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Hi, Some libraries are available for free from Orcad * by t
Hi, You can use voltage controlled switch (Sbreak) or current controlled switch (Wbreak). This components are also available in the lite version of pspice, pspice student.
hi, I want to know what is differene between pspice standard libraries and advanced analysis pspice libraries. secondly,whenever any ic is used errors are generated not in netlist but when went for "check design rules" . I 've been using CD4047 ic's, ULN2004A ,LM7805 ic's.whenever tried to simulate errors are generated (...)
Hi, The default pspice libraries are kept under ./tools/capture/library/pspice...If you can not find a model under this location then you need to probably look out for Spice model for the mentioned model. SPICE model can be available on net or you have to request to the vendor for the same.Once you have the model, Model Editor in (...)
Hello, I am designing a circuit in orcad. But i am not getting some components like opa2350 etc. I know I can create a component by editing a similar component. But here I also need to simulate this circuit. So please help me out. Give me a solution that where to find components which are not available in pspice library of Orcad. I have an a
I am new to pspice, i am trying to build a simple ce amplifier circuit, but i cannot find q2n2222 transistor in my library. Not only that i cannot find any transistor. I searched in google but i cannot find that library file. Can any one send me the link regarding the library file for those types of transistors.
I think this sort of problem usually arises from using normal Orcad components instead of ones from the pspice libraries So you have no associated library/model for the part. Keith
You have used the wrong GND symbol. You should only use parts from the pspice libraries in which case the GND symbol will be labelled zero. Keith
Hi, Have a look at this link is a place where you will find all the orcad pspice libraries. Scroll down from the top and you will a file named jpwrmos.lib. This file is dedicated to japanese mosfet models 2sj and 2sk series. You can open it with a stan
Hi, such a model is included in pspice libraries (Orcad Version 9.2) You'll find it in the model library mix_misc.slb It name is simply BLDCM. This model include all the parameter that are important for a BLDC Motor. A simulation example is also include in ..\pspice\schematics_sample\mixsim\motordrv\... Bye reiniheini
Hi, Most of the IC manufacturers provide pspice or orcad library. Is there any way to import those library and models in any free spice based EDA tool and use for simulation?
Dear Gautam, Basic capacitor model already exits in Cadence. First include all pspice libraries to your part list. Select all libraries, When you type letter 'C'. Capacitor model with pspice symbol below will pop up. Try it out. With regards, Ramsundhar Madhavan
I know in the Spectre, the model libraries can be installed in different categories, such as tm(typical mean condition), ws(worst speed), wp(worst power)... Can I do this in pspice? In the pspice, I have to add the file name and path for each library file in the simulation profile. There are tons of files in each category. If I add these (...)
Hi, In my job we are planning to buy a electronic simulation program. I know there are to well-know programs: pspice and Multisim2000. It is hard for us to choice. Some guys want Multisim2000, other prefer pspice. Would pspice and Multisim2000 user please share your valuable opinions with me why should I choice (...)
Hi, Using pspice demo 10.0, I would like to use the output of one simulation as a stimulus for another one. I tried to export waveform by using the File/export/stimulus_file. As far as i can see, it worked. Now I try to use this file on another simulation schematic. I set a source as VPWL_file and specified the stimulus file I exported previ
Hey spice! Don't use the disctrete library for resistors and capacitors for simulation purposes. Use the analog library and choose r and c. Always choose components from the directory /orcad/library/pspice Hope this helps Giri
It's not a modelling or pspice problem but software issue. Try to use Help in Orcad simulation.
Actually What i need is a way to implement SPICE or pspice or gEDA ngSPICE in a customized smulator. I need to do this in a project so im looking for libraries first to avoid reinventing the wheel Cheers Slayer
i am doing buck converter design i searched many sites i did't get the pspice lib files can any one having plz send me SG3524 SG3525 SG3526, UC3906 UC3823
As far as I know, Cadence hasn't offered that free database since Orcad version 9.2. It was put together in 1991, and hasn't been updated since. If you want a copy of it, you can download it from: The name of the file you want is "DIGIKEYDATABASE.ZIP", the other one that
hi everybody im trying to make some active voltage probes using the ina 111 from burr-brown, i already download the files burr_brn.lib and burr_brn.olb and save them in C:\Program Files\OrCAD_Demo\Capture\Library\pspice but when im trying to simulated this error appears ERROR -- Subcircuit INA111/BB used by X_U6 is undefined
I know in the Spectre, the model libraries can be installed in different categories, such as tm(typical mean condition), ws(worst speed), wp(worst power)... Can I do this in pspice? In the pspice, I have to add the file name and path for each library file in the simulation profile. There are tons of files in each category. If I add these (...)
I am using the model files from foundry to simulate a simple inverter. There are 105 model files and a *_tt0.lib file to link them. I was told that the model files may call each other. I added the *_tt0.lib file into the simulation profile, an undefined parameter:l error happened. Do anybody know what may cause the error? It seems that the p/nmo
I wanted to simulate this circuit using Orcad pspice but it just keeps on giving this error. **** RESUMING tps.cir **** .END * D:\Orcad\pspice_ps\power supply-pspiceFiles\SCHEMATIC1\tps\tps.stl written on Fri Sep 05 11:19:25 2008 * by Stimulus Editor -- Serial Number: 1239236 -- Version 16.0.0 ;!Stimulus Get ;! SINE Analog ;!Ok ;!Pl
How and where can I find the TEX_INST.OLB & DIODE.OLB libraries? I am using pspice 9.1 student version :x
hello,can anyone help me to solve this error?i'm really running out of time. The pspice version that i'm using is 10.0, i downloaded the schemetic from ON Semiconductor . ** Creating circuit file "TRANS.cir" ** WARNING: THIS AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED FILE MAY BE OVERWRITTEN BY SUBSEQUENT SIMULATIONS *libraries: * Profile (...)
where can i get optocoupler in pspice 9.2?
Hi all, I am a student, would like to design a Delay locked loop. Is pspice able to help me in the simulation ? 1) Is pspice suitable for a timing simulation? 2)pspice can change the (process , voltage, temperature )PVT in the setting? 3) Does pspice can add additional libraries in the tools? or (...)
i am trying to generate gate pulse using SG3526. i am getting following error.What should i do???? plz help me. ** Profile: "SCHEMATIC1-456" **** CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION ****************************************************************************** ** Creatin
Please, Could anyone have libraries of OTA's for pspice Thanks
Hi all I am running Orcad 16.0. I am trying to build and simulate a flyback converter whit the UC2844/1844 PWM-controller. But I'm keep getting a green circle in the top left corner of the controller, and when I double-click on the circle I get the following message: WARNING: No pspiceTemplate for U5, ignoring [/CENT
2nd Tutorial on pspice
I am trying to simulate my circuit laid out using Electric on pspice as well. I also faced the same problem. Has this problem been resolved yet ?
Use the parts from libraries present under ../tools/capture/library/pspice folder.
Dear friends I m getting error while simulating my circuit. it gives error as foll WARNING: No pspice Template for U17, ignoring I have used parts from orcad library but for 90 % parts it shows error like this. Can i add pspice template to library from somewhere else? I need pspice templaet for LF357. Can anyone he
Hi, I am looking for a circuit simulator (pspice) program. The program must be graphical and easy to use. Thanks..
I am running windows XP with pspice 9.1 student version installed. It has the standard librarys inside of the program. My question is I downloaded two zip file conserning Digi-Key librarys and data base. How can I use these Digi-Key parts in pspice 9.1? Is there a way I can learn as a new person to pspice as to procedure involving installing (...)
I designed a 5 input AND gate in L-EDIT and extracted it to a .OLB file for use in OrCAD pspice but when I try and test the module in OrCAD it says that the subcircuit is undefined.Now I have added both the NOM.LIB and the other .OLB file that contains the AND gate as global libraries in simulation settings options window but the errors are still c
** Creating circuit file "V1_5025_trial.cir" ** WARNING: THIS AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED FILE MAY BE OVERWRITTEN BY SUBSEQUENT SIMULATIONS *libraries: * Profile libraries : * Local libraries : .LIB "C:/lm5025-Library/lm5025.lib" * From section of C:\Cadence\SPB_16.5\tools\pspice\pspice.ini file: (...)
I am having trouble getting the expected voltage transfer characteristic in pspice. I am using the LM311 model out of the opamp.olb library that is on Orcad's site. Basically I am fixing one input at 6V and sweeping the other input from 0 to 12V. I expect to see the output go from 0 to 12V or vice-versa. My result is that it is 12V for the en
You want to use only components from the Orcad libraries in the pspice subfolder.
Hi! M new to pspice.. (have to use it for a project). while simulating a simple 555 IC circuit in pspice i am getting the following error msg. Could anyone tell me what should i do to resolve this? Error Msg: *** 07/17/13 14:58:34 ***** pspice 16.6.0 (October 2012) ***** ID# 0 ******** ** Profile: "SCHEMATIC1-555" [
You need to attach a SPICE model to the component. You can either review existing comnponents from the pspice symbol libraries, how they connect the model. Or study the pspice user and reference manual.
97163 hye guys...need a help here..what's the problem on my pspice version 9.1?? i've uninstall and install it many times but the problem is still same..
That I don't know, I'm assuming you can model an SRAM memory in pspice, but beyond that I'm not sure how you go about inputting signals to load the SRAM memory cells with the LUT values. I haven't used pspice/spice for almost 30 years.
Hello All, Is it possible to convert the pspice netlist to schematic view, If possible how do I do it. Please help me Thanks,
Hi all, I'm trying to simulate a circuit which consists an transistor. after running the simulation I see that the the transistor doesn't exist in the netlist and therefor I get the error of: " Node N16280 is floating" I tried adding various 10meg resistor's which didn't change anything. I tried using other versions of the transistor with n
Ineed help in pspice SOFTWARE. I want to simulate a circuit using 0.25um and 180nm from where can I get the libraries and how can I include it in pspice? Can anyone help me.
On 2001-06-02 22:02, gosth700 wrote: Does any converter exist? OR any document explining how to do it manualy ? I think no such converter exist. You must study the syntax of SPICE and pspice.You need change the model manually from one format to anather format. You need deep knowledge of spice model. Good luck!
Hi , If u have installed pspice then in their opto library they have the model for led MLED96 which should serve ur purpose. Vicky