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Does anybody have the pspice model or compatible for this chip : CD4046 or 74HC4046??? Please send to me, or publish it!!
Does any one has a pspice model of MC34063 (prefrably in Multisim)?
I need the pspice model for simulation. Any one tell me, where can I gei it?
Good day to you all! 8) I need a pspice model for ISL6551. This is a ZVS PWM controller with synchronous rectifier drives. Thanks!
plese can somebody tell me where can i find the pspice model for icl8038? thanks
Hello All, The pspice model editor is the best tool to model Discrete devices but the difficulty is in testing the model for accuracy(ie comparing the graphs obtained from the model created against the datasheet) and for this the test circuits are very important and need to be designed first. Hope (...)
hi looking of the pspice model for the controller. or please correct me . iam in doubht that controllers will not have pspice model. Binu G
Hi, Does anyone have a reasonable pspice model for the CD4007 Mosfet Array? It would be nice if the model also include the body effect. Thanks.
I downloaded a pspice free tool called can translate Hspice model into pspice model. But when I use it to translate MOSFET model,I find that "Kp" in MOSFET parameter is 0.4598 whichi is much bigger than the default 2e-5.I think there is something wrong with this software.
Hi, I would like to know how to import pspice model into proteus so that I can simulate the part with microcontroller. if I'm not mistaken, proteus is using berkely pspice engine, so I think it should be able to import pspice model.
i'm looking pspice model lm565,lm1596(or 1496),mpy634,icl8038 are you have ,please send to me I'm very regrad ,Wat
Hi, I have a question about the pspice model and real-world transformer. It seems in pspice, the transformer are modeled by two self-inductance and mutual-inductance, but in the real-world transformer datasheet (I am now using 42IF101), the turns ratio, quality factor, and one inductance are given. I am not sure the (...)
i need a pspice model for the sa602 to simulate it on ADS :D
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii again; first how can I insert a pspice model in the program itself second i want to use 74HC4046 instead of CD4046 but I still can't find the ic or the model redards; haitham
Hai every one I want to simulate (in pspice) one dc-dc converter using UC3845 PWM drive but i did not get the p-spice model for UC3845.can i get a free pspice model for UC3845. please let me know.................... Thanks & Regards Kamal
Does anybody know where to find a pspice model for XR8038, ICL8038, MAX 038 or another waveform generator ?
Does anybody know where to find a pspice model for XR8038, ICL8038, MAX 038 or another waveform generator ?
I need pspice model for RF Transistor BF199 , and how can i make its model in Orcad . Thanks
If someone has Lead Acid Battery pspice model please upload it.
I want to simulate a system that it has a balun transformer ,ETC1-1-13 Is there a pspice model for it?:?::?: if yes ,how can I get it?:?::?: THANKS FOR HELP
i have needed ieee paper on pspice model of isfet as a ph sensor.
Help to find pspice model for Seico S-8241 Li-Ion battery protection IC. Thanks.
Can anyone please provide pspice model for common mode choke?50uH
Hi. I've been searching and searching on the TI webpage for the LM2904P I can download the symbol but it doesn't come with the pspice model does it? It's just a general purpose op amp and is suppose to be relatively simple says my lecturer but it's driving me nuts! I downloaded the TI
Can anyone please give me a .lib file or .txt file for dc motor(pspice model)? pspice is already having a dc motor in pspice library. But it is having an extra pin other than + and - What should we do with the third pin? Has anyone used it before.Please help me at the earliest Regards, Navya
What modifications are needed to convert C. Bassos TL431 pspice model to a TLVH431 model? The TLVH431 is the Low Voltage low current version of the TL431. I tried the obvious switching the 2.495V to 1.24V but I get a reference of 1.49V when I do this, it should be 1.24V. This is the TL431 model. .SUBCKT TL431 7 6 (...)
Hi,L&G: I just downloaded the pspice model from TI .And I use Orcad 10.5 for simulation. I created a new library for the model,then FILE, Import design…… later,opened the *.olb to edit the symbol……oh,I also added the *.lib to the library ,just as the picture given. However,when I finished the (...)
Dear all, I am learning use pspice to simulate circuit. I need an IXYS IGBT model IXGK82N120A3, in the pspice library, I find an IGBT model IXGH40N60, I want to edit to model to IXGK82N120A3, but when I edit the pspice model, it show: Library of insulated gate bipolar (...)
Need help in creating pspice model from a subcircuit definition in version 9.2 or 10.5. I need a very detailed description, if it is possible images of the windows. I`ll give a 100points. Thanks
Hi, I'm looking for a pspice model for Orcad 16 of an 817c opto-coupler. If anybody can tell me where I can find one, or at least an equivalent. Thanks Kenneth
Hi, anyone can help me with sg3525 PWM pspice model thanks
i want hip4082 pspice model ,please help! :|
Hi, Has anyone got a pspice model for ADL5391? Could you please share the same? Many Thanks
Does anyone know where to find a pspice model for a TI UC3845 Current Mode PWM Controller. I cannot find it on the ti website anywhere.
Hi, i want to know how to create a pspice model for a fully differential opamp,in addition,i want to change parameters of the opamp to meet some requirements whenever i want~~~ Always post to the appropriate category. Thread moved to PCB Routing & Schematic Layout software & Simulation
check this tutorials pspice Tutorial
I have got PMBD7000 (3 pin diode) pspice model from NXP Semiconductor web-site. This model contains 2 diodes and 3 pins in the diagram After automatic converting the spice file of PMBD7000(Lib->OLB) using pspice model editor and put the library in the OrCAD Capture window, only 2 pin symbols are shown in (...)
Hi, I have to develop a pspice model of voltage regulator (LDO). I tried to use the pspice model Editor to create the pspice model (based on template options) but I don't understand how does it work. Can you help me?...any suggestion or guide? For my opinion, it shoudn't be a problem to (...)
hi i am a student and it my first time that im working with pspice.I have work to do....I need to create a dc/dc pspice model (part) With the following properties: Vin:20-48V Vout(min):19V Iout(min):10A I tried to look online help ... or models from different manufacturers, but for everyone if the output current (...)
Hi everybody I want the pspice model of the Solid State Relay (CPC1708) from CLARE please? Could any one help me in finding that Thanks alot
hi, i would like to do noise analysis of INA129 using Multisim. i checked the pspice model but it does not include any information about noise modeling. I found noise model included in Analog Device ICs but in Texas Instrument IC s they are not present. So my question is : 1. if i do noise analysis using this ic (INA129) (...)
hi my friends please help me find the pspice model of that or the similar like that i need it alot
Hi, I'm looking for ICL8038 pspice model. Help me, please!
Can someone tell me how to add pspice model in pspice software. i have downloaded one pspice model from "LM239" from texas instrument site, the file they are providing is "LM239.5_1"
How do you properly import the pspice model for the ADG201A and IR2130D into TINA? Hope I will get a quick reply? Thanks, annriya
hi guys, can anybody provide me 1n6642 pspice model or is there any equivalent for 1n6642 with same physical characteristics, pls reply soon
pspice 16.5 add following four part numbers for Offline IC Switches from Power Integration: LNK302, LNK304, LNK305, LNK306. Does anyone use LNK304 to do a simulation? I want to know how to use the pspice model of LNK304 to do my circuit simulation.
Hello friends, I am designing a circuit that uses a dual digital transistor with number FMG8AT148. I am unable to find its pspice model on manufacturer's website. Please somebody help me out. I need to submit this as an assignment. ........... Thanxx
Simple suggestion: Get your pspice User's guide and do a text search for MNTYMXDLY.
How i can find the pspice model for that IC.