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Hi, I am trying to run the buzzer when the switch is turned ON using PIC microcontroller. The switch does not gives 0 value when i turn off the switch. Any body pls review the design and tell me the problem. Attached is the picture of circuit designed in proteus and here is the code for PIC microcontroller. I have used CCS (...)
Hi all. I recently started using proteus. I want to make a 7 position rotary switch that works. I have made one, but it doesn't display the additional throws or contact pads. Can any one show me how to obtain the switch model, or how to make one in proteus? Thank you for your time
I made a 8051 program in keil compiler. In program, two condition I have made in which if switch is 1 and other one is when switch is 0. I want to debug that program in proteus but don't know how to make a switch condition in proteus. Is there any way to design a circuit so that I can run my code????
On 2002-04-01 16:44, sullybully wrote: Does any one has any idea of thermal switch whic unlatch(open) at the temparature 99 degree centigrade ? I will try to design with proteus simulator. Are you ready to give me some point ? Look this forum for my design:
hello; i have recently been advised to try out proteus for all my pic16F877 simulation needs. this program is great! i have a question regarding simulating an LCD. I am writing code in PIC BASIC PRO. and am trying to integrate this into proteus. In proteus i have a PIC 16F877 and connected LCD as per the PIC BASIC book found here: (...)
yes there is ump something a c app non gui type no schematic pure code also misim and virtual breadboard i think the later would suite you as it is more straight foward than proteus for many tasks but and is a big but has no pcb support so bite the bullet and learn or face virtual breadboard and longer dev
I'm using ccs compiler(3.207) and proteus (6.3 sp2 at work and 6.5 sp5 at home) to simulate a pic12c508a. My problem is that the same code works ok in 6.3 version but doesn't work at 6.5. I already search labcenter website but don't find an answer. Thus anyone had a similar problem? Or sugestion how to solve this?
salam : try simulation program like proteus , it can help you regards
Hi, I am starting to use proteus to simulate a small system with a 16x2 LCD, some pushbuttons and a Rotary encoder. So far I cannot find a model for a rotary encoder on the proteus libraries. Is there a model that I can get, for something similar to this one? regards
just tried this scheme in
i`m using proteus 7.7 and the tc7107 don't work; this say: PIN 'GND' not modelled PIN 'OSC1' not modelled PIN 'OSC2' not modelled PIN 'OSC3' not modelled hi these pin are not modeled any way or me it is working fine here is test jig for
hi! i want to ask if anybody used npn optocoupler on proteus???? how to make connections with it? what to do with pin number 6?? plz reply:|
hi !!! i am new here , and hope that you guys can help with this. i'm trying to simulate my college's lab in proteus with picdem 2+ demo board (pic18f452) they add 6 leds with switches. i don't understand in proteus so much every step that i did was some sort of a guess so excuse me on my ignorance. experiment 1 : is when you (...)
Hi folks. I have problem with my simulation is ISIS proteus software. Generally it works as I want but I get strange impulses when MOSFET keys switch from one state to another. I assume it is an impact of capacitance on Mosfets? Anyway I don`t need these impulses on graph as I want to present only an idea of the algorithm. Please could you tel
I have this simple tutorial that I watch on youtube which is a blinking LED when switch is on, Using MikroC proteus ISIS The code is compiled fine on MikroC but when I add the .asm file to the Microcontroller (PIC18F452) in the proteus ISIS I get like 86 errors most of them is Error 108 "Illegal Character $" Please someone tell (...)
Hi, I’m new to the world of MCUs and to this forum so I’m sorry ahead for any silly mistakes I make, please be gentle with me. I’m trying to use PIC16F88 to convert analog data from 2 channels, manipulate it and generate PWM signal through RB3/CCP1. I’m using CCSC 4.093 and proteus ISIS 7.5 SP3 as simulator. I ma
Hello all ..Please tell me on how do i put a toggle switch and ppush button in the proteus ... i mean what name is given to it so i find it in proteus ... or else someone please tell me how do i creat my own circuit elements...? plz reply soon First tell me on what basis you posted your querry about
Hi, I am using proteus 7 to simulate a simple circuit. When the switch is turned on, the LED should turn on. When switch if off, the LED should turn off. I using the this code. It simulates properly in MPLAB: #include void main (void) { TRISE = 0x07; TRISD = 0x00; PORTD = 0x3F; while (1) { if ((PORTD & (...)
Hi..i am currently using proteus 7.4 SP3 and i need a model of DG201CJ to design my circuit. But unfortunately i cant find the model of DG201CJ in the proteus's library. So any suggestion for me whether i can add the model DG201CJ to proteus's library or find a replacement for it? Or any better suggestion other than above idea?
Hi all, I have a problem with an analog switch DG201 in my analog design circuit. The circuit has 2 input at the early stage, v(t) and i(t). v(t) will be changed into TTL square wave and go through a sample and hold circuit. And the i(t) will be go through the sample and hold circuit as well. The waveform is shown in Figure where waveform A is t
I am trying to use proteus for MCU simulation. Even though I heard a lot of good news about this tool, I find it very problematic and buggy. I would like to know weather this tool can do MCU and analog simulation well? That means, is my problems are because of my inexperience in this tool? I tried to test a circuit with PIC which drives a ser
hey guys i want to place 2 components at a distance of 18mm from each other how i can do that in proteus ARES PCB ??
Use this calculator for MC34063 MC34063A design tool or MC34063 Step Up/Down/Inverting switching Regulator - Calculator then design the schematic in proteus. Alex
Hi to all, I am new around and i am not that professional in proteus and how it is used to import new models into a library. My question is that i would like to simulate the 4066 IC on proteus. Searching i found that i need to insert somewhere this code so that i can simulate this IC: ********** *SRC=CD4066B;CD4066B;Analog switch;;
hi all i am trying to switch LED in PIC16f877a when i press push button.. it work with PIC16f84a and not in PIC16f877a ... where is the problem i build the circuit in isis proteus .... it work for PIC16f84a and not with PIC16f877a ... 58573 void main() { ADCON1=1; TRISA=0xff; TRISB=0; PORTB=0;
Hello every one, I have been facing a problem regarding my code for PIC for quite a few days now, I am new to PIC programming in microC since i have only worked on 8051 microcontrollers and keil, I would really appreciate it if some one can kindly tell me what am I doing wrong in the code given below! // code to switch on LED when push button
Hi, I am having a problem when I try to simulate RTC PCF8583 and PIC 16F876 in proteus. The problem is that INT line (in RTC) does not produce an interrupt in pic (RB0 interrupt). INT line is pulled up with a digital resistor to Vcc. The RTC put the INT line to Ground when the alarm occurs. But it doesn´t interrupt the microcontroler.
Are you having problems with hardware side or the software side? Uploading the proteus file will be more usefull. Cheers
Hi im new to proteus my problem is that when im making a logic circuit using boolean equation why is that when i set the LED in digital mode the gates function properly like and & or gate but the inverter cannot simulate because the LED is in digital mode but when i switch the LED's mode to analog the inverter is okay...but the gates are not..????
Hello, I am trying to create a custom footprint in proteus aries for a switch but require a square pin cutout as opposed to a circular pin cutout. The footprint pad also needs to be square but this is not the issue. Thanks
hi every one, i give input through switch if its high means display 1 on lcd if its low means display 0 on lcd.... i done the program it execute correctly....but in proteus the lcd display show nothing....but i connect in led it work correctly...i think i do some mistake in my program pls any one can help me .... #if defined(__PCH__) #inc
what's the problem with my code it tells a CPU overload in proteus do i have a problem in ckt or in program code: Device 16F628A Xtal=20 All_Digital true Symbol Led PORTB.3 Symbol sw1 PORTA.0 Symbol sw2 PORTA.1 Input sw1 Input sw2 Output PORTB Dim x As Word x=100 loop: If sw1=0 Then x=x-10:DelayMS 200 If sw2=0 Then x=x+10:Del
is there an alternative for proteus simulation software
You mean that you connect R2 to Vcc and this doesn't turn on the relay? Can you attach the proteus file?
Hi, I'm getting the logic contentions detected error in proteus. This program is a simple 8051 and LCd interfacing program written in Keil. What could be the problem ? Thanks in advance #include #define TRUE 1 #define cmdport P3 #define dataport P2 sbit rs = cmdport^0; //register select pin sbit rw = cmdport^
please anyone tell me is proteus 7.6 is working in Window 7 ??
hi all, i want "a relay driver circuit using uln2803 to switch on the lamp" in proteus
I have a proteus stepper simulation...... Simulation was OK.... But practical is not working... please take a look at the attachment.. It has Forward, Reverse and Stop function...... connected to the P3.0, P3.1 and P3.2 also... The out put was P0.0 for Forward, P0.1 for Reverse and P0.2 for Stop... Reverse and stop function are okey...But
Hello, i m trying to build one counter circuit with 4 7-Segment multiplexing... my program is correct but still not properly working with proteus guyz.. i need to calculate how to calculate refresh rate "Minimum Trigger" setting in 7 segment display properties....should i keep it default or some calculation is required ? i ha
Hey guys i am working on a load monitoring system that identify different loads... i am experimenting right now... i made a c code for ccs c compiler and when i run the simulation on proteus i got the error "ADC conversion clock period (4e-07) is less than min TAd=1.6us and is possible invalid for device clock frequency"... I attached the code and
Hye Li_ereunpisan, can i see your simulation..i cannot open the attachment u give to me... simulation using proteus 7.8 sp2
Don't know exactly what is the problem why the error is caused. It happened also to me when i tried to run the simulation. Just somethings I noticed from your circuit: The VDD pin of the IR2112 is connected to +5V to proteus. So the inputs to the Hin and Lin of the IR2112 should not exceed 5V. The atmega64 looks like it can suport three phase mot
Hi, everybody I'm having problem with switch mode power supply simulation. Can somebody show me how to simulate this SMPS using Multisim or proteus ?
How to create new PCB package for any component in proteus software if the PCB package of that component is not available in the library.?? I want to create new PCB package for SPDT switch that is footprint of the switch. how can I create that footprint ???
Hi, I am trying to make simple Increment counter based on push switch. When i press switch the counter increments on LCD(16x2) but varialble(Incrementing) again goes to zero in next cycle. I have define that variable as Volatile so it won't be affected by Optimization of GCC compiler. My Code and proteus File Attached. Just when we (...)
First you need to put ?10K resitor to MCLR pin in microcontroller to VCC!!! Its is called PULLUP Resistor!!! Many do not put this resistor and it does not work well in the real hardware!!! Send source code and and real hardware schematic, and schematic proteus!!!
I asked for how to use a push button switch in Capture. In Microsim PSPICE there used be a switch where one could specify both the closing and opening time for the switch. I couldn't find anything like this in the libraries for Orcad PSPICE. If anybody know whether there is anything like this please tell me. It would be of great help. Thanks!
I want to design a automatic for automatic switch 220/110V,and this circuit will be low price and miny volume.who can help me. ***************************************** Please don't reply unless you have useful information to add on this post. Thanks
Has anyone seen any designs of a switch mode power supply with a PIC or possibly another MCU as long as it has 3 PWM outputs like the 17C756?
Hi all I've a problem capturing schematics to PCB in proteus pro (ISIS->ARES) I cant import a netlisting from ISIS to ARES. Really i can import the components from schematic to pcb design but i cant keep wires and connections. Why? I want make a schematic in ISIS, and get its PCB in ARES. I generate the netlist to ARES, but as i said, it on