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Hi, I want to simulate SMPS with UC3842 ( KA3842, TL3842 ), Can anyone help with a library for pspice, orcad 9.2? Also i need a good library, which should contain some chopper transformers, to use them in the simulations. Thanks! :P
Hello to All. i need to simulate current source according to timing diagram. how can i do it in pspice modeling in orcad??? how do i built this model?? need i two current sources?? thanx.
Hi Offcourse we try to help you out, these error messages can sometimes be kind off frustrating. What is it you have to build, tell us a bit more and it is easier to give advice(s). As you already have the model there is no need to have the cir. Tell me a bit more and I The error you got is connected to wrong or no spice model, I think somet
recently, i use pspice capture CIS by this version to simulate some circuit. I running AC Sweep/ Noise Analysis for a common emitter circuit. Probe that i use is VDB (dB magnitude of voltage). So, is the output that i get should be gain in dB? And the value can't more than 0 (above x-axis/in the positive part of y-axis)? Actually, what th
orcad 9 have sch2cap.exe need msim.ini & convert microsim pspice sch to orcad capture format
When I got message in pspice (orcad schematics) that some voltage at node e.g. 5 cannot converge how can I find where's that node in my schematics? Thanks.
Hi all! Who can post a link or share the SMPS control ICs pspice (orcad) library models for the Unitrode (TI) parts like UC3862 ets?
Hi all I have to use one current comparator in pspice orcad 9.1 edition. can any one tell me which model can i use for this purpose from the pspice library. thanx in advance
Hi Friends I am newbie exploring the pspice.There are many files in special.olb such as print1, vplot1,iplot ,vector and many more.can any one tell me the functions of print1,iprint,vprint and how to use them. i am using pspice orcad ver 9.1 many thanks in advance
Hi, I in the past I simulated a complete PLL using behavioral models and passive components in pspice (orcad).
I got this "simple" (not for pspice orcad 9.2) circuit And pspice calculate the bias point and is all Ok. But if I change the circuit a little bit (positive feedback). Then pspice show that I don't expect. This is a bias
Hi all, I have a problem to simulate a simple follower stage using OPA2674... I use pspice (orcad 10.5.0 CIS option). I make my own library called OPA2674.lib and olb file. I edit simulation option to add the file in the library list of my project. Here is the simulation log : **** 06/15/10 18:05:27 ******* pspice 10.5.0 (Jan 2005) *
**** 11/20/10 13:22:47 ************** pspice Lite (Mar 2000) ***************** ** Profile: "SCHEMATIC1-BFSK wave" **** CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION ****************************************************************************** ** Creating circuit f
G is a voltage controlled current source, V is an independent voltage source. The connected nodes are given after the source name. Both are controlled by behavioral expressions, that should be self explanatory. Otherwise consult the pspice reference.
Hello everybody, i just started working with pspice orcad V16 Demo but now i have two problems. - where do i find some Help about the Parts? i am looking for somthing like: make a rightklick on a part, klick Help, and you will get some information about the part: like settings, behavior .... - how can i find a switch in orcad? i am (...)
Hello, I just would want to implement a simple expression on a resistor value to modulate the value of the resistor with a pulse generator (for example). I managed to do it with LTspice 64911 So I tried in the same way with pspice but it doesn't work at all, it returns me an error : * source TEST R_R1 N16
DO pspice>Run (I assume you already have simulation profile configured for Transient Analysis) Since you already have markers placed on, once the simulation is complete, Waveform windows would be loaded and plot corresponding to net you have selected would be drawn.
refer the "Specifying digital power supplies" in pspice user's guide. This section details out the how the digital gate power supply are controlled and how can you customize it. Below is brief note on customization. To change the CD4000_PWR power supply to 12 volts, referenced to ground: 1. Place an instance of the PARAM pseudo-part from SPECIAL.
hey everyone, can anyone help me how to get q2n2222 transistor in pspice, if it should be incorporated in the library by user itself, guide me with the paramerters to model, i need it for saturation region and switching mode for my circuitry. regards
I am having trouble getting the expected voltage transfer characteristic in pspice. I am using the LM311 model out of the opamp.olb library that is on orcad's site. Basically I am fixing one input at 6V and sweeping the other input from 0 to 12V. I expect to see the output go from 0 to 12V or vice-versa. My result is that it is 12V for the en
Hello Everyone, Can anyone help me in how to use SRAM in pspice, how to read and write from the sram? Thanks
Hspice gives more accurate results than pspice (orcad) does. I've used both for the same project and the difference was as much as 0.5V (DC output of an opamp that I designed). As far as netlist generation for hspice, do it by hand. It's surprisingly easy, especially if making digital circuits which have a lot of shared components.
hello Do anyone know about IBIS to SPICE converter for free download which should be entirely compatible with the simulation of pspice (orcad), EDSPICE (EDWinXP) etc
for circuit simulation u can use pspice,orcad,eagle from cadsoft or even simulink of matlab can do
mixer or AM recievers pspice orcad simulation design are need.
Is there any way to get the Total Harmonic Distortion of a signal in Spice?? Thanks in advance, diemilio Hi, Diemilio, My answer is good for pspice (orcad): In TRAN setup you have to activate FOURIER and to specify the fundamental frequency of the signal you want to analyze as well as the corresponding node voltag
As FvM said - probably a pen & paper solution is the easiest. If there is something periodically going on that is complex then use pspice to help calculate that short period of time & use the result in your hand calculations. Again, as FvM said - change some values to speed it up & extrapolate the real results. You cannot make the maximum time
how to calculate the diode trasition and storage times using orcad pspice tool.I want to see the graph between time vs current which is attached to this link
IC Cadence tools are only for Linux. In Windows platform, Cadence only has CAD tools (pspice, orcad). For IC tools running on Windows you can use HSpice Synopsys and Taner Layout.
"orcad Capture" let you change only coupling N1 and N2 turns for the transformer. I wonder, which transformer parameters you are missing? pspice ("orcad") can either use a linear or non-linear transformer model. According to your schematic, you're using the non-linear (core) model. By changing the core parameters, you can basica
hello as you the the image i want to add off-page connector but it doesn't have or i don't know which library is related to off-page connector.could you help me on
Hi all! I'm having a problem simulating this circuit below: it's a three-phase diode bridge rectifier. 86666 The error I get is the following: " ERROR -- Convergence problem in transient analysis at Time = 20.69E-06 Time step = 15.92E-15, minimum allowable step size = 60.00E-15 These volta
Hi. I am using pspice orcad Full version, I used orcad capture to build a symbol for the model I used from Biolek paper. I donot know what simulation profile to use I do not know the difference between them. I want to check the hysteresis loop for the memristor. Thanks
i have designed digital circuit. i need to compare the power consumption of this circuit with existing circuit with similar function. i request you to let me know the software to be used for this. i tried pspice/orcad but i find that the data has to be manually entered. i am looking for a tool that will take the netlist generated for the verilog de
What's the difference between Microsim and orcad pspice? Does anyone know that?
Hi, If you are using pspice Schematic Capture (not orcad Capture), in the menu Analysis, select Probe Setup and check Restore last Probe session.
Can orcad pspice generate s2p file? and ads can be used combine with pspice? thanks!
Can any one tell how to simulate with orcad 9.0 pspice the possible noise of CMOS operational amplifier. :?:
i think pspice is more accurate
for example, i want to compute the average fo i(l1) in pspice, i use eva goal function. i can find avg() function in "analog operators and fuctions" list. but i write avg(i(l1)) in the trace expression. system tells me "invalid expression(s)". i donot know what is my mistake. would you tell me how to compute the average in orcad pspice (...)
Does orcad pspice as Linux software or is any plan to create such one?
Hi, The best ones are pspice A/D user's manual and reference guide, but here are some interesting links * by t
How to run/generate netlist at orcad pspice? Also, is there a way that we can generate our own symbol? Thanks
Hi, The file you get has a .mod extension. pspice only recognizes library files with .lib extension. Try to rename the file you have with a .lib extension as the syntax of the model seams to be correct (It includes directives like "LOT/UNIFORM" and "DEV/GAUSS" which are used for Mote Carlo analysis). You also need to : - add this new .lib
hi, Error: Missing Model i got this error after creating my own MOSFET model. i've tried to edit the model many times using pspice model editor but the same error message came out. and i have problem in editing the MOSFET part. the part is not the standard part as the G (gate) pin is located at the left/right side of the component (whi
The problem is solved in another way. It seems orcad-pspice can convert digital-analog level automatically. However, how to control the delay associated with each model? I used gates and DFFs from DIG_PRIM library, and I simulated at 1ns clock. It turned out the gates are too slow to responce and I have to slow down. I tried to edit the model but i
Hi, Circuit Maker 2000 student version includes a MC1496 spice model. Install this software and try to copy the model to * by t
Hello... Can anyone tell me how to implement a real time signal in orcad pspice for simulation purposes? thank you bye
orcad pspice used for circuits simulation can not interfase external signal. You can used NI LabView DAQ or MatLab signal DAQ for sum application signal.
Can any one give a paper for orcad pspice 10.3