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Hi , Does anybody have any code written in C to decode the pwm output of a RF remote control (from a car alarm) . Doesn't have to be code hopping just read the code so that I can display it . Thanks in advance Schmitt :lol: :lol: :lol:
there r a dmx512 decoder:SC-008/9(H/L) the SC-008/9(H/L), the 8 or 9 channels pwm(100hz, 8bit) is so good for led.
Hi! I don't have a background on VHDL/FPGA until last month when i started to self-study because there is a design contest in our school. Part of the contest is designing a pwm Encoder having 8 bits of input from an ADPCM decoder and the pwm Encoder is fed with a PCM. The output of the pwm Encoder is also 8 bit. I (...)
If I remember corectly, there is an application note from Microchip regarding DTMF using PICmicro. Pelae check the microchip website. Cheers Ravi The microchip application note for DTMF using PIC16C54 for R2R ladder and not for pwm.
Assuming I am OK with setting up a 555 bases pwm (53kHz) to run a few IR LEDs and that I can get an unmodulated IR LED and phototransistor to drive a red LED as an indicator as you pass your hand over the phototransistor. What is the best way to go about demodulating a 50kHz IR signal coming from the phototransistor. I have tried a high pass
I am looking for such IC's which shall be common and cheap. Any Ideas?
Hello everybody !! I serach for a "pwm-Circuit" for controlling a "Buck/Boost-Converter" !! Does anybody have a circuit !! Thank you ***************************************** Please don't reply unless you have useful information to add on this post. Any other replies are always welcome via PM.
On 2001-08-31 17:26, ahgu wrote: I did some research: pwm usually have 10bit resolution(1024) levels. 20Khz x 1k=20Mhz. if you goto 12bit resolution, you need 80Mhz clock. But for DAC, 16bits is readily available. But it is a external component. Any uController that has 12bits DAC? I need to do location position, My encoder has 512
pwm != position control, unless you are using some control logic between the pwm signal and the motor. positioning accuracy will depend on your encoders which provide position/velocity feedback.
I'm looking for a simple pwm low voltage (6/12V 50W) lamp controller, using PIC 16F84/F628 or 12C509 and a power MOSFET. It should provide "soft start" and regulate the lamp voltage from a battery V greater or equal the nominal Vlamp. Does anyone has already it or I have start this design from scratch ? T.I.A.
Need help to cr@ck this decoder... I was told there is a software that can do this. Thank You
I'm looking for a complete description of encoder and decoder (or universal encoder/decoder) for RF remote control. The encoder/decoder I'm looking for, should have 16 data inputs/outputs and 4-12 address inputs. I have found a description of such device on , but it says nothing about how to build it (pr
does any one knows an optimal remote-control decoder algorithm. I use PIC12c505 as the encoder and having touble with signal quality for more than 1 meter from the receiver (e.g. i use standart 433MHz receiver). thanks
anyone can send me the reference of phase shift pwm application
hello. i need close decoder schemtics(video & tv).. wow !!! help me !!! thank you...... ^O^
I am doing the Mp3 decoder ASIC design now. Can someone tell me how to add equalizer feature to my Mp3 decoder ? cyteng
hello friends, I'm working on a remote control for a garage, could anybody show me any secure encoder/decoder pair to be used? regards, 2000
Hi all! You'll find a lot of good articles and thesis about digital amplifiers in Could be helpfull if someone colaborate posting other links. Also pwm digital-analogue convertion is interesting... Thanks in advance :wink: bicho
i`m curently building a receiver to receive weather satelites pictures.if anyone is interested please post a relpy or email me to exchange opinions.
Does someone knows any reference design for a stand-alone mp3 decoder which can be used in an Aiwa cd system? Has someone worked on Atmels 8xc51 based mp3 decoder chips? Who can help with the mp3 algorithm? hock
Hello guys. Does any one know if it is possible to build a MP3 decoder chip with an embedded softeware/ VHDL and burn it in a PLD such as Altera, Xilinx or others. Note: I am talking about the chip itself not all the mp3 player, even better is the info you supply makes use of this chip within a mp3 player project. appreciate any help l
Does anyone know if its possible to create a DivX decoder using an FPGA? Are there any reference designes available that do this or perhaps do MPEG I or MPEG II decoding? - Jayson
Hi All I want to design a memory map decoder for the following scenario. I am using a 8051 variant with a special memory interface. This has 22 address lines and 8 data lines. This means that potentially 4 mb of memory or i/o can be interfaced. I want to add 2 mb of SRAM and also 32 bytes of i/o to this microcontroller. This is what I have
you can use semence make SAB 5XX series. they have wide range of periferals including pwm, flash ram, CAP-Com units and CAN. hock
Hi! I want to build an audio decoder but i dont know what to use, i know that the input frequency is 15632hz, and i think i have to use a pll and a demodulator, are there any schematics that can help me? Thanks! Marmes
Hi, The command packets(like on command) exist in the VBI of the video signal. I have idea. When i subscribe first time i record the encrypted channel on a tape using VCR. Then when the decoder had disabled i playback the tape to reactivate the decoder again. Does this will work ?
Hi all, I was searching a way to decode a Mpeg 4:2:2 stream. Does anyone know a good chip to make that? or another way to do that? (I don't have the possibility to use PC with a software codec, so I have to do this via hardware) Any tips is welcome! Thanks in advance, Sirio.
is it possible to construct a cablecrypt decoder using a PIC?
DTMF Generator and decoder using PIC16F84 / File deleted, use link below
Hello, Does anyone have a VHDL implementation of a symmetrical pwm generation? or a link? Thanks, S
Hi, I scanned the comcrypt 4000 user manual. It approximately 4Mb Where can i send it to ? Pharaoh Of Egypt
Keeloq code hopping decoder useing secure learn
the standard switching frequency is 15kHz. i like to use 20Khz because of the audio noise. in general, you should switch as fast as you can until your switching losses become more than you feel comfortable with, but never more than the conduction losses. here is why: high frequency makes for easier filtering (smaller lighter cheaper inductors
Hi! I have a mono radio with vacum tubes and a stereo amplifier with vacum tubes (OK, I'm audiophile 8) ). So I need a scematic of good stereo decoder with IC or with vacum tubes. Thanx!
Could someone please help me with this... how can I simulate a symmetrical pwm in spice? Thanks in advance
Hi All: Did somebody else ever used the EM8400, a MPEG-2 decoder, to implement a DVD player? My DVD-playback application of Win98 was implemented with a PCI decoded card released by Sigma Design Ltd.. When I playback the DVD file with the application and hot plugged the USB pluge at the same time, the action always made the the tray of DVD ROM
i am looking for a tone encoder and decoder chip or a modem chip? anyone knows what can i use
Hi: Does anyone have the UART to IrDA Encoder/decoder code with the HDL (VHDL or Verilog )? If you have the source code , please share with us............ Thanks a lot...........
Hi, i need to replace a Holtek HT12D and HT12E with a Pic 16f676, do you know source code for this ? Thanks Totue
DEAR ALL: Who can give me a help I want to use SAA7108 (PHILIPS VIDEO CODEC ) to show TV signal on LCD PANEL Q1: Seems all VIDEO decoder only support ITU-R BT601 or BT656 Y CB CR 4:2:2 or 4:1:1 format ......not a RGB format How to convert it to RGB format ?? Q2: Is Video decoder its output data still an interlace picture ? If it is tr
Hi friends Please find The timer ratio and pwm caculator for pic micro may be help full for pic programming used regards Fragrance
Hello Fragrance, please take a look at: You will find a Elektor article for builidng a LED torch with a uC pwm controlled Step-Up DC/DC converter. Why do you want to develop you own pwm driver? ICs from Maxim, Linear, TI, ... are more effecient. by, cube007
Hi everyone, I need help in designing a circuit for a 16 State recursive convolutional decoder......if anyone has worked on this before plz reply... Aircraft Maniac
You can use an adder to implement pwm function and the carry of msb will be the final output.
i need a 2to1 decoder with dual clock in (rising edge!). (or another one with this true-table: RESET A_CLK D_CLK OUT 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 x x 0 ) i've a little problem with this because i
Dear Fellows, anyone knows about a piece of code for AVR which does decoding of Manchester encoded data? Bitrate is around 2 kbps. ~Flaxa
Hi I need source code for high performance viterbi decoder(50Mb input) in VHDL language. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance. :?:
I'm trying to implement (in VHDL) a simple 3-bit counter that is loaded asynchronously. The CPU writes to an 8-bit register, in which 3 of those bits are the ones that are loaded into the counter. These 3-bits determine the duty cycle for the pwm output that is gated on the TC of the counter. Has anyone had any experience designing loadable c
Here are some papers on class D power amplifier AES 4917 - Paralleled Phase Shifted Carrier Pulse Width Modulation (PSCpwm) Schemes - a Fundamental Analysis. AES 4446 - A Review and Comparison of Pulse Width Modulation (pwm) Methods for Analog and Digital Input Switching Power Amplifiers. AES 5039 - A Review and Comparison of Digital (...)
who can tell me which chip is the newest pwm chip and where i can down their datasheet? who have design pwm chip with fpga?can you communicate with me? my email is