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when i''m doing my project, i realise that the serial com port in the pc seems to have an internal buffer. when i send a lot of data into the serial com port, it grabs all of it. it is not flush out. in detail, i actually uses visual basic program to grab data from the serial comport. when i (...)
Hi everybody, I have a sensor to capture the fingerprint image and then send to PC via serial com Port. And I use MScomM Control 6.0 for transfering & receiving data in serial com Port. Here below is the structure of the data which the sensor send to me : HEADER : 6 bytes DATA : Fingerprint Image 280 (...)
How to implement virtual serial com port on ethernet network using chips like as LM3S6965 or W5300? How to do PC side drivers?
Hi Friends, I had a microcontroller board evaluation board. I connected that board to the computer with a USB. I want to send some data using the Hyper terminal in windows XP. But Hyper terminal can send data the serial com ports for communication. Hyper terminal can not send data to the USB ports. Is there any (...)
hi can anyone share me sample C code for serial com and alphanumeric LCD interfacing in avr studio Regards
you can write a simple coms dll to interface to a serial 485 port only you need a 485 port first i think most motherboards controllers have rs232 233 and 233a 485 isnt far away from 232 so most later than 95 will allow this extended rs232 however it is far better to get a controller set up for it on the pci
Ethernet TCP/IP protocols (can be used at the same time): Alstom SRTP (Alspa C80-35 and C80-75) Siemens Industrial Ethernet TCP/IP (S5, S7, TI), Schneider Uni-TE on TCP/IP (TSX/PMX), Open Modbus TCP/IP, Omron FINS TCP/IP (Seris C, CS, CV) Mitsubishi Melsec (series A & Q) GE Fanuc SRTP (series 90-30, 90-70) serial protocols: AS5
hi all Please would you help me to make interface between Infrrared circuit to Matlab 6.1 and then to send output to motor my regards to all thx
I'm trying to communicate a pc with a Nios development board. From the pc, I'm working with Java, but I have a problem: I don't know how many bytes the information I want to receive from board has... Do I have to use event listeners? How to do it? :roll: Thanks in advance.
I would like to, using C++ (Dev-Cpp but anything is fine), output a digital number (not sure how many bits) to my PC's serial port (or USB if possible?) and then use an digital-to-analogue converter to convert the signal into analogue form. Its for a small research project. I know basic C++ programming but haven't ever output stuff to the s
adapter is used to replace serial communication port. For example, you can use this adapter to connect singlechip and PC by serial communication. And you can change some serial device to wireless. For example, you can change AVR com jtag to bluetooth jtag. When pair this adapter and PC,
Hi, I tried to design a PCB and schema containing serial com port, in design mode i can't find com capsule, there is a solution? In addition to what I wrote above i get some error messages in pcb design (design rule error DCR)
Hello, I am currently trying to communicate to a serial Port mainly using the National Instruments labVIEW toolkit. I first used the "device manager" to view which com Port my device is currently connected to, where it showed com 4 & that the device labelled "Texas Instruments" was described to be "working properly". I (...)
I have Hardware Random Number Generator (HRNG) Through serial com Port (RS232),if i plug it in the com and restart the PC,Windows XP idintifies it as a mouse and the mouse pointer moves randomly in the screen disply(Note:This problem dosn't appear in windows 98&windows 2000),also when i remove the HRNG from the com and (...)
I need to define a virtual serial (com) port which behaves like a real serial port. Can anybody help me how can I do it? I have found VSPD software and activex. But I want a free way. Thanks a lot, Azerm.
Hai... I'm new for PIC... I'm going to use these chip for my prroject... But, the problem is, I need to use either two or three serial communication, and I don't know how... Cold anyone over there, please help me...
hi, i encountered a problem with my serial communication when doing some sending and recieving of datas...when i use the serial com tool(Advanced serial Port Monitor--ASPM) to send data to my PIC18f452, it is working fine(which means it can receive and display on LCD)but when i change to another part (...)
proteus VSM com Port Model The com port model allows a VSM simulation access to the one of the real, physical com ports (e.g. com1, com2, etc.) of the PC it is running on so allowing the simulation to interact with real hardware. Incoming serial (...)
I want to build a circuit, this circuit interfaces to Windows by com port. And when I Plug the cable of this circuit to com port ---> Windows will dectect automatically this circuit (or this device).... How to build this circuit, and intefacing circuit 's controlled by whichever standard? Help me. Thanx!
I would like to, using Matlab preferably (but something else like C++ might be good too), to output a digital number (not sure how many bits) to my PC's serial port (or USB if possible?) and then use an digital-to-analogue converter to convert the signal into analogue form. Its for a small research project. I have no idea where to even start.
i need usb port proteus VSM model (phsical and virtual) like the proteus serial port
Hi, I want to connect two or more microcontrollers(8051) to PC's serial (com) port. can any one tell me how to do this? what hardware will i need to achieve this. thanks! Rizwan Ul Ahmad Khan
I want to know how to access serial port in Windows 2000 using C...I was using Turbo C and I tried ouptortb but it did not work
Hi, I had try to run by software of TI that use serial port to connect my laptop to board DSP TMS320C50 but no serial port in my laptop , so the program be wanted to change serial port command to redirect to USB port , TSR manager or be transformer agent(driver) in windows xp . Could anyone help to post source (...)
Hello friends.... I have to connect 89c52 micro controller with PC using serial port to usb adapter. Now i can saw the received data in hyper terminal mode but How can i store received data in PC as a file anybody can help me? i want program in C language... Anybody have source code means please send me.
I need to communicate using serial connection to both PC and GSM module using PIC16F877A. How am I suppose to do with this? I really need help.. Only one serial is working the other is throwing random data.. I use Hserial for GSM and Rserial to PC, only the Hserial is working... I am (...)
Hi everyone. I wanted to ask if anyone is familiar with interfacing computer to 89S52 micro controller using USB via a USB to serial converter?
Hi, I am a beginner looking for possible 8051 controllers which can be directly programmed using the RS232 serial PC port. I found a circuit which included an 89C51 which needed some additional firmware to be written on to it. I don't have a EPROM programmer so thats a no-go. Would highly appreciate suggestions. Thanks mathewjmanavalan
Needing a ethernet signal converted to serial, synchronous, able to run at 10 mg. into a serial card. Anyone able to assist?
hi, i am developing remote control of "comTECH CDM550 SATELLITE MODEM". this modem is controlled by RS232 communication. now i am using 8051 mocrocontroller for controllling that hardware. but the problem is that i have developed code for sending command via serial communication. when i connect my (...)
There is no GSM module or energy meter module in proteus You may simulate them in proteus by connect them through your com port and then simulate them using the virtual com port control in proteus named com PIM
i've written a c code for my atmega 8 which communicates with PC over serial com port the connection is ok, i have check the data recieve and sent on both side on PC side i use matlab to send and recieve data now i just wanted to know that is it possible to save a pattern of recieved data? for example 100 numbers which are recieved over (...)
hii guys, I want to download proteus software,please help me.If anyone have link just share with me. Thank you
hi. i have just built this JDM programmer and i also downloaded icprog sw and ponyprog sw and my problem is the setting on icprog or ponyprog for this kind of programmer hw?. i built this jdm programmer becuase i want to program PIC16F84A. thanks
hi, i'm try to us nokia 6150 mobile phone to send sms in embbeded system but frist i 'm trying to full understand the at command by connect the mobile phone to rs232 com port in my pc . my problem is when i connect my phone to com1 and try to send a simple at command as all sources say when you type AT and then press (...)
Hi, May i know the connection pin for the PIC16F73 to DB-9 as i want to plug into my pc serial com 1 to programme my PIC ? Can anyone give some advice to me ? Thx ! :D
Hi everybody, I am making a school project using 8051, ADC, LCD and serial com. I am making my prototypes using a protoboard. The problem is that i got random errors happening. I would like to hear from the most experienced ones if these errors can be caused by the protoboard (bad) isolation to high frequencies, since my source code seems
Hi 1.- Ericsson r520 2.- DRS-11 data cable (serial com port) conected on PC 3.- WinXP Hyperterminal software I make a call using: " ATD " ====> its working very well When call is on, then I try to send DTMF using: " AT+VTS= " But when a put the "A" character in hyperterminal the call terminates, and i
Hai, I am a new guy to serial port protocols. I want to connect an LED to a serial port and want to switch it ON when a specific/any key press occurs on key board. If I start hyper terminal and start new connection with my serial com port, Can i observe any data on Transmitt (pin-3) of RS232 when any key is pressed :?: (...)
please help me i bougth all the material needed to build the programmer (propic2) from the site and download its pcb and schematic first question when i download and extract the pcb i found it three parts top and bottomand over what pcb should i use second in schematic what that symbole mean (D0-2-1 Blue) it is connected to DB
Hai Which is the least expensive AVR JTAG ICE available as far as you know? I am not interested in building least before I have a working one with me. thanks please picstudent
dear friends i want to design a simple voltmeter using microcontroller AT80C51. i am using the AD7714, but i dont know how to use it, i need to comunicate the 8051 with the Pc, thats why i can not use the Tx and Rx like the manual say, how can i comunicate the 8051 with AD7714??? please help me out. thankyou
Does anybody have an AVR example program that demonsrate rs232 communication?
Hai I am relatively new to PC programming. I am trying to develop a Windows based application to programe microcontroller.(Presently I am doing it for 8051). The programmer hardware has got a firmware chip and my software has to send data to that through serial port. A lot of examples are in net just like easy downloader for 8051.
Hi, I need to read 3 analog voltage and tranfer it to my PC through USB port. Is there any device to make this? I could do it by a data acquisition USB device from National Instruments and labview but the cheapest is very expensive for me. and also it has a lot of analog and digital channels I won't use. what about using a MCU with interna
how to interface between 16F877 and pc thank u Dr. mahmoud
my serial com ICD2 used: PIC16F876A + DG411(MCLR control) + TL497A(generate VPP-13V) + MAX232N + IRF9540(target board power switch) no usb IC CY7C64603-52NC,but I used a "usb to serial com" IC pl2303hx . so my ICD2 working fine. I know MPLAB IDE Ver 6.4 is a last good version . since Ver 6.5 (...)
any one can help me, plz? i want to send number thru' rs232 to the microcontroller, AT89c51. so i want the serial port programming in c. i want to send the data to the pin no. 3.0 of AT89c51.
Hi, I know that the serial port of the MCU can generate an interrupt when data is recieved. Is there a similar method available in terms of the PCs serial (com) port. Currently I constantly read from the port but this is horribly slow. Thanks Slayerza
any idea? DELPHI ? Visual C++ ? Borland C++ ? which one is the most suitable for PORT INTERFACING, GUI, Signal Processing and MICROCONTROL based projects? briefly, which one is the most suitable for an electronic man? (NOTE: i know C and Pascal programming languages.) thanks in advence.