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have VCVS value by equation expression,this output has to perform like resistance element value,how to implement using pspice(abm)
I am actually working on my final year project and have problems getting a DC Motor from Orcad 16.2 version (pspice) library, for my H-Bridge circuit test. I understand this can be modelled separately and incorporated into my H-Bridge schematics. I do know how to mathematically model a DC Motor with the electrical and mechanical considerations
Hi all, I want to implement the clock sync fuctionality for one of the devices in pspice.The local oscillator produces oscillations of max 2MHz.The frequency comparator block has to compare the signal from local oscillator with the frequency of signal applied across one more pin.Based on which frequency is higher the local oscillator must tune
Hi! I need some information on how to solve convergence problems (time step too small) when I'm simulating power electronics systems which include analog parts, D latches and abm parts. Also I have large currents and voltages to simulate at 70 kHz. I already read material from orcad's site, changed some settings in simulator and still have problem
Hi! When I simulate power electronic circuits in pspice I got large *.dat file as a result (<=2GB). Circuit is very big with abm, digital and analog parts and with large values of voltage, current and requency. Is there any way how can I change deafult max value for this in pspice which is 2GB (I need bigger) or how can I change some (...)
i want to analyze the noise performance of my circuit,but i can't find any noise sources in pspice and i need pink noise and white noise source~~ so ,how to make it in pspice? thanks
Hi, I m doing work on Single-phase Unipolar Inverter , I have made all the schematics in Orcad Capture and want to simulate it on pspice but problem is that how can i generate the PWM signal in pspice.
How do I create a analogue behavioural model of a comparitor with hysterisis in pspice. I need upper and lower thresholds of 1.25 and 3V. Thks
Hello all, İ want to plot my bandpass filter's transfer fucntion which is in s-domain.For example i have Vo/Vi=(0.03s/s^2+3s+5) how can i plot it in orcad pspice(v16.3)?
How to insert a dependent source in pspice schematics???
It's described in detail in the pspice reference guide, a pdf document.
Hi All, I am trying to use VCCS source in pspice with specified transconductance value of 50mS. I am using component 'G' in pspice for that. The problem is, although i am putting 50mS in value column of 'G', it still simulates the circuit with transconductance =1S. I don't know what is the reason. Am i using the right component? looking forwa
Hi, I've been working on a power device macromodel based on abm, but I got stuck in convergence issues (transient analysis) when Vdd goes over 100V I changed RELTOL, ABSTOL, VNTOL, etc., but I wasn't yet able to have it working with higher voltages. The model is in the attached pdf. I am using pspice from Cadence SPB v16.3 Any ideas? T
When trying to simulate this circuit, I get this error. Apparently it's before the netlist is created, because when I try to view netlist it doesn't do anything. Anyone know why I'm getting this error? Creating pspice Netlist Writing pspice Flat Netlist C:\ ERROR Design is not annotated. This is an abm t
hi any body can help me to know about the equations of brushless dc motor i want to model it in pspice with abm please help me i'm in urgent
I think you can also choose pspice to do that. You can just use the abm(analog behavior module) devices to modeling the real components. Any difficulties pls let me know the details thus I can show you how to do that via email. My email account is
Enter the schematic in Capture using only components from the pspice folder. Create a new simulation profile, and simulate it. Transmitter: For the microphone use a Vsin source with f=1kHz, V=1mV. For C1 use a fixed capacitor value, like C1=250pF. Choose a simulation time of at least 5ms and a timestep<100ns. After the transmitter works OK
Hello guys, I'm trying to model the a generic opamp macromodel and now down to the PSRR stage. Please take a look at the attached picture, I was trying to build a 1st order PSRR model using VCCS (G) in the pspice, the ouput connected to a small resistor to minic the temperature variation stuff. But this didnt give me useful result. I wonder
I want to circuit modeling rate equation using pspice. For example : c1*dv1/dt = v1/a - v2/b + c*v1*v2 that each term refer to a current and v1 and v2 refer as node voltage. c1*dv1/dt ====> current of a capacitor v1/a====> current of a resistor v2/a====> current of a resistor and my question: how can I model the last term? can we use a VC
Hi guys, Right now I've a Laplace abm-Filter(PI Filter) in my pspice Simulation. I want to replace the Laplace abm-Filter with a real OP-Amp. My question is, will the Vcc+ and Vcc- of the Op-Amp influence my result?
please some one tell me the logic of designing a simple op-amp circuit in pspice. where the output voltage will be the square root of input voltage
Thanks for the reply Im a newbie to pspice. Will the time varying capacitors will already be available in pspice ? If possible can u please specify how to approachf Thank you