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I need simulate AC for SC- S/H How use pss analysys in spectre? I do not understand parameters. Explain me pls. Or may be some tutorials? Thanks a lot.
How to do pss analysis in cadence spectre..I had given pss run for SC filter with sampling freq=10MHz and fun=3KHz.Its taking very long time to simulate..I am not ablet debug the problem.plz help me?
In "option" window of transient analysis, there is a field to fill that you can save the transient analysis results by defining a file name as for instance "transient.ts".. Then you can use this file in pss analysis again in option window by filling simply the file name which you have save before..
Can anyone pls tell me the step on how to use the "stb" analysis in spectre, to test the stablilty (gain margin,phase margin) of an opamp... I feel difficulty in finding the exact value of these margin, base on the graph generated. Thanks in advance!
Hi, all Is there anybody can tell me how to use the .Sens analysis in spectre, If there were any examples given, I will be appreciate it. Thx in advance! BR!
Hi All, When I run DC analysis in spectre I wasn?t able to annotate the DC operating point, but I am able to print the node voltage. Can someone please explain why I am getting this? Thanks Bouchy
first, how to run simulation in backgroud for parameter analysis in spectre? second, for a pipelined adc, the 10 bit output codes are ready(after delay and RSD) in phi2 phase, but the 10 bit output codes have some delay relative to the clock edge of phi2(about 2ns), then how to read the 10 bit output codes into matlab? how to deal with the relat
Do someone know what's the purpose of pss and Qpss analysis in spectre simulator? What's difference between pss and Qpss? Thanks in advance!
For RF analyses in spectre pss, qpss, pac,psp ... and etc. As I am not a RF engineer. what is the use of those analysis? any reference I know study such that I know what are they? thx
INDEX: pz analysis; hspice; spectre; pole and zero I just do the pz analysis with spectre(analog simulation environment) and hspice on the same circuit: a two stage op amp with differential input and single output Their bode plot same as each other, but the report are different: Hspice's report is correspondance with (...)
Could anyone be please to tell me how to simulate noise in spectre? My step is: 1 choose noise analysis 2 set sweep varialbe as frequency 3 sweep range start 1 stop 800k 4 Out put noise: positive output node I choose the output of the circuit, negative output node I choose the gnd 5 Input Noise I choose the voltage source in the beginning of
Hello, I simulated a LC VCO working in 1.9G using pss analysis. In the result panel I choose power and dbm button, current is also plotted in subwindow. Please tell me how to calculate the power consumption of VDD source from the result in wave window.
Hi all, Can anyone upload an user's guide/manual on PZ analysis found in spectre? Any links would also help. thanks.
how to do a Monte-Carlo analysis in Spetre
.measure analysis is very useful in Hspice. But I don't know how to do the same thing in spectre.Can anyone tell me something about it?
In hspice we can do .measure analysis, but how can we do it in spectre? 3x!
Hello Friends... Can anyone guide me how to do pss analysis in Cadence spectre. Coz i need to simulate Switched capacitor filter for which pss analysis is required. Can anyone tell how to do brief... Thanks in Advance Bhagath
Beat frequency means the difference between two pss the difference between the frequency (fundamantal) and its harmonic will be equal to fundamental freq (beat frequency) only.
Dear all: When I simulate a LDO circuit by spectre, I find a dominat pole at low frequency on Bode plot. But in pz analysis of spectre, there's no pole at low frequency. Why the two results between Bode plot and pz analysis are quite different? Does the miller cap compensation will effect the pz (...)
I designed folded cascode opamp for gain of 57db and UGB 16Mhz.i want to to do dcmatch analysis for folded cascode op-amp.when i am doing dcmismatch analysis in spectre it is asking threshold value.I don't know how much value to give .i am using UMC 180nm technology in that i don't know how to include variations in model file for dc (...)
Hi I am designing a switching amplifier with 300MHz switching frequency and 20MHz input frequency. I was doing the pss analysis in spectre RF and found out that the software is considering 300MHz to 299.91MHz. Because of this software is giving the following error while running pss analysis. ERROR, (...)
i run the montle carlo analysi s in spectre, but don,t how to see the result, who can help me
hello everybody,what di u mean by beat frequency in pss analysis in spectre,is it ur oscillator output frequency?also is a standalone analysis of the vco phase noise enough or u need to calculate the phase noise when the pll is a part of the system.i am unable to calculate phase noise of vco as a part of the pll system,cause (...)
hi all. I doing ac analysis in spectre with following command in deck ac start=10 stop=1G dec=100 I am getting linearized plot. can someone tell me what is the command for getting DB plot in spectre.
I simulate IM3 by pss analysis in spectre and .fft in Hspice , But the results are so different, the noise floor resulted by Hspice is much higher than the counterpart, about 20dB higher. Maybe my configuration in Hspice is wrong, but anybody can tell me which options I should use to lower noise floor. my configuration: .options (...)
.dc VDS 0 5 1m VGS 0 5 1 What is this command(s) in spectre? Thanks jelydonut
hello, who knows how to use pz analysis in cadence tools?
How to use pole-zero analys in spectre. What mean Component Eval Freq? thanks
Hi, all I met a problem when I was trying to get the AC response of a circuit. you know that the AC analysis in spectre is based on DC analysis, but the circuit is going to be settled after some time, that's to say, waht I really want is the AC response of the circuit after some time, but not at time 0. So how could I get what I want? any (...)
Go to options at pss analysis panel and there is place called "Accuracy ....." and you can set the iteratio and the one below it to 5 and then try it. Good Luck!
I'm simulating an LNA and pss fails on me. The simulator settings are default ones. I have heard for pss one has to change the tolerance settings. I don't know how and which setting. pls help. Here's the error: Internal error found in spectre during periodic steady state analysis (...)
in pss, the beat frequency should be accuracy and also need a large harmonic sideband number. When you display the result make sure you look at the right harmonic for the fundament frequency. You can reference the manual : spectre RF user guide , there is a detail simulation case for LNA. Hope it helps
Hi, you probably have the licenses/installation for spectre-rf. in our environment the pss analysis is just there. we are using ic5141 + mmsim61. regards hqqh
Both Periodic Steady State analysis (pss) and Periodic AC (PAC) analysis, comes under spectreRF Tools, which is equivalent to transient and ac analysis respectively in low frequency application. Rgds
hi i designed a circuit for LNA.i simulated for s parameters.i wanted to do pss analysis to find out 1 db compression point and iip3.i am getting problems by setting the analysis(specifying the parameters in the analysis window).can anybody help in this regard..or post any help material regarding this. how to set (...)
sometimes I want to FFT analysize in spectre. but I don't know What should I do. Is there anyone who explain me in detail? or teach me where I get tutorial document. thanks
yes, you can run pss and pnoise. more example you can find the openbook of cadence: spectrerf
Hi, I'm simulating a vco using cadence IC5033. Have run trans analysis and the vco can oscillate well, and output log shows no warning. From the result of trans analysis, I set the tstab parameter in pss. But when running pss analysis, the warning "PM0: The bulk-drain junction current exceed 'imelt'. The (...)
Hi, I'm simulating a vco using cadence IC5033. Have run trans analysis and the vco can oscillate well, and output log shows no warning. From the result of trans analysis, I set the tstab parameter in pss. But when running pss analysis, the warning "PM0: The bulk-drain junction current exceed 'imelt'. The (...)
Hello EDA members, I need one help regarding spectre pss analysis.the following points I am looking to be answered. 1- How it is different from transient analysis.Can be achieve the same results from both the analysis (if we try) 2- Actually I did not understand how pss works on a (...)
Hi all, I've been trying to simulate a simple differential LC oscillator, the one that is explained in spectre pss tutorial. However, it gives me positive phase noise at low frequency offsets(~ +50dBc@10Hz), (it gives acceptable negative phase noises for high frequency offsets: -130dBc@1MHz though). I thought it might be because it couldn't f
Hi, I want to perform noise analysis in cadence but I haven't found any really relevant tutorial in the topic. Could someone please send me a tutorial, or a link to such a document? I have already checked cadence sourcelink as well but it haven't returned anything serious. So does somebody have experience/idea ab
Hello I would like to know how to simulate a mixer in spectre pss? the LO and RF signals are derived from AUTONOMOUS oscillators, so there is no input signal sources except those oscillators. how to setup the pss? should the oscillator tab be checked? what signal names I should put?
the component diode_va is not supported in pss analysis,because it is a behavior module component with hidden stares. components with hidden state are not allowed with this analysis analysis skipped. hidden state variable Id Dose anybody know how to fix it?
it maybe need set a correct beat frequency for simulation, such as fclock/1.5Wrong. Don't use a term of "beat", if you mean pss of Cadence spectre. See "spectre -h pss", if you mean pss of Cadence spectre. There is no "beat[/
Dear all, I am using spectre to design up conversion mixer. It is quadrature input and single output mixer. Could anyone teach me how could I simulate Noise Power Desnsity (dBm/Hz)? Another question. My up-conversion mixer is quadrature input and single output. In the test-bench, I use two Ports to generate quadratu
Hello, In doing dc sweep analysis of a CMOS transconductance amplifier, one gets a linear variation of o/p voltage (typically 18 mV to ~100mV) over a limited range of i/p variation before getting saturated. Ideally this linear range should also be consistent with THD results which is also another method of measuring the same. I am using ca
How to run Transient and DC analysis in single spectre simulator file. ????
Hi everyone, I want to simulate the effect of mismatch and process variation on the system performance of my SAR Analog to Digital Converter. The system now is simply ideal system with only one transistor level block, the other blocks are written in Verilog-A code in Cadence-spectre. The easiest way to simulate the mismatch and process v

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