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Hi Shiva: Thanks for the reply. Here is the code I used for reading values from file into an array. This process is similar to an example from Designer's guide to vhdl (By Peter Ashenden). I'm not sure as to where the problem is.Please help me out with this. process type Y_array is array (1 to 2,1 to 2) of integer; vari
I use modelsim in vhdl design. I want to call data from fetalint.txt. my code is use std.textio.all; file infile: text is in "fetalint.txt"; variable ip1: integer range -4096 to 4095; variable buf: line; process begin while not(endfile(infile)) loop readline(infile,buf); read(buf,ip1); W_data<=ip1; wait until falling_edge(W_clock
Textio is d keyword.. :) TEXTIO is a package of vhdl functions that read and write text make the package visible: use std.textio.all; Data Types: text - a file of character strings line - one string from a text file Example Declarations file Prog: text is in "file_name"; --text file "file_name" variable L: line
in vhdl every thing is in binary, you cannot have a data type which can store hex. so when you will read from a file using something like variable l1 : line; variable var1 : std_logic_vector(7 downto 0); . . readline(f1,l1); --read a line from a file f1 which contains hex words example FE hread(var1,l1); -- read into var1, a hex val
sure!! i assume that you want to use this for a testbench or some simulation purpose only. add the textio package from synopsis into your project directory from the path i told you before. compile it . to understand how to use these hread, hwrite etc procedure in your code you can simply open the package file and understand its input and output
i think u have missed the "readline" function before read function... Check the below link
Hi, -- extra packages: library std; use std.textio.all; use ieee.std_logic_textio.all; -- file declaration (vhdl 93 syntax) in architecture: file fin : text open read_mode is "c:/temp/input_file.txt"; -- read file contents somewhere in process: process.... variable inp_line : line; begin --- while not endfile (fin) loop readline(
HI all Is the below code snippet for file reading is fine. I am not able to open this file, so please correct the code. I am newbie to vhdl. procedure PrepareInput is VARIABLE inLine : LINE; VARIABLE dataRead : REAL; VARIABLE index : integer:= 0; file file_in : text open read_mode is "lena_64_64.txt";
HI all, I am facing problems with file reading in vhdl. I am newbie to vhdl. I am expecting answers. Here is the code and error message I have got. *********************** procedure PrepareInput is variable inLIne: line; variable int_text : integer:= 0; variable index : integer:= 0; --file file_in : text open read_
Hi all, How to read a 24 bit bmp file in vhdl. This is the code I have written. Here also exit when endfile is needed na???? *********************** procedure bmp_read is variable inline: line; variable b:character; variable g:character; variable r:character; variable end_of_line:boolean; type char_file is file of char
in the below i have this runtime error : no digits found in abstract literal textio procedure READ(INTEGER): can not get value from "?" (? shows some unkhon character) and then equal to the 16*16 times generate this error: textio procedure READ(INTEGER) :parameter L designate an empty string what does it mean? for i in 0 to 15
Hi Haneet, Something like: library ieee; use ieee.std_logic_textio.all; library std; use std.textio.all; architecture xxxx of yyyy is file fin : text open read_mode is ""; process(zzzz) variable rdline : line variable hex : std_logic_vector(3 downto 0); begin while not endfile(fin) loop readline(fin, rdli
Hi, I've only been using vhdl for a few months now, and i'm currently working on a RAM module in which the contents of the memory are initially loaded from a file. The module has 5 address lines, 8-birectional data lines, an active low enable, and a read/write select input. At the moment, i've got to a stage were some sort of value seems to b
Does Xilinx XST support vhdl textio library for synthesized code? Most likely not. P.S.: If it's for a simulation test bench, the sequence would be for i in ar'range loop readline(f, inline); read(inline, ar(i)); end loop;
hi i want to know how many characters does a readline command reads. is it full one line or is there any limitation for it.?????????
there is no way to do this easily in vhdl. vhdl is not set up to do File io nicely other than text. What file are you trying to read? For every file you can use the ENDFILE() function to see if you have reached the end of a file: eg. while not ENDFILE(my_file) loop readline(file, inline); ...etc end loop; You could use this lo
A few days ago I had the exact same problem. I also used my code in a process: txt_inp:process(CLK, write_en) begin if rising_edge(CLK) then if write_en <= '1' then while not((endfile(Datafile))) loop readline(Datafile, L); Read(L, mem_data); TXTRAM(i) <= mem_data; i <= i +1; end loop; end if; end if;
Here's an example that reads a single stimulus vector (representing an analog waveform) line by line. You can easily extend it to read additional values and possibly write output data to a second file. Process file IN_DAT : text open read_mode is "scope.txt"; variable LI: line; variable MV: integer; Begin while not
Hi! I want to read two integer values from a .txt file named "entry.txt", which is located in the project folder, with all of the .vhd files. -- ... variable inline : line; file inputFile : text open read_mode is "entry.txt"; variable mynum: integer; variable stdmynum: std_logic_vector (N-1 downto 0); -- ... readline(inputF
Well for a testbench, you're not using the correct package, you should be using textio - it already has a file type, Text, declared for you and assosiated read/write and readline/writeline procedures. There are numerous tutorials around the web, so use google. For actually doing it in an FPGA, why would you do that? you would need a file handler s
use ieee.std_logic_textio.all; use std.textio.all; file master_file : TEXT is in "E:\??\??\??"; begin process variable Lbuf : Line; readline(master_file, Lbuf); ...
Hi,All,I wrote a testbench , and simulated it in modelsim,but there is an error about textio read, the error information is : # Fatal error at F:/123/duc_design_restored/duc/test_complex_tb.vhd line 121 --the vhdl code of the section: data_in:process(clk) file f_bdata : text open read_mode is "test.txt"; variable l_bdata : line; varia
HI vhdl experts, I am newbie to vhdl. This task is eating away my time. I want to read a text file(which consist raster data of an image) and store in memory pixelImage as shown below. The code is not working. Please correct it. Here two for loops are not needed I think. And how to read each pixel. By reading each line then each string
file my_file : datafile open READ_MODE is "C:\Users\gleam\Documents\MATLAB\u2.jpeg"; first => there is no data type as datafile... second => you cant use read function directly first you have to use readline function to read data from file to a line variable. You can use read function directly if you are feeding input from console.
when you open a file, the readline function reads the next line from the file into a line type. You can make as many calls to readline as there are lines in the file. The same goes for read. It reads for as many things are on the line (separated by whitespace). So usually its best just to stick things in a loop and have 1 inline variable To rest