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Hello everybody !! I serach for a "pwm-Circuit" for controlling a "Buck/Boost-Converter" !! Does anybody have a circuit !! Thank you ***************************************** Please don't reply unless you have useful information to add on this post. Any other replies are always welcome via PM.
On 2001-08-31 17:26, ahgu wrote: I did some research: pwm usually have 10bit resolution(1024) levels. 20Khz x 1k=20Mhz. if you goto 12bit resolution, you need 80Mhz clock. But for DAC, 16bits is readily available. But it is a external component. Any uController that has 12bits DAC? I need to do location position, My encoder has 512
pwm != position control, unless you are using some control logic between the pwm signal and the motor. positioning accuracy will depend on your encoders which provide position/velocity feedback.
I'm looking for a simple pwm low voltage (6/12V 50W) lamp controller, using PIC 16F84/F628 or 12C509 and a power MOSFET. It should provide "soft start" and regulate the lamp voltage from a battery V greater or equal the nominal Vlamp. Does anyone has already it or I have start this design from scratch ? T.I.A.
I would recommend to connect to your 555 a smart MOSFET that Infineon makes. They are protected against overcurrent (if your lamp goes into short-circuit), against overvoltage, overtemperature etc. Infineon do have many to choose from that will suit your requirements on low conducting resistance of the MOSFET. Also, keep in mind that if you wil
anyone can send me the reference of phase shift pwm application
Hi all! You'll find a lot of good articles and thesis about digital amplifiers in Could be helpfull if someone colaborate posting other links. Also pwm digital-analogue convertion is interesting... Thanks in advance :wink: bicho
you can use semence make SAB 5XX series. they have wide range of periferals including pwm, flash ram, CAP-Com units and CAN. hock
Hi , Does anybody have any code written in C to decode the pwm output of a RF remote control (from a car alarm) . Doesn't have to be code hopping just read the code so that I can display it . Thanks in advance Schmitt :lol: :lol: :lol:
Hello, Does anyone have a VHDL implementation of a symmetrical pwm generation? or a link? Thanks, S
the standard switching frequency is 15kHz. i like to use 20Khz because of the audio noise. in general, you should switch as fast as you can until your switching losses become more than you feel comfortable with, but never more than the conduction losses. here is why: high frequency makes for easier filtering (smaller lighter cheaper inductors
Could someone please help me with this... how can I simulate a symmetrical pwm in spice? Thanks in advance
Hi friends Please find The timer ratio and pwm caculator for pic micro may be help full for pic programming used regards Fragrance
Hello Fragrance, please take a look at: You will find a Elektor article for builidng a LED torch with a uC pwm controlled Step-Up DC/DC converter. Why do you want to develop you own pwm driver? ICs from Maxim, Linear, TI, ... are more effecient. by, cube007
You can use an adder to implement pwm function and the carry of msb will be the final output.
I'm trying to implement (in VHDL) a simple 3-bit counter that is loaded asynchronously. The CPU writes to an 8-bit register, in which 3 of those bits are the ones that are loaded into the counter. These 3-bits determine the duty cycle for the pwm output that is gated on the TC of the counter. Has anyone had any experience designing loadable c
Here are some papers on class D power amplifier AES 4917 - Paralleled Phase Shifted Carrier Pulse Width Modulation (PSCpwm) Schemes - a Fundamental Analysis. AES 4446 - A Review and Comparison of Pulse Width Modulation (pwm) Methods for Analog and Digital Input Switching Power Amplifiers. AES 5039 - A Review and Comparison of Digital (...)
who can tell me which chip is the newest pwm chip and where i can down their datasheet? who have design pwm chip with fpga?can you communicate with me? my email is
variable frequency is actually considered PFM, not pwm - your limiting case is 99.9% duty cycle at fmax.. no need for DDFS here, since you are only generating a clock of variable frequency. You can probably use the core circuitry of the DDFS to supply a variable frequency clock to a little pwm system. This may be hard to stabilize at high powe
Hi, I get a new task to make a motion control for a inductor motor, single phase in 3 phases out. I'm not sure how to calculate and build up a look-up table for sinus values. And I don't know what to choice: sinusoidal pwm or SVpwm. Could some expert give some tips? Thanks in advance! Best Regards, ltg
Hi, I wonder if I can use uC instead of dsp to control space vector pwm? Does some of you used uC to control space vector pwm? Do you have code samples? Thanks in advance! Best Regards, ltg
Hi, Thanks very much for your tips! Yes, I use microcontroller but it only provides edge aligned pwm. With center aligned pwm I can use space vector pwm, which is more efficient than sinusoidal pwm. I don't know how to create center aligned pwm with the traditionally microcontrollers. Best Regards, ltg
What actually need? Hardware/Software For Software simply use For Hardware put a transistor between motor and pwm port of AVR. :wink:
Hello! I am a beginner at Xilinx 9500 series CPLDs using Webpack 5.2. I wrote the attached file as a pwm comparator/generator with input latch. The problem is that when I synthesize it I get a warning: found 1 bit latch for signal pwm. Also when I run the fitter report I get a "red X" left of the "fitter report". So I would like to know what I am
Here is a short article about pwm: hope this helps you to understand how it is working ...
Hi all :) I find a spice model for pwm IC SG3524 or TL494, or how to make it
Pspice full version can do it,and you can easy get more example or model. and saber is another better select for pwm dc-dc simulation.
Hi.. First you need to find out how many pwm channel you need to use. Most AVR provide 2 channel but some like ATMega 32 will provide 4 pwm channel. Did you also need to gen sine table? what compiler language you used?.. Microchip have an application note that use PIC18F to control 3 phase AC motor. search for AN258 on Microchip website. You could
Hello brothers! I have one problem: I am design a pwm circuit that control the current source in galvanometer(speed meter). The manufacturer of the galvanometer (speed meter) specify the following conditions: 60Hz, 0...25mA; speed show proportional of the pulse current throught of the coil. I design the circuit show above and when the voltage sou
Hi, Can anyone show me how to initialize pwm in P89C51RD2. How to change duty-cycle and what will be the frequency of generated pwm wave?
I am using optimum pwm to control the transistors in my inverter circuit . In optimum pwm, to eliminate harmonics, switching angles need to be calculated for turning transistors on and off. Does anyone know how to find out which pulses belong to certain switches being turned on or off. e.g. 1 pulse might control transistors 1and 2 in my invert
Hi, I have an incoming voltage of 9V. Is it possible that I used a single pwm controller to output either +5.0V or +3.3V but not both together ? Thanks Cheers,
You can use military analog pwm chip(about TL494),then use digital signal converter to analog signal to control can do with the wide tem.
If you want to make sinus pwm, you can use Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) technology. You can do it using a microcontroller and software, or hardware.
Hi I know your want. There are two type of SMPS models,one is switching models and another is average models. Switching models will exhibit the behavior of an electrical circuit exactly as if it were built on a breadboard with all of its nonlinearities. You now have is switching model. But SMPS circuits usually operate at high frequencies and
I have much experience about "pwm Step-down regulator",but what "THE Syn pwm Step-down regulator",How to syn?
What are the rules when choosing the pwm frequency (period), and the corresponding flter for audio applications? For instance, I have used pwm frequency of 8KHz with a 4th order Butterworth filter with cut-off frequency of 3.8 KHz, and a very powerful (and annoying) frequency of 8KHz is present in the output signal. Considering the filter attenuati
Dear All : I need Syn pwm paper of Buck regulator , Becasue I don't have IEEE expolor full member account . Does anyone have it ? Can you downlaod then upload this web site ? Thanks
Hello experts, Does there exist rule by which to decide pwm modulation frequency for a DC bush motor? Does the requirement come from maximum motor current ripple? I hardly found any formula applied to this situation on internet. Apart from the rule of thumb, I need a definite and quantitative analysis. Thank you in advance!!! :wink:
From would like to adapt this circuit as an LED dimmer (C1 will be 33nF so the pwm frequency is higher...), but instead of the thermsistor, I'd like to use a phototransistor (less light = brighter LEDs). However, I'm not exactly sure
Why not use a 16F628 which has a hardware pwm and also 2K codespace? best regards
Using two timers you can generate pwm in standard 8051 uC. But the problem with this is that the frequency of output signal won't be very high which results in poor fading of LED. I've tried this thing and results were very poor. Also a lot of CPU time is wasted in generating this signal. Insted try using 89C51RB2 or RC2 or RD2. They have in-bu
1. the core of switching section can be a simple bulk regulator and the feedback from output current can be read using a low ohm/ high power resistor with one pin grounded, maybe a simple RC low pass filter is necessary to reduce swiching noise in measured current! 2. for driving a high side switch for the bulk regulator u need a bootstrap driver,
Both dacs need "mixed-signal" processes since the output stages need analog post processing! while pwm vaires the pulse width of the output linearly to the digital input (V_out rms ~ V_in_digital) , a sigma-delta dac has a more complex signal processing. the quantization noise of the pwm dac is constant over the whole spectrum, while due to (si
chun, Please give an example of ?pwm is applied in analog architecture? so I can understand what you mean. Aren't pulses always digital? Ante :roll:
I want to use mcu's 16bit pwm for 8bit DA converter,can I get such absolution? If I want to get high precision,I must do with following question,but how to solute it? 1、if mcu have 5V power supply,then mcu pwm port output isn't 5V,maybe 4.7~4.9V,it can not get precise output voltage. 2、how can I to filte high ripple?If I use too la
Hi, I just started studying pwm DC-DC Converter architectures, specifically buck converter. So far, I have found or heard voltage-mode, current-mode and this new "DSP-mode" topologies. Voltage-mode topology is the common textbook example so there are plenty for me to read about. However, I couldn't find much on the current-mode and DSP-m
Hi, I need to design dc to ac inverter from DC +12Volt to AC 230. But i need to use pwm to control the inverter. I using "Sinusoidul Pulse Modulation" to control the MOSFET transistor. When i using pwm to control the MOSFET transistor (inverter). The pwm signal will distortion. I have testing connect the AC load (lamp 230Vac/5W) , (...)
Hi, How to write the Fully-Wave-Rectifier-Sine-Wave modulated pulses at 50Hz program? How to use this pulses to compare the triangle-wave and produce the pwm signal? I am using PIC16F84A or PIC16F877A chip and i using CCS compiler and C program.
I design a pwm system and use hspice (not pspice) simulation tranformer .. my system is boost and have 1 transformer + 1 inductor and pwm chip will drive power MOS for transformer and second side inductor will output DC12v I use behavior model (like book ) but second side is not really have high volt ==> and how to really simulat