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Hi all, i am currently working on guitar tube preamp (a sort of pedal) which power doesn't exceed 10W. I would like to use push-pull topology for dc-dc converter, with 12V input voltage and 300V output voltage. At this moment I am trying to design transformer for such convertor. I have searched all Unitrode's application notes and searched all I
Hi i am doing inverter push pull configuration i want to implement PID loop to control output volatge.I am confused to how calculate the P,I,D parameter for the inverter and also how is duty cycle is related to the output of push pull converter based inverter. Help (...)
I am making push pull type 50Hz inverter using PIC16F883 I configured uC in half bridge mode for 20 mSec. period 1) Signals I am getting on P1A & P1b is just complement of each other. Suppose for 30 % duty cycle without any deadtime what I am getting is some thing like this I CHECKED THIS (...)
Hi I have done many designs on H-bridge from opt-couplers and discrete logic to dedicated H-Bridge drivers. But Now I want to design a sine wave inverter using push pull transformer with center tape. actually one of my design based on atmega8 has a square wave out put now I want to change the software making an spwm signals driving the same (...)
My inverter cannot carry lcd tv(samsung).push pull using sg3524
Hi there my fellow erudite forum members... I am embarking on a design of swpm dc-ac inverter with push pull configuration using Atmega8. I am using low frequency transformer. I have been able to generate the sine wave and was able to achieve decent pure sine wave at output after filtering. My problem however is the charging circuitry for (...)
Hi, Im designing a DC to DC converter using a push pull topology, I know I need a centre tapped ferrite core transformer connected to two power mosfets to get a higher output voltage! the problem is I cant find such a transformer on the market! is it ok if I use a flyback transformer instead? PS. I took out a EC28 Transformer form an o
thanks can you please share here the links of application notes and also a link of sg3525 application note. anyhow my progress of learning push pull topology going good.. Hi You're welcome ! but can you please have a bit search about the application note or datasheet in google ? Best Wishes Goldsmith
Dear members , I have designed push pull converter using SG3525 for pure sine wave inverter ( this is first step for it ) with specs Input Voltage = 12 V DC Output voltage = 300 V DC transformer = ferrite core Mosfets = IRFZ44N ( i didnt used any inductor at output after rectification , just used capacitor for filtration purpose ) (...)
For high efficient DC/DC converter push-pull type converter is the most suitable for low power segment. But in this type of converter, noise produces due to high frequency switching even the transformer is winded the best. This noise create harmful effects in micro-controller circuits such as ADC. Now how can this noise can be removed? I tried with
Hello there, I am designing push pull power supply with one input(20-366 VDC) to multiple (4) outputs. 1. 24V DC (35mA) 2. 5V(35 mA) 3. 13V(35 mA) 4. -13V(35 mA) I used full wave rectifier. Now problem is....How to calculate values of filter capacitors for rectifier side and all output side. I found that ripple current is depends on ca
Hi, How can i design a simple push pull with MOSFET (like the classical push pull with an NPN and PNP bipolar transistor) ??? At the input, i have a feedback current Amp Op and i want to use it to cancel the distorsion.. Regards
Dear All I'm going to build a step up from 12 Vdc to 300 Vdc/ 300 watt using push pull topology in current mode configuration, as i have to sens current wich is about 37A with duty cycle 45% for each transistor the peak sens voltage <= 1 volt so i nees 25 mOHM/30watt resistor which is expensive and loosy solution i wounder if i can sens
Differential is usually a term for small signal amplifiers and it applies to the input or output or both. push pull usually means two transistors combined with transformers and only one conducting at a time although they can be class A in rare cases.
pushpull may be wrong term at the microcontroller. Sink/source capability and pushpull are different models. But complementery two open drain or collector output known pushpull. Most comman output types are totem pole, open collektor and active pullup type outputs. (...)
Hi ..guys MMC has two bus mode:open-drain and push-pull , what does it mean?
Any references with detailed explanation of push-pull, open-drain, open-collector and other electronics interfacing logics? Thanks in advance ! mogwai.
sometime i see the ic datasheet show the push-pull port or the open-drain port. What different for this?
dear all, My problem is: How to satisfy the driving strength and output impedence requirement of push-pull PAD? Anougth question: there is some solution to do slew rate control, what is preferred? thanks
the inverter I use is push pull inverter, does increase the pmos and nmos's resistance?
Can any one give an article obaut the design of push-pull stages.
What is a Totem Pole Output? A Totem Pole output is essentially the same as a push pull output; however, it is the terminology commonly used when referring to a TTL device. The major difference between it and a push pull is the amount of current that it can sink or source. The Totem Pole output is going to sink/source (...)
For the pad design, we often hear of push-pull, push-up, push-down, open-drain, and open-source. Wiz on earth they are??? Why should we chose the different mode? Any reason? Also, many time I hear of pin-strapping. What is it? Normally, we should use input pin or outout pin to do pin-st
Does anyone know a complete reference on the push-pull cmos ota (picture is in: page 2) ? What are the advantages of using the push-pull single ended output configuration like in the picture above? besides the controllability of the zero? Thanks
Hi any one help me irfp250 push pull configuration what is maximum dc volt use how to calculate?(Vdss-200V - Rds_on 0.085- Id 33A) Regards kicha
by push-pull, you mean pmos on top and nmos on bottom? This can't run in linear mode or you will have a lot of shoot-though current as both of the mosfets are on at the same time. if you are making an op-amp, or something else that needs to give an output from GND to VDD you need a different output stage. if you REALLY want a rail-to-rail outp
Hi... In our project we want Full Bridge push-pull transformer. I tried to search online but could not find any proper tutorial for designing the one. Hope you guys will give some hints. I have allready made it and test it. But there are few lacking in that. The output voltage doesnot go above 25V and output having more ripple etc. That is why
Why does it have to be a push-pull for only 30W? A forward, or even a flyback will do. What is the output voltage? Single output? Any other requirements?
I need a little help on designing a transformer for my push-pull converter. The input voltage is from 9 to 18v,output should be 350v,operating frequency 100KHz,output current 0.2A and the core should be a ferrite one. The push-pull is a center tapped version. What value should i use for the flux? Any help is welcomed.
I need some help in choosing the right wire size for a push-pull transformer that has 12v(min of 9 ,max of 18) input and 350v output. The Ae=76mm^2,and it is working at a switching freq of 100kHz.From the design i understand that the output is working at 200kHz. 175W input->150W output:so there are about 19.44 amperes at the input(worst case)and
Hey guys, got a tricky thing im trying to do, and I dont have full knwolege of using mulitple relays etc. I got a laim ass drawing below to give you some sorta idea, and ill try to make as much sense as possible. I also attached an image that someone else drew up for me, but now I cant figure out how to get it a timed output. Okay, basically wh
push pull amplifier is basically two trasistors working in two different exculsive times. if one trsnsitor is amplyfying the signal then other one will be in cutoff n viceversa. for first half cycle of a sinusoid upper trasistor do amplification and for next half cycle lowe one will do amplification like this push pull (...)
apart from wikipedia try the follwng :D:D
Hello! Can you please tell me what is the difference between push-pull and open-drain mode? I searched the net and the wiki, but all answers were confusing. Can you please direct me to some site which explains this in detail or maybe you can explain it with some pictures? I have a microprocessor which pins can be configured
Hi people, I'm trying to design a 1 Watt push pull amplifier using dual NPN RF MOSFET at 40MHz and a 24 Volt single supply. I'm not using any inductors or transformers. I'm not sure how to bias the MOSFET correctly. What type of biasing circuit should I be using ? Since I'm using dual NPN, does this mean I need a phase splitter or is there an
hello! do you know any good tutorial in designing push-pull amplifiers? thanks...
I think , a push-pull output stage can provide Vout from Vdd to GND. For example, Vdd=2V, Vdc=1V and Vss=GND=0V. In this situation, the output is push-pull but class A , not class AB, right? Thanks a lot!
hi every body, I design a SMPS push-pull the problem is when the transformer is switched a peak appear ... a least 400V, what can I do to avoid that ? change frequency ?
HI i need a BJT amplifier circuit that work in C class and have push-pull and darlington stages. with best regards, Mostafa
Hi I have the following schematic of a push-pull ballast. I know for a half bridge cross-conduction needs to be avoided, but what about this push-pull circuit. What will happen if the mosfets both conduct at the same moment. The primary coils are wrapped in antiphase. It looks like they both draw current from the 12V (...)
hi all i want to design a power amplifire with below specification : Iout = 5 A (rms) typical vout = 24 V(rms) typical 1Mhz push-pull circuit is enough or maybe any better way to reach the specification needed. please help for a reliable and trustabl
Hi!I 'm very poor in design Balance amplifier and push-pull amplifier,So I want find some books to learn, plz suggesting. THS! -CQCQ
may i know what is push pull converter?? someone pls help me....any ebook pls share wit me thanx ya....
helo all i am designing battery charger using push-pull dc/dc converter, can any body give/suggest links for the microcontroller program. thanks darla
In push pull smps (offline), i am worried that my transformer will saturate due to the non balanced switching, -i mean the "flux-walking" effect. it is said i may use current mode to solve this.....but how do i have my overcurrent trip only trip due to magnetising current, and not due to the "transformer current" or load current ? transfo
I have simulated a class A push-pull amplifier, but i don't understand what i've obtained... In a class A push pull the maximum current in load is Imax=2*Iquies; so if load is R//C : 1)Voutmax=R*Imax 2)slewrate=Imax/C Is it right? If i use as load only R, the first condition is met; but if i consider only C (without (...)
Hey, I've been looking all over the net for a 20k pot (22k will do too) with either a push/pull or a rotary double throw switch. Doesn't matter if it's SPDT or DPTP, as long as I can switch between two lines. Anyone knows if these exist and where I can find one? Thanks in advance
Hi, all Attatched is class ab output buffer. And the following equation is push pull current relationship. I don't understand how that equation works. Give me an advice, thanks.
Hi, Can anyeone recommend me some good starting point for a push-pull dc-dc design? Any Application Note or docs is welocome.. Thanks
Hi All I would like to design a simple current boster op amp with complementary push pull driver who can work from a single supply(mandatory) It should drive up to 150 mA of current so 2N3904 & 2N3906 should serve best as a complementary peir in the design The circuit should work from +9V and have a Gain of 5V/V max, the op amp should b