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Hi, I want to simulate SMPS with UC3842 ( KA3842, TL3842 ), Can anyone help with a library for pspice, orcad 9.2? Also i need a good library, which should contain some chopper transformers, to use them in the simulations. Thanks! :P
Hi Offcourse we try to help you out, these error messages can sometimes be kind off frustrating. What is it you have to build, tell us a bit more and it is easier to give advice(s). As you already have the model there is no need to have the cir. Tell me a bit more and I The error you got is connected to wrong or no spice model, I think somet
recently, i use pspice capture CIS by this version to simulate some circuit. I running AC Sweep/ Noise Analysis for a common emitter circuit. Probe that i use is VDB (dB magnitude of voltage). So, is the output that i get should be gain in dB? And the value can't more than 0 (above x-axis/in the positive part of y-axis)? Actually, what th
orcad 9 have sch2cap.exe need msim.ini & convert microsim pspice sch to orcad capture format
When I got message in pspice (orcad schematics) that some voltage at node e.g. 5 cannot converge how can I find where's that node in my schematics? Thanks.
Hi all! Who can post a link or share the SMPS control ICs pspice (orcad) library models for the Unitrode (TI) parts like UC3862 ets?
Hi all I have to use one current comparator in pspice orcad 9.1 edition. can any one tell me which model can i use for this purpose from the pspice library. thanx in advance
Hi Friends I am newbie exploring the pspice.There are many files in special.olb such as print1, vplot1,iplot ,vector and many more.can any one tell me the functions of print1,iprint,vprint and how to use them. i am using pspice orcad ver 9.1 many thanks in advance
Hi, I in the past I simulated a complete PLL using behavioral models and passive components in pspice (orcad).
I got this "simple" (not for pspice orcad 9.2) circuit And pspice calculate the bias point and is all Ok. But if I change the circuit a little bit (positive feedback). Then pspice show that I don't expect. This is a bias
Hi all, I have a problem to simulate a simple follower stage using OPA2674... I use pspice (orcad 10.5.0 CIS option). I make my own library called OPA2674.lib and olb file. I edit simulation option to add the file in the library list of my project. Here is the simulation log : **** 06/15/10 18:05:27 ******* pspice 10.5.0 (Jan 2005) *
I think you are missing the 555 spice model, if i remember correctly there is a library inside the capture folder which is schematic only (every .olb file is a schematic library ) and there is a pspice folder (inside capture folder) which has the .olb schematic library and a .lib simulation model with the same name. You should use the pspice librar
Hello to All. i need to simulate current source according to timing diagram. how can i do it in pspice modeling in orcad??? how do i built this model?? need i two current sources?? thanx.
G is a voltage controlled current source, V is an independent voltage source. The connected nodes are given after the source name. Both are controlled by behavioral expressions, that should be self explanatory. Otherwise consult the pspice reference.
Hello everybody, i just started working with pspice orcad V16 Demo but now i have two problems. - where do i find some Help about the Parts? i am looking for somthing like: make a rightklick on a part, klick Help, and you will get some information about the part: like settings, behavior .... - how can i find a switch in orcad? i am (...)
Hello, I just would want to implement a simple expression on a resistor value to modulate the value of the resistor with a pulse generator (for example). I managed to do it with LTspice 64911 So I tried in the same way with pspice but it doesn't work at all, it returns me an error : * source TEST R_R1 N16
pspice - orcad Simulation and Tutorial video from Videos
hello, does anyone knows how to set the supply voltage of the logic gates in pspice? ( ex CD4000)
hey everyone, can anyone help me how to get q2n2222 transistor in pspice, if it should be incorporated in the library by user itself, guide me with the paramerters to model, i need it for saturation region and switching mode for my circuitry. regards
I am having trouble getting the expected voltage transfer characteristic in pspice. I am using the LM311 model out of the opamp.olb library that is on orcad's site. Basically I am fixing one input at 6V and sweeping the other input from 0 to 12V. I expect to see the output go from 0 to 12V or vice-versa. My result is that it is 12V for the en
I asked for how to use a push button switch in Capture. In Microsim pspice there used be a switch where one could specify both the closing and opening time for the switch. I couldn't find anything like this in the libraries for orcad pspice. If anybody know whether there is anything like this please tell me. It would be of great help. Thanks!
cadence will terminate the orcad. ?????? is it really?? orcad/pspice is the standard of sch, it is implausible that it will be terminated
i would like to simulate my entire circuit containg 74 series ic and 2 fpga . i would like to see the pspice simulation of the entire circuit alongwith the fpga code. i know it can be done in multisim and i have done it for small vhdl codes. it is no good for large program. can it be done in orcad 9.2 or PSD 14.2? what are the other tools which
Hi, is there a decent PSipce package with a good integration like orcad capture? Any clues? Thx, tichy
I think that the problem is with the serials of the installation. For example to install orcad9.2 you need the next serials: Capture A CaptureCIS B LayoutStd E LayoutPlus F LayoutEngEd G pspice H pspiceAD I (...)
I use pspice as schematic editor. I am not able to generate pcb netlist. pls help me Thx George.
Hspice gives more accurate results than pspice (orcad) does. I've used both for the same project and the difference was as much as 0.5V (DC output of an opamp that I designed). As far as netlist generation for hspice, do it by hand. It's surprisingly easy, especially if making digital circuits which have a lot of shared components.
More bugs? j/k Added power param and better pspice integrate
are models I can use in orcad capture? at site I did not find them.
Hi I'm looking for a version of pspice that works on Windows XP. I've tried version 8.0 but it doesn't work. Can anybody tell me which version must I use and where can I download an evaluation version of it? Thanks Hi, I am using psd14.1 release and pspice is working very well in winxp. All the latest versions of pspice
Has anyone an idea when the guru's from orcad will finally write a spice engine that supports multi processors, Hypertrading. I have setup a server where I use a double Xeon Hypertrading processor (read: 4 processors) and when performing a simulation with pspice, only 25% of my CPU is used :? Topsimulations (ASIC) will take quite a long time :D
hello all, i am using orcad pspice v10.0 and am trying to model a non-linear transformer using the Advanced Analysis tools. i see there are many different cores to choose from, but i do not understand how they relate to core datasheets? for example, from the advanced anlaysis CORE library, i find this core: ETD29_3C85 i see it is of s
ok, i think i have it figured out.. well the solution atleast. open a pspice sample file that comes with the installation. i opened lowpass.opj this file is located in: C:\orcad\orcad_10.0\tools\pspice\capture_samples\advanls\lowpass then i opened the schematic and hit RUN button. it worked! then i hit "create (...)
What's the difference between Microsim and orcad pspice? Does anyone know that?
i am running orcad unison suite 10.0 i open capture CIS and enter schematic. i hit RUN simulation and an annoying window pops up asking me studio suite selection? i have option of pspice AD (which is what i want) or Unison EE how can i make pspice AD the defualt? and while we're on the subject, which is better?? Mr.Cool
Refer to the following web site for a pspice tutorial :
I think what you need it to create a "subcircuit" to be included in the orcad (pspice) enviroment. Try to check for the create subsircuit in the pspice help manual.
Hi, If you are using pspice Schematic Capture (not orcad Capture), in the menu Analysis, select Probe Setup and check Restore last Probe session.
I don't know much about pspice (but quite enough of spice), but first question is: are you using a special capacitor model or just an ideal capacitor? What about if you left blank where you put CAP as model? In crude spice what you want to do would be .param valuecap=1p C2 x y ac_sweep_type np fstart fstop SWEEP valuecap
xspice doyou mean hspice.. the best simulator is hspice from pspice.. but the differnce is in vlsi design....
Can orcad pspice generate s2p file? and ads can be used combine with pspice? thanks!
Xspice is based on the original Berkely spice (it can do everything the original spice can) but includes the ability to incorporte arbitrary user models. I think it originated at Georgia Tech so you can probably find more info there. A lot of the newer EDA spice packages are based on xspice. pspice also has extensions to the original Berkely s
Can any one tell how to simulate with orcad 9.0 pspice the possible noise of CMOS operational amplifier. :?:
Hi, If you talk about pspice student version, you are probabely using orcad pspice 9.1 student, am I right ? Do you use orcad Capture to enter schematics ? Or do use legacy "Schematics" from Microsim. I have installed pspice 9.1 student with "Schematics" instead of orcad Capture and (...)
the problem can not be solved. ~~ addition, a DRC warning :"WARNING: No pspiceTemplate for U1, ignoring". how i can solve it? thanks, wait for ur reply. It's clear that you don't define GND properly. Yes, learn the toturial first
Hi, You can use voltage controlled switch (Sbreak) or current controlled switch (Wbreak). This components are also available in the lite version of pspice, pspice student.
i think pspice is more accurate
Do you use general capture or pspice mode? It is basic application,you can find answer in orcad help files or their application note.
Hi: I was using pspice 9 student version to learn some simulation. I input a transistor from the breakout library, and then to edit the model file. It's fine when I worked with Schematics, and I can modify the model file as I like. But when I worked with Capture, I find I can't modify the model. Every time when I checked the simulation resul