proteus and Hyper Terminal running in Windows. How do I go about doing this ? Thanks in advance
try simulation in proteus. u can even simulate the PC serial port. this will be help full in interfacing the ckt with system
proteus VSM com Port Model The com port model allows a VSM simulation access to the one of the real, physical com ports (e.g. com1, com2, etc.) of the PC it is running on so allowing the simulation to interact with real hardware. Incoming serial (...)
Hi, Can I simulate serial Data to uC UART without using PC com port in proteus? Thanks
you can write a simple coms dll to interface to a serial 485 port only you need a 485 port first i think most motherboards controllers have rs232 233 and 233a 485 isnt far away from 232 so most later than 95 will allow this extended rs232 however it is far better to get a controller set up for it on the pci