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Hi , Does anybody have any code written in C to decode the pwm output of a RF remote control (from a car alarm) . Doesn't have to be code hopping just read the code so that I can display it . Thanks in advance Schmitt :lol: :lol: :lol:
there r a dmx512 decoder:SC-008/9(H/L) the SC-008/9(H/L), the 8 or 9 channels pwm(100hz, 8bit) is so good for led.
Hi! I don't have a background on VHDL/FPGA until last month when i started to self-study because there is a design contest in our school. Part of the contest is designing a pwm Encoder having 8 bits of input from an ADPCM decoder and the pwm Encoder is fed with a PCM. The output of the pwm Encoder is also 8 bit. I (...)
If I remember corectly, there is an application note from Microchip regarding DTMF using PICmicro. Pelae check the microchip website. Cheers Ravi The microchip application note for DTMF using PIC16C54 for R2R ladder and not for pwm.
i/p-pwm throttle control. TTl level pwm throttle control wita base frequency of 2khz and a duty cycle rangining between 10%-90%. 10% full reverse. 90% is full speed. 50%is stop. o/p-decoded throttle control. A two-bit TTl logic signal, one bit indicating direction(0/1), other bit a pwm TTL signal(0-100%). please help
Why don't you refer to known working IR remote control protocols like RC5? Why not generating the 38k in software respectively by a pwm output? You definitely don't need analog components besides IR-diode, current limiting resistor and IR receiver.
Hi, I need to make my own IR receiver and i'd like to use Samsung IR. I've analysed the codes sent by IR controller but as i can see it is based on pwm controll and carrier is 37kHz. I need information how to decode these signals.
Take a look at this application note from rensas: I used it to implement DTMF generation on a PIC but I think you can only do it easily using hardware pwm (which I used on a 16F628). best regards
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I have salvaged a few EPROMs from old equipment. Would it be possible to erase them and reuse them. Thanks Sputnik :idea: Here is a list of possible applications of EPROM: - decoder for 7-segments indicator - simple fast LUT-based ALU - sequencer (like light sequencer from Fragrance' post) - stepper motor controlle
I am not sure how are you going to address letters such as M and T with 7-segmanet display - maybe you should consider, say, 3 LED per segmant and build the display of discrete LEDs .. Anyhow, I wouldn't use 7447 decoders at all .. Instead, I would connect Anodes of segmants (or diodes) that you need to illuminate through current limiting resis
You can just use a modified version of a software UART to do the same job, but instead it toggles the TRIS of a hardware pwm pin on a micro controller... Depending on the receiver, upto 1200 baud is no real issue. Not sure what the TRIS is referred too on an AVR, but for a PIC it?s the input/output control of a pin
In the modulator side (whether PPM, pwm, PCM, or Delta Modulation) , a specific timeslot is alloted for one discrete level right? So, lets say i have 8 discrete levels and i have to represent them in bits ( so i'll need 3 bits). If i am going to transmit one discrete level, i have to send the 3 bits serially ( MSB or LSB first? ). Now, in the d
Hi In the first place you need an inverter - an H bridge with MOSFETs or IGBTs that convert the signals from command to the pwm signals to control the motor. If you want to know which way the drive is rotating, you need an encoder attatched to the shaft of the drive, and check a,b, and z index signals. As for the speed control, it is easie
Hi. Well controlling 6 BCLD motors requires lot of computing power. (When I say control I mean, a closed loop system: read the encoder, compare the position with the set point, solve the controlller equaton, and generate the pwm). A MCU capable of controlling 1 BLDC needs 6pwm outputs, a couple of timers to decode quadrature (or a integrated
Hello, Linear has some controllers that are quite good. You can decode the remote comand and apply to the pwm on your microcontroller Regards
I'm working on a stepper motor driver, most of the control will be handled by a PIC most likely a 16f887. I want to simplify control of the H-bridge switches to use fewer pins and make programming easier for the PIC so I came up with the circuit below. The H-bridge needs only a few signals, direction, decay mode(fast / slow) and a pwm signal fro
I have seen many on the internet using some mp3 decoder ICs. Can the decoding be done on software (16Mhz atmega) aside with controlling a graphical LCD and keypad or pushbuttons (is the processing speed sufficient)? I would tend to agree with sky_123 that the ATMEGA would most likely not provide the required MIPS or
Alarm Dialer You can replace 8880 and 8870 with ?C, both PIC and AVR can make DTMF using pwm, and of course to decode touch tones. Even ATTiny and PIC12F series of ?C can do the job. 8880 is unduly expe