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Hi, Is there way in system Verilog to compare line by line two files(its not know whether file will have strings or digit so no %s, %d ) Can I call $system in SV to do diff in questa sim or Is there any best way to do it like tcl command etc ? Thanks, GSB
Hi, Please revert back if the PA experts who can comment on the Power Aware GLS with the questa sim. There are some difference like the way questa taking the Hard Macros as different optimisation and the visibilty to the design is removed while elaborating. If anything critical, known are shared will be helpful. -paulki
What is Multi-thread Ranking (VM) in latest questa sim 10.2 (beta).
Hi all ! I'm new to questa sim 10.1b but i'm use to Active-HDL and I want to know two thing First is there a way to define a macro inside a file I know that with Aldec->Active-HDL we can use the function : +define+ but i'm not able to find the equivalent with questa Second is there a way to set many variable into a
Good idea is always to start with simulations. Once you are sure that there are no compilation errors, and your design is performing as expected, then move on to synthesis. Industry follows the similar flow : Design --> simulation --> Synthesis --> Backend flow Modelsim is from Mentor. Latest Modelsim (...)
Hi, I am using questa sim. While checking assertion, It is showing pass in the waveform, but its showing fail in log file. Assertion logic is right and signals is also behaving right.
Can I know what is the differnce between questa sim & modelsim? Thanks in advance, RamesH
i'm also looking for a simulator for system verilog. i'm a student and can't afford to buy a full version of Models sim with questa in it. i would really appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction. for that matter does anybody know if there are free system verilog simulators out there? i need it so i could (...)
questasim is advance version to support the simulation of SystemVerilog. support to the assertions and coverage varies in both versions. visit the Mentorgraphics website
Hi, Is there any evaluation version software that can support systemverilog? I have heard that questasim is one such tool which supports systemverilog. Is it available freely? Plz let me know about this. Thanks
Hi After comillation ,simulation when i have given add wave option i am getting error like "objects not found in tb" in questa sim 6.2 j . tb (which is test bench module name).please give the solution
Are there any free tools that support SystemVerilog? I'm looking into CAD tools and design methods at work (luckily starting with pretty much a blank slate), and at least for verification SystemVerilog seems to do just about everything I'm looking for (constrained random, assertions, etc). I could get an eval copy of questa or Aldec, but since