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Thanks. This is what I wrote: signal incoming_pixel : integer ; signal pixel_out : integer ; reading_from_file : process ( clock ) is file text_file : text open read_mode is "C:\location\some_text_file.txt" ; variable current_line : line ; variable incoming_pixel : integer ; begin if ( not endfile ( my_file ) ) then if risin
the readline(file, line) procedure reads an entire line from a text file. You then use read(dest, line) to extract elements from that line. - - - Updated - - - Or, to make our lives a little easier, post the code that doesnt work and ask some good questions.
there is no way to do this easily in vhdl. vhdl is not set up to do File io nicely other than text. What file are you trying to read? For every file you can use the ENDFILE() function to see if you have reached the end of a file: eg. while not ENDFILE(my_file) loop readline(file, inline); ...etc end loop; You could use this lo
Does Xilinx XST support vhdl textio library for synthesized code? Most likely not. P.S.: If it's for a simulation test bench, the sequence would be for i in ar'range loop readline(f, inline); read(inline, ar(i)); end loop;
i think u have missed the "readline" function before read function... Check the below link