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RFPROP OS Win98/ME/NT4/2000 Description: This is a Windows propagation calculator for the transmission path between an RF transmitter and a receiver. It is aimed mainly at free-space and space-wave applications, such as are encountered in vhf, UHF and microwave communications, and also in satellite communications.
Hi, If you like to build a multi channel ir receiver/transmitter try to use compliant ir devices.Try to look at They have minisir transreceiver ic's.You can connect it to a mcu easily.If you need further info.Just ask. Analyzer.
:lol: Please, anyone know where i can found schematics for aircraft receivers? Thanks. MKW
This is a question only Philips can answer. Your receiver propably has a phase locked loop and if the VCO of the loop can cover the required frequency range they should be able to reprogram the new frequencies. Same thing goes with front RF filters and RF amplifier. If these cover the frequency range fine, if not they might need to change/retune th
Look Overview of low-cost GPS receivers which output raw data:
Hi Digital Audio receiver Processor and Amplifier The goal of our project is to input an audio industry standard 44.1kHz, 16 bit pulse code modulated signal (PCM), and convert it to a pulse width modulated signal (PWM). This output will be amplified by external transistors, and then low pass filtered, resulting in an analog signal suitable f
You can try to use a broken and fixed trnsmitter as generator ( if it is your own ) disconnecting the power amplifiers and leaving only the oscillator and separator ( driver ). Put everything in a shielded case and use a 100 ohm potentiometer ( I know, it is not the professional way ) in between the output of the driver and the output of the box.
hello please introduce the manufacture of 50-100W fm UHF transmitter/receiver modules that have high quality. or if you a circuit sch about this I need it. It should have the capability to change its frequency by embedded software. bye
Could anybody give some information on performance and design of high frequency Gm-C filter for RF front-end receiver? I will really appreciate your help.
I found it in the archived documents at Motorola. I hope my findings are what you need. Actually, I found TWO files with differing sizes, and with the same name, both also with title "vhf NARROWBND FM receiver DESIGN USING MC3362"! See: merchant.hibbert
hi, i use National BLVDS Driver/receiver (092LV010A) to drive 8m cable. my question is: what is the value of the termination resistor? thx, kobik
Hi! I like to buid 2-8 channel R/C transmitter and receiver for modelling. Can help me somebody with schematic and building instructions? THX
Hi Guys, I need a RF transmitter module which able to transmit data over 64Kbits/s and RF receiver module which able to receive data over 64Kbits/s. Can anyone here suggest one good module. I would preference RF transmitter and RF receiver module using ASK or FSK. Your help will be appreaciate. rgds SkyNet
Well then, Please elaborate your you use mcu for this? (both transmitter and receiver) If so, to generate a pattern is quite simple.For example try to send "10100101100100110111010110001101" (32 bit/4 byte) and try to collect it. Analyzer.
Does anybody need the project, Rake receiver of W-CDMA system. for the project package so large, if anyone needs, send your email address by PM.
Hi, Can anyone help me to get a schematic (or complete project) to build a transmitter for an electric guitar + a receiver for this ? This is an example of what I'm talking about : a lot, Greetz, Flinter
Anyone seen a circuit of to do a "dirty" but cheap RS-485 receiver with an OP-Amp? Need it for a cheap quick test of balanced data lines. MrEd
I attach the datasheet of this I.C. it is UPC1490HA IC,REMOTE-CONTROL AMPLIFIER/PREAMPLIFIER,BIPOLAR,SIP,8PIN,PLASTIC MB. it's an IC - part of IR receiver of Philips TV set
I need Toy rf receiver and transmitter circuit. thx
we designed a RFIC which includes a direct conversion receiver front-end, anyone knows how to measure the mismatch between I and Q at the output of the mixer. Thanks!
i need a CDMA transmitter and receiver . tell me the links about it or where to purchase. thanks
Hi, I went to electronics shop to buy a ir receiver unit the seller give me one without any data on it and he said this unit will work on all Tv ! Now, i want to determine the pins of this unit (VCC,GND and DataOut) Can you help me ? Thanks
I advise you to use MC3448A transceiver IC ; you can use it with MC64488 if you use a Motorola MCU. if you need diagrams , contact me by email: regards, MB. looking for GPIB transceiver and receiver ic Thanks . hch16550
I need some schematics of a SONY STR-DE245 receiver. Canany body can share it?
The receiver is in three parts. The first is a PIN diode as the transducer. There can be a lens in front of it for more gain Then you have amplification electronics (first stage is a transimpedance amplifier) to get the signal level up. Then there is signal proceessing to detect the pulse rate of the light packets. If this is not just a h
Hi *.*, is there any body experienced on WWV WWVH?(time receiver) app. circuit, tutorial(freq. protocol etc.) Regards.
Is there anybody with experience in this field? I have to develope a Digital Visual Interface receiver on an Altera FPGA: I have to extract the RGB bits and the syncs. I'm also looking for DVI transceiver chips vendors. Any help? Thanks in advance, A.C.
Hello All, I'm looking for a service manual for Yamaha R-700. If someone has it, can you please upload it or PM me. I have just finished replacing couple of burnt components, which included couple of burnt resistors and a npn transistor. Nothing else seems suspicious on board, but there is no sound coming. I haven't gone in with a DMM and
vhf uhf spectrum analyser adaptor
Hi dmgeno You can try the upper menu search for R*adioS*hack and click it. After , in the left menu , click MANUALS (a new blue window opens) Search for receiver - DX 440 service manual. It's not your receiver , but maybe exist some similarity between these models and can help you. I hope this help you. Bes
Anybody know if there is any FM receiver chip have the right/left PCM out? Meantime, can anyone tell me how to mixed right/left PCM to a stereo wav or PCM? Thanks
Micrel ( ) produces some AM transmiters and receivers. Another very good solution are nRF chips from Nordic VLSI ( ). Both of them gives you schematics, AN's and they have good support too.
hello all need help on building a passive filter for a scrambled vhf tv band ... thx in advance
I say, NE555 is not stable at all, don't use it, cause 40Khz frecuency will always moving from central value, then you will have many headaches. Use LM567 for generate the 40kHZ frecuency, and other LM567 for receiver, it is a good tone decoder. You can use it as a oscilator or a tone decoder, and it have 18mV of sensibility. Only thing you must
Please write more informatione about receiver's architecture employed. With this kind of Infos I could help you choosing a transductor suitable for your application
I up some rereceiver schematic! Have a nice day! It's file about FM RC receiver with synthesised frequency with sch & PCB
Here is an example for a CDMA receiver from a M/A/X/I/M app note. The intermodulation response attenuation is a measure of a receiver's ability to receive a cellular band CDMA signal on its assigned channel frequency in the presence of two interfering continuous wave (CW) tones. Theses tones are separated from the assigned channel frequency and
Hi all, I'm looking for the service manual or the schematics for an old Sat-receiver delivered by Grundig TYPE: STR12. Perhaps there is an user-manual too. Who can give me a hint to find these docs? thanks for your
Does anyone know a frequency divider IC to convert 2 GHz oscillator to vhf band.
Hi I am interesting in design of log periodic antenna operating in HF ,vhf , and UHF bands Can any one tell how to design, to implement my own antenna? Hwo to get the required software?
probably you already know siemens application note regaring IL300 linear opto-isolator, I implemented same circuit (same amplifiers, TIL300 optocoupler , IL300 from another manufacturer, same FET) but my circuit is not linear as described in the app. note. I suppose the only difference is they fed opamps with +/-9V DC, but I applied 12V DC.
Hello, I am searching for schematic or info about 35MHz receiver used in model air plains. If you got anything please mail me. My radio projects:
looking for Toko vhf miniature transformer 2K159 / 2K758 datasheets thanks
Are there any papers or specifications for the design of IEEE 802.11 DSSS receiver in SPW?
i'm working on a RC receiver with such transformers but i cant manage to find their inductance and turn number or ratio ???
Hi OM's I'm lookin' for the Plessey SL6600 datasheet vhf receiver IC. Thanks a lot
Hello, I would need a simple antenna for 518kHz for Navtex reception. Are there any construction plans on the internet to make an antenna for this frequency? Or any suggestions and tips? The navtex signal is placed in a narow band around 518kHz, FSK modulation. My second question is: I have read that the navtex system uses an SSB transmitter, F
i want to make am/ fm receiver ( 10Khz-510Mhz). :?: how can i make it? its better to make it discrete or integrated? discrete is made by transistor. integrated is made by IC. what is your suggestion about IC number for this purpose.
I need a full design of FSK transmitter and receiver to transmit data from serial port without using transceiver IC’s .please help
Hi all I have a question about the SSB receiver (Single sideband). Does one have to know the carrier frequency a priori, or is there a way to recover the carrier frequency even if it is not sent ?? (Cannot be the case, forget it.) But what does the so called Beat frequency oscillator do ? Kindest regards, StoppTidigare