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you can write a simple coms dll to interface to a serial 485 port only you need a 485 port first i think most motherboards controllers have rs232 233 and 233a 485 isnt far away from 232 so most later than 95 will allow this extended rs232 however it is far better to get a controller set up for it on the pci
this chip can easily be modeled using the mcs8051.dll in proteus attaching the correct script directives to assign memory and any other features
how i do to all that i am simulating on proteus virtual terminal be transparent to my hardware com port? its possible, but i just dont know how to do that. tks Daniel
Hi, Can I simulate serial Data to uC UART without using PC com port in proteus? Thanks
proteus VSM com Port Model The com port model allows a VSM simulation access to the one of the real, physical com ports (e.g. com1, com2, etc.) of the PC it is running on so allowing the simulation to interact with real hardware. Incoming serial (...)
hi all i am trying to interface AT89c52 with the standard PC serial port, but it didn't work:cry: could someone send the scematic for this application?? i have the program in ke*il C. i am using MAX232 and hyperterminal to send and receive characters. anyone have good sw example plz send, thanx alot for your time sala
try simulation in proteus. u can even simulate the PC serial port. this will be help full in interfacing the ckt with system
if u simply wanna know about serial communication try virtual simulators like proteus. or else explain your project so that we can get it cleared what u exactly need
Hi, I am wanting to establish a virtual serial port connection between an 89c51 being emulated in proteus and Hyper Terminal running in Windows. How do I go about doing this ? Thanks in advance
Hi all, there's anybody simulated the MAC487 IC in proteus 7.1? I'have some problem when I try to simulate the serial communication betwin two MAX487. When the master is transmitting the slave receive the correct data, but when the master stops (waiting for e response) the slave receive all zeros. Why the MAX487 in receiving mode detect a (...)
hi ive used the drivers here for comvdd and it worked i used trsansmit from a master via the lan driver to another machine also running the same driver and was able to control a proteus session over lan infact several machine all listening on the same port look down the page to the bottom for ne
Hey guys i'm using proteus 7.4 sp3 and its working fine until i do serial programming, i have connected a virtual terminal to see what the output would be etc... now sometimes when i make a new project and use my code it shows perfectly on the terminal but when i make another project to do the same thing it always shows me garbage... I know the cod
hi friends ,,, is it possible to simulate real device with proteus??! , like connect real serial LCD with com port and interface with proteus in real time is it possible??
I have stored GPS data (without parsing) in a text file through hyper terminal in Laptop. I need to process that data in proteus Simulation. I want that data to be read by PIC18F4520 from 'File' model of proteus and then perform the necessary Parsing for extracting desired information from data strings stored in text file and read from 'File' m
i am doing a project of gps data logger for that i am simulating it on proteus software i want to read the GPS co ordiates on proteus and show them on the lcd i have done the lcd interfacing but i dont know howe to connect the hyper termial with proteus i want proteus to read directly form the srial port and then PIC (...)
hi i want to connect my uC with a PC using serial port but when sending a string "start" from the uC to PC it send like is the problem?
I developed a pulse counter using external interrupt (using software counter) which is working fine and showing the desired result on LCD in proteus. Now i want to send each incremented count to serial port but this is not working. My code is the following, (please give me some suggestion to rectify the problem). void serial_ISR () interr
Hi everybody, I am working in project which aim to control 80 device through serial port. First ,I made a simulation by proteus and virtual port Second, I used Micro C for Pic programming Third, C# 2008 for computer interface The simulation Succeeded but when i try to apply it on 8 devices in reality its failed ( LEDs open randomize) (...)
Hi all! I'm trying to create a serial communication simulation on proteus over RS232 with PIC18f6585, MAX232 and a comPIM. I'm using Virtual serial port driver to connect the compim with Hyperterminal. What is happening is that before and after the MAX232 i recieve different things in the (...)
Hi. First of all your requirement is PC to controller interface to transmit a data from the PC & control the operations in the controller rite? So just configure or look for how to serially communicate the controller with PC which is explained in the datasheet. Initialize the registers required for serial commn & do first (...)
I have begun to work about C# for a few weeks.I can use proteus and MPLAB C and make some embedded systems.But Now I want to create a interface to control my simulation on goal is to turn on and off led by sending command from GUI which I made in C#. NOW I have no idea about how to recieve the data from serial port in my PIC16f877a whic
Your virtual com has baud rate 57600, maybe if you set the proteus component to the same baud rate will help, also change the parity to none (in proteus virtual ). Maybe set the midi cam to lower baud rate and try again. The correct port should be com2. I haven' used this component so I (...)
change the eeprom and test again........ May be the batch problem..... try to simulate it in proteus to see if the code works fine or not..... refer - The Online 8051/8052 Microcontroller Resource - they have a code bundle which has sample programs.... or search the forum, it has beeen answered many t
put your code and proteus circuit here.........
can anyone send some project code with proteus design using serial communication? hi friends pls send me some project code with proteus design,and i want some tutorials about proteus,i have already seen some sample design from proteus software but i did not get properly...
That's wrong. FOSC = 8MHz So, FCY = 4MHz (as FCY = FOSC/2) BRG = -1 This comes to 25. And by junk values, what do you mean? Which simulator are you using? proteus? You should remember that, when you're using an 8MHz oscillator, the instruction clock is 4MHz (FOSC/2). Hope this helps. Tahmid. ------
Concerning, gsm, I want a simulation on proteus, proteus equivalent of GSM module, and method of connection with microcontroller
i am using DHT11 in my project.. but i can't find the DHT11 in proteus design.. i need some alternative simulation model for DHT11..
Hi cmuraztaz You Are Also There: Nobody Has Given A Satisfactory Answer For You. May I Can Help? First Of All I Need To See The
TMOD = 0x20; //Timer-1, 8-Bit Auto Reload Mode TH1 = 0xFD; //9600 Baud Rate When Crystal Used is 11.0592MHZ SCON = 0x50; TR1 = 1; //Start Timer this is right Check your crystal frequency in proteus and also adjust the baud rate to 9600 by double clicking on Virtual Terminal Hope this may solve
I need to send data from micro controller(89c52) to my system. So i have simulated circuit(contain MAX232,RS232,89c52) in proteus for serial communication by using UART method. i am going write java program for display the value which is coming through serial port(RS232). i need to check it virtually. any (...)
I've tried your program on proteus. It's working Here is the project file of Kei & proteus on which you can check. I've take it from the examples of MDK-ARM & just replace the main program with yours & it works.
Check these links
You can also create a Virtual com Port pair. There are some softwares that do this. I have simulated an interface between a PIC18F4220 in proteus and MATLAB using this technique.
I wanted to connect my hardware to proteus through UART. I have used comPIM DEMO model provided by proteus under sample circuit. I connected my hardware through serial to USB converter. But i dint to get anything in proteus. I just wanted to know whether the comPIM works with (...)
Hi...! Beginner's voice:Is there anyway to simulate GSM module with 8051 in proteus tool? Thanks in advance
Try to use real hardware not proteus simulator. Final goal is to make some real hardware which works I suppose. Difference is like real girl and some girl photo on monitor screen. :-) Best regards, Peter :wink:
The proteus compim can be connected to com1 to com4 but all these Ports in my PC are occupied by other applications so can not be used by eltima virtual serial. Is there a way to connect the compim to some other port, say com10.
Hi, You can use some simulating software for this purposes. There is a free demo version of proteus , for example, with some limitations but good for starting.
i think you need two processors for pic land or infact any micros one handles bcd the other operations like display and addresses the calculator slave via a psp port & a serial connection this way you can break the psp into nibbles and dump the calculated result accross a port in psp mode dependant on t
hi here is smart card programmer made in proteus with simulation code written in pic basic pro, i also making other smart card models for proteus once completed i will share them here
i have the same problem with proteus. it runs crazy when simulating multiple micros.
There is Chess program with all sources and schematic in proteus ( ) for differrent microcontrollers (8051, AVR, PIC). It uses connected graphic 256x256 dots LCD to display board.
Also you can use simulator program like proteus to simulate your projects.
hi use avr studio or proteus. regards
Since you do not have any development board to check your hardware then you may use simulation tool like proteus. Then you can post your code with the schematic diagram (circuit diagram) to get more responses
Try using a USB to serial port converter hardware. Does the ports that you create are shown by the device manager? I faced a similar problem with matlab using actual hardware and each time i had to close matlab to solve the problem of "device in use" I suggest Labview software for such experiments. The easiest way is to send the command through the
Iam tired to figure out the problem..hyper terminal shows some strange symbol,try a lot of time......i download virtual serial port driver from attached code and proteus simulation pic.....plz help
hi in mikroC too you have to configure the ports as inputs and outputs.there's no function in microC which automatically make ports. if you want to make inputs, write 1 to the pins which is to be used as an inputs disable ADC and's clearly mentioned in microchip data sheet. i think the system is not working because you did not confi
Here are some ideas: Sending SMS through GSM Modem in Text Mode by interfacing with Microcontroller Sending SMS in PDU Mode though GSM modem c