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Anyone have this bestec 12z psu schematic .. Thanks
Can anyone explain the difference when using a negative rail regulated(positive pass thru) psu when powering a HAM radio? Where do I find some negative rail psu schematic to try one with let's say 13,8Vx15A? Regards, Fernando
hi there.. please help me.. i attached a PC psu schematic below from can you please help me to rearrange the schematic below into diagram block?? i mean which part of the schematic is clasified into which block, for example maybe where is the PWM controller from the schematic.., maybe where is the e
Hi ! I'm in need of a psu schematic to use my PC in Car. I´m previously used an inverter successfully, but why convert DC to AC and back to DC again? Could anyone help me with a schematic with "easy-to-obtain" parts ? Tks !
Funai plasma TV, F42PDME schematic diagram is available online. However, Funai doesn't include the power supply diagram. Any one has idea how to get the diagram? Why the manufacturer doesn't want to release this?
Hello, I have seen this dual rail capacitor charge psu. Could you please explain how the capacitor charge mechanism works for both rails?
Full schematic/project for a good quality bench power supply anybody please?. Commercial Dual Laboratory type would do just fine Git
Can somebody help me with a schematic to a Radius (Mitsubishi) PrecisionView 21 colour disp Mod:THN9175SKTKW FCC ID:HUXTHN9175SKTKW , or help me with some values on resistors in the psu?
Need a design for a switch mode psu to drive two Peltier modules- either 12volt 25 amp or 24 volt 12 amps. Can anyone please help?
I need a schematic of a 13,8V(+-5%) x 20A NEGATIVE RAIL linear psu to drive a Sony SSB CB or a Kenwood TS120(all mode) HF or an Yaesu 70W FM/VHF 2 meter (one at a time TX, all RX) ratio 3 minute TX, 5 minute RX Regards, Fernnado - PU2PLL - Brazil
Hi All thies are some schmatics i have downloaded from the internet They maybe old but thy cover the basic idea of most of psu I hope If some one who has some modern psus like Enermax,Antek Or other types to tray to make achematic for them & bost Them Here because i cant find any of these on the internet Goodby Added af
Set of 5 DVD (>20GB) with schematics, user and service manuals: Amplifier (23.2MB) Audio (2.06GB) CAR alarm (4.83MB) CAR radio (908MB) CARS - MOTOS (429MB) CB - RTX (2.62GB) CCD foto-video (874MB) CD - DVD (170MB) Clean machine (1.14MB) Conditioner (6.82MB) Copier (13MB) Deck (7.62MB) ECR (2MB) Game (5.32MB) GSM - Pag
I need schematic from AC Adapter HP C6405-60014 from DeskJet 710C. Thanks in advance.
The picture below is my psu design. I want to assemble one psu for my own LAB. Specification: 1.25 ->24V, 4A with short circuit protection, overload and overvoltage protection also. The stability is 2% (for 4A sink, the output is decreased but not below 98% of max value) - My transformer is capable of providing upto 30VAC and 10A - Va
Hi folks, I need to power a CNC cpu with a PC ATX smps but the TTL based cpu is one meter far from the psu and the cable's voltage drop is more then 1 volt so need to remote sense +5Vdc output of the PC smps using TL494 IC. Will use only +5V(+-5% TTL LS tolerance) and -/+12V(that can reach -/+15V without problem). Can you help me? P.S. The
If you intend to use the psu for an audio amplifier, it will be better to use the classic one with transformer, bridge rectifier and high value capacitors. A SMPS, cannot stand the peak values demands of the amplifier.
I am Breneer 18 yrs old from Philippines and I want to know if someone in the group knows where I can find the schematic diagram of the Power Supply SH-250A. Help!!! E-mail ----Breneer(it's better to put our talents somewhere else. ok!)
q1 and q2 work as a current mirror with the diode and the diode is a dual action 1} to make a bias to turn q1 and q2 on while the supply volts from the psu is .6 v higher than the cell assume the cell is lead acid it will need a constant voltage and will source its own charge current unlike nicad that requires a constant current to char
I have been looking for a good circuit of a "laboratory" power supply. I finally found this one. That looks fairly good. It features a floating regulator that could be scalable to more voltage. And selects diferent secondaries to keep down the power dissipation at the series regulator. Specs:
I know that this is a very unusual configuration so I need a schematic of a linear psu that uses a centre tapped trafo and a two diode in a negative configuration but uses a 2N3055 with the colector connected in the tap of the trafo, I mean the positive rail has it's output controlled with this 2N3055 and the negative output is connected direct in
I am in need of a 15v 1a max regulated psu to regulate a fluctuating 10-15v input source. Does anyone have a schematic for the above? I was recommended the LM2577....
I am looking for switch-mode psu based on TL494 IC. The requirement is 13.8V @ 15A or higher. I saw someone on the net use old PC AT psu and rip-it up and make psu out of it! Is this safe? That beast have around 400V at several Amps on the Primary-side and could cause.. you know what. Anyone hv built or design one (safely) pls share it (...)
i found an article on philips scopes in an old i think 'television' magazine was if i remember going on about the electrolytic caps in its psu being crap etc it didnt give the whole circuit just the psu and parts of its drivers with stuff to change i followed this at the time and fixed my own 50mhz philips PM3215 ill look t
i have a 32"lcd tv which uses a li shin 0420d02216 psu board,the board should deliver 12v dc and 24v dc to the power distribution board.but i only get the 12v nothing from the 24v side.i understand from people ive spoke to , that both voltages should be present when mains is applied,i have tried to get some info on this psu but have got no where.ha
Hi, for +/- 12, +/-5 , why don't u use the 300W ATX psu schematic available on the net. or u could use ur old psu. With a little modification to it, u can also get the 24VDC.
Hello, anybody has schematic of psu with constant output voltage at 5V and constant current output?? I need it for my ADC design :D:D
Hello i need schematic on transformerless psu with this spec : - AC IN 220V - DC OUT 12V or adjustable using regulator ic - dc current minimum of 500mA thanx
I bought a new high-power blower that needs +24V @ 15 amps. I am looking for a cost-effective way to power this thing, when I realized I have several old computer power supplies laying around. Two are identical, 400W, and have single +12V rails capable of 25 amps. My question is this: Can I link 2 computer psu's in series to get +24VDC? (Can I atta
Hello colleagues, I would like to get the schematic diagram for pmp 11.48 sic telephone exchange psu. 2 resistors were burnt near the bridge diodes circuits.The color codes are not clear. So, I would like to check and know these values. Thanks in advance. David
Hi, How much current needs? K. As far as I can see looking from other TWT psu on the internet, a current of 10-15mA would be enough
Hi all, I need an output voltage monitor to my psu. Was thinking to use a LM3914 with 12V lower limit and 15V upper limit so 13,8V will be 7th led lighted up in dot mode so it'll inform clearly output voltage. 73, Fernando
Hi All, This is a very usefull circuit Electronic Parts and schematic Diagram: 95 Watt Laptop Power Supply For Car. Thanks Grittin
I have recently received several power supplies ranging from 8V/5A to 18V/3A and one has fantastically stable output regulation. I have done a bunch of tests and their is almost no measurable ripple and on overload the the current ever rises above the variable set point and the voltage drops without a single spike! Two others however do not have
Hello, I am trying to find a schematic for a -5V psu that can be derived from +5V or +9V input voltage. Current consumption is about 300-500mA. My transformer has not gor a center tap. I would like to use a +9v from a jack wall I am going to use this to feed some opamps The simplest the better, I would prever the use of linear regulators. T
I have a copy of the repair schematics for my power supply and I spent the weekend tracing out components and verifying connections and values. The PCB is 95% the same as the schematic outside of an extra transistor to drive the output FET and a few diodes (You can see them drawn in on the cct)
It's not a complete psu schematic, e.g. not showing the LVcc supply or AC/DC stage. Multiple linked outputs should basically work in the flyback configuration, although they don't fit the high leakage inductance transformer design so well. The same problem applies to a possible auxilary winding.
The transformer is that used in an IDE psu 220 ac input, 12v 2A 5V 2A output. It is an EI ferrite transformer with a gap between the center leg of the E shaped part and the I part ,the center leg is cylindrical. Its dimensions and number of turns for each winding are known (i have dismantled it). I found IDE psu schematic (or (...)
Sounds like you overloaded it. I would personely scrap it, unless you can see a component that has obviously burnt out. The reason is without proper test equipment like a mulitmeter and scope and a schematic of the psu then it could be very difficult to establish what has gone wrong. Multiple components could have been destroyed or any one of m
I suppose I should have looked before I leaped. I bought three of these motors. I also bought this power supply. I am told that because of the high winding indu
You find it here..................... USB Mass Storage Device Using a PIC? MCU ? 2005 Microchip Technology Inc.
Hello, The battery is the cleanest psu of all and for RF and small signal work this does matter. Since some of my projects are based on RF stuff, I mainly experience the effects of non-battery based psus on them, so I have decided to build a lead acid battery psu that will be able to handle a few Amps. Is there anyone that has done this (...)
From your post it seems like there is a typo error in the ''2SK1189'' Yes, the original part is 2SK1199 ... sorry for typo. In attachement there is the psu schematic where I have to substitute Q1 (and some open resistors). Thanks a lot! Emanuele
hi all i have hisense lcd with psu inverter board rsag7.820.1459/roh ver.f their is an smd ic,S AND RESISTORS BERNT PLEESE CAN ANY ONE HELP THANKS AND REGARDS
Hi guys, I'm just thinking. Is there anyway we can build a circuit that can support both 9V battery and a 9V psu? I mean like, if the user got battery, he can use the 9V battery. And when the battery finish, he can plug in the 9V power supply unit. I'm thinking if we put 9V battery and the 9V psu to on together, if the battery is a nonchargeable t
Hi, I need a Leadman (POWMAX) LP6100 schematic diagram . This psu has the problem in primary section of both MJE13007 . After repairing the Primary section this psu is running automatically when I attach power cord with it !!! It doesn't need to be switch !! I have checked the controller section - every diodes, transistors and PF's are OK , (...)
The one on the left side shouldn't be there, it looks to be an error on the schematic. The others are OK, they are all on the secondary side of the transformer. You sometimes see high value resistors or low value capacitors between the primary and secondary sides but these are always safety rated high voltage parts and are there to provide a tiny
Hello i was reading some information about greinacher cascade multiplier, and thought that if it is possible i can use it in my tube amps and preamps, because it can save me huge costs (replacing hv transformer with lower voltage and greater amperage) Is it possible ? should i need special capacitors ? electrolytic or not ? special or typical di
here's a few ideas - drop the 0.3R to 0.1R if you mount all active devices on a CPU cooler with low speed fan. - use a series pass transistor as PWM controlled charger to maintain a lower Voltage drop on the regulators or use a stock SMPS to maintain a 2 V drop on the linear regulator. - use a lower
Hello everyone, A friend of mine gave me an old psu, PCChips MXM-145TF1, previously taken apart, and I wanted to convert it into a bench power supply. I have tried to power it up with no success. Apparently, one of the high voltage switching transistors was removed. I would like to know if anyone has one of these power supplies or its sch
Looks nice, do you have any specs like voltage range, max load, ... The only thing that seam to be missing is a lcd display for V/A readings. Does anyone have any more designs of mcu controlled psu's?