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Hi, Did u try the model editor in pspice?That can be a very good starting point to start modelling. Vicky
I don't think there are any ready-to-use filters in pspice. You have to design the filter yourself using data and knowledge from a filter design text book.
Hi, Does anybody knows any article that discusses how to convert a pspice library to HSPICE library? thank you --andrew
you can download the model from vendor site and save a local copy as .lib. Open that in pspice Model Editor. Use File>Export .. or Model import Wizard to generate the symbol for that model. You can also get the step by step instruction in pspice User guide (refer appendix C: Importing Spice Models)
Do you want to develop the model or you have SPICE model and you want to create a symbol for it? ---------- Post added at 16:37 ---------- Previous post was at 16:35 ---------- for associating symbol for an existing model, please read topic How do I create a schematic symbol from a vendor SPICE model and use
I need orcad pspice library for max2750, LM2700 and LM2623. Please give me links for these '.lib' files.
Hello, I am new to orcad capture....I get error message saying" No pspice template for ...(components). Now I know that only only components in the pspice library can be simulated but what are steps to simulate the components outside the pspice library(...\tools\capture\library\..) (...)
Somebody have library to upload?
When I try to create pspice simulation Netlist in capture(Allegro Design Entry CIS 10.2.0.P001 CIS come with SPB 15.2), I get following Error:"Unable to open property mapping file:devparam.txt".But the file devparam.txt really in it's place-- %CDSROOT%\tools\pspice\library\ Anybody can tell me how to correct this Error? Thanks
When I try to create pspice simulation Netlist in capture(Allegro Design Entry CIS 10.2.0.P001 CIS), I get following Error:"Uable to open property mapping file:devparam.txt".But the file devparam.txt in it's place %CDSROOT%\tools\pspice\library\ Anybody can tell me how to correct this Error? Thanks
from where could i download new pspice libraries? and how could i add them
Hey folks, I need a favour of one of you who has ORCAD. I would like to obtain a spice model from the infineon STH51004 laser diode. It is included in the ORCAD 10.0 pspice library, but only the professional edition contains this model. Thanks for the efforts! I
Im working on a Three level NPC inverter and i need to build a driver for it, but i cant do simulations with IR2117 and IR2110 because I dont have the correct model, does any have made this library? How can I made the library with the models given by IR web page?. Sorry for my bad english writting. Im ussing Orcad 9.2 pspice A/D
Hi, I have to simulate circuit attached in PDF file such that ,with respect to source V1(band 135V -150V in steps of 1V) I have to monitor o/p at R6 in time domain.How can I do this in pspice? What is the use of secondary sweep in DC sweep analysis? Did anyone have tutarials to understand each analyais type & its every option in pspice? Th
can any one help me to add new model to the present library
Colleagues, Did anyone notice that the pspice model for the BS170 P-channel MOSFET in the library supplied by Zetex for its discretes doesn?t work? This is, probably a newbie question, because today is the second day I?m using OrCAD pspice. In the circuit below there are two P-channel MOSFETs (library provided by (...)
Hi all I have to use one current comparator in pspice orcad 9.1 edition. can any one tell me which model can i use for this purpose from the pspice library. thanx in advance
Can anyone please give me a .lib file or .txt file for dc motor(pspice model)? pspice is already having a dc motor in pspice library. But it is having an extra pin other than + and - What should we do with the third pin? Has anyone used it before.Please help me at the earliest Regards, Navya
Hi everyone I've got a problem with my Orcad 9.2. My orcad doesn't support LM1458 IC in it's pspice library. Where can I find a library file(*.olb & *.lib) containing this IC. I'll be very thanksfull if anyone can help me.
Hello, I am designing a circuit in orcad. But i am not getting some components like opa2350 etc. I know I can create a component by editing a similar component. But here I also need to simulate this circuit. So please help me out. Give me a solution that where to find components which are not available in pspice library of Orcad. I have an a
Hi, I have got the DEDK licence and have made some changes in the "j.h" and "jfet.cpp" files. After that I have build the "deveq.dll" and copied it into the same folder as "pspice.exe" is located ("C:\Program Files\OrCAD\OrCAD_16.2\tools\pspice"). After that I have changed "pspice.ini", located in the same folder as (...)
Dear all, I am learning use pspice to simulate circuit. I need an IXYS IGBT model IXGK82N120A3, in the pspice library, I find an IGBT model IXGH40N60, I want to edit to model to IXGK82N120A3, but when I edit the pspice model, it show: library of insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) model (...)
Hello: I want to change some characteristics of a mosfet that come in the Sedra pspice library, how do I make that?. I supose the right way is editing the model and changing the values. The problem is that there are way more parametres than those I know. I only want to change K,Vt from : ID= K * (Vsg-abs(Vt))^2. From Sedra K=1/2 * Cox * W/L.. c
Hi. I want to simulate the PFC using the IC number UC3854. But, I didn't find it in the website or library. I use the pspice to simulate. Does anyone have the library (lib) of UC3854? If you know the other software which also simulate the operation of UC3854, would you mind please post here and teach me? Thanks a lot.
I am using Orcad pspice simulation tool and the component which i required is not available in the library. i downloaded the spice model and edited the existing component library. When i gave SAVE AS, it is saving as ".lib" file. But simulator is able to load ".olb" file. how can i make the file to ".olb" Regards Akhil
Hello I want to find the current in C17 benchmark circuit using pspice simulator can somebody help me how to write the netlist of c17 benchmark in pspice and how to find the current thanks alot
I'm doing a lab for my class and it says to look for an op amp with a GBW of 2*pi*10^6 = 6.28 MHz. I've been looking for an op amp with that spec in the pspice library but still haven't found one. Does anyone know if pspice has an op amp like that or how I can easily search the pspice library for specs.
I think you are missing the 555 spice model, if i remember correctly there is a library inside the capture folder which is schematic only (every .olb file is a schematic library ) and there is a pspice folder (inside capture folder) which has the .olb schematic library and a .lib simulation model with the same name. You (...)
Their is a problem with pspice model of CD4016 .Can anyone tell other alternative for the same.
im new to orcad pspice. i want to create new pspice library. which tutorial is useful for studing?
Hi all I am running Orcad 16.0. I am trying to build and simulate a flyback converter whit the UC2844/1844 PWM-controller. But I'm keep getting a green circle in the top left corner of the controller, and when I double-click on the circle I get the following message: WARNING: No pspiceTemplate for U5, ignoring [/CENT
Hi, i should draw an electronic circuit that models you know? the circuit how to draw a memristor in pspice? thanks , Memristor
Hi Friends, I want to simulate my circuit in Orcad pspice. I did not find the library for the component(STE53NC50 Mosfet) i am using. Can any body help me how to create the pspice model for this part or can some body share me the library if already used. Thanks and Regards, Viswanath
How can I associate the pspice lib model at ConceptHDL Symbol? Which are the Proprieties that I must select and Where I do it?
There should be an exponential pulse you could use: Vxxx n+ n- EXP <(> v1 v2 >>> <)> Have a look in your pspice help or manual. Keith.
Hi. Where I can find max038 pspice model? Is there any other way to simulate it?
I am running windows XP with pspice 9.1 student version installed. It has the standard librarys inside of the program. My question is I downloaded two zip file conserning Digi-Key librarys and data base. How can I use these Digi-Key parts in pspice 9.1? Is there a way I can learn as a new person to pspice as (...)
I am new to pspice, i am trying to build a simple ce amplifier circuit, but i cannot find q2n2222 transistor in my library. Not only that i cannot find any transistor. I searched in google but i cannot find that library file. Can any one send me the link regarding the library file for those types of transistors.
I think you'll find very few spice transformers that are modelled on coupling inductors, ideal or otherwise Your words are mysterious. Most people will model transformers as coupled inductors in SPICE. With pspice or LTSpice you have also the option to specify a saturable magnetical core with the K statement.
Hi , If u have installed pspice then in their opto library they have the model for led MLED96 which should serve ur purpose. Vicky
Yes,that's right.Take a look at < > , < >or others components manufaturers web site to download what you want.
Hi, U can find photo diode model in the opto library of pspice Vicky
Hi, In my job we are planning to buy a electronic simulation program. I know there are to well-know programs: pspice and Multisim2000. It is hard for us to choice. Some guys want Multisim2000, other prefer pspice. Would pspice and Multisim2000 user please share your valuable opinions with me why should I choice (...)
Use google, you will find what you want :) Some examples: pspice 9.1 basics Tutorial - pspice Tutorials (file types, SPICE code rules) - You can find
Hi friends, i am trying to simulate a circuit with "pspice Advanced Analysis" method. I have drawn the schematic with the parts from the advanced libs. But when i try to simulate the circuit i get the error message: ERROR -- Subcircuit model434 used by X_D14.xinstbzx84c4v7 is undefined ERROR -- Subcircuit model514 used by X_T13.xinstmtd30
Does any one has a pspice model of MC34063 (prefrably in Multisim)?
who know how establish a own lib in the capture of pspice thanks a lot hi, This is a lib created for orbit cn20 process for microsim 8 put cn20.* into micorsim_install_dir/lib directory. then add the following into c:\windows\msim.ini file: (or where ever it is) in the field p
hello all, i am using orcad pspice v10.0 and am trying to model a non-linear transformer using the Advanced Analysis tools. i see there are many different cores to choose from, but i do not understand how they relate to core datasheets? for example, from the advanced anlaysis CORE library, i find this core: ETD29_3C85 i see it is of s
please help me ! how can i convert spice3 model to pspice 9.2.1 model,or make pspice model library? i use Cadence PSD 14.0 with pspice 9.2.1. Thanks!!