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I need a verilog code for 12-bit random sequence generator. Thanks in advance
can any one send a system VERILOG code for random sequence generator
Binary sequence generator I went to generate a sequence of bits Here length is 600*8 bits (this is fixed not random sequence) I will code this in vhdl Can some help me :cry:
Well. In one of my application which use avr-libc, there is also have this problem. Every first time, rand() will generate the same value. But next, the value is different. And I see the code: static unsigned long next = 1; ATTRIBUTE_CLIB_SECTION int rand(void) { return do_rand(&next); } ATTRIBUTE_CLIB_SECTION static int do_rand(un
The error message: "VHDL Unsupported Feature error at : cannot synthesize non-constant real objects or values" points out what exactly the problem is with the code. Objects of type Real - floating point numbers cannot be mapped to hardware and therefore are not supported. [url=www.
I have a problem with the random number generator function with MPLAB c programming. We use rand() to generate 2 numbers, but the 1st number is generated randomly in odd sequence and the other number is generated randomly in even sequence. The number is from 0-7. This is our (...)
Possibly, but the number may be cyclic because the timer will update at a regular rate and will always have the same start value. In other words, you may get something which looks random but gives the same pattern sequence after each processor reset. If you are finding a truly random sequence I would suspect it is because (...)
see you will find 32-bit random number generator
perhaps use a pseudo-random sequence feeding byte =>>D/A ==>output there is an app note on mchip site for random sequence: regards Polymath
How to generate random code? How to define dither voltage level? I know that dither level is about LSB/2, I want to know how to get this level. Can anyone give me some advice or architecture or papers? Also can anyone tell me when design it, what need I take care mostly? Thank you very much!
I have implemented may PRSG's in hardware. You get same results in software. If you want random each time, add entropy to seed. otherwise reset for initial condition. A state not allowed is all one's with even parity feedback. This may explain it well enough for you.
Address generation using LFSR is less expensive than address generation using counters. LFSRs generate address in random sequence but in a unique order, which depends on the initial seed value. If we use same seed value for read address generator and write address generator, the reading sequence will be same (...)
Whenever I reacharge my pre-paid mobile account, I use a 13-digit seemingly random number. How are these numbers generated? Any algorithms in specific? M
mlbs Generate maximum length binary sequence (pseudo-random binary sequence). Syntax bitseries = mlbs(log2N) = mlbs(log2N,bitno,startnum) ******* Is there a Pseudo-random Binary sequence (PRBS) generator in MATLAB? There is a PRBS generating M-file in the new (...)
Can u send me vhdl programs for parallel to serial convertor and vice versa process () begin if 'event and ='1' then <= (-2 downto 0) & ; elsif = '1' then <= ; end if; end process; <= (
A fast and simple way is to use a pseudorandom generator with a specific starting seed.