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You code is very confusing, seemingly having garbage you left form other program ( e.g pwm signal ). You don't manage reset signal (rst) anywhere, as well I2C_SCLK isn't used. Do you really expect to see it working ?
Well your testbench instances a component called 'SPI' and 'pwm01', but those entities are never defined. Similarly, 'head' calls out 'main' and 'pwm', but those entities are not defined. I think you're confusing the entity/component name with the label. You probably want to say 'UUT : head port map(...'. Additionally, you don't need to define
if counter < 10000 then pwm <= '1'; else pwm <= '0'; end if; Change 10000 to 500000. Did you check the pinout? Are you sure that the output levels of your board are set to 3.3V ?
hello I want to add pwm on microblze EDK to generate a mobile robot (forward and backward) I don?t know if I'll do it with XPS timer or with vhdl IP thank you
I found a web site gives pwm generator with multiple phases output ,however it is supposed the pwm frequency is given , what should I modify the code so that any pwm frequency can input to the vhdl code
Hello, can somebody please translate this verilog code to vhdl? Thanks module pwm(clock, switches, pwm ); parameter sd=195; input clock; input switches; output pwm; reg pwm; reg counter = 0; always @ (posedge clock) begin counter = counter+1; if(counter<=switches*sd) (...)
Hi: I'm trying to control a servomotor HS-645MG with the Altera FPGA DE0 using vhdl. According to my limited knowledge (and according to other programmers) these are the code for frequency dividing and pwm: Frequency divider: library IEEE; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_1164.ALL; entity clk64kHz is Port ( clk : in STD_LOGI
I am trying to control two Futaba S3003 servo motor with a basys2 board. I understand that the servo works of pulse width modulation and have done the required calculations to create the correct pulse widths. I have written the implementation constraints to output on the the JA and JB terminals. I have tested the system with an oscilloscope/mul
hi i need a vhdl code for pwm generation for boost converter..i want to generate a pwm by comparing a output of pi controller with triangular wave(counter) plz help me in this..m complete new to vhdl/.
1. Complete vhdl Project 2. As of now im using Single Phase. only one H-Bridge with 4 switches. 3. Generating the pulses from comparing values of sine samples(lookup table) to triangular samples(up/down counter) 4. Im able to generate sine pwm and want to update my design for closed loop design. 5. What is a matrix converter? 6. Are there any
I am trying to connect a servo motor to my Basys2 using the con3 Pmod sold by Digilent. I have been attempting to use two different methods for this and am unable to cause my servo to move with the pwm Signal they generate. I believe this has something to do with the constraints file I write. I have tried assigning the the servo's connection pin o
..hi guys..others project is time code generator on fpga and generated time code have to do is the code i wrote but not getting code i used /100 counter as actual serial data and /10 to compare it and change duty cycle.....i.e each serial data pluse time=10 times /10 counter output pulse width..given code has some un
I write a simple code for changing the velocity of dc motor. the code check the velocity and change the pwm value. but the compilation of the program is not successful.I get an error massege and don't know the meaning. please your answer. here is the code and the wrong massage : the code : library ieee; use
lvhdl code for generation of pam,ppm & pwm waveforms using xilinx software.... plz do reply......its urgent
If you meen "seeing" in hardware, you'll need a digital-to-analog conversion means. For low data rates, a pwm modulated pin with a low-pass can do. But involves additional logic. Some DevKits are equipped with DAC hardware, I think.
It wasn't clear to my a month ago too (; but it's all right I solved it. Do you know vhdl ... I am having a problem with a state machine that I had build for a car a red signal in modelsim where it supposed to be a pwm enable and a pwm signal
pls help, i m doing my final year project.. which is a (8bit) vhdl model of three phase pwm. i have written vhdl code for the pwm. in the embedded design, i need to write a c-program to generate 3 phase sine waves to the port 1 of the TSK51a microprocessor that will communicate with the vhdl model. (also (...)
hi, am doing project in three phase pwm rectifier for harmonic reduction.can any one send me the vhdl code for three phase pwm generation using sinusoidal pwm technique.pwm rectifier consists of 6 MOSFET switchs.the conduction of each switch is 120 degree and interval between 2 switchs is 60 degrees.the (...)
Hello, I just wondering wht's the way to sample the pwm signal in vhdl so that to design an integrator with pwm signal as input.
*only exact solution will get the reward. URGENT SOLUTION NEEDED. Problem: i want to count number of pulses of a DC motor operated at +5v. the clock used in controller was 50MHz. The Design consist of PID (16-bit output,8-bit input and feedback) +pwm.the #of pulses[
how to implement vhdl code for pwm with frequency 1kHz and duty cycle of 20%
I have some vhdl which is just a pwm generator. I would like to add this vhdl in a A/D circuit in PSPICE and test it with some different value resistors and capacitors for a low-pass filter for the output... Basically to create a 1-bit DAC. But i have no idea how to do this at all. Okay sorry to burst your bubble but Pspice does
Hi !!! It 's quite easy... You built a free running counter. The bit size of the counter depends on the desired pwm command resolution. If you want a 8 bit command, then you have to build a 8 bit counter. The counter 's clock is derived from your system 's clock. frequency_counter=desired_frequency_pwm*pwm_bit_resolution Then you (...)
From ur post what I guess is you need code for pwm to drive a DC motor. If I am right you can get vhdl code for pwm from net. Checkout this!
i guess that is possible once u use square waves instead of sines. u can obtains pwm... I have done that once.. u need timer circuits to do that.... in case your objectives can be met in that case it was so.
Hi! I don't have a background on vhdl/FPGA until last month when i started to self-study because there is a design contest in our school. Part of the contest is designing a pwm Encoder having 8 bits of input from an ADPCM Decoder and the pwm Encoder is fed with a PCM. The output of the pwm Encoder is also 8 bit. I (...)
I'm trying to implement (in vhdl) a simple 3-bit counter that is loaded asynchronously. The CPU writes to an 8-bit register, in which 3 of those bits are the ones that are loaded into the counter. These 3-bits determine the duty cycle for the pwm output that is gated on the TC of the counter. Has anyone had any experience designing loadable c
Hello, Does anyone have a vhdl implementation of a symmetrical pwm generation? or a link? Thanks, S