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hi i am in great need of matlab program to generate 1)ASK 2)FSK 3)qpsk WAVEFORMS please help me out.
matlab program in the book " RF Circuit Design Theory and Application " by R. Ludwig and P. Bretchko
Any one has 2D FDTD matlab program with Berenger PML? Can you please upload it?
I need to model a system in simulink. The characteristics of the system are defined within a matlab program(an m-file). Can anybody tell me how to create this block in simulink which uses the matlab program to define its behaviour. Thnx
ECG - QRS PEAK DETECTION USING PAN & TOMPKINS ALGORITHM Objectives: To write a matlab program to detect heart beats using Pan and Tompkins algorithm. fs = 200 ecg.dat included regards
hi, i have matlab program for dwt.i don't know how to convert this into vhdl coding.if u have any idea please reply me. ------------------------------------------------------------------- clear all; x=input('Enter the input signal '); lh=input('Enter the filter coeff '); b=length(lh); hh=; for i = 0 : b-1 hh(b-i)=lh(i+1)
hello. well i m doing project in image processing using matlab but the problem is that it takes more than half an hour to execute the is there any possibility that i can execute my programm using c compiler. please notify me soon. thanx som shekhar
hi i need some matlab program that uses "genetic algorithm" also i need some tutorial on this subject regards
hello i need to matlab program for computation of 2-D numerical integration? koksma-hlwaka gauss-legendre ... regard MOSTAFA
i require matlab program on coupled lines topic urgently
how to convert the matlab program to c-program?
Hi.. I took S11 measurement results for an antenna structure. I got it in a textfile. with this format real part, imaginary part Now i want to convert this into the S11 parameter value using 20 log (base 10) mod(real part + j*imaginary part) So that i get the output as the S11 parameter value that I can use to make a graph. Can som
I need a matlab program to find the RLC value meeting the given spec.
I need a matlab program to find the RLC value meeting the given spec.
can we call C function in a matlab program
hi i want to know how i can interface matlab program vs xc3s200? can any one help me
hi i want to know how i can interface matlab program vs xc3s200? can any one help me i need alot of example!!!!!!!
Could you explain to this program what it did and in simulation what is the meaning of colour? I need to learn very short time
Hi how can I find matlab program for afaptive algorithms?
I require matlab program for alpha stable rv generation.
I want to control ADS by matlab program. I do not how to do this. There are only some examples about exectution of matlab based on ADS. Anyone can give me an example about this. Thanks in advance!
does any one is having matlab program for Rotman Lens Designer ?????????
i am doing my project in Joint Power Control and Receiver Optimization of CDMA Transceivers Using Successive Interference Cancellation . for that i need matlab program can anyone help me please....
hi any one know matlab program for communiction & antenna sent it to me please
I need a matlab program for GSM cell design
Any one help me write matlab program for pipelined ADC
I want to compare two graphs: I have two matlab program which give me two separate graphs. I want to have the result of those two programs on the same graph,I mean two separate programs should give result in the same graph. How can I do that. e.g graphs show the BER v/s EbN0 and EbN0 is same in both of the (...)
I need a simple matlab program for MCMC, Montecarlo Markov Chin and a introductory paper.
Hello all, I wanna know whether there is a book, tutorial, or any information to convert matlab program (.m files) into C++ object oriented programming. I know there is matlab's toolbox called real-time workshop to convert matlab & simulink into C++ language. But I need a full control of my C++ (...)
hello friend i need matlab program for calculating far field , input impedance and returnloss curve of rectangular dielectric resonator antenna. plz help me..............
can u provide matlab program for circular patch ( cavity model analysis)that as i m new to this field for h=0.159mm,er=2.32,fr=3ghz
hiiiiiii i need to calculated input impedance of probe feed rectangular dielectric resonator antenna so for that i need matlab program . plz help me or if anybody have the expression for calculating input impedance then plz send me.
Hi, I want to know how can we implement matlab program on FPGA? please answer me as soon as posible. thanks alot
hi, how can implement matlab program on DSPIC? thanks
i need matlab program for antenna design:D
Hi all I need a matlab program to produce a whitening filter using cholesky decomposition for a given symetric and positive matrix R=F'xF
Hi, Please can you help me, I need to write a few simple programs. I do not have a lot of experience in matlab and will appreciate your help: Write a matlab program to create a simulation of a square wave using harmonically related sine waves. The square wave will have a 50% duty cycle and will have negative values (...)
Does anyone know a matlab program to extract a particular video frame from an mpeg-4 video stream? REply soon please...........urgent
Sir will u please send me denoising matlab program using bayesian shrink and sure shrink for one dimensional and two dimensional signals.
what is matlab program for generating coe file from an image
hi all; a signal is described as following: - has 6000 samples - sampling frequency is 10000 Hz - the signal consists of 15 tone bursts (each tone has a unique frequency from 0 - 5000 Hz - duration of each tone burst is 15 - 20 ms (150 - 200 samples). - the signal is contaminated by noise. i need to write a
i wish to call hspice fron within a running matlab program..... the output produced by hspice should work as input to matlab ...
Hi all, Could you please help me in here I need a matlab program to make a formula for the below values: i should be able to calculate current at any value of Pin (say for Pin =0,8) Pin I mA V Pout -11.4 73 3.8 277.4 1 97.8 3.8
plz send me link of matlab program for R-R interval measurement
i am struggling to get the output of the program for finding ZERO CROSSING of an waveform which is in text file. please help me in getting output for the program!! I AM GIVING HERE, THE matlab program AND TEXT DATA OF WAVE FORM. PLEASE HELP ME.
my matlab program is like this i=90030021002145212; b=90030021003000000; while(i
I need a matlab program which read data from Serial port and draw it in figure which i connect a PIC micro controller with my serial port and i should receive the data sent from micro to PC and draw it
matlab program for pso
i need a matlab program for ieee paper "sci and mail cancellation in sc-fdma ". can anyone help me out???
How to write a matlab program for pulse width modulator? could you please help me..