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This should work *** r1 1 0 1 R2 2 0 1 X1 1 2 0 memristor .SUBCKT memristor 1 2 6 Eres 1 9 POLY(2) +(8, 0) (11, 0) 0 0 0 0 1 Vsense 9 4 DC 0V Fcopy 0 8 Vsense 1 Rstep 8 0 1K Rser 2 4 10 Fmem 6 0 POLY(2) Vsense +VEcopy -0.5E-10 0 1E-10 0 -1 0 0 0 1 Cmem 6 0 90nF Rsp 6 0 1000Meg VEcopy 7 0 0 ;6 1 Rc 7 0 1 Ecpy2 10 0 6 0 1 Vref
Hi, I am using orcad pspice A/D 16.6 lite and when I want to plot data, in some plots I get just one portion of the full data, but in others I get the full one. Does anybody has been had the same problem? I appreciate any idea to solve this problem!
**** 03/04/17 15:06:50 ********* pspice 9.2 (Mar 2000) ******** ID# 1 ******** ** Profile: "SCHEMATIC1-TEST (1)" **** CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION ****************************************************************************** ** Creating circuit file "power circu
**** 03/04/17 15:06:50 ********* pspice 9.2 (Mar 2000) ******** ID# 1 ******** ** Profile: "SCHEMATIC1-TEST (1)" **** CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION ****************************************************************************** ** Creating circuit file "power circut-s
Hello, I need to simulate a circuit which uses 74HCT1G08 AND gate. I got an ibis model for this AND gate. I tried to translate it to spice model using IBIS translator in orcad 16.6. Steps followed as shown below. - IBIS translator in model editor. - selected all. - selected typical user specifications. - regenerated dml files. - exp
Export that as csv file. and use configure a file base stimulus in pspice and configure exported data from MATLAb as input file to stimulus source. You may need to modify the exported data a bit - like adding appropriate header etc to make it valid stimulus
Hi all, I have orcad Capture 16.6. In the software i implemented a darlington circuit taken from the example of an electronics book. The picture of the circuit is attached. The problem is that when i run the simulation i get double values of all the currents and voltages in the circuit. Can anyone help me in this regard. 134868[
Missing library include in tool configuration (e.g. onsemi_bjt.lib or wherever the said transistor model can be found). Learn about the pspice library concept!
pspice needs an extra license, if you don't have, it won't work.
Hello Guys. I would like to circuit simulation (System simulation) with various semiconductor IC in pspice or Various simulator. The main problem is that how to make IC simulation model for inserting IC operation to full circuit. orcad supports inserting Verilog-A but it's not for digital IC. (Ex. CAN communication Transceiver) I would like
hi everyone, I have done a transient simulation on orcad Capture - pspice. when I was trying exporting data from waveform to .csv file on pspice, the exported data is not uniformly sampled regarding to time. When using MATLAB to plot the waveform from the .csv files, the plot does not look the same as pspice waveform. (...)
Smoke analysis in pspice might be the answer you are looking for. Check out below link -
I don't see any MAX.olb under /tools/caplure/library/pspice/ What I see is maxim.olb. Please make sure you are using the olb's from above location. Can you attach your output file to get some idea about what could be happening wrong ?
Discrete.olb cannot be used for Simulation flow. Only the libraries lying inside the following folder can be used for pspice simulation - \tools\capture\library\pspice To make parts from discrete.olb simulate in pspice, do following - 1) Add property pspiceTEMPLATE with the value (see the part from eval.olb to know (...)
You should choose resistors from library - analog.olb (lying at - /tools/capture/library/pspice) For BJT you can choose Q2N2222 from eval.olb - lying at same location. You can get the desired DC beta by providing proper bias conditions, as mentioned in datasheet. Your AC gain will depend on output resistor and gm.
Hello, We have just been sent a pspice/orcad simulation of a three phase, 200khz, 12kw, Dual Active Bridge (DAB) converter. (540Vin to 28vout) All it is, is what it says it is, a full bridge on the primary, and another on the secondary, with the leakage inductances being relied upon to make it work as an SMPS. Attached is an Ltspice simulatio
Hello, Do you know the best guide to learning orcad/pspice simulations. I am getting "undefined subcircuit" error, as well as "errors during netlisting", and obviously not converging.
Hello, I'm using Cadence orcad pspice . I'm trying to make time domain simulation to 74LS04 inverter . The input is non ideal square wave. When I measure the output , the simulator shows only the logic level output, but not the real time domain voltage. How can i get the real output voltage? Thanks
I need to simulate a circuit which uses the following ICs:AD8041,INA163 and AD8302 Can anybody tell me which simulation software have models for these ICs? TINA and orcad pspice does not have these component models.
hi i am finding a text that describe model mosfet and capacitance in it ,that uses in pspice? where i can find?it should be documentary, a sample of model a mosfet. 121845 capacitance of mosfet 121846 i am searching help and usermanual orcad ,pspice i heared that in level 1,2,3 the models ch
I would like, if possible, any tutorial or handout to teach modeling transformers two inputs and two outputs used in the sources of computer or notebook.
Hi, I am simulating Amplitude Modulation circuit in Cadence.Here is the simulation sch: 120153 V1 pulse freq=1GHz,Vpp=1v.V2 pulse freq=100KHz,peak to peak voltage is 0.1v.when the amplitude modulation sigal Vmod go through the RC filter,the demodulation signal Vlpf peak to peak is 50mV,and DC offset is about 600mV. what i
I want to plot Pout-Pin graph in pspice. In DC sweep analysis, I can sweep only voltage or current. I can't sweep Pin. So ,I think I can do this with parametric sweep analysis but I don't know how. Please help me, Thanks in advance
Yes, it's here: To set up the value of R1 as a parameter named R1Val 1 From Capture?s pspice menu, choose Place Optimizer Parameters to place an instance of the OPTPARAM part. 2 Double-click on the OPTPARAM part, then click the User Properties button. 3 Set R1val pr
Hi All, I am trying to design a PWM inverter in orcad pspice where i am using a Vpulse source from library to generate MOSFET triggering pulses for H-bridge and it works fine for square waves. But i ponder if i want to generate sinusoidal pwm to drive the h-bridge how can i accomplish it in orcad pspice and drive the (...)
Hello everyone ! I have a problem that I encountered with orcad pspice. I made on Schematics bootstrap circle, but when I ran pspice simulation the following problem appeared: **** 07/06/15 17:35:52 ****** pspice Lite (October 2012) ****** ID# 10813 **** ** Profile: "SCHEMATIC1-bootstrap" [ (...)
Both schematic entry methods can be used for simualtion. pspice Schematics is the classical method and has been avaible before pspice was acquired by Cadence and bundled with orcad. If you don't use orcad also as schematic entry for CAD layout, pspice Schematics can be still preferable.
i am using orcad pspice 9.2 ***** it is showing error while simulation the model/circuit please help where do i get library files the error message is ERROR -- Can't find library .TRAN 0 0.02 0 1e-8 .OPTIONS STEPGMIN .OPTIONS PREORDER .OPTIONS ABSTOL= 1.0e-4 .OPTIONS VNTOL= 1.0m .PROBE V(*) I(*) W(*) D(*) NOISE(*) .INC ".\1
You are using a digital stimulation signal instead of an analog pulse generator to drive the MOSFET, apparently without understanding the specific behaviour of the mixed signal (pspice AD) tools. Two options: - read the AD user manual to learn how to use the mixed signal features correctly - use a regular VPULSE source
Hi everyone, 115815115816 In the first picture, the circuit does not work when it is connected to the sbreak switch. In the second picture, the circuit works when it is connected to the gate driver (E) and the mosfet (IRF150), but the result goes wrong. I connected the upper dual flyback cir
Hi everyone, I am using orcad pspice to do the PWM+error compensated amplifier circuit. Here are the few questions. 1. What is the output of the error compensated amplifier? Is it the error between the two inputs (just minus each other)? Or just compare and generate the supply voltage out? 2. For the duty ratio, d=Vc/Vp, (Vc=output of the
I am wanting to set up a circuit using ICL7660 but in orcad not on this component, you can get the ICL7660 model?
orcad is for PCB designers and so has a lot more IC footprints, and vendors provide many more. Tanner is for IC design and external components, especially unique ICs, is an afterthought. You probably would use the pspice models from vendors and create your own layout views. But Tanner is not really meant for PCB design, last I looked anyway. It ma
tested the model that comes in the program and does not provide simulate the wave signal at the output and other simulators like multisim works already using the same circuit. I agree also, if possible, other models of components to add to the program.
Hello, How to integrate pspice netlist in orcad schematic. I've tried 2 appoaches: using Hierarchical block using Library part In both cases I failed: via hierachical block ... the port name exposed in netlist subcircuit don't appear in schematic, 2nd approach solicits Model Editor, where there is no option for
Hi, I want to implement a digital controller for a switch mode power supply in orcad pspice. The controller will take voltages and current values as inputs and create the control signal using intelligent algorithms (state machines, digital control techniques etc). Therefore I need a block that runs a code for processing these values (ie. C
Hi all, I am looking for pspice software which can be use for simulation of Bi-directional power converter topology. Please do not suggest Ltspice MultiSim orcad Simpowersystem Plecs I tried all above and some of above stop working on complex topology and some of them stop working on magnetic components and few did not simulate Bi-dir
For pspice traces, you can use Window-> "Copy to clipboard". I don't think there is any option for schematic.
Hi All, I am trying to make a diode simulation as integrating matlab and pspice for my university work. I have matlab r2013a and orcad 16.6 lite. But slpslib is not exist in matlab, so i could not find how to integrate matlab and pspice. Is there anyone who experienced SLPS and explain me how to install/use SLPS in matlab? I guess (...)
Looks like either you are choosing the parts from wrong library or your model library is not properly configured. Can you post the pspice out file (file which shows the error).
i dont want to use VPULSE coz its impractical Impractical in which sense? Maybe the thread title is just misleading. If you want to design a hardware generator, it's essentially not a pspice problem. You can e.g. use a crystal oscillator with square wave output.
Please help me to change the EPC1010 spice model to use in orcad lite 16.6 The file is here thanks
You seem to be using J device which is reserved for JFETS in pspice. If you are having internal subckt for J1, use "X" instead of "J". It would be easier to point out if you can post your netlist.
Hi I was trying to capture the component from hspice model for magnetic tunnel junction using orcad capture design entry CIS tool. which I did, but the problem is with the simulation since the tool has pspice simulator which cannot detect hspice model. Is there any way we can capture hspice macro model and simulate it. BTW, Magnetic Tunnel
Does anyone have the model for Capture CIS / pspice?
Hi All, I have an idea to use switching frequency control for power converters. May I ask how to implement VCO in orcad pspice? Thanks in advanced.
Hello all, I have a pspice netlist for FPGA clb, How do i Compute AREA, POWER CONSUMED, LEAKAGE POWER and SPEED of the circuit ?
Btherm 1 3 V = I(Vsense)*(R0)*EXP(B*((1/(V(TEMP)+273))-(1/(T0+273))))) You are trying to use LTSpice private behavioral syntax in pspice. Review the pspice reference for legal behavioral expressions. They should use a E controlled source, if I remember right.
Diode model used in circuit seems to be creating trouble, Diode Model DX does not have any resistance (Model Parameter RS) defined, which is equivalent of making it R=0 for this device. Such models are hard to converg. I tweaked this model to have realistic value RS=100U and relaxed couple of other simulator options and it works for me. Below is t
A popular orcad beginners error, using a component that has no accompanying pspice model. Use only components from the pspice library.