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Could someone tell me how an RC coupled amplifier amplifies a signal and the functions of the capacitors and resistors in the circuit ?
Reactance of a capacitor is Xc=1/(2*pi*f*C). It is infinite at f=0Hz and zero at infinite frequency. At RC coupled amplifiers, in general, we can have different examples. The coupling capacitor and the resistor which follows it and which is grounded form a highpass filter. For passband frequencies it's capacitance should be large enough to presen
I'm an undergraduate trying to figure out my final year project. I have in in mind a hospital communication system.. which connects the doctor,nurse and patients... it should also indicate in the nurse room the bed number and the ward the signal is coming from.. I intend to use a simple but intercom circuit that is based fully on transistors.. i.e
Search Edaboard for "Opamps for everyone", you will find a link for book that explains in detail what you need to know to understand how opamps work. AC coupled means it can amplify only alternating signal, not DC. If you attach battery on input, output will swing only for short time and drop down to 0. You should also find some elementary books t
You have circuit, you have simulation results. What do you see on the oscillograms? I see 70MHz gated oscillator.
R1 + C2 = to increase amplifier gain The LM386 has incorporated a feedback internally, though the gain is set at 20 internally, but it can be raised almost 10 times higher - that is up to 200, just by introducing a resistor and a capacitor across its pin 1 and 8. Initial gain =15k/(1.35k +0.15k) Adding R1 the actual Gain= 15k/(R1||1.35k +0.15k
AM demodulation : an envelope detector : diode into RC circuit FM demodulation : cut off slope of bandpass filter converts change in frequency to AM signal and then an envelope detector : diode into RC circuit