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I am wanting to set up a circuit using ICL7660 but in orcad not on this component, you can get the ICL7660 model?
pspice ( or similar ) models are either given by the manufacturer or extracted by measuring with expensive measurement equipments and softwares.
orcad is for PCB designers and so has a lot more IC footprints, and vendors provide many more. Tanner is for IC design and external components, especially unique ICs, is an afterthought. You probably would use the pspice models from vendors and create your own layout views. But Tanner is not really meant for PCB design, last I looked anyway. It ma
tested the model that comes in the program and does not provide simulate the wave signal at the output and other simulators like multisim works already using the same circuit. I agree also, if possible, other models of components to add to the program.
Hello, How to integrate pspice netlist in orcad schematic. I've tried 2 appoaches: using Hierarchical block using Library part In both cases I failed: via hierachical block ... the port name exposed in netlist subcircuit don't appear in schematic, 2nd approach solicits Model Editor, where there is no option for
Hi, I want to implement a digital controller for a switch mode power supply in orcad pspice. The controller will take voltages and current values as inputs and create the control signal using intelligent algorithms (state machines, digital control techniques etc). Therefore I need a block that runs a code for processing these values (ie. C
Hi all, I am looking for pspice software which can be use for simulation of Bi-directional power converter topology. Please do not suggest Ltspice MultiSim orcad Simpowersystem Plecs I tried all above and some of above stop working on complex topology and some of them stop working on magnetic components and few did not simulate Bi-dir
For pspice traces, you can use Window-> "Copy to clipboard". I don't think there is any option for schematic.
Hi All, I am trying to make a diode simulation as integrating matlab and pspice for my university work. I have matlab r2013a and orcad 16.6 lite. But slpslib is not exist in matlab, so i could not find how to integrate matlab and pspice. Is there anyone who experienced SLPS and explain me how to install/use SLPS in matlab? I guess (...)
Looks like either you are choosing the parts from wrong library or your model library is not properly configured. Can you post the pspice out file (file which shows the error).
i dont want to use VPULSE coz its impractical Impractical in which sense? Maybe the thread title is just misleading. If you want to design a hardware generator, it's essentially not a pspice problem. You can e.g. use a crystal oscillator with square wave output.
It should be good-to-go, just use the X subcircuit call and embed / include the subcircuit definition. Unless youe "lite" version is severly limited, like not digesting some of the syntax or something. But EPC made you a pspice model according to the header, so what's the problem?
You seem to be using J device which is reserved for JFETS in pspice. If you are having internal subckt for J1, use "X" instead of "J". It would be easier to point out if you can post your netlist.
Hi I was trying to capture the component from hspice model for magnetic tunnel junction using orcad capture design entry CIS tool. which I did, but the problem is with the simulation since the tool has pspice simulator which cannot detect hspice model. Is there any way we can capture hspice macro model and simulate it. BTW, Magnetic Tunnel
Does anyone have the model for Capture CIS / pspice?
Hi All, I have an idea to use switching frequency control for power converters. May I ask how to implement VCO in orcad pspice? Thanks in advanced.
Hello all, I have a pspice netlist for FPGA clb, How do i Compute AREA, POWER CONSUMED, LEAKAGE POWER and SPEED of the circuit ?
Btherm 1 3 V = I(Vsense)*(R0)*EXP(B*((1/(V(TEMP)+273))-(1/(T0+273))))) You are trying to use LTSpice private behavioral syntax in pspice. Review the pspice reference for legal behavioral expressions. They should use a E controlled source, if I remember right.
Diode model used in circuit seems to be creating trouble, Diode Model DX does not have any resistance (Model Parameter RS) defined, which is equivalent of making it R=0 for this device. Such models are hard to converg. I tweaked this model to have realistic value RS=100U and relaxed couple of other simulator options and it works for me. Below is t
A popular orcad beginners error, using a component that has no accompanying pspice model. Use only components from the pspice library.
Hello Everyone, Can anyone help me in how to use SRAM in pspice, how to read and write from the sram? Thanks
After installing "orcad 16.6 Demo Software (All Products)" available free at do I need to install- CIS Admin Tool 10.x CIS Admin Tool 16.2 orcad Capture/orcad Capture CIS ViewReader orcad CIS Wizard pspice Schematics Installer Third-party translator ..?? Out of CIS Admin Tool 1
For schematic targeted for pspice simulation one must use capture symbol libraries from ../tools/capture/library/pspice/ folder. I suspect you are using symbols from ../tools/capture/Libray folder itself.
I'm not sure if this could contribute to generate the error shown, but could just as trying, use templates to the device from other libraries: This App note employs above model and provide some tips:
Use all components from /tools/capture/library/pspice/*.olb while creating your schematic/circuit. Do not use components from the library presents under /tools/capture/library/*.olb. These should not be use for pspice simulation project.
Hello Happy new year :) i wish you all new year with a lot of achievements and all your dreams come true :) Actually i want to learn cadence virtuoso ...i have now a little experience with orcad pspice (Beginner level also :( ) but i want to ask about prerequisites to learn ? some advised me that i need to learn a little about Linux (I did
Hello, I've a convergence problem in the realistic circuit I'm trying to simulate. It's a No Break with a control part. Is there an expert in orcad pspice which could help ?? This is the circuit image: 99045 and the simulation file here: Thanks
After Run in orcad pspice software, output window shows the total job time(using solver1) = 0.03 or some other values. What it means?. how to find the time representations whether in seconds or millseconds or microseconds? what is the difference between total job time and transient response time scale? whether the total job time vary for AC or DC
hello all, Actually am using in my circuit TLP185GB Opto coupler. This Opto CTR is 100(Nominal),600(Maximum). but this opto coupler pspice model is not available in orcad schematic design and website also. so i am try to use any one equvalient CTR value of TLP185GB. could you suggest? or am trying to vary the base resistor of CNY17-3 opt
There are actually two different texts available which covers both topics quite well: Analog Design and Simulation using orcad Capture and
Thanks a lot but if iam using orcad pspice and i want to write a circuit afile and doing analysis using circuit file where i can do using orcad pspice Thanks a lot in advance really appreciated As far as I know you can either call a "schematic entry program" or you can directly call "pspice". In the latter cas
Hi, u can simulate circuits of clipper and clamper and create problems using different numerical values. this simulation can be done using any sim tool like orcad, pspice etc cheers skr
I know how to do this by coding in pspice: V1=1 2 AC 0 DEG V2=3 4 AC 90 DEG Now,plz tell me how to give v1 and v2 in orcad schematic. SPICE voltage source syntax isn't correct, but I know what you mean. You can place VAC symbols in schematic simulation circuit.
I have a circuit whree I have to interface 5V TTL 7400 ic with 4500 series 4538b IC and achieve 18V signals. I need to do the orcad pspice simulation of the circuit. please help
How to create the equivalent model of this diagram in the program?
Hi, everybody, I want to simulate the IC : SN74CBT3125C dowloaded from : I downloaded the bxl file, used the ultra librarian to get the edif file for orcad, and now I want to simulate it on pspice, but it tells me that it does not recognise this component!! Please help me, I spend a lot of time on it!!
Hi I simulate a super heterodyne AM receiver. For that, i need a 455khz ceramic filter but i can not find it Or it is not exist in orcad capture. I find sft10.7 but have not pspice MODEL. Also i need a germanium diode and i cant find it. Please help me guys.:cry:
You are talking about orcad or the old pspice schematic editor?
Likely you have these problems: - wrong ground symbol, not connected to node "0" - transistor Q1 is missing from the netlist, probably a symbol without SPICE template Both problems have been discussed in various previous threads Obviously pspice with orcad schematic entry isn't well suited for beginners. I never heard about similar problems
I designed a 5 input AND gate in L-EDIT and extracted it to a .OLB file for use in orcad pspice but when I try and test the module in orcad it says that the subcircuit is undefined.Now I have added both the NOM.LIB and the other .OLB file that contains the AND gate as global libraries in simulation settings options window but the errors are (...)
"No pspice template" means what it says, you are probably using schematic symbols that aren't taken from the pspice specific component library. Before designing a simulation circuit from the scratch with orcad capture, you should start with something more simple, e.g. opening and modifying one of the examples shipped with (...)
I think this sort of problem usually arises from using normal orcad components instead of ones from the pspice libraries So you have no associated library/model for the part. Keith
You need to set this manually. Try placing mosfet from breakout library and Do edit model from schematic and define various model parameter. I guess you are new to simulation and modeling so first you need to out about this a bit more. You may want to try reading and doing exercises from "Learning pspice". You can access this from orcad Capture Hel
You want to use only components from the orcad libraries in the pspice subfolder.
pspice, Hspice, Tspice, Spectre , Cadent, Proteus, Caterina , Electronics Workbent , Labview , Synopsis , Symmetic plus, orcad capture ... etc.:-D
Try with a simple circuit, sometimes pspice does not allow to make an analysis with faulted circuits. If same thing happens, try this forum that could help you with your situation.
Hi Everybody, I have tested the same sample circuit (RC example circuit) with two different windows PC. The First Windows PC is based on Cadence orcad pspice 16.3 and Mathworks R2011a; The second Windows PC is based in Cadence pspice 16.5 and Mathworks R2011a. The Two PC have the same Settings (Windows SP3, and so on). In the Windows pc (...)
From MOSIS you can get SPICE models (after signing an NDA). Search MOSIS for how to convert SPICE models to pspice.
1. You need to save the spi file as .lib 2. In pspice configuration files, add this lib file under the Library Files option 3. Edit properties of your mosfet instance in the Capture design, and change the property value for pspice Model. Enter the new model name as the value. e.g. irfp4368pbf 4. Now on simulating the design, pspice should (...)
To check your installation, you could open one of the example designs shipped with Capture. (They are located at \tools\pspice\capture_samples\anasim) If they work, then the crash could be design-specific.