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The point is that proteus is a mixed signal simulator, some signals are binary logic states and others analog voltages. The conversion happens automatically and is not always obvious. It seems that IR2110 either ignores input thresholds when it's driven by a logic gate or a microprocessor. Or it's not working correctly with analog input signals. Th
Dear group members I am designing Power electronics tap changer, single-phase Transformer of 2KVA/1.5KV input voltage and it has 5 tapping voltage on secondary side 1200V,1100V,1000V,900V AND 800V MY problem is i want to use igbt as triggering switch to turn on any tap according to wat the load requires(since load varies voltage) on proteus igbt
Need to turn Timer0 on pic16F877A after pressed switch 1 and then turn it off when pressed switch 2, then displaying the period of the time on LCD. Plz someone help me...i am new to micro c.... i attached proteus simulation screenshot....
Hi, I am trying to charge and discharge an inductor in proteus ISIS but the result does not seem to be right. Why? Please help me. Thank you. 126839
i need to built an IR controlled switch, i want to simulate my proposed circuit in proteus. so that i found IR transmitter in proteus isis 8.1 but couldn't find IR receiver there. any help please
HI TO ALL.I am trying to make buck boost converter in proteus 8.I have tried but it is not working.If i change duty cycle thier is no change in output what so ever.PLz help me.HERE is the circuit diagram. 126164.
Try the attached simulation file. It is in proteus 8.3 SP2 format. You should not press simulation button at the bottom left. Instead you have to right click on the Graph and choose Simulate Graph.
Hello Everyone, I am here want to share with you for this project, this project i called is 'On Off Swith'. On below you will find : 1). Schematic. 2). Code. 3). Project in proteus. Hope this project help you. 124375124376124375 Mercy, Eril. Thanks For
Please help me where is the problem in the below program, In proteaus simulation it works very fine and reads as I required, but when working with circuit it is not reading the adc but displaying some other junk values from where I don't know & being on change in values, totally it is not reading while working in circuit, anybody please correct the
Please post your circuit. You can use proteus to draw the circuit.
Can anyone please give me the model for this sorry if the thread isnt for here. I need the model,also any help on the ethernet protocols will be useful.I know the schmeatic is conected to a CJ 10/100 base transformator and then to a router,switch or router and PC.Any help would be useful,Im using CCS 5 plus proteus. There is proteus VSM fo
Hello guys . is there any switch in proteus which act with time.actually i need simple switch ,which close or open after seconds,like in psim or another software ,a cant find that element in proteus.
I want design variac with proteus Please anyone help me some ideas
All the things that the OP wanted can be easily done in proteus. But if you have invested much time is using KiCad, I doubt it is beneficial to switch to another package and start from new. Maybe you can download the free demo version of proteus 7.xx and have a test drive to see if you like it. Is there a paid version of KiCad with more (...)
The schematic makes no sense. You say "heater load", but the schematic shows a motor. A heater could be possibly supplied with DC voltage, but why you should? AC switching is much easier with triac and triac optocoupler, you also get rid of the auxilary supply. there is no heater in proteus so i used motor, the heater i
Hi, I am trying to make simple Increment counter based on push switch. When i press switch the counter increments on LCD(16x2) but varialble(Incrementing) again goes to zero in next cycle. I have define that variable as Volatile so it won't be affected by Optimization of GCC compiler. My Code and proteus File Attached. Just when we (...)
How to create new PCB package for any component in proteus software if the PCB package of that component is not available in the library.?? I want to create new PCB package for SPDT switch that is footprint of the switch. how can I create that footprint ???
Sir this ic "SG3525" isn't availabe in proteus library... how can i have it in proteus? if you have .DSN file of this ic kindly send it to me.. thanks;
I made a 8051 program in keil compiler. In program, two condition I have made in which if switch is 1 and other one is when switch is 0. I want to debug that program in proteus but don't know how to make a switch condition in proteus. Is there any way to design a circuit so that I can run my code????
Hi jean12; As I promised I made and uploaded a project, just as you wished: it uses a PIC16F876A, three 8x8 LED matrices, a 4017 (instead of LS138) with ULN2803, and three HC164 (instead of HC595). There are also a Start-Stop switch (see the DSN). Note this is a proteus-only project, I hope it works also in the reality, try it. But do
Hi, everybody I'm having problem with switch mode power supply simulation. Can somebody show me how to simulate this SMPS using Multisim or proteus ?
where is code or hex file to simulate in proteus? - - - Updated - - - where is code or hex file to simulate in proteus? - - - Updated - - - where is code or hex file to simulate in proteus?
Hi all. I recently started using proteus. I want to make a 7 position rotary switch that works. I have made one, but it doesn't display the additional throws or contact pads. Can any one show me how to obtain the switch model, or how to make one in proteus? Thank you for your time
Hello, Am designing an automatic transfer switch using PIC microcontroller, can someone help me with how to connect the generator (both single phase and 3 phase). Any schematics will be appreciated Thanks in advance!
Hi all.. schematic in my attachments. I want to design an automatic transfer switch that switches between 2 AC sources. I used MOC driver and a triac for each source. now, the 2 sources must be connected to the same load... but when I run the simulation in proteus, I have a voltage signal at the load between the value of the 2 (...)
hello. I working on a motor in which there is a rotary encoder is connected, with 2 output channels i.e. A & B. this output channels are giving the square wave with 90° Phase shift. In my application i have to detect the direction of the motor and count the pulses done, & send to PC via UART. The codding till now i have done is here. but the thi
In proteus, the result is perfectly fine 77242 void main() { TRISB=0x00; PORTB=0; while(1) { PORTB=0x00; delay_ms(1000); PORTB=0xFF; delay_ms(1000); } } - - - Updated - - - kindly tell me the solution of my
what's the problem with my code it tells a CPU overload in proteus do i have a problem in ckt or in program code: Device 16F628A Xtal=20 All_Digital true Symbol Led PORTB.3 Symbol sw1 PORTA.0 Symbol sw2 PORTA.1 Input sw1 Input sw2 Output PORTB Dim x As Word x=100 loop: If sw1=0 Then x=x-10:DelayMS 200 If sw2=0 Then x=x+10:Del
Hello, I am trying to create a custom footprint in proteus aries for a switch but require a square pin cutout as opposed to a circular pin cutout. The footprint pad also needs to be square but this is not the issue. Thanks
Hi im new to proteus my problem is that when im making a logic circuit using boolean equation why is that when i set the LED in digital mode the gates function properly like and & or gate but the inverter cannot simulate because the LED is in digital mode but when i switch the LED's mode to analog the inverter is okay...but the gates are not..????
Are you having problems with hardware side or the software side? Uploading the proteus file will be more usefull. Cheers
Hello, Where can I find a pcb model or footpring for a "Trimmer resistor and Tact switch" in ares? Anyone who have experience about this please help me :D. Thank you in advance.
Hello every one, I have been facing a problem regarding my code for PIC for quite a few days now, I am new to PIC programming in microC since i have only worked on 8051 microcontrollers and keil, I would really appreciate it if some one can kindly tell me what am I doing wrong in the code given below! // code to switch on LED when push button
I wanna use bluetooth module and servo on proteus and then rotate the servo clockwise/counterclockwise controlled by a switch in proteus. The switch would only represent the position of the servo, high or low, depends. is this possible? Any source code for this? I don't know what kind of Bluetooth to use as well as the pic i (...)
Hi, I am trying to run the buzzer when the switch is turned ON using PIC microcontroller. The switch does not gives 0 value when i turn off the switch. Any body pls review the design and tell me the problem. Attached is the picture of circuit designed in proteus and here is the code for PIC microcontroller. I have used CCS (...)
BELOW IS GIVEN THE CODE IN C written in KEIL... and i am trying to execute the program in proteus isis 7 professional... #include #define SENSOR P1 void norm_forw(); void right(); void left(); void stop_wait(); void delay_1s(); void delay_norm(); void wd_forw(); void main() { for(;;) { switch(SENSOR) {
i want to simulate can protocol with pic in proteus but MCP2551 not found in proteus so i need an ic alternative of this and i need help for making this protocol between 3 pics say to switch leds on and off on two of them(pics) and mske other one as master for other two i am sorry for my bad language
hi all.ı try to write asm code for up-down(0000-9999) stopwatch with 8052.but ı have some problems about down stopwatch.can you offer a powerful algorithm for this problem?ı attached .hex .asm .dsn(proteus) can see problem.for example; when you see 0130 in displays,open "up-down switch".displays will crazy :-? ı wait
hey guys i want to place 2 components at a distance of 18mm from each other how i can do that in proteus ARES PCB ??
i connect switch at RB1 and i need to send data to pc when switch off and that my code void main(){ portb.rb1=0; trisb.rb1=1; uart1_Init(9600); do{ if (portb.rb1==1){ uart1_write("7");} }while(1); } and i sure that all connections are true i work on MikroC and proteus
I am newbie here in the forum and have an issue with the control of an engine bridge H (L298N). My problem is that the motor walks not in any sense. After activating the enable (pin11) and one switch (pin10 or pin11) dc motor was supposed to go in one direction, but he remains still. You know you tell me where this error [URL=img710.image
Hello all ..Please tell me on how do i put a toggle switch and ppush button in the proteus ... i mean what name is given to it so i find it in proteus ... or else someone please tell me how do i creat my own circuit elements...? plz reply soon First tell me on what basis you posted your querry about
I have this simple tutorial that I watch on youtube which is a blinking LED when switch is on, Using MikroC proteus ISIS The code is compiled fine on MikroC but when I add the .asm file to the Microcontroller (PIC18F452) in the proteus ISIS I get like 86 errors most of them is Error 108 "Illegal Character $" Please someone tell (...)
was trying to weork with 555 Timer. I tried this example given in proteus. The circuit is working fine. The timer run for 5.167seconds each time i press the push button. But One probelm i get is let's say the timer is running and the time passed is 2 seconds at that time the timer dosent resets its time it runs for total of 5.167 seconds But i want
Hi all My problem is connected with Spice I believe. Why I cannot simulate switching capacitors. I have the simplest design with one capacitor which is chared trough one switch and then when cpacitor is charged it discharges its capacity trough resistor. This situation is almost impossible to simulate(time step too small). In user manual there
Hi folks. I have problem with my simulation is ISIS proteus software. Generally it works as I want but I get strange impulses when MOSFET keys switch from one state to another. I assume it is an impact of capacitance on Mosfets? Anyway I don`t need these impulses on graph as I want to present only an idea of the algorithm. Please could you tel
Hello, I have in plane to switch from Windows to Linux (possible SuseLinux) and I want to know which tools can be used for development. I used microcntroller from Microchip 12F, 16F and 18F models. Also the programs that I write are in C. What I need: - good editor, - C compiler, - emulator (for debug) like proteus - software for dow
This file (.dsn) is a proteus simulation file.If you install the proteus Software and double click on this .dsn file,this file will automatically open in ISIS7 of proteus and you can see the simulation __________________________________________________________________________________ You have your way. I have my w
Dear all i need the assembly file of the attch file
hi! i want to ask if anybody used npn optocoupler on proteus???? how to make connections with it? what to do with pin number 6?? plz reply:|