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I am trying to simulate an active bandpass filter in pspice, unfortunately I keep getting the following error involving the operational amplifier: error(ORPSIM-15143): Voltage source and/or inductor loop involving E_U2. You may break the loop by adding a series resistance. 123425 Here's the image of the circuit. I'v
Dear All, I download and add the pspice model of the ir2113 and some other in the ir21xx family. In the model, there is a COMP subcircuit. What is this? When I simulate my circuit I encounter with the bellowing error: "There are not data values in section number 1" Can any body help with? Regards, Ras
Hi, The question is related to pspice modeling. I want to model a capacitor using the equation Q = C*V. The reason behind this implementation is, 1. I can access the voltage across this charge source. 2. I can model a capacitance which has the dependency on the voltage across it. In pspice reference manual, there is way to model a
I have converted some IBIS models to pspice and trying to carrying out simulation with them. I am getting this error 'error(ORPSIM-16316): Invalid device'. The error does not say what file is causing this offence. This message is generated continuosly in an endless loop. If I pass the simulation I get the following message (...)
I believe you are talking about model shipped with pspice installation. Can you tell which model (lib) you are facing the problem with ? Also which version of pspice you are using ?
i am using pspice 9.2 version, i downloaded 6n137 pspice model from vishay official website. it is showing error while simulating the model 'IT' is not a model parameter name how to correct the code
i am using orcad pspice 9.2 ***** it is showing error while simulation the model/circuit please help where do i get library files the error message is error -- Can't find library .TRAN 0 0.02 0 1e-8 .OPTIONS STEPGMIN .OPTIONS PREORDER .OPTIONS ABSTOL= 1.0e-4 .OPTIONS VNTOL= 1.0m .PROBE V(*) I(*) W(*) D(*) (...)
how to debug the error -- in pspice.... thank you Hi, Can you find the sub circuit file?
Hi all, i am trying to design a sigma delta modulator in pspice by ABM library , here it is my schematic , nut it dont work! first block subtract the input from output , then the result goes to integrator and then if the result is positive the output becomes 5 , else the output becomes zero and this output goes to 74175 that its clock rate is 10k
Hi everyone, I am using orcad pspice to do the PWM+error compensated amplifier circuit. Here are the few questions. 1. What is the output of the error compensated amplifier? Is it the error between the two inputs (just minus each other)? Or just compare and generate the supply voltage out? 2. For the duty ratio, (...)
Most probably you don't have model library (having TL082 model) configured. You can attach pspice output file to have closer look.
I have tried various way to solve an error in pspice --> error(ORPSIM-16101): Invalid outside of .SUBCKT Here is the circuit file. Can anyone suggest some hints? .SUBCKT opamp 1 2 3 *node 1: output terminal *node 2: non-inverting input terminal *node 3: inverting input terminal Eopamp 1 0 2 3 1e7 Iopen1 2 0 0A Iopen2 3 0 0A .E
pspice has a SG1525 model in swit_reg.lib, I think.
I would like to run an AC sweep for a very simple circuit (Please see the attached file). Unfortunately the following errors occurred: L_L2 N04540 0 .10976mH R_R3 N04968 N02907 10.7849 TC=0,0 C_C6 N04540 N04968 7.6091u TC=0,0 C_C5 0 N02907 .64335u TC=0,0 I_I1 N04863 0 DC 0Adc AC 1Aac
111327 Hi all, I simulated the attached circuit but after running the sim, I am getting four errors: "Reading and checking circuit error(ORPSIM-16153): unknown parameter error(ORPSIM-16145): unknown parameter error(ORPSIM-16153): unknown parameter error(ORPSIM-16145): unknown parameter (...)
pspice like simulation programs don't like "floating points" and they frequenctly stop due to this error.There is a floating point in your circuit ( V_ of the OPAMP because of very high impedance ) and you'd better to connect a 1G Ohm or 100M Ohm ( for instance ) from this node to GND. You circuit might be unstable too, check the stability by AC si
Hello Here is my settings and circuit diagram 109408109409109410109412 but I got this error 109411 what is my mistake? - - - Updated - - - I Reinstalled Orcad production and error fixe
I have a problem with commands NetTrans and hpeesofsim. I must translate a pspice netlist which consists of about 80.0000 controlled voltage-corrent source but nettrans returns the following error message: STOP WORKING and stops the translation. To netlist with 30.000 controlled voltage-corrent source nettrans work properly. how can I do? I hav
108780 error -- Node N04795 is floating error -- Node N04789 is floating error -- Node GND is floating how can i rectify this errors... i tried many simple circuit but this errors are occur in all circuits.
Hello guys! I have a problem. I am using pspice to simulate single electron transistors. I have the single electron library and all that. I made a circuit that has junctions. The junctions have resistance and capacity. My simulation doesn't recognize resistance as a parameter, only the capacity. So in the simulation log it pops "error(ORPSIM-15113)
Btherm 1 3 V = I(Vsense)*(R0)*EXP(B*((1/(V(TEMP)+273))-(1/(T0+273))))) You are trying to use LTSpice private behavioral syntax in pspice. Review the pspice reference for legal behavioral expressions. They should use a E controlled source, if I remember right.
A popular Orcad beginners error, using a component that has no accompanying pspice model. Use only components from the pspice library.
102883 this circuit gives error .how can i rectify? - - - Updated - - - 102884 this is my circuit .i gives error and how can i rectify it? .ALIASES R_R1 R1(1=N00241 2=N00223 ) R_R3 R3(1=GND 2=N00227 ) R_R4 R4(1=N0025
If you click on part, there would be PIN list in property editor againt property "pspiceTEMPLATE". See if this pin "3Out" is there and not present on part. You can attach design for better resolution. Mvaseem
Hello, I am trying to create a subcircuit in pspice and I need to include following (dependent)voltage expression between two nodes 2 and 10 inside the subcircuit E 2 10 value={(q/Ceq)*(Nsil*(exp(-2*V(2,10)*ET)-exp(V(46)))/(exp(-2*V(2,10)*ET)+exp(V(23))*exp(-1*V(2,10)*ET)+exp(V(46))))+{(q/Ceq)*(Nnit*(exp(-1*V(2,10)*ET))/(exp(-1*V(2,10)*ET)+(K
I have tried pspice lots of time but it always gave me an error. pspice is really annoying software. I connected all components but it always says that unmodelled connected pin etc, even unconnected optocoupler base pin and UC3825's Rt and Ct pins. Another one, psim is really nice but when i need to have 370VDC output, simulation gives me (...)
I am sorry, you are right FvM. I get these messages: error(ORPSIM-15138): Convergence problem in transient analysis at Time = 1.001E-06. These supply currents failed to converge: I(E_READOUT_E1) = -6.022mA \ -6.015mA error(ORPSIM-15660): These devices failed to converge X_READOUT_U1.Q_Q5 X_READOUT_U1.Q_Q9 X_READOUT
I'm not sure if this could contribute to generate the error shown, but could just as trying, use templates to the device from other libraries: This App note employs above model and provide some tips:
atripathi Use all components from /tools/capture/library/pspice/*.olb while creating your schematic/circuit. Do not use components from the library presents under /tools/capture/library/*.olb. These should not be use for pspice simulation project. I tried what u said i just copy the component from capture/library aned
Hi, I'm trying to simulate a TI switching converter TPS54383. I found the pspice models from TI's website and I included them for simulation in LTSpice. However, I get a "Too few nodes:" error. The error message box also displays some of the starting characters found in the component's .lib file (please see the attachment). Can someone (...)
Hi, After creating and simulating a RF MEMS switch in HFSS, whenever I try to export equivalent circuit in .lib or HSPICE format, I am unable to generate circuit from .lib in pspice. I tried TINA, LT-SPICE. I tried conversions between .lib and .cir but no luck. Here is my netlist, the error is: "Circuit not found". I know the problem
You need to attach a SPICE model to the component. You can either review existing comnponents from the pspice symbol libraries, how they connect the model. Or study the pspice user and reference manual.
Hi! M new to pspice.. (have to use it for a project). while simulating a simple 555 IC circuit in pspice i am getting the following error msg. Could anyone tell me what should i do to resolve this? error Msg: *** 07/17/13 14:58:34 ***** pspice 16.6.0 (October 2012) ***** ID# 0 ******** ** (...)
You have used the wrong GND symbol. You should only use parts from the pspice libraries in which case the GND symbol will be labelled zero. Keith
You want to use only components from the Orcad libraries in the pspice subfolder.
To check your installation, you could open one of the example designs shipped with Capture. (They are located at \tools\pspice\capture_samples\anasim) If they work, then the crash could be design-specific.
Hi all! I'm having a problem simulating this circuit below: it's a three-phase diode bridge rectifier. 86666 The error I get is the following: " error -- Convergence problem in transient analysis at Time = 20.69E-06 Time step = 15.92E-15, minimum allowable step size = 60.00E-15 These volta
When trying to simulate this circuit, I get this error. Apparently it's before the netlist is created, because when I try to view netlist it doesn't do anything. Anyone know why I'm getting this error? Creating pspice Netlist Writing pspice Flat Netlist C:\ error Design is (...)
I have got two problems using pspice: 1- when using transformer i encounter this error :error(ORPSIM-15141): Less than 2 connections at node N02710. what is the matter?please? 2- using D1n4001/Diode i encounter this error: Model D1N4001 used by D_D1 is undefined how can i solve the problem. thanks
I just started to use Orcad pspice 9.1. I got this error. I can't understand why it occurs.
Hello, I am new to orcad capture....I get error message saying" No pspice template for ...(components). Now I know that only only components in the pspice library can be simulated but what are steps to simulate the components outside the pspice library(...\tools\capture\library\..) components? Now i believe that these (...)
Hi I dont know which version of pspice you are using ,anyway these links may help you in simulation
I work on the behavioral modeling of power components The software I use is pspice Schematics In my circuit I have to introduce a perfect diode. during the simulation it appears an error message '' the model Dperfect does note existe in the user library'' then how to create this model in user librerie ? thank you for your help
Hi all, I am using pspice 9.2 and trying to have the memristor model given in simulation the programs gives: "INTERNAL error -- Overflow in device x1.G1, Convert". the model memristor is: My code is: *******************************************************************************************
So I am trying to model a AD620 inamp from anolog devices and have their Lib with the AD620 in it and am trying to use that with a basic circuit. I am new to Capture CIS pspice and cannot seem to get the circuit to work without the convergence failing. I thought it might be a floating ref point, but everything is grounded so I am not sure where I a
The description I tested is below ================================================================= .SUBCKT cc 1 2 V1 2 1 DC 1V R1 2 1 1k .ENDS cc ================================================================= and I got "error -- Invalid outside of .SUBCKT" . I don't know how to debug or revise the description and need help.Thanks
Below is my description for a simple and easy circuit(just series of two resistor and one source),and I use pspice Stduent. Vin 1 0 DC Ra 1 2 1k Rb 2 0 1k .PROBE but it make error in pspice as below **** 07/29/12 21:21:12 *********** Evaluation pspice (Nov 1999) ************** Vin 1 0 DC 1V (...)
i m new to pspice ,, i have drawn a simple ckt of bjt amp it is not working.. any guidance is appreciable.. thnx in advance
Hello, i found this pspice Model of a current noise source. I integrated it in pspice und wanted to simulate in a very simple Test circuit. It dosn't work. I always revceive this error message: FN0 is not defined with a little bar afterward that I don't know. The Noise source is supposed to contain a contstant part for the Thermic (...)
* source PTRANS V_V1 VCC 0 5Vdc V_V2 VEE 0 -5Vdc R_R1 N15702 N15554 1k TC=0,0 R_R3 N15554 N15498 1k TC=0,0 R_R4 N15498 N15545 1k TC=0,0 V_V3 N15702 0 STIMULUS=sine C_C1 0 N15545 1n TC=0,0 C_C2 0 N15545 1n TC=0,0 R_R5 N15545 N15545 1k TC=0,0 L_L1