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Hi everyone! I am building a pulse oximeter for my final year project. Our first step was to get waveforms at the output of the photodiode when red and IR light pass through the finger. We have a simple current to voltage converter(initially just a resistor then we tried using an I to V converter built using uA741) at the output of the photodi
Hello everyone, I'm working on a project that includes a pulse oximeter & blood pressure monitor.. And I'm a bit lost with the coding. We physically made the sensor but not sure whereon the board (what pin) we plug it into. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
ive red few articles about oximeter , I assembled the schematic which i attached here (ox_1.png). It's working but i get strange results after i compared it to other people's results. Red LED output and INFRA red output in attachments. Red LED peak wavelength 660nm and infra 940nm which is exactly as the specifications for oximeters. (...)
Hey i searched for oximeter but this problem hasn't occured on the results. I build my own sensor using 2 LED's and photodiode. Connected as in schematic attached (one change -> the differential op amp got right now gain only 1 because i dont have any resistors left ). Im reading the signal so far with oscilloscope (ox3.png). Want to ask if