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Assalam O Alekum ! Can anyone tell me about Switched regulated power supply Any documents will also be appreciated Thankx
Thank you very much dear zeppelin. Your Link helpd me very much to design my regulated power supply. You are very welcome hussain :wink: See you around
I need to design a regulated power supply that will supply 1 A output current with a DC voltage output of +5V and -12V with a ripple voltage of 0.01 V peak to peak. Could any experts here help me? I appreciate if experts could simply give some draftly circuit guide on this design. The design should provide output (...)
I need to design a regulated power supply using transistor capable of providing 5 volts at 1 A.What should be the parameters for the same?
Good day, I have 2 unit of transformer rated: 1) Input 230VAC 50Hz and output 60V 40Amp (60V 0V 60V) 2) Input 230VAC 50Hz and output 12V 45Amp (12V 12V) I want to make both of them into a regulated power supply: The first is to power a few servo drive and servo motor, the drive is rated 75V max and the servo (...)
I have a ChiefMax 550 watt ATX switching power supply problem. When I hit the power button the fan jerks and than nothing. I took it out of the computer and jumpered the green start wire to a black wire and hooked a CD Rom for a load and when I put power on it the Fan jerks the light on the CD Rom flashes (...)
Hi, In my opinion your need is basically a regulated power supply with two extreme values_am I right? Is your switching rate really at 100KHze, & what kind of regulation(stabilization) grad is to have? K.
i'm new here, i'm looking for a schematic diagram of a regulated power supply using a center tapped x'former producing output of 3v, 4.5v, 6v, 9v and 12v. i'm hoping there's somebody there to help me. thank you very very much!
First time posting in this forum, so please excuse if this it the wrong category or if this has been discussed before. I did look around a bit without any success of finding an answer. Also, I'm pretty much a hobbiest, so please be gentle! Using a regulated power supply, is it still a good idea to use some type of isolator for the (...)
hello everyone, I want to make voltage regulated power supply of 1 to 15V output with 8A maximum load. Is this IC LM3150 useful for this design?
or just remove trimmer for clear 5V voltage.
I see that there is a knob called "Iset" in the regulated power supply. What is it used for? Thanks a lot:-D
I am brand new to the electronics world. I have set up a home station for working on small scale electronics, i.e. soldering stating, antistatic mat and strap, etc.. I have read some basic electronics books and decided to attempt my first small project, assembling a Dual-Output Adjustable Linear regulated power supply from Jameco. I of (...)
Friends this is my first project and I have some confusion about the Components which i would like to discuss here in order to successfully build 5v Dc regulated power supply. The required components for this circuit are !)Step Down Transformer, 2) Diodes for Rectification (Bridge Rectifier), 3) Capacitors for smoothing and 4)Regulator to (...)
Hi all, I'm not really understand how I can share the power supply. Let's say I'm using a DC power of +12V with 1.4A and it's supplying one of my circuit through the 7805 voltage regulator while I would like to use this DC power to supply another part of my circuit but I would like (...)
Hello there. I'm planning to construct a low voltage AC power supply with outputs for 12v, 24v and 36v. I plan to run all these voltages down a 3 core cable as follows: Core 1: Gnd Core 2: 12v Core 3: 36v This should allow me 36v between cores 1 and 3, 24v between cores 2 and 3, and 12v between cores 1 and 2. It seems unlikely that I will b
Hi all, I'm trying to power a battery charger from a 12V 3A power supply. The problem is the charger only runs for about 4 or 5 minutes before switching to trickle charge. The charger works fine when powered from a 12V SLA battery. Any ideas??? Is the noise from the SMPS causing (...)
Hi, Microcontroller circuits are powered by +5VDC regulated. I've seen lots of this in every microcontroller circuit especially L7805CT. I really wonder the role of capacitors in both sides of the regulator. Do these things have impact to the stability of the power supply? I read applications notes suggesting that an (...)
Hi, I?m new to the forum, and looking for some info and help for my project. I?m a guitarist myself and facing the problem as many others do, powering bunch of hungry pedals from one power supply on the pedal board. What I would like to do is regulated power supply (...)
it has 29 active transistors, a bit too much i think, but thanx anyway If the IC has inbuilt 29 transistors, you'll have no problems using the device by using just 5-6 external components to make it a complete "Variable voltage regulated boost current power supply".
The power supply has stabilized regulated voltage 115-350V/170mA made on the cheap and readily available 2 x PL504 and EF80 tubes. Polish UL1550 circuit works as a source of reference. It is much more stable than the
P = 500W Iout > 7.8A Vout = 72V?2V Vin = 120V 60 & 50Hz AC (USA and Japan wall socket) I am currently looking at a couple of solutions. 1. Buy 2 of these and hook them up in serial 2
Hi, I'm working on a small bi polar power supply capable of supplying +/- 12 VDC. I found a couple of schematics on the web, but this one comes very close: However, I've run into some problems ;-) For some reason the 7912 IC is not giving me
power supply voltage setting from 0 ... 22ma 400v ... 600mA (maximum 1a) is able to cross the current setting on the circuit TCA785 phase control IC is not complicated, but the voltage is higher than we are used to design different systems used to f
why don't you directly buy regulated 15 V adapter. You mean SMPS? Probably because you'd introduce a unholy amount of ripple and because of the total lack of accuracy, especially under light load conditions...
What are you utilizing to power the device? A poorly regulated power supply combined with the Brown-Out Reset (BOR) active can cause the device to repeatedly reset, essentially suspending device operation. I would recommend utilizing a 100nF decoupling capacitor as close as possible between the Vdd and Vss pins, use a well (...)
Hi, I am an Electronics engineering student and I am working on robotics project. I am using 150W brushed DC motors with sabertooth motor driver to control them. I am trying to follow line without using line sensors. I am getting feedback from 3000 ppr wheel encoders. So, I calculate error from difference between count of encoders and using PID a
hope i did this post right but i have a vap-5a30v2 regulated power supply,it old cant find any info on this at all,but the problem im having is when u turn it on it instantly goes to 48+ volts ,i cant do anything with ajustment knobs, the fuse blew i replaced it ,and this is the resaults i got, i checked diods and resisters (...)
Hi, My PS1 9001 fall down from my hand, When i connect it to the power supply, it didn't work. The power led indictor is off So i assume that the fault in power supply unit. So any way of getting a power supply schematic for the PS1 9001 ? Thanks for any help, (...)
I want to eliminate the 50Hz input transformer in the regulated power supply design operating from mains. Can I have a reference to those you normally find in DVD players etc.? I will come up with means to change the o/p power rating. The electric isolation transformer should be in the HF switching section. Any (...)
I have some basic doubts reg power supply requirements for a GPS Receiver. It needs 3.3 V regulated power supply. Im currently using a 3.3V 300 mAh battery. Is there a way to generate 3.3 V regulated supply as easy as using 7805 for 5 V supply. I even (...)
hai anybody having service manual for PHILIPS PM3217 OSCILLOSCOPE. power supply problem in my scope . I need to know the transformer voltages. Anybody have please inform me
If you want to "play" with electronics then a regulated power supply is a "must". If you can adjust voltage (3-30V is a handy range) and adjust the current (0-2A is also a handy range) then in many cases you will be safe trying new circuits or testing components. The simplest adjustable regulator is based on very popular voltage regulator, (...)
Here is a schematic of linear regulated power supply: I think it was originaly designed for 25A, but by changing some components and adding more parallel power transistors you can easily achieve 40A and more. For example, bridge rectifier is rated at 35A - increase it to 50A; next smoothing capacitor sho
I have a project about making a proposal of a 1.5-12V variable regulated power supply."Coz I have a hard time finding one.Can you give me samples of it, including its schematic and block diagram? I would be greatful if you could help me.Thanks & more power... I think that you should give us more infor
I want to design a regulated power supply from 0-24VDC, Input from 220VAC, the current is about 3A. Does anyone help me? Thanks
I got strange problem with my DS1307 RTC interfacing. I'm using AVR ATMEGA8535 and power supply with Full wave rectifier and CT type transformer (12V 500mA) Everytime i plugged in an out the circuits from the AC line my DS1307 gone wild and perform wrong reading :( Any body got any suggestion to fix it? my arrangement is like this AC (...)
Please, make some comments about this design. Total power consumption about 300 Watts. Feedback - voltage from separate winding. R6 - Current sensor Connection LM3524 and IR2110 - I think must work properly. Thanks
Go for something that you can easily build .. Here is an example of dual-polarity regulated power supply .. Just add another section with LM317 voltage reguator and adjust output to 9V .. Alternatively, and without many changes, you can replace LM317 and LM337 adjustable regulators with the followi
Hi Friends, I used to work alot with 16F877a PIC microcontroller from microchip. I was learning to switch design to a microcontroller using a 3.3V power supply. For this, I understand from the website that 16LF877a microcontroller would be able to accept supply from 2V to 5.5V range. Unlike the 16F877a which can only take in a minimum (...)
Hi friend, Here is the shematic of the regulated power supply Here is the component list: F1 - 2A fast acting fuse R3 - 4700 Ohms Potentiometer F2 - 250mA fast acting fuse C1 - 4700uF/35v S1 - SPST (Single Pole Single Throw) Switch C2 - 1uF/35v T1 - Transformer 3 Amp (Primary 1
Hi, Does anyone have the circuit diagram or know of a kit for a 3.0-4.5V regulated power supply, power source is 3 AA batteries ideally? Thanks in advance for any help.
i want to design a regulated power supply with following specifications input=220V AC Output= 0 to 3VDC variable with 0 to 20Amp variable. please suggest me the circuit diagram and what type of component we uesd for above.
Anytime i want to build some power supply i have to have a there any solution to build some power supply without using a transformer?I was thinking about an pwm regulated power supply which uses triac(s) and the current coming right from the main source ( 230 V 50Hz).Does (...)
i need a very stable 5V dc power supply with 2A or 3A of current..pls guys i need to find at least the most simplest way to build this power supply..thanks in advance!:D
I have used 34063 is my power supply design for an automotive gadget design. Circuit diagram is attached. Constant power requirements are around 300 mA with temporary surges of 1500mA at 4.2V. But I have been so far unable to get a clean supply. There is too much noise and voltage fall over a cliff when current goes above (...)
I have a problem with a power supply. The circuit is basically a DC-DC converter. It is supplied from an 18V transformer, rectified and fed into a switching regulator to provide 13.8V DC. My problem is that as I try to drive the circuit to 4A output, the input bridge diodes, feedback diodes and steering diodes all get (...)
hi , this is lokesh , iam working with a sim300gsm modem ,and i have designed according to refrence sheet provided by simcom ,my pcb is working fine ,but when iam connecting the gsm modem to the 64 pin connector ,the power supply gets shorted ,,,,can any one find the solution . Thanks and regards lokesh
Hi, i am making a model of var. regulated power supply box using microcontroller and lcd display. i want a sample source code for mc pic16f767. inputs: 24v, 1-5v (var), +/-12v(var. +ve dual tracking) output: display the values in lcd. i m using pic of 28 pin, 8bit. it has crystal osc, icd3 debugger connector used for debugging, lcd (...)
I have seen comparators used in motor control circuits for PWM power control, might be what you are thinking of for big DC supplies. The original poster has clarified in his second post, that he's looking for a basic regulated power supply. Suggesting switching mode circuits or particularly self-oscillating "hysteretic" (...)