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Hi again. Sorry for the late response. The situation is like this: I have a system whose current output depends in the input voltage and in time. This means that, for example, when I increment the input (DC) voltage, the current output increases its amplitude. But, when I feed this system with a constant DC voltage, I can see oscilations along the
Hi all, i am trying to design a sigma delta modulator in pspice by abm library , here it is my schematic , nut it dont work! first block subtract the input from output , then the result goes to integrator and then if the result is positive the output becomes 5 , else the output becomes zero and this output goes to 74175 that its clock rate is 10k
hi any body can help me to know about the equations of brushless dc motor i want to model it in pspice with abm please help me i'm in urgent
You didn't specify the problem clearly. Nonlinear (e.g. voltage dependant) is different from time varying. Nonlinearity is provided in pspice by a linear and quadratic voltage coefficient. Piecewise linear would need your own implementantion. It can be found e.g. in power MOSFET models, see below example of a nonlinear Csd capacitance (copied fr
Use the ZX subcircuit from the MISC.LIB (s. the MicroSIM pspice Application Notes, pp. 159-160).
In pspice, a square root circuit can be easily "designed" by using abm (analog behaviour modelling). For a real hardware circuit, you can refer to analog multipliers, see an example in the AD633 datasheet Or use a suitable combination of log/antilog circuits. The basic conce
Hi, I've been working on a power device macromodel based on abm, but I got stuck in convergence issues (transient analysis) when Vdd goes over 100V I changed RELTOL, ABSTOL, VNTOL, etc., but I wasn't yet able to have it working with higher voltages. The model is in the attached pdf. I am using pspice from Cadence SPB v16.3 Any ideas? T
It is still showing transconductance of 1S Looks like. But it's surely not a general pspice problem. You may want to inspect the generated netlist. Or post the project files.
2nd Tutorial on pspice
Hello all, İ want to plot my bandpass filter's transfer fucntion which is in s-domain.For example i have Vo/Vi=(0.03s/s^2+3s+5) how can i plot it in orcad pspice(v16.3)?
Hi guys, Right now I've a Laplace abm-Filter(PI Filter) in my pspice Simulation. I want to replace the Laplace abm-Filter with a real OP-Amp. My question is, will the Vcc+ and Vcc- of the Op-Amp influence my result?
Hspice allows for such a behavioral construct as Gxxx node1 node0 cur = '(v1/a - v2/b + c*v1*v2)' Don't know if this is also possible within Orcad's pspice? Just try it!
How do I create a analogue behavioural model of a comparitor with hysterisis in pspice. I need upper and lower thresholds of 1.25 and 3V. Thks
Hi! When I simulate power electronic circuits in pspice I got large *.dat file as a result (<=2GB). Circuit is very big with abm, digital and analog parts and with large values of voltage, current and requency. Is there any way how can I change deafult max value for this in pspice which is 2GB (I need bigger) or how can I change some (...)

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