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That is a long list of questions! Ferrite beads are used primarily to reduce RF leakage from one side of a unit to the other side. If you had a receiver/transmitter, for instance, there might be power leaking from the transmitter into the receiver along the power supply lines. You would not want to use high Q inductors dropped along the power
I need design data on a S-band (3 GHz) to vhf (144 MHz) down converter to be use in aweather satellite receiver for pictures from geo-stationary satellites Can anybody help me?
hello I am constructing a 1Hz to 40MHz broadband receiver and I need a 50MHz low pass filter for receiving only in order to attenuate the unwanted vhf/uhf. the filter needs to allow frequencies from 1Hz to 40MHz to pass. I have found this and schematic here
what freq do you want ? is it to be received on a normal TV ? more than 1 TV or only 1 receiver needed ?? cheers Dave
Can anyone tell me the difference between a normal antenna and a radar antenna and what are the principal radar antenna functions ? How do we feed a radar antena, does the antenna system contain any power unit which feeds DC or AC power ? Regards, Avi there is no difference, the same antenna has a transmitter and
Because it's a superhet receiver, the adjacents channel rejection is mainly defined by the IF filter, not the tuner module. The tuned input filter is responsible for the foreign channel large signal strength. There are no "silicon tunable filters". Single chip receivers are either using tuned LC filters or operating as wideband superhet rece
problem with transistor based FM transmtter is that output freq. is not fixed . so if u use digital FM receiver such like in ur mobile phone u will be unable to receive signal. so u have to use manual analog radio receiver to receive ur signal. I think a lots of transmitter ckt available on web . one thing is that BC547 is not useful for FM generat
It may be difficult problem. Satcom receivers are often more sensitive to interference than other receivers. I would advise the following steps: 1. First if possible, try another generator. Have the generator supplier repair it or serviced. 2. Check the generator metal cover for loose parts. Check the power cable connectors and cable itself. It sho
tony_lth thanks your reply, sorry!!i am description problem condition are not enough, i was repeat description this problem condition give you my product include the GSM System , but the GSM will interference to receiver of vhf band and the high power of the GSM will import to LNA of the transistor, and the transistor been to damage. but the
As there are many types of satellites and their purposes, there are many antennas used to receive telemetry data from satellites, to communicate with satellites, etc. Take low-orbit satellites. They are mostly used for scientific experiments above the atmosphere. Such satellite instruments are either programmed to continuously transmit data to E
Hi everyone, I need urgent help, pls. I have searched for the topic but couldn't find any satisfactory answers. Or maybe did not know where to look !.. Shortly, my problem is: I have been using standart 433 MHz RF receiver-Transmitter kit to transmit and receive some data such as heat, in short range (max. 20 Metres). And it is very sim
This has several useful links in it. Building your own Even it recommends buying the receiver, though. John
Heres a dead simple one, 2 components. The oscillator can be got from an electronic component supplier such as rs components, the transformer is less common, but if you look through a couple of 70's or 80's tranny radios the red transformer is the one you want, they call it an lt700, electronics surplus houses might have them also. [url=
RADAR is basically 1 ms Pulse of RF energy where the resolution is determined by the center frequency, as such tranponders need to switch and detect reflections at the speed of light, something which Op Amps do not have the necessary bandwidth. even at 10Mhz. You need > 1GHz for RADAR. But with a remote transmitter you can determine Doppler shift
Hello experts i want to build an wireless audio transmitter and its receiver . Please guide me ? which frequency, use ? the device might be more portable (small size & use less power). Need minimum range 100meter . The audio signal from a microphone. thanks in advance.
Hello, I am reading a paper and the scenario is the next. They have a small radio control plane with 6 antennas. The idea is to estimate the attitude angles and I do not know if their solution is realistic or not. Here are the relevant data: - The frequency is 30MHz. A sinusoidal signal of amplitude 1. The main idea is to measure the phase
It isn't the schematic that causes the problem, it's the construction and choice of component materials. Even a simple single transistor oscillator will work fine under ideal conditions but might drift wildly as temperature changes or something moves nearby. The one you show in post #9 should be OK provided: 1. you stabilize the supply voltage 2
Digital transmitter 100 .What does this 100 mean? is this the gain?i saw this in a report of vhf transmitter and receiver used in aircrafts.

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