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i face problem with simulation in proteus i got wrong output not the expected from the written program but i dont know why ?! while(1){ start : temp = temp_sensor_func(); // call temp sensor function dtostrf(temp, 1, 2, buffer); //convert temp value from double to char to display (...)
Hi, I want to read the DHT11(only the temp) using a PIC16F877A and display it on 2 digits 7 segm display. I want to use assembly.I found on this forum some piece of code, but when i simulate it with proteus nothing happens. I want to read only the INT BYTE of temp. Where should i
You have to use float or double type variables and use FloatToStr() function. I have answered to a similar question in your another thread. I have fixed the code as you need. I have tested in proteus 8.1
Compile Arduino code in Arduino Compiler which is free. It will create a .hex file in temp folder. Use this .hex file in proteus with Arduino board model.
hello everyone, Here is the proteus simulation of my code.I am just trying to display temp on lcd screen but when i connect lm 35 to any of ad pin then LCD is displaying any garbage values and without connecting the sensor LCD is working i m just printing "pra" while no ADC code is running. 107060 [ATTACH=
If I understand correctly it says that the library has been designed for a newer version of proteus, you need to update of find an older version of the library if available
Hi all, I am working to design a thermocouple circuit to display temp. (150-300 degC) inside the oven, for baking. The attached pdf file is the theoretical circuit that I have emulated in proteus. The proteus and XL (circuit modeled in EXCEL) files are in the rar archive. I would like the forum's comments on the circuit so that I may (...)
const int quanta=0.488; it's a float value , not integer! try float quanta; quanta=0.488; .... CMCON=0; ADCON0=0x01; //enable ADC ,Set PORTA.0 To analog And all others digital ADCON1 = 0x0E; ADCON2 = 128; // Set PORTA analog And right justify result etc .... do{ Lcd_Cmd(_LCD_C
I am trying to simulate the attached schematic of a chain of comparators interfaced with LM35 to light LEDs according to the temp. My problem is that with every version of proteus I tried, I always have this GMIN error attached as well. I installed Multisim and already build some basic circuits on it which where a success. On proteus I (...)
you can chose the same components from proteus. If you are using version 7.8 there is a model for temperature sensor. The lcd you need to chose is 16X1 \16X2 lcd. Led shouldnot be generic.
I know there are many threads on how to build these projects but I really would like to know the basics. It feels better to make my own code without copying and pasting from others work. I already understand how to use shift register 595 and I'm scanning the LEDs with a johnson counter 4022. I'm already done with displaying static letter. So fa
I am using 18F2550 connected to a DS18B20 using PORTC.RC1, compiled with MikroC for PIC and virtual terminal in proteus. The terminal is working, but the rest doesn't Here's the code I am using char t; int temp; void ds1820_read() { Ow_Reset(&PORTC, 1); // 'Reset Ow_Write(&PORTC, 1, 0xCC);//
I want to connect LM35 temp sensor with pic 18f452 and display reading on LCD,when i simulate it on proteus i get strange symbols (like #,! etc) instead of reading of temp sensor . plz help ,my C coding in mplab is #include #define rs PORTBbits.RB0 #define rw PORTBbits.RB1 #define en PORTBbits.RB2 void lcdcmd( char ); (...)
Good Day, This is free to anybody...for personal use... I have made a project to control the room temperature for our Radio System Controlled Room, you can set the trigger alarm if actual temperature is greater than the pre-set temperature. This uses DS1620, PIC16F84A and CD4094 to extend the I/O of the PIC. This is tested and work find. (...)