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Ampr/RC coupled amplifier1.htm :)
will anyone plese telll me the analysis of bahaviour of various capicitors ,used in rc coupled amplifier?also when they assumed as short or open at low and high frequencies? thankx a lot.
I'm an undergraduate trying to figure out my final year project. I have in in mind a hospital communication system.. which connects the doctor,nurse and patients... it should also indicate in the nurse room the bed number and the ward the signal is coming from.. I intend to use a simple but intercom circuit that is based fully on transistors.. i.e
From my previous op amp building experience (which i post earlier), I know that I need to follow the datasheet, and build my circuit according to the schematics that's shown on the datasheet. Here's my question tho: When I was in school, I thought an inverting amp was just an op amp with two resistors, but when i tried to build the inverting am
You have circuit, you have simulation results. What do you see on the oscillograms? I see 70MHz gated oscillator.
R1 + C2 = to increase amplifier gain The LM386 has incorporated a feedback internally, though the gain is set at 20 internally, but it can be raised almost 10 times higher - that is up to 200, just by introducing a resistor and a capacitor across its pin 1 and 8. Initial gain =15k/(1.35k +0.15k) Adding R1 the actual Gain= 15k/(R1||1.35k +0.15k
AM demodulation : an envelope detector : diode into RC circuit FM demodulation : cut off slope of bandpass filter converts change in frequency to AM signal and then an envelope detector : diode into RC circuit