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I will design a 2nd order pll based on the 74HC4046, using the type 2 phase comparator. The loop has to multiply 16x the reference frequency. The reference signal is derived from a quartz crystal, so it has very low phase noise, but the RC VCO inside the 74HC4046 has high phase noise. From what I read before, the loop bandwidth, to reduce the V
if the main system clock for the hcs12 mcu is 16 mhz and the bust clock is 500 khz i guess that means there is a prescaler of 20 from system to bus clock??is that right? my question in another way is if i use the pll to derive the system and i doubled the main system clock will that double the bus clock?? IMHO the bus
Hi, I'm running a project on PIC18F46k22 with 20Mhz quartz crystal, In configuration I have selected : 1. HS Oscillator (high power > 16Mhz) 2. Oscillator 4X pll Enable - Oscillator multiplied by 4 Is now the system running at 20 x 4 = 80Mhz or is it at its maximum frequency 64 MHz (as described in datasheet) I'm bit confused please rep
the dividers are quite big according to the schematic. I would suggest to install instead of the quartz oscillator another VCO using a new 4046, which's output connect to the input of your pll's input.
Dear friends: Take a look in this very good reference on pll. I am sure you will find valuated information in it. Regards for all NandoPG Uploaded file: ***************************************** Please don't reply unless you have useful information to add on this post.Thanks
hi I want to design a pll. I meet some problems: to make PFD to "ZERO DEAD-ZONE" to measue the jitter? soft or info.. if someone has the experience,plz help me.. n...ASIC Design Methodologies & Tools so good Forum!! THANX!!
Hi everyone. I need a pll circuit example. Does anybody have useful information about pll? THX.
Who can tell me how to find a High Freq pll IC which i can buy ??
Here are two nice documents for pll design. Uploaded file: 0.25um pll Design Report.rar
This doc. is extremely useful for masters of pll's but not for the newbies.. Remember NOT for newbies , only for the MASTERS Good Luck Uploaded file: ps-thesis-001.pdf
Hi all: I need a simple circuit to make an FSK modulator (with F0 = 400 kHz) with a lausy pll like LM566 (from N@tional). The receiver is working great with LM 567: with any signal it demodulates, with noise, it demodulates even better, I yel to the board and demodulates too! But I'm still looking for a good Modulator. Bandwith = The most I can
Hello ! I built small UHF pll and some how it works, but, its "ringing" when I touch VCO box, or ground arround VCO . VCO is divided by 64 and by 420-440 , step 1Mhz. Ref. freq is 15.625Khz (16Mhz/1024) Any idea what Im doing wrong ? pll filtering ? Help! :(
Found while surfing the net. Good articles about filters and pll Hope is not a repost. Mandi
Hi, I use a 16MHz quartz on my 18f252. But for futur use I could be interested in speed internal treatments and I would know if I can go over the 40MHz specified by microchip. thank you. beuch.
A behavioral pll. Specification in VHDL-AMS the_penetrator?
Need VCXO pll Design for T1/E1 (ref. des, methods, etc.)
pll Analysis by Cadence Spectre RF
Hello, my name is David.I`d like to know if the frecuency stability of the output signal in a pll is the same as in the clock reference used in the loop.I mean, if the reference clock is 4 PPM, and the pll has a multiplication factor x15 to obtain a 300 MHZ output signal, has this output signal also a frecuency stablity of 4PPM?does the pll (...)
HCMOS pll Design OS DOS Description: This diskette enables you to design a complete HCMOS-based pll including peripheral components. It''s for use with Philips'' 74HC/HCT4046A and 7046A HCMOS circuits, but it can also be used to evaluate and modify existing designs, for example with the HEF4046.
this is a pll articals
This program for design/anlalyses pll very good agreement design realization :(
Hi to all, Is there anyone having idea/resource about how to implement pll on a PIC18 series micro
Designing on-chip pll circuits seminar
Try these sites for useful information about pll's
Hittite IC company has a free web based pll phase noise calculator. One drawback is that it only works for their products. The good part is that their products are very good and I use them as first choice in
Simpll V1.0 Demo User friendly pll Design and Simulation Software This Demo includes an interactive tutorial which demonstrates pll phase noise optimization, reference spur calculation, non-linear effects in transient responses and more.
we are using a pll on chip. input 12M, output 96Mhz, we divide it by 4 and output to the pad, when we monitor the pad, sometimes the logic analyzier will display a min frequcecy of 12Mhz. it takes about 1-2 minutes. how could this happen in a pll design.
Anyone knows pll tutorial for ADS 2002? Thanks.
Hi This is material of a pll simulation.
Good pll sildes Warned for uploading publicly available files
does anybody know an easy to realize schematic for an fm tuner with digital pll display ? or a small module like philip's ones OM560X on which you just have to plug a microcontroler to use it. TIA.
How does assure that the sample in USB2.0 pll should be right? Thank you in advance.
i want to design a charge pump pll,who can give me some papers?
I'm confused... I've instantiated altpll megafunction as an Stratix's Enchanced pll and simulate it in Quartus. All ok. After that I generate .vho file and try MSim 5.7c. But in MSim 5.7c simulation pll isn't locked. It doesn't work. Is there anybody who successfully simulate Stratix pll with ModelSim? Where is (...)
Is there a commercial pll module for 802.11a running at 5GHz range?
Hi, Who can tell me about this design? :cry: 3x :oops:
This is the LPT based digital pll tuner controller with c source. It can be easily ported to any MCU.
help where is the FM pll (88 Mhz - 108 Mhz) with pic 16F8XX sch or asm code
hi, i need help about the pll chip i wnat to convert the digital signal into sine wave by using pll any idea regading this
TSA6057 SAA1057 and TSA5511 pll 13cm Tx Rx link. For sattelite tuners with a I2C sp5055 pll chip
Can Delta-Sigma replace Accumulator in Fraction-N pll? IF Delta-Sigma can replace accumulator in Fraction-N pll, how to difine input, output of sigma-delta and swallow counter input?
who can give me some hints to find papers for coarse loop design of pll?
Hi all, I would really appreciate if anyone can give me any hints about how to start designing/simulating a pll(VCo based) thanks Dan
I use ADF4112 from ADI does it any problem for output frequency in RF when I change reference frequecy's phase noise or jitter . hoe does this effected the output?
i am designing a integrated pll , the VCO is fully integrated with inversion mode PMOS varactor with provide KVCO is negative the frequency decrease as increase in controll voltage the system analysis , KVCO in positive , so i am thinking to invert the inputs of the phase frequncey detector make the ouput of the divider insted of the reff
i will attach a model file of MATLAB , i have used the simulink to simulate the chargepump pll with this spec's refernce frequency 1KHz divider 100 the output frequency need to be 100KHz the charge pump current is 1mA KVCO = 50KHz/v and i have designed the loop filter but when i simulate the loop , it doesnot lock . and i donot know
I want low jitter pll. analgo & digital
want to design a phase detector for 10G pll. is there any reference circuit i can learn?
I think the Hspice is to slow to analyze the transition analysis. Someone told me to use the behavior model such as verilog_ams to simulate the pll. But I think the precision is not good. Do you believe which EDA tool more adapt to do it? Thanks.
hi all, i need a little guidence. i am trying to design a high speed cmos pll(7GHz) in 0.13 cmos tsmc. I want to use a 4 delay cell Vco. I would like to ask any of u if i can get Kvco around 3GHz/v. it looks that because of the low power supply(1.2V) i will have a pretty small control zone which will give me the Kvco mentioned before.