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I need to send data from micro controller(89c52) to my system. So i have simulated circuit(contain MAX232,RS232,89c52) in proteus for serial communication by using UART method. i am going write java program for display the value which is coming through serial port(RS232). i need to check it virtually. any (...)
I'm looking for an example source code to make a virtual serial port device driver on Windows & Linux. This will be used for a USB <-> RS232 converter. Please let me know where i could find it
hi all, i use 8052 and i need to have 2 serial port so i think to make virtual serial port in other word use pins to simulate Rx, Tx work the problem now is how to adjust timer 0 to out data to virtual Rx with 9600 baudrate thanks in advance
how to make virtual serial port using soft serial library in arduino 1.0 IDE.Actually i am able to send from arduino UNO to GM862 QUAD but there is no response from GPRS module.can i get source code for making virtual serial port using softserial library (...)
any one suggest me any free virtual serial port for my project. youtube to mp3
Hi, I am wanting to establish a virtual serial port connection between an 89c51 being emulated in proteus and Hyper Terminal running in Windows. How do I go about doing this ? Thanks in advance
im using vb interface to send a charactor and get it back in the vb interface after goin through max232 and PIC18f452. im using the virtual serial port driver to connect vb and proteus. when i short the pin 2 and 3 of the COMPIM i can get the char back. but when i connect the ICs i couldnt. i have attached the protuos cct. (...)
im using vb interface to send a charactor and get it back in the vb interface after goin through max232 and PIC18f452. im using the virtual serial port driver to connect vb and proteus. when i short the pin 2 and 3 of the COMPIM i can get the char back. but when i connect the ICs i couldnt. i have attached the protuos cct. (...)
You need virtual serial port Driver to Make proteus Communicate with Hyper-terminal or any other Software... but i haven't tried connecting proteus to real-world environment... download virtual serial port Driver from Eltima and try this..
get eltima's virtual serial port driver (VSPD) software then add pair of port 1 and any other port say port 3 (must not be in use by PC) by using add pair button. now set compim as port 1 and hyper terminal software as port 3 send the data from (...)
Hello, I am building 8xRS-232 -> Ethernet redirector, because I would like to connect my multimeters etc. to my computer via Ethernet. Because I am not Windows driver programmer, I would like to find some software driver which allows me to create virtual serial ports on PC and redirect those ports at TCP/IP network. (...)
I need to define a virtual serial (com) port which behaves like a real serial port. Can anybody help me how can I do it? I have found VSPD software and activex. But I want a free way. Thanks a lot, Azerm.
Hi, I have one application which must sends data on the serial port (com1) to another application which receive data from the other serial port (com2). This system was easy on a desktop PC, with two serial ports available, a simple rx-tx loopback between the serial (...)
I find on internet and i found just virtual serial port . can you help me.:?: Thank you Regards BuBEE
I want to interface my PC to microcontroller, which one will be better and easier: Is it serial or USB? Most people suggest me serial port interfacing, they says it is easier but most current model PC does not have serial port! I want information about this and other relative information such as which (...)
Hi all I have a MCP3551 PICtail PCB installed as a USB / HID compliant device on my Windows 7 PC. This PCB contains a PIC18F4550 MCU, which cannnot be programmed (as I dont have a programming tool for this device). I tried looking on the internet on how to install this device as a virtual COM port, but I couldnt make sense of the informat
In Hyper Terminal, there is no response when i send data from micro controller(89c52) through rs232. The following diagram is one of the circuit ( i checked UART communication and everything is ok). but i don't know what i doing wrong. please any one tell me what is the reason. i am using proteus,virtual serial port.85474
Hello, Is it possible to connect the proteus simulation to actual serial port of the computer? (connecting virtual terminal to actual serial port) Any ideas are welcome. Thanks,
I am using proteus software. And i have written a code to send 8 bit parallel data serially (89C51). To observe data i have use virtual terminal. I am observing hex data on the virtual terminal. But Data whatever i am sending is not matched with received data. I am getting wrong data of 1st four bit. this is my code. ( I (...)
I'm using proteus to simulate a simple communication between PIC16F877A and a serial port. I Installed VSPE, I created 2 virtual ports COM2 and COM3, I picked "pair" in VSPE so that COM2 and COM3 are connected together. In proteus I added the PIC and the COMPIM, I edited the properties (...)
How to implement virtual serial com port on ethernet network using chips like as LM3S6965 or W5300? How to do PC side drivers?
Hi everybody, I am working in project which aim to control 80 device through serial port. First ,I made a simulation by proteus and virtual port Second, I used Micro C for Pic programming Third, C# 2008 for computer interface The simulation Succeeded but when i try to apply it on 8 devices in reality (...)
Hi everyone, how should i send a SMS/commands by using proteus software? is it possible to send SMS/commands via virtual terminal? how? Thanks
you can write a simple coms dll to interface to a serial 485 port only you need a 485 port first i think most motherboards controllers have rs232 233 and 233a 485 isnt far away from 232 so most later than 95 will allow this extended rs232 however it is far better to get a controller set up for it on (...)
there are many adapters from USB to printer port , based on PROLIFIC's chip PL-2305 (USB to IEEE 1284 Bridge Controller ) . Windows reports this as an virtual printer port . How can i use this adapter in programming microcontrollers in same manner as a classical printer port LPT1 or LPT2 ? thanks .
hi all i am trying to interface AT89c52 with the standard PC serial port, but it didn't work:cry: could someone send the scematic for this application?? i have the program in ke*il C. i am using MAX232 and hyperterminal to send and receive characters. anyone have good sw example plz send, thanx alot for your time sala
hi ive used the drivers here for comvdd and it worked i used trsansmit from a master via the lan driver to another machine also running the same driver and was able to control a proteus session over lan infact several machine all listening on the same port look down the page to the bottom for ne
you can use COMPIM module in proteus and virtual serial port software like Eltima for interfacing your hardware with proteus through serial port of your computer
Hi all I want to interface a USB virtual COM port device (CDC), and I want to use Win32 API for COM port interface, but totally lost between handlers, CreateFile and plenty other API's and functions, can anyone offer help? thanks
hi i want to connect my uC with a PC using serial port but when sending a string "start" from the uC to PC it send like is the problem?
It's XXI century, but serial ports are still widely used everywhere, especially @ electronics and industrial automation. As devices and algorithms become more and more complicated, it's development requires a bunch of more powerful tools to debug. So I'd like to introduce one of these which helped me a lot during recent projects. Actually it
Hi all! I'm trying to create a serial communication simulation on proteus over RS232 with PIC18f6585, MAX232 and a COMPIM. I'm using virtual serial port driver to connect the compim with Hyperterminal. What is happening is that before and after the MAX232 i recieve different things in the (...)
Hi, I've check the forum but can't see a problem like mine.. After Eltima virtual serial port, I can create 2 virtual serial port: COM1 and COM2. And they works like COM1=>COM2. MATLAB sends data to COM1, proteus can see the data from COM2.. it works.. My problem is (...)
i have a working GUI in C#, and a working PIC code for 16f877A, using serial port. Works also with hyperterminal. In can call back send text and can control 2 LED. In proteus, it works nicely.for proteus, i used the virtual serial port (COM1 and COM2). I tested it by (...)
Hello Everyone.. I had made a temperature sensor circuit using AT89C51 micro-controller in proteus. And it is the Sensed Temperature to the serial port of the PC. I am getting Temperature as Temperature ---> 012 C Temperature ---> 011 C Temperature ---> 015 C Temperature ---> 013 C Temperature ---> 018 C and so on... I want (...)
I want to use two serial ports in a Single Controller.. Thats why i choose PIC16F877A having one serial port... I read the CCS Help topics?? How can I use two or more RS-232 ports on one PIC?? And Just Copy Paste its Code and program my Controller.. but it is neither working on hardware nor on (...)
I wanted to connect my hardware to proteus through UART. I have used COMPIM DEMO model provided by proteus under sample circuit. I connected my hardware through serial to USB converter. But i dint to get anything in proteus. I just wanted to know whether the COMPIM works with serial to USB converter. Or (...)
Hi...! Beginner's voice:Is there anyway to simulate GSM module with 8051 in proteus tool? Thanks in advance
hello forum. I have one question about serial port. I am using arduino uno. I want to connect xbee to my arduino and then ı want to connect arduino to the computer. so here is my problem. Can ı connect both computer and xbee simultaneously ? I want to use tx/rx pins for xbee serial communication and ı want to use usb for (...)
I have proteus 7.10 and I have not seen this problem. Do you have port conflicts? Try using virtual serial port.
Hello. I don't know programing Vbasic and I need send and recived ASCII caracters from Excel to serial port and viceversa. Somebody know a aplication for do it? Thanks :wink:
I want to design a system,which MCU there is two serial port Thanks
Hi all, I need a Verilog RTL Codes for communicating with the serial port of PC I already checked it at open cores but their specs do not meet my requirements........ If anyone knows about it plz post a reply or upload the RTL code Thanks in advance Aircraft Maniac :)
I need c/c++ source for access I2C EEPRom via PC serial port THANKS BOBI
The thing that makes this card different from other DAQ & Control cards for the PC serial port is the way it communicates with the computer. Many DAQ cards you may have seen include a microcontroller or a UART chip for serial communication. The present card does not have any such chips because it employs direct accessing of UART (...)
serial port Routines
Need a good component for serial port ? This to use this:
serial port for 8051
Dear all, Does anyone have any idea to create 2nd. serial port on P89C51RD2 at any baudrate? Regards,