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Hi all, Anybody can upload this table? i need it badly :roll: . Thanks in advance for your time. Yours,
Does anyone have a good transistor substitute table. Xorjo
Someone can help me with the use of the SMBus on the Cygnal F300? I have wrote an Interrup-Handler based on the table of the Data-Sheet but i want to know if there are some example of using it that are tested....
is there any equivalent table between (usa-europe-japan) and russian electronic compenents. regards.
zoovy, I knew your idea about E1 to ethernet rate adaptation . I read SDS9100i datasheet and found it used some rate adaptation methods . Do you think it is REM or WRED? Another qusetion, Why this device keep a MAC address table inside. Do you think it is needed ? In my original thoughts, passing MAC frames transprently is enough. Why do this M
Hi to all, I have seen,for my little pcb (max 800 pins), Easy-PC from Number One System. From the Demo version I haven't seen if it create a drill symbols/table to gerber file. Does someone use it? mbks. :?: :) :?:
Hi,everyone. Where can I find a look up table for sine wave and cos wave? I want to make a function(wave) generator. I use Flex10K10(has 6144bit RAM) and a 8 bit DAC. But the problem is where can I get a LUT for sine wave and cos wave? Can you help me. Thanks in advance.
table current dimension pcb /Deleted. Take it from here: (klug)
Hi, I get a new task to make a motion control for a inductor motor, single phase in 3 phases out. I'm not sure how to calculate and build up a look-up table for sinus values. And I don't know what to choice: sinusoidal PWM or SVPWM. Could some expert give some tips? Thanks in advance! Best Regards, ltg
Does anyone have internation AM/FM distributed table? Best Regards, :D
I need to write a table in a EPROM chip and then play it back as a waveform. What chip I should be looking for? table is like: Time(sec) | Voltage (mV) ----------------------------- 0.1 0.2 0.2 0.6 0.3 0.1 0.4 0.5 0.5 0.6 I am not sure for the size but may go 30kb as I am recording/playing back over 20sec.
PAL Test table
Hi I search a table that connects the current one with the section of the cables. tanks in advanced
I think FPAA have a advantage of the nonlinear compensation for pt1000. and it can also be connected with 4 sensors once a time and can be selected by mux in the chip,such as Anadiam's AN120E04 and AN220E04. See ynhe
You can calculate AWG of wire using this table.
hi all what is look up can i use it in vhdl reduce a "case statements"........................ thanks for your help
Hi, where I can find a table with the values of the cycles for every picbasic instruction? For example, instruction HIGH is 3 cycle. Thank
Does anyone have the ROM table for ASCII characters? Say for example 'A' is 0b00000100 0b00001010 0b00010001 0b00010001 0b00011111 0b00010001 0b00010001 0b00000000 This table should be defined for all standard ASCII characters. Thanks & regards.
Anyone know how to define all the string into a lookup table?? After define all the string into lookup table, how we can access it??
hi there, i have a problem when trying to update-set a table in a particular charecter ( ? ). Interbase wont let me put this character in any update set sentence. I have changed the character set ISO89..., asciii,etc The following answer comes out when trying to execute this query : "Arithmetic exception, numeric overflow, or string truncatio
hi. The decoder in my design needs several very large Look-up table, and the speed of my design is so critical, I have corrected these tables for several times but still cannot achive the timing constraint, they waste too much of the time, since a lot of levels of gate are produced, and muxs, the fan_out are also so big with too many wires for conn
Hi Guys: Can anyone help me out in explaining the way to obtain a tabulation table indicating the noise summary contributed by each transistor in Cadence. I used PSS and PNOISE analysis in Cadence RF-Spectre to obtain the noise figure at 100kHz (flicker noise). I had also attached an example of the desired table. Thanks in advance Rgds
i want a topic or site explain how to build a look up table in atmel 89c51 pls reply me fast
i want a topic or website explain how to build a look up table in atmel 89c51 in assembly lang. thanks Antharax but please send it in assembly and if there is a web site send it
I need to make a program to build a digital filter. I have a table with amplitude and frecuency. is there a matlab function or C function to build a filter with the caracteristics of the table?. i try invfreqz (matlab function) but i dont have fase information. Thank.
Hi, I am coding a Variable-Length Decoder (part of my Mp3 decorder project). The input bit-stream is - 1011 0001 0111 0011 The code table Code Code Length Output ==== ========= ===== 1 1 0 011 3 1 0101 4 2 0100 4 3 0011 4 4 0010
To implement a look up table for such as a multiplier, beside using a two dimentional array such as reg mem_arry and then initialize them in the "initial" block to the value you want? Is there any other way of doing this? I know that in VHDL, use can use two dimentional constant to implement a ROM look up table. Besides
hello i need full table of LCD commands ( 16 X 2 ) & ( 128 X 64 ) thank you
hello i need complete table of ascii codes . can any body help me? thank you
do anyone have a table with spec of substrate used in antenna design
do anyone have a table with spec of substrate used in antenna design
hello i need full table of component name of schematic in PCB for protell 99 ( i mean footprint of component) can anybody help me? regard
Hello Everyone, I need to choose a precise a value of resistor from the datasheet of a vendor. That vendor has provided the resistor range with % tolerance. I need to choose an exact value but somehow the detail table is missing, especially for 2% tolerance. Can anyone provide me with details. Thanks in advance. Chanchg
What is the mathematical equation Correlation weight table for MR102 ? I mean the corrweight in the open-loop pitch analysis cw! Thanks for help...
I use PWM to control fan speed. The fan will return a tacho to represent the factual speed(RPM). The lookup table will contain the to be used PWM settings for the requested speed. The speed needs to be converted as the PWM output is not linear with the voltage of the connected fan. Depending on the load of the fan the to be used PWM characte
LUT(lookup table) in FPGA can be implemented in ASIC? Sum of Product with LUT in ASIC?
Hi all, can anybody help me with my problem, i want to do VLC of MPEG2 , e.g in any image i do the RLE and after that i want to get the bitstream using variable length coding, so if we have a large number of zeros for example 20 zeros in the middle of RLE sequence obtained, where to look for the table to get the bitstream which can be us
If a table have variable length value, how to look up the table in RTL fast ? what about using CAM? can anyone introduce some methods to implementing looking up table in RTL level? thanks!
Hi All Let us make ones, table that summarizes for all. the software that we are using. This will give us all. the knowledge in witch software to use In all kinds of projects We will discuss for each item and Moderator will put the final decision in the table First we discuss for the Software to put in the table (...)
i need erlang b table upto 400 channels..where can i get. in web..i got upto only 50 channels
Hi Guys, I'm creating a Look-up table to generate digital values of a Sinewave signal. I'm using excel to calculate data. Does anyone know a better software for this application.. Also which is the best and most accurate method to achive the digital sampling. Thanks for attention..
Hello All, What is table Model form in W-Element (HSPICE)? W element offers two forms that can be used to enter the frequency dependence of R(f), L(f), C(f), and G(f): (1) table model (2) RLGC model ---manju---
If library doesn't has power table infomation, primepower's calculating is wrong?
Is there a way to plot simulated data and data from a table on the frequency domain plot? I want to compare simulated results of the transfer function against the transfer function given by the datasheet. I know that for voltage and currents in the time domain, we can define the data using the vpwlf or ipwlf source. Then we just plot that again
I am still confused about how looup table works. Please give me some explanation. Thank you.:cry:
hi sir i need your help. this is my code { unsigned int voltage; unsigned char *pressure_string ={"3.07E-12","1.22E-10","6.56E-10"); v=0x02; voltage=voltage*50; P1=string; } For voltage=0x02 corresponding pressure is 6.56E-10 from table. that is P1=6.56E-10; sir my doubt is PORT 1 well takes only 1 byte (8bits
Where is the IRQ table of linux located? I'm getting IRQ 37. Does anybody know why it is generated?
Hey people, need help here. Can someone provide me with a simple look up table for PIC18F452.
Different opamp have certain advantage over others. e.g. gain, area, power comsumption and etc. it is the initial step to chose a suitable opamp used in the analog circuit design. anyone have this kind of comparison tabe?
When I modify the package symbol in the allegro and save it , the message error appear as following : (------------------------------------------------------------) ( ) ( Create Symbol of type PACKAGE ) (