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hello What about an ICSP connector ? rb7,rb6,,Gnd,VDD,VPP(MCLR) could be usefull .. Enough Space around male pins for direct inserting Pickit2 or Pickit3 on ICSP connector.
The document DS31028A page28-4 Figure 28-1 contains a diagram for connections of a "typical ICSP application circuit". It shows how ICSP is to be connected to a PIC. It shows connections for MCLRn/Vpp, VDD, VSS, rb6 and rb7. I have the following questions: (1) How are
Here is the code for pic18f4580 #include #include #include /* #define RS rb6 #define EN rb7 #define D0 RC0 #define D1 RC1 #define D2 RC2 #define D3 RC3 #define D4 RC4 #define D5 RC5 #define D6 RC6 #define D7 RC7 */ #include "lcdtest2.h" void main() { int i; //char str;
MASTER IC - PIC18F4520 SLAVE IC - 24C04 (EEPROM IC 4Kbytes memory I2C interface) LCD using in 4 bit mode data lines of LCD connected to PORTB(rb7 To RB4) db7-rb7 db6-rb6 db5-RB5 db4-RB4 en-RD2 rw-RD1 rs-RD0 bl-RD3 master ic sends data "ABC" to eeprom ic and while receiving same data from eeprom ic, master (...)
I have completed rotary encoder configuration to toggle led to other pin of pic32mx575f256h. in given datasheet (diagram is below ) i have configure micro controller pin no. 2 & 3 (RE6 and RE7) to the encoder. and output to pin no.64 % 63 (RE3 and RE4). every thing working right. but when i chenged encoder to pin no. 17 & 18 (...)
oops ! programmed pic rb6 and rb7 pins as outputs and now I can't program the PIC any more. Anyway, that is the way it seems. It seemed like I was able to program with the PICKIT 3 even after this but the program never seemed to run right. Now the PICKIT3 won't even recognize the DEVICE ID. Dan
- - Updated - - - #include //triac light dimmer #define _XTAL_FREQ 20000000 #define TRIAC1 RB3 #define UP rb7 #define DWN rb6 #define MAX_TIM
Couple of quick questions: 1. Are you compiling the code with the Build Configuration selected as Debug? Or Release? 2. Could there be any connection conflicts with rb6 and rb7? Can you provide a schematic? 3. What version of MPLAB and C18 compiler are you currently using? 4. Is the PICkit genuine or a (...)
translated by mr google: This montage of initiation based PIC 16 C 84 is a simulation of a crane. Port B is configured RB0 to RB4 and RB5 as output to rb7 as input. Port A is configured as input. * Push button 'on' -> RA0 * Button 'Emergency Stop' -> RA1 * Push button 'Down' -> RA4 * Push button 'left' -> RB5 * Push button 'right' -> rb6 * (...)
Referece: PIC16F84A Datasheet, TABLE 1-1: PIC16F84A PINOUT DESCRIPTION, pg 4, rb6 is PGC, rb7 is PGD, Vss is GND, Vdd is Vcc although not needed, MCLR is marked accordingly and PGM is not needed. The ICSP Appnote available on Microchip's website is also a good reference. Also check out the following tutorials: [URL="
Hi, rb6 and rb7 are used as standard digital pins without any special needs. If you want to use them with Debugger, then they must be dedicated to the ICD2 with no other hardware connected; your program code should not address those pins. If you want to use them as ICSP pins you may also be able to have some i/o (...)
You won't be able to debug your project if your programming pins(rb6 and rb7) are used somewhere else.
I've changed a lot in the code. It's kinda messy, but I fixed the errors. :smile: list p=16f877 #include "" ; LP Oscillator between OSC1 OSC2 pins ; Watchdog timer is off ; All code protection is off ; Brown-Out Reset is enabled ; EEPROM data protection is off ; Write to EEPROM enabled ; ICD is off, rb6 and rb7 are GPIO __conf
...i can use my rb6 and rb7 as TX and RX pins...?? will this produce any interrupts?... On PIC16F877 core, rb6/rb7 pins already supports interrupt feature, due built-in UART module have this function mapped on SFR register. However, in order to provide interrupt capability to softuart (...)
Hi vinodstanur, as our friend thannara123 is a beginner in programming, use the "code" tags for formating the code, it's easier to read and figure out parts of it, like below. #include __CONFIG(0x3F3A); #define _XTAL_FREQ 20e6 #define reset rb7=1;rb7=0; #define clock rb6=1;rb6=0; char (...)
RB4/RB5/rb6/rb7 are all interrupt on change pins, see page 150 in the datasheet for more information. I am not sure which port relates to which interrupt flag but you should be able to determine this in software by triggering the interrupt and then checking which flag has changed state. Hope this helps. /Pete
sir, I am new in pic programming.I am using pic 16f877a crystel-20mhz and connected led portb (this is out put).i am using timer0 delay for led on off (rb7,rb6 connected led).iam using mplab icd3 for programming.This my timer0 first program please help me
Hi! everybody.I want to write a program with mikroC PRO V2.5 so that I can use the interrupt on change PORTB; RB4,RB5,rb6,rb7 features.I use 4 push buttons on pins; RB4(K4),RB5(K5),rb6(K6),rb7(K7) and 4 LEDs' on pins;(respectively) RC4(LED1),RC5(LED2),RC6(LED3),RC7(LED4);I want if each key pressed(K4 to (...)
Hello How to program PIC16F876 with this programmer below I need circuit wiring,can somebody help me? Regards too all I don't know whether it works or not, the same connection can be used with PIC16 controllers. Check the datasheet for pinout of PIC16F876. U have to connect rb6,rb7,MCLR,VDD and VSS (Same connectio
Hello everyone, I have the following problem: I have many buttons as an input connected to pin RB0 RB1 RB2 RB3 RB4 RB5 rb6 rb7 and led in pin RD0 RD1 how to change the interrupt state is not detected? #define PIC_CLK 4000000 #include __CONFIG(1, HS); //for freq>8Mhz and <20Mhz, use XT instead of HS for (...)
i wrote this prog for scanning key pad and displaying no on 7 seg display.i am using 2 rows and 2 col key pad. connected to RB4,RB5,rb6,rb7 and 7SEG connected to RA2,RA3,RA4,RB0,RB1,RB2,RB3 Now the problem is that how to on 7 seg like it s hlfly connected to port a and portb. (...)
Hi to all ASM masters. Basically i am doing a project on wattmeter using PIC, LCD and other components like CMOS voltage converter, 3.3V regulator etc. But when it comes to ASM, i headache. To be honest I am getting the asm source code from the web (here), and the latest is that the digital IO on rb6 and (...)
Hi yangueyren. Pins rb7, rb6, RB5 and RB4 offers the possiblity to trigger an interrupt when their state changes(from high to low or from low to high) if they are configured as digital inputs. Look in the datasheet on the description of PORTB. Another thing. If you are using some push buttons on RA5-o pins to change the values of B, C (...)
Kindly can any body tell me The PGD/rb7, PGC/rb6 are 40 and 39 pins of PIC16F877A respectively. So What PGC stands for? PGD stands for? Reply me Thank you very much
The EasyPIC 5 programmer has its own form of debugger built in, but it only works with their languages. It's not MPLAB compatible though. If you can disconnect the EasyPIC 5 programmer from MCLR, rb6 & rb7 the PICkit2 should work fine.
Hi, It's not a problem at all ... Those pins ( rb6 & rb7) are used for programming purposes and they are going through an 4053 IC... usb programmer 4053 IC '--> pic socket '--> ext. port connector
Hello, first question is where to get PROTEUS library with model of PIC16F819 /818 ? next, i have programmed my PIC16F819 chip, and connected 7 segment display to it like that: RB1 - a RB2 - b RB3 - c RB4 - d RB5 - e rb6 - f rb7 - g VSS connected to Gnd terminal of 7seg as needed. all connections are OK, programming was (...)
maybe to long cables... just use less than 30 cm from the connector to the PIC... also try to not use rb7 and rb6 for anything else... also check your MCLR/VPP part... some times it mess... (also check vpp voltages with MPLAB and with multimeter) just a question (for you) when it has problem at veriying... is the (...)
This is a working PIC 18F programmer...super easy, what you need is only one resistor and one capacitor! But beware that the programmer need extra capacitor to rb7 and rb6 for longer wire. For my case i use 1nF cap. Happy using!
I must be connected as follows LCD PIC E RB1 RS RB2 RW RB3 D4 RB4 D5 RB5 D6 rb6 D7 rb7 How can i change the sample LCD.C and LCD.H files to work?
sorry it's rb6 and rb7 I maked a icd by myself using circuit from Lothar Stolz,it cann't control the vdd of target board. So should I have to break the connection between mclr and vdd anyway?
Hi guys. I'm designing my own ICD and I have seen a lot of schematics. I have been seeing the signals about ICD: - (RC5 > PGD_T out / RC4 > PGD_T in) RA5 > switch I/O PGD_T - (RC3 > PGC_T I/O) RA2 > switch I/O PGC_T - (rb7 > PGM_T out) RB1 & rb6 switch PGM_T out - RA4 switch the VCC_T - RC0 switch the VPP to MCLR_T - RC1 switch (...)
hey guys.... i was trying to make this pic programmer .... and this is all i am getting without getting the sucessful output...:----- 1>green and red led's are glowing 2>rb7 nad rb6 ar low 3>acknowledge turns high when power is removed but still not getting the output. anyone c
Here is a simple working programmer for PIC. Use PGD, PGC and MCLR (in this case of PIC 18F452: rb7, rb6, MCLR) to program any other PIC capable of ICSP. Its component count is less, no odd components. Must have for all. It works with IC-Prog in JDM mode. I am now trying to develop a EEPROM adaptor for this. If someone else beats me (...)
There is a Serial pory programmer which uses rb6 and rb7 port lines and a couple of resistors and transistors. I have misplaced the Sch. Can anyone upload it please? Thanks and regards, bimbla.
Hi, Just check if following pins are the same for both PICs DIP : VDD,VSS,MCLR,rb6,rb7,(RB3) If not try to make this simple and nice PIC programmer (JDM type ): It'll worth !!! Bye :D :D :D
Point 1: Port E is also used as analog port or strobe signal for parallel slave port. Are either of these functions used or enabled? Point 2: Do you have an In-Circuit Programmer (ICSP) like ICD from Microchip or CCS connected when you have the problems with PORTB ?? Because rb7, rb6 and RB5 are used by the ICD when you program (...)
any programmer will work as soon as you connect the pins mclr, rb6,rb7 and power supply !!!
Hello! You must check your lines if there are no big caps on rb6 and rb7. You hould check design recomendations. and also what is power consumption of your circuit? Regards!
Hi all Until today,i programmed with PBP (melabs),but now i want to learn the C language,my choice is CCS compiler. For my first progam i want to use a LCD for to show "HELLO WORLD",but no instruction is equal at (lcdout melabs),how to make? Can you send me a little program I use a board and the next connections rb7->DB7 rb6->DB6 (...)