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I need to send data from micro controller(89c52) to my system. So i have simulated circuit(contain MAX232,RS232,89c52) in proteus for serial communication by using UART method. i am going write java program for display the value which is coming through serial port(RS232). i need to check it virtually. any (...)
Hi, I am wanting to establish a virtual serial port connection between an 89c51 being emulated in proteus and Hyper Terminal running in Windows. How do I go about doing this ? Thanks in advance
im using vb interface to send a charactor and get it back in the vb interface after goin through max232 and PIC18f452. im using the virtual serial port driver to connect vb and proteus. when i short the pin 2 and 3 of the COMPIM i can get the char back. but when i connect the ICs i couldnt. i have attached the protuos cct. (...)
im using vb interface to send a charactor and get it back in the vb interface after goin through max232 and PIC18f452. im using the virtual serial port driver to connect vb and proteus. when i short the pin 2 and 3 of the COMPIM i can get the char back. but when i connect the ICs i couldnt. i have attached the protuos cct. (...)
i am doing a project of gps data logger for that i am simulating it on proteus software i want to read the GPS co ordiates on proteus and show them on the lcd i have done the lcd interfacing but i dont know howe to connect the hyper termial with proteus i want proteus to read directly form the srial (...)
get eltima's virtual serial port driver (VSPD) software then add pair of port 1 and any other port say port 3 (must not be in use by PC) by using add pair button. now set compim as port 1 and hyper terminal software as port 3 send the data from (...)
Hello, Is it possible to connect the proteus simulation to actual serial port of the computer? (connecting virtual terminal to actual serial port) Any ideas are welcome. Thanks,
hi ive used the drivers here for comvdd and it worked i used trsansmit from a master via the lan driver to another machine also running the same driver and was able to control a proteus session over lan infact several machine all listening on the same port look down the page to the bottom for ne
hello i hv joind to get some help for my project.. is there any way in proteus to interface RF tranciever with microcontroller...
I am using proteus software. And i have written a code to send 8 bit parallel data serially (89C51). To observe data i have use virtual terminal. I am observing hex data on the virtual terminal. But Data whatever i am sending is not matched with received data. I am getting wrong data of 1st four bit. this is my code. ( I (...)
Hi everybody, I am working in project which aim to control 80 device through serial port. First ,I made a simulation by proteus and virtual port Second, I used Micro C for Pic programming Third, C# 2008 for computer interface The simulation Succeeded but when i try to apply it on 8 devices in reality (...)
Hi all! I'm trying to create a serial communication simulation on proteus over RS232 with PIC18f6585, MAX232 and a COMPIM. I'm using virtual serial port driver to connect the compim with Hyperterminal. What is happening is that before and after the MAX232 i recieve different things in the (...)
Hi, I've check the forum but can't see a problem like mine.. After Eltima virtual serial port, I can create 2 virtual serial port: COM1 and COM2. And they works like COM1=>COM2. MATLAB sends data to COM1, proteus can see the data from COM2.. it works.. My problem is (...)
i have a working GUI in C#, and a working PIC code for 16f877A, using serial port. Works also with hyperterminal. In can call back send text and can control 2 LED. In proteus, it works nicely.for proteus, i used the virtual serial port (COM1 and COM2). I tested it by (...)
Hi everyone, how should i send a SMS/commands by using proteus software? is it possible to send SMS/commands via virtual terminal? how? Thanks
In Hyper Terminal, there is no response when i send data from micro controller(89c52) through rs232. The following diagram is one of the circuit ( i checked UART communication and everything is ok). but i don't know what i doing wrong. please any one tell me what is the reason. i am using proteus,virtual serial port.85474
I wanted to connect my hardware to proteus through UART. I have used COMPIM DEMO model provided by proteus under sample circuit. I connected my hardware through serial to USB converter. But i dint to get anything in proteus. I just wanted to know whether the COMPIM works with serial to USB converter. Or (...)
Hi...! Beginner's voice:Is there anyway to simulate GSM module with 8051 in proteus tool? Thanks in advance
Zip and post your project files and proteus file. Maybe baudrate is not matching or data is inverted. Remove COMPIM and just connect Tx pin of MCU to RXD pin of virtual Terminal and see if it displays characters properly. If not, then problem is in code or baudrate or invert.
how i do to all that i am simulating on proteus virtual terminal be transparent to my hardware com port? its possible, but i just dont know how to do that. tks Daniel
Dear bomba you can found sample in proteus using uARt and serial port It name " termecho.dsn" if you don't have it tell me and i will send it for you S 8O KRAT
am working an a simulation- of a pc based oscilloscope-using proteus and the i can't add a c language program interface on the D-25 connector in proteus. But proteus has a very verstaile option which is the virtual terminal which can simualte a program on a pc using the serial port. so i (...)
i need a usb port model in proteus VSM (virtual and physical) (like the serial port model) any help to me
i need usb port proteus VSM model (phsical and virtual) like the proteus serial port
I have this program which i want to modify to control LED and reset the PIC via USART and VB6. i added some modifcation to allow LED on when it receive any data from USART. The code display text to an LCD. simulated this in proteus and i used virtual serial port driver. I need help to detect command or text output from (...)
When I simulate the following code with PIC simulator IDE , it works well . However when I simulate it with "proteus" , using virtual terminal , I get lot of zeros. Can anyone pls tell me why it's so? void main() { UART1_init(9600); // initialize USART module // (8 bit, 9600 baud rate, no parity bit... while (1) { UART1_Write
hi, i want to know how i can simulate my avr code in proteus to check.i want to know how to use proteus. please help me
Iam tired to figure out the problem..hyper terminal shows some strange symbol,try a lot of time......i download virtual serial port driver from attached code and proteus simulation pic.....plz help
Hi, I'm currently using labview to receive data sent from the microcontroller PIC18f452. I'm using visa to receive data from the pic. But the problem is the read result always zero!! I'm use a virtual serial port to interface proteus with labview.. Also i connect the RS-232 in proteus to a (...)
i have finally made GUI for serial port communication with matlab..i am a beginner..Now i want to test it with PIC16f877a ...but i do not have the hardware i want to simulate it in proteus .... please provide me information how to try whether the GUI working or i want to try it in simulator.....but got no idea how to link ma
Your virtual com has baud rate 57600, maybe if you set the proteus component to the same baud rate will help, also change the parity to none (in proteus virtual ). Maybe set the midi cam to lower baud rate and try again. The correct port should be COM2. I haven' used this component so I can't help much (...)
You are reading data from form same PC from its USART Terminal to proteus.. Have u used any virtual serial port driver... Post ur code, and schematic diagram, so that we can help u. ---------- Post added at 20:58 ---------- Previous post was at 20:57 ---------- You are reading data from form same PC from i
hello eveyone, I'm trying to make a simulation of SD card with ISIS proteus , the code for the Microcontrolleur is in C langage! but I don't know why i don't get something in the virtual terminal !!! help mee pleaaazz!!! here is the code: // This function sends carriage-return and line-feed to USART // sfr sbit Mmc_Chip_Select at R
Connect the RxD of virtual Terminal (VT) to TxD of mcu and connect TxD of VT to RxD of mcu in proteus and simulate.
You can also create a virtual COM port pair. There are some softwares that do this. I have simulated an interface between a PIC18F4220 in proteus and MATLAB using this technique.
The proteus compim can be connected to com1 to com4 but all these ports in my PC are occupied by other applications so can not be used by eltima virtual serial. Is there a way to connect the compim to some other port, say com10.
Hi, Can I simulate serial Data to uC UART without using PC com port in proteus? Thanks
proteus VSM COM port Model The COM port model allows a VSM simulation access to the one of the real, physical COM ports (e.g. COM1, COM2, etc.) of the PC it is running on so allowing the simulation to interact with real hardware. Incoming serial data is buffered and presented to the circuit (...)
The latest version of proteus EDA suites have a built in support for USB port simulation.
Try using a USB to serial port converter hardware. Does the ports that you create are shown by the device manager? I faced a similar problem with matlab using actual hardware and each time i had to close matlab to solve the problem of "device in use" I suggest Labview software for such experiments. The easiest way is to send the command (...)
you cannot connect parallel port to proteus...there is no virtual terminal for parallel port... Sorry but I don't agree. There is a model, named LPTPIM (Direct LPT port Access). It works like the COMPIM for serial. This is not included in the official proteus versions, (...)
hai, Im doing project in proteus.I need to give input to the pic16f877 through virtual terminal and that should be displayed in the lcd.i.e.,the input to the lcd is from virtual terminal.can u plz send the c coding for this..i tried with virtual terminal codings ...but its showing error..plz....kindly somene help (...)
Please let me know that where&which i find HyperTerminal software connect to proteus or any microcontroller by using serial port.
I want to see the waveform of the data sent by a software on serial port. I have no oscilloscope. is there any way that i could see the data sent by the computer on any port in proteus
Hi i have written small matlab code s = serial('COM4','BaudRate',9600); fopen(s); fprintf(s,'A'); My circuit in proteus 87800.. IF i send higood. i got this as output in virtual terminal 87801. And the keil code for receiving data serially is #include void sertex
i write my code in c to read sms from gsm modem using proteus simulation.but i got the following on one of the virtual terminals and nothing on the other. AT AT+CMGF=1 AT+CMGR=1 but the response from the modem expected to be displayed on the 2nd virtual terminal.the code is as folows void sms_read(); void sms_send(); char output; void
It doesnt matter wat its showing try this by simulating in proteus using virtual COMPIM it will use your PC serial port and you can connect your modem to it its also adviced to install serial port monitor from HDD