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I have tried to simulate the circuit showed below with thyristor from DISCRETE library but shows me the message: No pspice Template for Q2 (also for Q1). But it is not only with S2800 thyristor, with other thyristors from that library too like T106D1/TO or others.. obrazki.e
There could be 2 possible reasons - - You might be using wrong symbol libraries which are not meant for simulation. Always choose libraries from - tools/capture/library/pspice - Your model libraries may not be configured properly. You are using very old version of pspice, I am not really sure about the (...)
I don't know about pspice, but in LTspice there are libraries for standard components, such as Resistors, Capacitors, etc that consider its parasitic effects. There are some restrictions on the circuit analysis that can be avoided using real component models.
Looks like you are using transistor.olb to instantiate the BJT. The library is not meant for simulation flow. For simulation purpose you should use libraries from location - /tools/capture/library/pspice Use bipolar.olb from above location.
Hello All, Is it possible to convert the pspice netlist to schematic view, If possible how do I do it. Please help me Thanks,
For schematic targeted for pspice simulation one must use capture symbol libraries from ../tools/capture/library/pspice/ folder. I suspect you are using symbols from ../tools/capture/Libray folder itself.
I'm not sure if this could contribute to generate the error shown, but could just as trying, use templates to the device from other libraries: This App note employs above model and provide some tips:
You need to attach a SPICE model to the component. You can either review existing comnponents from the pspice symbol libraries, how they connect the model. Or study the pspice user and reference manual.
I am beginner of pspice. I am designing a clipper circuit in capture as given in a user guide manual. But errors are occurring that node is floating. I am attaching screenshot of schematic here(this forum does't allow attaching schematic file). Please help. After running bias point analysis, pspice output file shows - ** Creating
open pspice, click on file then you will see import option there. select that and browse to select .cir file you want to import. I think you need library files in CAPTURE. and in capture, i think, we can import schematics only; libraries can not be imported(not sure).
I think this sort of problem usually arises from using normal Orcad components instead of ones from the pspice libraries So you have no associated library/model for the part. Keith
In this circuit ( see photo ), the block corresponding to the operational amplifier is a capacity multiplier. The 555's block is the traditional astable oscillator working with the capacitor "multiplied". My problem is that during the simulation in pspice, I get the message ?ERROR -- Less than 2 connections at node N08754?. I have been trying fo
can any one help me to find library files for dac08 and lm348 in orcad...
I am having trouble getting the expected voltage transfer characteristic in pspice. I am using the LM311 model out of the opamp.olb library that is on Orcad's site. Basically I am fixing one input at 6V and sweeping the other input from 0 to 12V. I expect to see the output go from 0 to 12V or vice-versa. My result is that it is 12V for the en
you can 2n2222 pspice model in following pspice libraries zetex Bipolar Eval These libraries are installed with default installation. If you are using Demo (Lite) version of installation, you will have "librarybrarry. Other two may not be installed with that.
** Creating circuit file "V1_5025_trial.cir" ** WARNING: THIS AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED FILE MAY BE OVERWRITTEN BY SUBSEQUENT SIMULATIONS *libraries: * Profile libraries : * Local libraries : .LIB "C:/lm5025-Library/lm5025.lib" * From section of C:\Cadence\SPB_16.5\tools\pspice\pspice.ini file: (...)
The OLB is the library, the LIB is the SPICE model(you should be able to view that with a text editor like Notepad). The IND is an index files I think. If you show a link to the files you have downloaded I can have a look unless a more experienced Orcad/pspice user can chip in first. Keith
A straightforward way is to use only components from the pspice specific component library. You can import manufacturer library models that are prepared for pspice and Orcad schematics. Review the pspice manual how to import generic SPICE models to newly generated library components.
Use the parts from libraries present under ../tools/capture/library/pspice folder.
Download the libraries and use them with Orcad pspice or any other pspice program. The model is generic pspice model
Which simulator you are using? if you are using pspice, you shall be able to get the one from installed libraries. CD4013B is one such device from CD4000 library. You may not find a generic SPICE model for D flipflop as original SPICE does not have support for digital simulation.
Try downloading latest version from Cadence OrCAD Downloads  , see if that works. As far as I know XP 64 bit OS is not supported by it.
Replace all components from libraries found in ../tools/capture/library/pspice/*.olb Component from Analog.olb should not give you missing template message. Please check once.
2nd Tutorial on pspice
Try placing symbol from ...\tools\capture\library\pspice\advanls\CONTROLLER.OLB. It may be using the symbol from tools\capture\library\regulator.olb or tools\capture\library\Misc2.olb. These libraries do not have simulation model associated with them and you will get above error. In case you are using the symbols from ...\tools\capture\library\psp
Please, Could anyone have libraries of OTA's for pspice Thanks
i can give you some information for getting the model. the old pspice manual for msdos had a section separately on jiles-atherton model and how to get the parameters for the cores avalable. if you have access to that then you can write the model for the core in hand. intusoft also have models for some popular cores. i hope it is of some
Hi all, I am a student, would like to design a Delay locked loop. Is pspice able to help me in the simulation ? 1) Is pspice suitable for a timing simulation? 2)pspice can change the (process , voltage, temperature )PVT in the setting? 3) Does pspice can add additional libraries in the tools? or (...)
where can i get optocoupler in pspice 9.2?
Hello, I am designing a circuit in orcad. But i am not getting some components like opa2350 etc. I know I can create a component by editing a similar component. But here I also need to simulate this circuit. So please help me out. Give me a solution that where to find components which are not available in pspice library of Orcad. I have an a
How and where can I find the TEX_INST.OLB & DIODE.OLB libraries? I am using pspice 9.1 student version :x
Hi, The default pspice libraries are kept under ./tools/capture/library/pspice...If you can not find a model under this location then you need to probably look out for Spice model for the mentioned model. SPICE model can be available on net or you have to request to the vendor for the same.Once you have the model, Model Editor in (...)
I am using the model files from foundry to simulate a simple inverter. There are 105 model files and a *_tt0.lib file to link them. I was told that the model files may call each other. I added the *_tt0.lib file into the simulation profile, an undefined parameter:l error happened. Do anybody know what may cause the error? It seems that the p/nmo
I know in the Spectre, the model libraries can be installed in different categories, such as tm(typical mean condition), ws(worst speed), wp(worst power)... Can I do this in pspice? In the pspice, I have to add the file name and path for each library file in the simulation profile. There are tons of files in each category. If I add these (...)
I know in the Spectre, the model libraries can be installed in different categories, such as tm(typical mean condition), ws(worst speed), wp(worst power)... Can I do this in pspice? In the pspice, I have to add the file name and path for each library file in the simulation profile. There are tons of files in each category. If I add these (...)
I guess, pspice needs - in addition to the lib-file - a symbol file (*.slb) in order to be able to place the part on the screen. You see, it is not sufficient to download only the model descriptions. However, this restrictions, of course, applies only to the evaluation version. I suppose, you work with this limited version, don´t you ?
As far as I know, Cadence hasn't offered that free database since Orcad version 9.2. It was put together in 1991, and hasn't been updated since. If you want a copy of it, you can download it from: The name of the file you want is "DIGIKEYDATABASE.ZIP", the other one that
i am doing buck converter design i searched many sites i did't get the pspice lib files can any one having plz send me SG3524 SG3525 SG3526, UC3906 UC3823
You can import pspice libraries into free LTSpice. In turn, I would like to ask: which companies provide OrCAD and pspice libraries for their ICs?
need simulation example for INDUCTIVE COUPLING and a bit explaination on which model to use 4m the libraries ??? how to view the changes in voltage across both the inductors .... thanks
hi, I want to know what is differene between pspice standard libraries and advanced analysis pspice libraries. secondly,whenever any ic is used errors are generated not in netlist but when went for "check design rules" . I 've been using CD4047 ic's, ULN2004A ,LM7805 ic's.whenever tried to simulate errors are generated (...)
Hi, Some libraries are available for free from Orcad * by t
I am a new user in ORCAD and i would some help in using CAPTURE. My previous experience is in CADENCE. Here are my questions : 1) I want in the symbol of the MOS transistor MbreakN4D which is in the library path libraries/pspice/Breakout to include another model, and then to copy this new MOS transistor in a new Library. What is the best way to
It means that the program cannot find the .model statement for that transistor. Use BC107BP/ZTX as the transistor type. If it still does not work, paste the following model text into the bottom of the net list after the text describing how the parts are connected and then run the simulation. .MODEL BC107BP/ZTX NPN IS =1.8E-14 ISE=5.0E-14 NF =
I asked for how to use a push button switch in Capture. In Microsim pspice there used be a switch where one could specify both the closing and opening time for the switch. I couldn't find anything like this in the libraries for Orcad pspice. If anybody know whether there is anything like this please tell me. It would be of great help. Thanks!