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I need simulate AC for SC- S/H How use pss analysys in spectre? I do not understand parameters. Explain me pls. Or may be some tutorials? Thanks a lot.
How to do pss analysis in cadence spectre..I had given pss run for SC filter with sampling freq=10MHz and fun=3KHz.Its taking very long time to simulate..I am not ablet debug the problem.plz help me?
In "option" window of transient analysis, there is a field to fill that you can save the transient analysis results by defining a file name as for instance "transient.ts".. Then you can use this file in pss analysis again in option window by filling simply the file name which you have save before..
Do someone know what's the purpose of pss and Qpss analysis in spectre simulator? What's difference between pss and Qpss? Thanks in advance!
hello everybody,what di u mean by beat frequency in pss analysis in spectre,is it ur oscillator output frequency?also is a standalone analysis of the vco phase noise enough or u need to calculate the phase noise when the pll is a part of the system.i am unable to calculate phase noise of vco as a part of the pll system,cause (...)
I simulate IM3 by pss analysis in spectre and .fft in Hspice , But the results are so different, the noise floor resulted by Hspice is much higher than the counterpart, about 20dB higher. Maybe my configuration in Hspice is wrong, but anybody can tell me which options I should use to lower noise floor. my configuration: .options (...)
For RF analyses in spectre pss, qpss, pac,psp ... and etc. As I am not a RF engineer. what is the use of those analysis? any reference I know study such that I know what are they? thx
Hello Friends... Can anyone guide me how to do pss analysis in Cadence spectre. Coz i need to simulate Switched capacitor filter for which pss analysis is required. Can anyone tell how to do brief... Thanks in Advance Bhagath
Hi I am designing a switching amplifier with 300MHz switching frequency and 20MHz input frequency. I was doing the pss analysis in spectre RF and found out that the software is considering 300MHz to 299.91MHz. Because of this software is giving the following error while running pss analysis. ERROR, (...)
Go to options at pss analysis panel and there is place called "Accuracy ....." and you can set the iteratio and the one below it to 5 and then try it. Good Luck!
I'm simulating an LNA and pss fails on me. The simulator settings are default ones. I have heard for pss one has to change the tolerance settings. I don't know how and which setting. pls help. Here's the error: Internal error found in spectre during periodic steady state analysis (...)
Why 100-500 harmonics?? Normally 10-20 harmonic numbers are enough whichever frequency you work on....( except mixers but also with them 100 is too much) If it's so, I think fourier transformation in pss should mathemetically be wrong approximated. But of course , it has a certain limit...
in pss, the beat frequency should be accuracy and also need a large harmonic sideband number. When you display the result make sure you look at the right harmonic for the fundament frequency. You can reference the manual : spectre RF user guide , there is a detail simulation case for LNA. Hope it helps
Run pss and Pnoise analysis. pss is periodic staedy state. It calculates VCO operating frequency in steady state and Pnoise calculate the phase noise for the defined frequency range.
pss analysis of spectre in oscillator mode is best suited for VCO simulations.
In hspice, save operating points into a ic, then load this ic and run ac analysis . In spectre, do pss and pac analysis.
Hi, I'm simulating a vco using cadence IC5033. Have run trans analysis and the vco can oscillate well, and output log shows no warning. From the result of trans analysis, I set the tstab parameter in pss. But when running pss analysis, the warning "PM0: The bulk-drain junction current exceed 'imelt'. The (...)
Hi, I'm simulating a vco using cadence IC5033. Have run trans analysis and the vco can oscillate well, and output log shows no warning. From the result of trans analysis, I set the tstab parameter in pss. But when running pss analysis, the warning "PM0: The bulk-drain junction current exceed 'imelt'. The (...)
do pss and pnoise analysis. in pnoise setting page, select "jitter" for noise type. the result can be seen in direct plot -> main form.
Hi, I want to perform noise analysis in cadence but I haven't found any really relevant tutorial in the topic. Could someone please send me a tutorial, or a link to such a document? I have already checked cadence sourcelink as well but it haven't returned anything serious. So does somebody have experience/idea ab
I am using spectre of version 5.10.41_USR3.102405 I want to run pss analysys nut I cant see ENGINE option in the window can any one say what are the options I have to set. Thanks in advance Ramesh
it maybe need set a correct beat frequency for simulation, such as fclock/1.5Wrong. Don't use a term of "beat", if you mean pss of Cadence spectre. See "spectre -h pss", if you mean pss of Cadence spectre. There is no "beat[/
Dear all, I am using spectre to design up conversion mixer. It is quadrature input and single output mixer. Could anyone teach me how could I simulate Noise Power Desnsity (dBm/Hz)? Another question. My up-conversion mixer is quadrature input and single output. In the test-bench, I use two Ports to generate quadratu
Hi everyone, I want to simulate the effect of mismatch and process variation on the system performance of my SAR Analog to Digital Converter. The system now is simply ideal system with only one transistor level block, the other blocks are written in Verilog-A code in Cadence-spectre. The easiest way to simulate the mismatch and process v
I encountered something strange and I hope someone can help me here. I just installed ic5.0 in redhat 8. Everything works fine until I try simulating pss. I always get the following error, even for a very simple circuit which is run properly on IC50 installed on Solaris: Internal error found in spectre during periodic steady state (...)
I encountered something strange and I hope someone can help me here. I just installed ic5.0 in redhat 8. Everything works fine until I try simulating pss using spectre or SpectrS. I always get the following error, even for a very simple circuit which runs properly on IC50 installed on Solaris: Internal error found in spectre during (...)
Now I've understood better your problem. The question is not on the simulator, but on what you're looking for. Usually in differential amplifiers, if you're interested in differential signal only, you must use input/output baluns with proper impedance ratio. In this way you'll have only one input port (you can set dc port instead of sine in line
Hi All, I am using spectre to simulate switched capacitor type differential opamp using pss and PAC for the AC reponse. However, after the simulation there is an error: No "VF" data for node "/OUTP" No "VF" data for node "/OUTN" when I want to display the waveform. Do I miss some point or any setting need to display the waveform? Plea
Is it really? Could you tell me how can I use this in spectre? This is just a Verlog-A lanugage, how can I use it as Schematic Instances? Also I want to simulate a pss analysis using this model. Do it have hidden-state problems?
PXF analysis is intended to give an indication of different gain vs product indexes, while pss is the most accurate one. For example you can use PXF to see if there is image rejection or if you want to know how large can be an unwanted output frequency out of the non linear circuit under evaluation. With pss you ussually perform all (...)
I'd like to ask one question too. I'm using pss to estimate IIP3 of IF filter, but as every people meet, the 3rd-order curve in low-power area isn't correct. Anyway, in my case, this incorrectness occured up to the high power area that make me very hard to find the 3 dB/dB slope of the curve, compare to pss+PAC simulation. I have to set the numbe
Hi , I have designed an oscillator with 2.4G oscillation frequency. I am new to the phase noise simulation in spectre. I followed the pss and pnoise set to simulate phase noise, it gives me error when running pss, complaining something like "arithmetic exception error". Can i know why?? I have tried by changing tstab value, but still has (...)
Hi, I am trying to simulate Mixer with Qpss analysis to view the harmonics and their distortions. Typically I was doing it with pss and it is taking long time for simulation. As Qpss has less time to simulate I am trying tht but encountered a prblem as error which spectre reports as follows. "Error (...)
hi Vamsi Mocherla, Thank you for sharing your thoughts...but still i havent got all the answers i wanted. I use 'spectre' simulator in Cadence...and actually my question was how to do noise analysis using spectre i.e. pss analysis and also including input noise 'ports'. Lastly, can i trust the results (...)
In Cadence 5.141, directly PAE may be used in pss analysis.Otherwise, Each input and output should have curent probe to measure the currents and of course with node voltages PAE and other important parameters can be simulated. But better way is to ADS or RFDE, because in these simulators, to simulate some important parameters is easier by inse
Dear All, I am simulating LNA and other RF components in spectre for the 1st time. Is there any good document where I can learn more on pss,PAC, Noise analysis using spectre, like what basically pss, PAC means. Very basic on these topics. Thanks in adavance. Prakash
U need to do it through the Sweep option (Present at the end of pss analysis form)in the pss analysis if you want exact answers. Use port instance for your input signal from analogLib provided.... Use the power in dB option available in the input port instance.....give a variable there and specify tht varible in the swept (...)
are you means convert Hspice model to spectre? if yes you can try this in spectre : analog design enviroment --> setup --> enviroment --> userCmdLineOption : +csfe but i think spctre using hspice model has problem in transient analysis......... and hard conservation in pss analysis.
hi, its better to do qpss analysis for mixer especially for icp and iip3 as its fast even with small beat frequencies. see the link below for the mixer simulation using cadence.
which kind you can calculate and also simulate. if you calculate you must use the small signal circuit if you simulate you use pss and pnoise in spectre
spectre has more advanced simulation capabilties including a better and faster convergence, better time-step control. spectreRF has a lot of useful tools in RFIC Design such as calculating of IIP3 directly and pss analysis. @ gte582w: Though its true HSPICE can be used with a netlist, modern tools like Cadence allow us to (...)
why not try pss and pac in spectre?
Dear We have to do two analysis to see the Phase Noise in spectre.The two analysis are 1.pss 2.Pnoise In specre simulation choose these two analysis and run the simulation. If u click on pss u have to give some parameters.same is the case with Pnoise.
use pss may help
ADS = Agilent Advanced Design System For VCO noise analysis, I use spectre. First run pss analysis and then pnoise analysis, you can get the phase noise plot of the VCO in dBc/Hz
Dear all : I am doing the S-C circuit for noise analysis. I know the pss + PNoise can run time-domain noise . Does anyone do it ? Thanks
use spectre ,there is pss simulation
I do not think there is any specific command to simulate 1/f noise ONLY. What you can do is to do a noise analysis (AC or pss), start with very low frequency, then you should be able to see the 1/f noise contribution at low frequency depends on your biasing of your MOSFET
You cannot use SP analysis with mixer noise. SP is a small signal linear simulation that does not take into account frequency translation. (Although I heard about spectre RF's Periodic SP simulator - PSP that can be used to calculate the noise figure for periodically varying circuits). You can use HB simulator in ADS or pss/PNOISE in (...)
I have some troubles in simulating the quadrature accuracy of a QVCO... it's said in papers that we can use a SSB mixer to up convert a baseband signal with the I/Q signal, and then get the image rejection ratio, which is a good criteria to evaluate the quadrature accuracy. But how should i do the simulation? A Transient analysis to see th