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I don't know much about pspice (but quite enough of spice), but first question is: are you using a special capacitor model or just an ideal capacitor? What about if you left blank where you put CAP as model? In crude spice what you want to do would be .param valuecap=1p C2 x y ac_sweep_type np fstart fstop SWEEP valuecap
pspice does not like nets that do not have a DC path to ground. Add a 1Mohm resistor from N00028 to ground and from N00025 to ground: R_Rn0 N00028 0 1M R_Rn1 N00025 0 1M and you should be fine.
Below is my description for a simple and easy circuit(just series of two resistor and one source),and I use pspice Stduent. Vin 1 0 DC Ra 1 2 1k Rb 2 0 1k .PROBE but it make error in pspice as below **** 07/29/12 21:21:12 *********** Evaluation pspice (Nov 1999) ************** Vin 1 0 DC 1V (...)
I just started to use Orcad pspice 9.1. I got this error. I can't understand why it occurs.
When trying to simulate this circuit, I get this error. Apparently it's before the netlist is created, because when I try to view netlist it doesn't do anything. Anyone know why I'm getting this error? Creating pspice Netlist Writing pspice Flat Netlist C:\ error Design is (...)
You want to use only components from the Orcad libraries in the pspice subfolder.
Hi! M new to pspice.. (have to use it for a project). while simulating a simple 555 IC circuit in pspice i am getting the following error msg. Could anyone tell me what should i do to resolve this? error Msg: *** 07/17/13 14:58:34 ***** pspice 16.6.0 (October 2012) ***** ID# 0 ******** ** (...)
When attempting to create a new pspice simulation profile in Capture 9.2.3 running on Windows XP Pro, I receive a "Cannot Initialise Profile" message, does anyone know why this problem occurs and a possibe solution. I also receive a "Failed to Connect to pspice Simulation Server" message when I attempt to open one of the pspice example (...)
I guess this is a error due to something that I am ignoring while I simulate... The error is -- error -- Expecting keyword STIMULUS, saw SIGNAL. Why do you think I got this error???
Here is Netlist: X_U1A N00316 N00312 N01666 N01473 N00559 LM2902/NS X_U1B N01328 N01062 N02764 N01595 N01286 LM2902/NS R_R1 N00320 N00312 20k TC=0,0 R_R2 0 N00316 15k TC=0,0 R_R3 0 N00320 10 TC=0,0 R_R4 N00312 N00542 20k TC=0,0 R_R5 N00320 N01062 20k TC=0,0 R_R6 N00
Dear all, Thanks you everyone who help me about convergence problem. But, unfortunatelly, when I am not success to fix this problem the others come. This time is: Overflow, Convert INTERNAL error -- Overflow, Convert Run aborted Disk write error. The disk may be full. error -- Disk write error. The disk may be full. (...)
You have used the wrong GND symbol. You should only use parts from the pspice libraries in which case the GND symbol will be labelled zero. Keith
You need to attach a SPICE model to the component. You can either review existing comnponents from the pspice symbol libraries, how they connect the model. Or study the pspice user and reference manual.
When I try to create pspice simulation Netlist in capture(Allegro Design Entry CIS 10.2.0.P001 CIS), I get following error:"Uable to open property mapping file:devparam.txt".But the file devparam.txt in it's place %CDSROOT%\tools\pspice\library\ Anybody can tell me how to correct this error? Thanks
hi, error: Missing Model i got this error after creating my own MOSFET model. i've tried to edit the model many times using pspice model editor but the same error message came out. and i have problem in editing the MOSFET part. the part is not the standard part as the G (gate) pin is located at the left/right side of (...)
I run a pspice program on the platform of samrtspice, when I load the source file, the error message appeared as below, "no function as g with that arity" , g is a function in the source file with two variables. I feel quite confused with this problem, could someone help me to solve this problem? Thanks!
Hi... Can anyone provide me help.. I am trying to simulate a basic circuit non-inverting amplifier (using opamp OPA627 lib), but after having constructed the cct, when I try to simulate, I get the following message as error in my Session Log saying "No pspice Template for U3, ignoring".. where U3 is the opamp I am using... To check, if I g
Looks like a problem with the MOSFETs -- which are modeled being modeled by the subcircuits (.subckt) definitions. Try the following in your simulation .OPTIONS ITL1=400 This is the number of iterations the simulator will perform before giving up. Let me know what happens. Without seeing your schematic, my guess is that y
Hey spice! Don't use the disctrete library for resistors and capacitors for simulation purposes. Use the analog library and choose r and c. Always choose components from the directory /orcad/library/pspice Hope this helps Giri
Hi. I have been tried to make traffic light circuit using LED, 555 timer and 4017 using pspice software. but when i simulate then error shows related to LED. I tought mayb my circuit is wrong but then i try to draw the very simple LED circuit and then the same error shown. I suspected Something wrong with the LED. I try to replace with (...)
Hi I have the same problem in addition my parts are from \OrCAD9\CAPTURE\library\pspice\ What should I do to overcome this problem? Salam Hossam Alzomor www(.)i-g(.)org
If you (or your company) own the software, and it is eda-ema (cadence package) then call service. Andrew in tech support is very helpful. He has helped me many times and can usually get thing solved. I have had that problem too. BUT, have not called and asked to fix that problem. I think it is because of other things installed and running (in
I wanted to simulate this circuit using Orcad pspice but it just keeps on giving this error. **** RESUMING tps.cir **** .END * D:\Orcad\pspice_ps\power supply-pspiceFiles\SCHEMATIC1\tps\tps.stl written on Fri Sep 05 11:19:25 2008 * by Stimulus Editor -- Serial Number: 1239236 -- Version 16.0.0 ;!Stimulus Get ;! SINE (...)
dear all,i`m having problem with my pspice program.its state error -- Incorrect number of interface nodes for is my program * ingold=0 post probe *+ absmos=1e-15 dcstep=1000 nopiv *+ absv=1e-15 relv=1e-12 absi=1e-15 *+ gmindc=1e-24 itl1=1000 converge accurate *+ method=gear lvltim=2 itl5=10000 delmax=1e-15 *+ dv=0.2 .PARAM +
hello,can anyone help me to solve this error?i'm really running out of time. The pspice version that i'm using is 10.0, i downloaded the schemetic from ON Semiconductor . ** Creating circuit file "TRANS.cir" ** WARNING: THIS AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED FILE MAY BE OVERWRITTEN BY SUBSEQUENT SIMULATIONS *Libraries: * Profile Libraries : *
hi. I have problem in my circuit. I drew my circuit in pspice but it do not work and has error please help. error -- Node N00868 is floating error -- Node N00151 is floating error -- Node N000030 is floating error -- Node N00023 is floating.....
i am trying to generate gate pulse using SG3526. i am getting following error.What should i do???? plz help me. ** Profile: "SCHEMATIC1-456" **** CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION ****************************************************************************** ** Creatin
Hi everyone: I am learning to use pspice and meet a problem. I had build my own model and generated the .lib and .olb files. However, when I use my own model such as a cmos in a design, the part can not connect with the model in .lib and .olb. When I try to click "Spice model" to try to connect it, the software show ?error: model nmos not found?
I assume you are referring the simulator option setup dialog shown, when convergence error occurs. This is turn on by default and always shown when simulation is run from pspice.
* source PTRANS V_V1 VCC 0 5Vdc V_V2 VEE 0 -5Vdc R_R1 N15702 N15554 1k TC=0,0 R_R3 N15554 N15498 1k TC=0,0 R_R4 N15498 N15545 1k TC=0,0 V_V3 N15702 0 STIMULUS=sine C_C1 0 N15545 1n TC=0,0 C_C2 0 N15545 1n TC=0,0 R_R5 N15545 N15545 1k TC=0,0 L_L1
You seem to be using J device which is reserved for JFETS in pspice. If you are having internal subckt for J1, use "X" instead of "J". It would be easier to point out if you can post your netlist.
Hello Here is my settings and circuit diagram 109408109409109410109412 but I got this error 109411 what is my mistake? - - - Updated - - - I Reinstalled Orcad production and error fixe
Hi friends, i am trying to simulate a circuit with "pspice Advanced Analysis" method. I have drawn the schematic with the parts from the advanced libs. But when i try to simulate the circuit i get the error message: error -- Subcircuit model434 used by X_D14.xinstbzx84c4v7 is undefined error -- Subcircuit model514 (...)
Hi I'm looking for a version of pspice that works on Windows XP. I've tried version 8.0 but it doesn't work. Can anybody tell me which version must I use and where can I download an evaluation version of it? Thanks Hi, I am using psd14.1 release and pspice is working very well in winxp. All the latest versions of pspice
Hi You have probably choosen a "VSTIM" generator in the "Source" library of pspice. That's why you need to enter a value for the parameter "stimulus" of this "VSTIM". If you only want do proceed an AC response of your circuit, you can choose a "VAC" generator instead a "VSTIM". In this case, there is no "stimulus" parameter, but you need to p
Hi Offcourse we try to help you out, these error messages can sometimes be kind off frustrating. What is it you have to build, tell us a bit more and it is easier to give advice(s). As you already have the model there is no need to have the cir. Tell me a bit more and I The error you got is connected to wrong or no spice model, I think somet
When I try to create pspice simulation Netlist in capture(Allegro Design Entry CIS 10.2.0.P001 CIS come with SPB 15.2), I get following error:"Unable to open property mapping file:devparam.txt".But the file devparam.txt really in it's place-- %CDSROOT%\tools\pspice\library\ Anybody can tell me how to correct this (...)
1-only use the component in the pspice library 2-you must use the ground with zero right side it. 3- the output connected to ground or vcc via a resistor
hi, I want to know what is differene between pspice standard libraries and advanced analysis pspice libraries. secondly,whenever any ic is used errors are generated not in netlist but when went for "check design rules" . I 've been using CD4047 ic's, ULN2004A ,LM7805 ic's.whenever tried to simulate errors are generated (...)
Hi all, help would be appreciated.. if someone can throw a light of what to do... I downloaded the library file opa695 from texasinstruments so that I can use it for simulation purposes in pspice.. I followed the exact procedure of how to go about doing the library installation (From txt file to lib file using model editor and creating
I tried to simulate MOD-16 asynchronous counter (see attached figure) using pspice Schematic (Orcad v10.0). Pls find the schematic and simulation files in the RAR file. When I run the simulation, I got the error as shown in the attached figure. Would anyone pls advise what's wrong with my schematic or settings? Thanks.
Hi, Using pspice demo 10.0, I would like to use the output of one simulation as a stimulus for another one. I tried to export waveform by using the File/export/stimulus_file. As far as i can see, it worked. Now I try to use this file on another simulation schematic. I set a source as VPWL_file and specified the stimulus file I exported previ
What kind of errors are you getting? Is it a syntax error or is it a problem like convergence error? If you can post your errors (typically found in your *.out file), I might be able to help out. There are two things that I see but I don't know if they are the problem without seeing your *out file. 1. I see that (...)
Hello, I have the same problem; I have downloaded the pspice macro model of the AD6864 comparator from Analog Devices and I ran pspice Model Editor where I pasted the file. I have created the related library, but when I tried to simulate the device the following message appeared: "Subcircuit AD8564 used by X_U34 is undefined" could anyone
Don't know about Ispice, but pspice limits the number of components for demo version
Hi, I have to simulate circuit attached in PDF file such that ,with respect to source V1(band 135V -150V in steps of 1V) I have to monitor o/p at R6 in time domain.How can I do this in pspice? What is the use of secondary sweep in DC sweep analysis? Did anyone have tutarials to understand each analyais type & its every option in pspice? Th
pspice requires a node number in order do instance a component, you cannot insert a component without these informations. .subckt a b xx v1 a b 0V r1 a b 1k .ends and if you want to use several subcircuits in parallel x1 1 0 xx X2 1 0 xx X2 1 0 xx or in series X1 1 2 xx X2 2 3 xx X3 3 0 xx
hi all, im a real newbie to pspice, im using it through the orcad version 10. Now as i draw a schematic for analysis and have just two resistors and a power source vdc, gives me errors that dont seem true: error -- Node N00950 is floating error -- Node N00885 is floating error -- Node N00939 is (...)
Dear All, I am trying to build a bandpass filter on pspice. There are some errors in it. these are the errors. error -- STEP device vout is undefined error -- Less than 2 connections at node VOUT error -- Node N000471 is floating error -- Node VOUT is floating (...)
Hello, Has anybody worked in pspice on SG3525? I am getting a convergence error. How do I overcome this? bimbla.