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Hello, Does anyone have a vhdl implementation of a symmetrical pwm generation? or a link? Thanks, S
Hi! I don't have a background on vhdl/FPGA until last month when i started to self-study because there is a design contest in our school. Part of the contest is designing a pwm Encoder having 8 bits of input from an ADPCM Decoder and the pwm Encoder is fed with a PCM. The output of the pwm Encoder is also 8 bit. I (...)
how to implement vhdl code for pwm with frequency 1kHz and duty cycle of 20%
Hello, I just wondering wht's the way to sample the pwm signal in vhdl so that to design an integrator with pwm signal as input.
hi, am doing project in three phase pwm rectifier for harmonic reduction.can any one send me the vhdl code for three phase pwm generation using sinusoidal pwm technique.pwm rectifier consists of 6 MOSFET switchs.the conduction of each switch is 120 degree and interval between 2 switchs is 60 degrees.the (...)
lvhdl code for generation of pam,ppm & pwm waveforms using xilinx software.... plz do reply......its urgent
to make things easier, you could start by eliminating the std_logic_vectors for the counters and replacing them with integer, natural or unsigned. Write a counter, let it run from 0 to max_countervalue, set the dout signal, when the counter reaches the desired value, reset your dout signal (port). If you translate this piece of text to vhdl/v
1.Did you simulate your design? 2.What's the pwm frequency that you're trying to generate? I know that hobby grade servos work at around 400Hz - not 10KHz...
I'm trying to implement (in vhdl) a simple 3-bit counter that is loaded asynchronously. The CPU writes to an 8-bit register, in which 3 of those bits are the ones that are loaded into the counter. These 3-bits determine the duty cycle for the pwm output that is gated on the TC of the counter. Has anyone had any experience designing loadable c
HI people. I have a code that count pulses of clock, and put the exit high or low (like a pwm, but user enters the number os pulses on high and the number of pulses on low). I have available a Altera 3064, and i need also divide clock per 8, before counting. After compilation and synthesis, the code are using (with Quartus 6.0) 68 macrocells, and
From ur post what I guess is you need code for pwm to drive a DC motor. If I am right you can get vhdl code for pwm from net. Checkout this!
Hi !!! It 's quite easy... You built a free running counter. The bit size of the counter depends on the desired pwm command resolution. If you want a 8 bit command, then you have to build a 8 bit counter. The counter 's clock is derived from your system 's clock. frequency_counter=desired_frequency_pwm*pwm_bit_resolution Then you (...)
I have some vhdl which is just a pwm generator. I would like to add this vhdl in a A/D circuit in PSPICE and test it with some different value resistors and capacitors for a low-pass filter for the output... Basically to create a 1-bit DAC. But i have no idea how to do this at all. Okay sorry to burst your bubble but Pspice does
Hi, I'm currently in the process of developing a control scheme for a custom power device using FPGA. The control scheme processes the error voltage through a PI controller whose output (PI output) is used to phase modulate the sinusoidal waveform (50 Hz). The phase modulated waveform is then compared against a triangular carrier wave to generate
*only exact solution will get the reward. URGENT SOLUTION NEEDED. Problem: i want to count number of pulses of a DC motor operated at +5v. the clock used in controller was 50MHz. The Design consist of PID (16-bit output,8-bit input and feedback) +pwm.the #of pulses[
If you meen "seeing" in hardware, you'll need a digital-to-analog conversion means. For low data rates, a pwm modulated pin with a low-pass can do. But involves additional logic. Some DevKits are equipped with DAC hardware, I think.
It could be that pwm_out becomes bigger than 255 and thus fall out of the range of 8 bit. But like TrickyDicky wrote, the line indication is line 1347. You should have a look at that line.
Hello, I recently switched from vhdl to Verilog to more utilize my background in programming in C++. I was given a project in which i need to implement pwm on a FPGA. I've been trying my best to do my research and look at examples of pwm that are floating around the internet. I written some code that I believe does what I would like, (...)
1. Complete vhdl Project 2. As of now im using Single Phase. only one H-Bridge with 4 switches. 3. Generating the pulses from comparing values of sine samples(lookup table) to triangular samples(up/down counter) 4. Im able to generate sine pwm and want to update my design for closed loop design. 5. What is a matrix converter? 6. Are there any
hi i need a vhdl code for pwm generation for boost converter..i want to generate a pwm by comparing a output of pi controller with triangular wave(counter) plz help me in this..m complete new to vhdl/.
I am trying to control two Futaba S3003 servo motor with a basys2 board. I understand that the servo works of pulse width modulation and have done the required calculations to create the correct pulse widths. I have written the implementation constraints to output on the the JA and JB terminals. I have tested the system with an oscilloscope/mul
i want to do in OrCAD PSPICE and want to generate a 30 MHz sawtooth for that without use of VPULSE. like integrating a square wave. Why don't you do exactly this: integrating a square wave (using behavioral SPICE models). I don't see where vhdl comes into play. You can model complete power electronic control circuits, e.g. pwm,
I am not familiar with ASIC design flow, maybe somebody else can give some valuable comments.... For FPGA design, what I have used synthesis tools(only to synthesis vhdl code): Synplicity Synplify > Synopsys FPGA Compiler II > Mentor Leonardo Exemplar It is only my personal opinion...
If you want an audio interactive tutor to learn Verilog or vhdl.. I did upload it for someone who did ask me... ES PERAN Verilog & vhdl. If you are interested let me know Kind regards.
Hello everybody !! I serach for a "pwm-Circuit" for controlling a "Buck/Boost-Converter" !! Does anybody have a circuit !! Thank you ***************************************** Please don't reply unless you have useful information to add on this post. Any other replies are always welcome via PM.
On 2001-08-31 17:26, ahgu wrote: I did some research: pwm usually have 10bit resolution(1024) levels. 20Khz x 1k=20Mhz. if you goto 12bit resolution, you need 80Mhz clock. But for DAC, 16bits is readily available. But it is a external component. Any uController that has 12bits DAC? I need to do location position, My encoder has 512
pwm != position control, unless you are using some control logic between the pwm signal and the motor. positioning accuracy will depend on your encoders which provide position/velocity feedback.
I'm looking for a simple pwm low voltage (6/12V 50W) lamp controller, using PIC 16F84/F628 or 12C509 and a power MOSFET. It should provide "soft start" and regulate the lamp voltage from a battery V greater or equal the nominal Vlamp. Does anyone has already it or I have start this design from scratch ? T.I.A.
I am a student from Harbin China. Now I am building a behavioral model of a Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Communication system using vhdl-AMS. So i want to know where can I find some example similar to that or something that may give help to me. Can you give me some advices. Thank you! [ This Message was edited by: flybear on
Hi vhdl QUICK Reference Guide Ready for onboard prints tnx Uploaded file: vhdlref.pdf
where to get test bench with vhdl for SDH chip?
Hi The vhdl Golden Reference Guide A 136 pps ebook. tnx Uploaded file: vhdl-golden-reference.pdf ************************************************************** Please don't reply unless you have useful information to add on this post. Thanks ! (No Me-too's, no Thanks-you's, etc ... use
Hi Here is the vhdl code for 8051 MC. tnx Uploaded file: 8051 in
Hi LEON is a synthesisable vhdl model of a 32-bit SPARC* compatible processor, developed by the European Space Agency (ESA) for future space missions. To promote the SPARC architecture and enable development of system-on-a-chip (SOC) devices using SPARC cores, ESA is making the full source code freely available under the GNU LGPL license. LEON
Hi vhdl Language reference manual. latest edition. regards _________________ ***************************************** Please don't reply unless you have useful information to add on this post. Any other replies are always welcome via PM. ***************************************** [ This Message was edited by: KARLZ on
Hi Online vhdl Testbench Generator 1. TestBench Tool 3. -> t tnx
Hi These materials are made available for ECE 4170: Introduction to HDLs with Applications to Digital Design taught during the Spring 2000 Semester at Georgia Tech. This text focuses on presenting the basic features of the vhdl language in the context of its use for both simulation and synthesis. Basic language concepts are motivated by fami
Anyone interested in a single entity vhdl testbench generator, try this. Code is free to do with as you wish. If you add significant enhancements, please send me a new copy too. You will need to have Tcl/Tk installed on you system to use this. Uploaded file: tb_gen.tcl
Hi Would you please upload IEEE Standards for verilog and vhdl to this place. NOTE!!!!: 1. If you have uploaded files in some other boards, please leave a URL pointer only. 2. Please rename the files before uploading by the a definitive words to distingush files from each other. It seems that the forum replaces every newer file with
Which most prefer or popular? vhdl or Verilog?
Anyone has a DSP core in vhdl or Verilog? Prefer TI but anyone will do. ASIC
Would anyone share the RS232 vhdl code ? If you have RS232 test program , please share. Thanks a lot.
Please suggest good books in this thread for vhdl/Verilog ASIC design Thanks,
anyone can send me the reference of phase shift pwm application
Hi Tutorials for vhdl and Verilog. HDL Synthesis for FPGAs: Design Guide (PDF 2MB) SystemC -- Technical Papers Cypress: Programmable Logic: vhdl Page Cypress: Design Resources : Technical Articles Logic Synthesis with vhdl System Synthesis vhdl SYNTHESIS TUTORIAL vhdl Coding Style manual (...)
signal rd,dr : std_logic; ad_bus,ram_bus : inout; :cry: 1. process(rd) ---- right. begin if (rd='0' and dr='1') then ad_bus_out<=ram_bus; else ad_bus_out<="ZZZZZZZZ"; end if; ad_bus<=ad_bus_out; end process; 2. process(rd) ---- error. begin if (rd='0') then if dr='1' then
Hi This object of this course is to introduce the student to more of the vhdl modeling language than what has been covered in previous courses. 1. -> t tnx
Hi P1076.2 P1076.3 P1076.4 ieee_1164 mathpack synopsys 1. -> t tnx
Hi 1. -> t tnx
hi all is there any software which convert matlab code to vhdl? how can i get it? best regards baa110