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Hello ... This is my first post ... And i am hoping to find the help i need here !! Right now, I am working on my graduation project (electrical & electronic engineering), which is planning a TETRA network (or dimensioning) for deployment in Tripoli city (Libya). I had some problems with the project, and I need help with several topics regar
Hai We are using Frequency modulation since we are private FM radio station with freq 91.9MHZ regards Aneesh
Can someone recommend a handy frequency planning tool for things such as double-conversion or multiple-conversion radio? Thanks a lot.
Hi everyone, I'm trying to find literature for this topic. I found few seminar presentations but nothing serious. Any help on this would be appreciated ! I really need help :-?
All possible antennas will be electrically small (l << λ/4). Short wires (1 - 2 m) can nevertheless work. Most radio receivers are using a ferrite antenna for this frequency range.
Are there algorithms/implementation that do already this evaluation for WiFi nodes? WiFi do not differ from other radio sources. The problem is to set up a model for your location. Outdoor exist several standard models and analysis tools. Okumura-Hata can be a good start. Indoor can be much more complicated as almost every location
Hi Folks, I have 4+ years of experience in System and Board design in an Indian MNC. But I am very much interested to do research in the new emerging technologies like Cognitive radio, 4G. I am living in Hyderabad and I am planning to apply in IIT Hyd. Can you please suggest me some topics? As far as I know, professor's area of interest is
If you do not have LOS (line of sight) due to the terrain and man made obstacles. you will be forced to use HF (< 5 MHz) radio
I am planning to develop WiFi RF-SoC Chip, and our focus & speciality are radio and RF Transceiver design. We are looking for potential co-operation or partner whose speciality are WiFi PHY/MAC, especially who or which company can provide Silicon-proven WiFi PHY/MAC IP or prototype. Bluetooth is our another favourite, wish to get valuable suggesti
One of the highly advanced topic in radio planning is the "Software Defined radio".
Hello everybody, I am looking for some advanced tutorials /books on this subject , there is a lot of material on in-building optimization and design of GSM/WCDMA systems. hav'nt found yet on LTE Is there a big diferrence ? any help would be appreciated .
hello, as such there is no RF planning in CDMA2000 or UMTS system. There is a PN or SC planning. As we are using same frequency through out the network so there is no Frequency planning there. However you have to plan or assign PN code according to your radio Configuration. As far as I know there 512 PN. You have to (...)
Hi guys, I am planning to make a 27/47MHz radio remote circuit...can any body suggest a good book or any online reference to start with..i need some circuits designs to grasp the idea.. thanks
Dear All, We would like to purchase radio Network planning and Optimization Software for academic use (Academic License). This software will be in used Laboratory, Study aids for bachelor and master students. Please let me know more information (Website, price,) etc. Please let me know your experience if you use any radio Network (...)
hello there, I 've got this final year project on investigating CDMA as an efficient radio resourse technique in 3G network, I need some MATLAB codes on analysis of the CDMA capacity. is there? besides, any usefull information or link will be welcomed. thank you. T (
I have 6 chairs that I would like to attach an 8" monitor so that the person sitting in them can watch tv, audio/video on demand, radio and internet browsing. I'm planning on getting server and client computers. All the media would be on the server and the clients would access them via wifi. All the movies and music will be stream using VLC.
radio System Design for Telecommunication by Roger L Freeman
Hello everyone would you please help me in drawing a flow chart for paging procedures in cellular network and share me your ideas bout paging capacity planning in network planning processes and how to improve the paging success rate form radio network planning perspectives. any idea or documents that help me is welcome (...)
Gaia is Microsoft Windows based multi technology (GSM, 2.5G, 3G, 3.5G) capable radio network planning and optimization tool. It is built entirely using the latest architecture and utilizes industry standard databases including Oracle and SQL Server. All files use an open structure allowing operators and users to easily integrate with th
Hey, I'm doing project on radio Frequency planning of a 2G Cellular Network. I need to work on a few softwares like Gaia but it's version available on internet is full of bugs. Has anybody used Gaia then do tell me. Has anybody used Planet? Also tell me about other softwares which you have used. thanks, [/qu
I planning to use a tranceiver module like this one or similar but need to boost power a bit to get 4000m range in open air. I guess I would need app. 500mW to make this happen. Have no experience in how to do this and would like to see some example designs solving t
Hi all, can you help me to find this radio planning software: Atoll (Forsk). Thanks in advance.
we made a 3G ( UMTS) radio network planning as a graduation project..u'll find that planning consists of 3 phases dimensioning,detailed,& optimization ..u'll learn alot in such a project
Hi all, Anybodu has this book: microwave radio transmission design guide by Trevor Manning? or related books about 2G/3G transmission planning & design. Thanks in advance ^_^
Dear Comunity: I'm planning to work with Power line comunication for domotic implementation. I know some standarts which are fundamental for implating this kind of technology: X10,EIB,LonWorks and Insteon. This technology has been very contoversial, 'cos radio amateurs and some deparments of goverments which are commited to monitor RF sign
Hi all, plz can you tell me what is the best radio Cell planning tool to use. Best regards. Thanx.
I was wondering, how much bandwidth is allocated to an FM radio channel, and how many channels can there be in the 88 - 108 MHZ band. Also what are the allocated bands for broadcast television and the bandwidth required for a TV channel.
Hi, you can see this link Added after 41 minutes: Hi, you can see also this book KLUWER-radio Interface Systen planning for GSM GPRS UMTS
Hello everybody I want to equip a simulation laboratory in this field: ?radio Network planning and Optimisation for UMTS?. Can you help me to do a good choice for software and hardware? thanks in advance
Dear all, I need some e-books or papers about these topics: - digital tv terrestrial systems, - digital tv satellite systems, - planning of analog and digital tv terrestrial systems, - planning of terrestrial and satellite radio systems, - broadcasting data systems, Thanks a lot. impulsownik
Hi, I would strongly suggest the following book: Jukka Lempiäinen, Matti Manninen "radio Interface System planning for GSM/GPRS/UMTS", Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2002 I have seen ebook on the net, so I think you will be able to locate it.
need help... what is the parameters to simulate interfrequency handover in WCDMA system and how to do that in matlab? thanx in advance -pichan- Added after 3 hours 52 minutes: hi guys... i really need help.. Anyone knows about ?NPSW: matlab implementation of a static radio network planning tool for
I add my voice to both of you .. Any tools there for UMTS Detailed radio planning ?
Please refer me documents or sites on those topics. Thank you. emg Added after 8 minutes: sorry, i want to say if there are any on to help on : software for radio network planning
Any one having the cd that comes with the book radio network planning and optimization for UMTS by Jaana laiho and Achim Wacker Plz upload the static planneing tool that comes eith the book on cd. And also other material on the cd. I ll b very grateful