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hi guys i was wondering in orcad capture pspice is it possible to simulate if a transisitor will overheat in a circuit in pspice if you could help i would be greatful
Hi, I am using Orcad 16.6-p005(v16-6-112D) , on Windows 10 and any model like Max907 from pspice/MAX.OLB or IRF152 from powermos.olb , I get the same corresponding sub circuit error . As an example here I add Error(Orpsim-15108): Subcircuit Max907/Mxm used by X_U1a is undefined. Also in the file pspice.ini instead of C:\cadence\SPB_
I have tried to simulate the circuit showed below with thyristor from DISCRETE library but shows me the message: No pspice Template for Q2 (also for Q1). But it is not only with S2800 thyristor, with other thyristors from that library too like T106D1/TO or others.. obrazki.e
Hello, i'm working on a project on pspice 9.1 student; i loaded every library but, only when i use opAmp lm741 or \mua741 there's an error: " Subcircuit LM741 used by X_U2 is undefined".What can i do?? Please help me and forgive my excelent english:???: (..)
You should choose resistors from library - analog.olb (lying at - /tools/capture/library/pspice) For BJT you can choose Q2N2222 from eval.olb - lying at same location. You can get the desired DC beta by providing proper bias conditions, as mentioned in datasheet. Your AC gain will depend on output resistor and gm.
Hi All, I am trying to design a PWM inverter in Orcad pspice where i am using a Vpulse source from library to generate MOSFET triggering pulses for H-bridge and it works fine for square waves. But i ponder if i want to generate sinusoidal pwm to drive the h-bridge how can i accomplish it in orcad pspice and drive the mosfets (...)
I believe you are talking about model shipped with pspice installation. Can you tell which model (lib) you are facing the problem with ? Also which version of pspice you are using ?
Hi all, What is the pspice library that are PWMs is taken from? What PWM should i take for 15/30, 100kHz boost converter? Many Thx Shmuel
i am using orcad pspice 9.2 ***** it is showing error while simulation the model/circuit please help where do i get library files the error message is ERROR -- Can't find library .TRAN 0 0.02 0 1e-8 .OPTIONS STEPGMIN .OPTIONS PREORDER .OPTIONS ABSTOL= 1.0e-4 .OPTIONS VNTOL= 1.0m .PROBE V(*) I(*) W(*) D(*) NOISE(*) .INC ".\1
how to debug the ERROR -- in pspice.... thank you Hi, Can you find the sub circuit file?
Hi all, i am trying to design a sigma delta modulator in pspice by ABM library , here it is my schematic , nut it dont work! first block subtract the input from output , then the result goes to integrator and then if the result is positive the output becomes 5 , else the output becomes zero and this output goes to 74175 that its clock rate is 10k
If the lib is encrypted to be used only for pspice, then you won't be able to use it in LTspice. Just open the lib and see if you see any encryption there.
Most probably you don't have model library (having TL082 model) configured. You can attach pspice output file to have closer look.
I noticed that in Micro Cap 10 library there is no component CD4016 or CD4066 to build a circuit to simulate. Does anyone know where I can get the pspice model or if I can use the model of another simulator?
Mos model in deep submicron region is basically a Berkeley BSIM4 implementation. You would need to use LEVEL=7 in pspice for BSIM4. Choose MbreakN, MbreakP from breakout.olb. L,W etc can be provided on instance parameters. For level , Do RMB-> Edit pspice Model, insert the keyword - LEVEL=7
Hello, How to integrate pspice netlist in OrCAD schematic. I've tried 2 appoaches: using Hierarchical block using library part In both cases I failed: via hierachical block ... the port name exposed in netlist subcircuit don't appear in schematic, 2nd approach solicits Model Editor, where there is no option for
Looks like you are using transistor.olb to instantiate the BJT. The library is not meant for simulation flow. For simulation purpose you should use libraries from location - /tools/capture/library/pspice Use bipolar.olb from above location.
You want to read the pspice reference about the "inductor coupling and magnetic core" modelling. There are library "breakout" components that can be used to attach a model without setting up a complete new component.
Looks like either you are choosing the parts from wrong library or your model library is not properly configured. Can you post the pspice out file (file which shows the error).
You seem to be using J device which is reserved for JFETS in pspice. If you are having internal subckt for J1, use "X" instead of "J". It would be easier to point out if you can post your netlist.
Hello! I want to use the AD539 in pspice and I want its model. I don't have access to the Advanced Analysis library List so I can't get it. So, please can anyone tell me where to find it or even send the model, I will be very thankful. Thank you in advance. - - - Updated - - - Or can anyone prop
No. They are so generic, that you have to tell what model you intend the symbol to represent. Then you have to tell it where to find the model, too. It's easy enough to convert pspice models for Spectre to use.
A popular Orcad beginners error, using a component that has no accompanying pspice model. Use only components from the pspice library.
I'm trying to simulate a part with TI's CSD25401 everytime I try to run the simulation it says the subcircuit is missing. I have all the files needed for that part in the same folder as my simulation file and it still doesn't work. I have version 16.0 and this should work but it's not and I'm not sure why.
Hi everyone I am going to design a system which is going to employ a CCD, a logic circuit, a micro controller, as well as an analog circuit, and I want to simulate my design. I need a library for CCD sensors in Proteus, pspice, or any other simulator programs. Does any one know how I can find it? if such does not exist does anyone have any soluti
For schematic targeted for pspice simulation one must use capture symbol libraries from ../tools/capture/library/pspice/ folder. I suspect you are using symbols from ../tools/capture/Libray folder itself.
Hello uakashamustafsa, post the exact error what you are getting .I would suggest you to post the screen shot of error. What u did is wrong,and not followed the suggestion from atripathi. open a new schematic--> delete everything from the library. open this path /tools/capture/library/pspice/*.olb. select all -->open. do the (...)
Use all components from /tools/capture/library/pspice/*.olb while creating your schematic/circuit. Do not use components from the library presents under /tools/capture/library/*.olb. These should not be use for pspice simulation project.
Not sure about Proteus, but you can consider pspice as an option for this task once employ natively an extensive parameter set for modeling components on its library, becoming a relatively accurate result. +++
Hope this helps. You can also refer Appendix on this topic in pspice user's guide.
Please Please help me!! I need to know is in pspice library file, CA3080 & CA3140 files are present.. as I am making a SAMPLE & HOLD circuit using the ICs in pspice to check the results.. Is any James bond is there to sort out this..:sad:
Hi, I'm trying to simulate a TI switching converter TPS54383. I found the pspice models from TI's website and I included them for simulation in LTSpice. However, I get a "Too few nodes:" error. The error message box also displays some of the starting characters found in the component's .lib file (please see the attachment). Can someone please help
The most likely problem is that you have used "ordinary" components from the library rather than ones specifically from the pspice library directory. Only components in the pspice directory have models associated with them. Also, make sure you use the GND from the pspice library as well - (...)
hi friends, can any one tell me how to create a component for both pcb & simulation process .ie. i want a component with two properties 1.layout 2.pspice i have designed my own circuit,now i want to see its analysis .but am not able to do. come on edaboard geni
open pspice, click on file then you will see import option there. select that and browse to select .cir file you want to import. I think you need library files in CAPTURE. and in capture, i think, we can import schematics only; libraries can not be imported(not sure).
Hi all how i can see a schematic (circuit layout) of .lib file In pspice
I designed a 5 input AND gate in L-EDIT and extracted it to a .OLB file for use in OrCAD pspice but when I try and test the module in OrCAD it says that the subcircuit is undefined.Now I have added both the NOM.LIB and the other .OLB file that contains the AND gate as global libraries in simulation settings options window but the errors are still c
pspice has a number of industry standard optocoupler models in OPTO.lib. It's not obvious however, if this (or any other library) represents all intended parameters, e.g. dynamical behaviour. Before searching for models, you should have an idea which parameters should be modelled. In some cases, it might be more promising to setup a simple behavior
"No pspice template" means what it says, you are probably using schematic symbols that aren't taken from the pspice specific component library. Before designing a simulation circuit from the scratch with Orcad capture, you should start with something more simple, e.g. opening and modifying one of the examples shipped with (...)
I think this sort of problem usually arises from using normal Orcad components instead of ones from the pspice libraries So you have no associated library/model for the part. Keith
You need to set this manually. Try placing mosfet from breakout library and Do edit model from schematic and define various model parameter. I guess you are new to simulation and modeling so first you need to out about this a bit more. You may want to try reading and doing exercises from "Learning pspice". You can access this from OrCAD Capture Hel
1. You need to save the spi file as .lib 2. In pspice configuration files, add this lib file under the library Files option 3. Edit properties of your mosfet instance in the Capture design, and change the property value for pspice Model. Enter the new model name as the value. e.g. irfp4368pbf 4. Now on simulating the design, (...)
I don't normally use pspice but you need a node zero. Either rename your GND to be called 0 or select the 0 component out of the SOURCE
can any one help me to find library files for dac08 and lm348 in orcad...
Hi all, First of all I've never used orcad pspice before.I have cmos model parameters at following link 1-)I saved model parameter as a txt file. 2-)I changed its format from txt to .mod file. After that i dont know what i should do? I'm waiting your help. ps:sorry about
Hello, I am new to orcad capture....I get error message saying" No pspice template for ...(components). Now I know that only only components in the pspice library can be simulated but what are steps to simulate the components outside the pspice library(...\tools\capture\library\..) (...)
I am having trouble getting the expected voltage transfer characteristic in pspice. I am using the LM311 model out of the opamp.olb library that is on Orcad's site. Basically I am fixing one input at 6V and sweeping the other input from 0 to 12V. I expect to see the output go from 0 to 12V or vice-versa. My result is that it is 12V for the en
8530685307 I have been trying to simulate the output for a basic triac dimmer circuit. Im a newbie to pspice and I cant figure out how to correct these. I have no other means of help. Please do help out tryin to use this triac dimmer to control an LED this basic circuit is based to contro
anyone know the best way to model a c945 and a ksd1616 transistor in pspice? also i am trying to model a linkcom ldt0297 transformer which i do not have any specs on. It has 5 pins on the primary and 2 in the secondary so I am thinking it is center fed on the primary. I use k-linear to model that in pspice. Is that the right approach?
I am new to pspice, i am trying to build a simple ce amplifier circuit, but i cannot find q2n2222 transistor in my library. Not only that i cannot find any transistor. I searched in google but i cannot find that library file. Can any one send me the link regarding the library file for those types of transistors.