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Ampr/RC coupled amplifier1.htm :)
Reactance of a capacitor is Xc=1/(2*pi*f*C). It is infinite at f=0Hz and zero at infinite frequency. At RC coupled amplifiers, in general, we can have different examples. The coupling capacitor and the resistor which follows it and which is grounded form a highpass filter. For passband frequencies it's capacitance should be large enough to presen
How can I design a RC coupled CE amplifier with stability factor 5 and gain 20 dB.IF S.F = 1+ Rb/Re,how to design?
I'm using a 1 MHz crystal oscillator and a crude amplitude modulation circuit (shown below), and I wanted to amplify the output. I wondered if anyone knew of a circuit I should use to amplify this? 109047 I'm also assuming there would be a problem with harmonics flooding other frequencies, could I filter these out usin
This is a source impedance lowering circuit.The base voltage is reduced by Vbe and available to the output at Ro/hfe .. This is very low impedance drive maintaining the voltage swing the same .
I am a first year student in electrical engineering. i'm having a difficulty starting my project which is to design and build a Summing amplifier that i am assuming... i would appreciate any help :-P... Design an amplifier circuit so that vo = v a + v b + v c . Show the schematic and all calculations.
I want to demonstrate a coupled oscillator circuit at graduate level. Can any one suggest some thing?
You can easily build one with very few components with a monolithic amp of Minicircuits (MAR, ERA) or HP/Ag_ilent (MSA, INA) for a few $.
CMOS RF device modeling and low-noise amplifier circuit design
where to get balanced amplifier circuit diagram for practise and learning...pls
Based on the following attached MPS5179 amplifier circuit, I want to design the same circuit for 62MHz. The circuit shown was designed for 38MHz. The input is 62MHz 15mVp-p and the desired output should be 500mVp-p and V+ = 4V. What will the value of resistor next to V+ and L2. Will the L2 need to be fixed or (...)
Hi, I have doubts on power amplifier circuit. I am using RF2117 power amplifier chip, alongwith I have attached the schematic which was given in application notes. I have doubts on this schematic. 1)What is the purpose of Ferrite inductor? How is it more advantages when compared to ordinary inductors. 2)In the datasheet the output (...)
in common source cmos amplifier circuit which one is prefarable to to decrease l/w ratio for pmos or to increase the same for nmos for increased performance
ELectronic circuits. Analisys, Simulation and Design Prentice Hall (now pressman) N. R. Malik
I want to setup this amplifier with gain=20dB and stability factor=5 here S.F=5=1+R(base)/R(emmiter) Here which resistor is to be designed with conventional design and which is to be calculated with the above equation to get the both of the designing requirements satisfied Please help me!
I want to setup R.C coupled amplifier with gain=20dB and stability factor=5 , here Stability Factor=5=1+R(base)/R(emitter) Here which resistor is to be designed with conventional design and which is to be calculated with the above equation to get the both of the designing requirements satisfied Please help me!
Right, you need to make a total new design for 5.8GHz applications except the topology may keep the same, since any factors are co-related. List all specifications including the desired frequency. Figure out which one is the biggest bottleneck. then all other circuit parameters are calculated based on this parameter. Probably, theoretical resul
Dear All, I face a problem with the amplifier circuit of 5 level multi level inverter circuit. The main problem is summarized in that i need to drive number of MOSFETs (IRF540N) and I found that if i used an amplifier circuit will be good, but when i tried to drive the MOSFET i got that i need a driving (...)
what is the function of a transistor in an amplifier circuit:cry:
Hi, i need a guideline to construct a precision amplifier circuit to a motor driver(OPA 541). my input voltage is from -5V to 5V whic from PIC18F4331. Anyone can help me?? pls reply thanks.
Hi, I have attached a picture of an amplifier circuit that I need help solving. Thanks in advance! :)
Hi, I attached a picture of a circuit I need help solving. This is an amplifier circuit with BJT current mirrors. Any help is appreciated!
I need current amplifier circuit which will provide output 1A to 10A for low current or voltage variation. please provide circuit or ideas regards santhosh
If you want to save minimise power then don't use the LM741. If the problem is "don't waste power even with the LM741" then usually it will involve trying to use the largest resistor values possible while still making sure the circuit works. Keith.
Hey guys. I have a Philips Mini HiFi audio system that is damaged. But the speakers are fine. They are 3200 watt stereo (two speakers) and 1600 watts surround (two speakers) PMPO. Can anyone please tell me how much this power is in RMS? Also, I would like a good amplifier circuit for it including power supply...
this is an instrumentation amplifier at non inverting terminal of the op amp reference point is connected..what is the use of this point?what happen if i ground this me please..i am attaching this file..
Design a single ended amplifier circuit (single input, single output) with all the bias circuits to meet the following specification: 1) minimum DC gain is 4000 2) Total current withdrawn from power supply is 250mA 3) Vdd= 3.3 volts 4) Load capacitance is 250fF 5) maximum total on chip resistance (if needed) is 100Kohm 6) BW is to be (...)
This circuit works like a bridge: Q3-Q2 or Q1-Q4, but not both pairs at the same time, so both inputs should not be ?H? at the same time .. To generate sound you need one of MCU pins to produce a square wave and vary the frequency if you want to change the tone .. :wink:
First post so be gentle. I am need of a amplifier circuit that has the following characteristics: DC amplification 1uS rise time 250VDC 2ma max O/P 0-5Vdc I/P for 0-250Vdc O/P I have used the monolithic stuff from MS Kennedy and Apex but cost and form factor are an issue. The amp is used to drive a charge plate with a 6' length of COA
Hi,I am looking to build a powerful Electric Guitar amplifier there somebody who can send me circuits about that==:oops::!:
I need a power amplifier circuit for (Ground Penetrating Radar) project, i have a Pulse generator & Crystal osc. with freq.=60Mhz and Multiplier in my project. I need power amplifier to increasing power before transmitting it through Antenna
Hello Sir How to find input impedance of RC phase shift circuit ? Thank You
Dear all, Please i need help designing a three coupled tune circuit as a bandpass filter. Firstly i'm a novice in microwave, so please bear with me. Please is there a formula that can be use to design these things? I'm quite frantic so i don't really want to go into so much depth, as I've been told it's quite hard to design from scratch. I'm usi
HI i amm trying to answer this question, can anyone help please THANKS . The company currently has a low noise amplifier circuit for which the LM4136 and the LMC6034 operational amplifiers are contenders. Determine the total noise generated for each and so recommend the best. Some circuit details are as follows. (...)
I need a power amplifier circuit that has to drive a 50W speaker with no IC (integrated circuit) has a transistor and with a pre amplifier on it.. And show the computation of the pre amp if you will ;) tnx!!
Share your circuit here?...
I have speakers Edifier R100. Here are the specifications : I am not satisfied with its performance, the base got too noise when i increase the volume. I want to modify them using any high power amplifier. As Input Impedance: 10K Ohms , can someone suggest me any high power amplifier c
8560985610856118561285613 I am trying to construct this amplifier circuit with an LM386 Chip. Can anyone tell me if they see any errors? I cannot get it to work.
I'm an undergraduate trying to figure out my final year project. I have in in mind a hospital communication system.. which connects the doctor,nurse and patients... it should also indicate in the nurse room the bed number and the ward the signal is coming from.. I intend to use a simple but intercom circuit that is based fully on transistors.. i.e
Can any body help me by sending a basic instrumentation amplifier circuit diagram using Ad 620 ic.I need a gain of about 100 or below 100.
Hello all, Am in the process of designing a voice trained robot circuit.. For that I've built an amplifier...and it is working well.. (link to amplifier circuit that i built: ... /Lab1b.pdf) But, now I want to interface MIC to this circuit.. I thought of using i378MV iBall MIC for my applicatio
Post the circuit schematic.
Hi All, i am trying to make an amplifier circuit(Speaker Using Transistor BD139). Now calculating Q parameters( I_CQ & V_CEQ) problem with selection of "Beta" From the datasheet I can choose it but Datasheet has the graph(hFE Vs I_C) for V_CE=2V, But my calculating V_CEQ=5.5V. So how can I choose My Beta for Design. Here the Datasheet Link...
I have a problem with my amplifier input to gate of mosfet is 2Mhz from microcontroller and bias voltage is 30v.when I measure voltage at the terminal of the dc blockin capacitor as i have given in the following picture it shows voltage low close to zero and the frequency about 300 khz.what is the problem ?Because according to the princ
hi i am a final year student.. i want to make a gsm signal signal booster antenna, for which i have to make an amplifier circuit to amplify the incoming signal,. i also need help in antenna design,, any help will be highly appreciated,,,,
I am working with this amplifier circuit attached .When I am giving supply to the circuit my mosfet is getting hot and burning out.Someone can you please suggest me solution for this.hank you so much.99008
Maybe your 7812 regulator IC does not have an input voltage high enough, 14VDC minimum? Then the transformer must be at least 12VAC. The output of a properly working 7812 has no hum. This amplifier circuit has an extremely high gain of 700 times so a tiny input signal will be produced at its output. Then using a shielded audio input cable is very
Sir, I want designing circuits with component values for the following circuits 1. Common Emitter amplifier 2. Common Source amplifier 3. Two Stage RC coupled amplifier 4. Current shunt and voltage series Feedback amplifier 5. Cascade amplifier 6. (...)
Hi everyone. I was told that the Voltage Gain of this Multistage amplifier circuit (with negative feedback) is Rc/Re. But can somebody tell me how to derive this expression?
well, The fact that its DC coupled indicates, that you dont need to restore your DC point (which is the case with AC coupled circuits), after your input cap on the line. Usually you recover the DC point by some sort of 'clamp' circuit' which may be some follower like architecture. Anways, you can implement a multistage (...)