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When no bulb is connected this does not happen. i.e the relay doesn't excessively turn on and off Chattering relay can happen because of drooping power supply voltage. The voltage is normal with light or no load. It might help to use a separate power supply for the load. Or, rework the supply to the sensing circ
Are you aware that the relay is underrated for that voltage ? In addition, the BC557 seems inverted in your drawing.
Sir i would like to make remote controlled ac fan speed controller with light on/off with pic16f877a with sony protocol in assembly language.i can turn on/off relay using sony remote by pic16f877a.and now want to use zero cross detector with bt136 triac but no any idea for how to develo a programm it.I can handle hardware and circuit for how to de
It must draw energy from hidden coin cell batteries and reed switch oscillator and same thing for special bulb with built-in coin cells and reed relay triggered by a few mW of fan a con job and on the original video, you can hear the 1.5V battery activate a relay inside the bulb
Cars do not use old fashioned incandescent light bulbs anymore. They also do not use old fashioned relays anymore.
Hello all! I have a question regarding connecting a relay to a light switch, and controlling it wirelessly with an Arduino. The relay I have is this one: , I have previously successfully used it to turn remotely turn on/off a smoke machine (only using two contacts for on/off). I have a light switch in the wall that is only
When you meet Vmin on coil, it is guaranteed to switch but will switch slower perhaps with more contact bounce. Since light bulb has cold R 10x lower than hot the surge current is up to 10x higher when turned on which can derate power capability or lifetime of relay contacts. To choose different voltages on contacts involves your voltage sour
The project is Voice Controlled Devices. I have used Clicker2 for PIC32MX, relay Click and SpeakUp Click from mikroElektronika. The cost of the project is 96 USD. SpeakUp Click is in Clicker2's 1st mikroBus Socket and relay Click is in 2nd Socket. Two voice commands like light and Fan have to be recorderd and stored in SpeakUp Click. Also (...)
Can it be 8 pin PIC microcontroller based ? In terface a vibration sensor fixed to Car. If vehicle is moving then lights can be turned ON. If there is no movement of vehicle (that is no vibration for 5 minutes then lights turn OFF. It will be powered from Car battery directly but with a switch. It will have a relay in series with car (...)
Change the relay which drives the load. If it is 12V relay then choose a similar 12V relay which can switch a 230V 10A load. Provide link of your Clap Switch Module.
The contacts of the reed switch, any other mechanical switch or relay contacts bounce a few times when they open or close and the CD4017 will count every bounce. Then your counting sequence will get mixed up unless you use a debounce circuit or filter. I use TWO light bulbs in my washrooms in case one of them burns out then there is still l
In your circuit, both LEDs will light simultaneously because switches are on the same relay. Use two relays for independent operation.
The part showing the connection of 5VDC to the PIR sensor is correct. I do not understand what Uc is and to what the vibration sensor should be connected? PIR sensor output usually is a relay contact to be used to light a LED or to activate a buzzer or alarm. The vibration senor is a different device.
Hello everyone, I have tried to communicate 2 microcontroller using CAN-BUS , It's worked . Now , I'm trying to turn light bulb using those 2 micro ( 1 micro as input , and the other as output ) I choose ULN2003 to drive 2 relay. but I got stuck!! The problems begin when I put the relay + ULN2003 in my shield. I separated (...)
Hi guys, I've got a night light - that powers a 2 volt LED - when it gets dark. I've got a 12 volt wireless alarm sender. What I want to do - is join them together. So instead of making the led light up - it allows the 12v alarm sender to send a signal to the alarm box. From looking around - I think I need a relay? But I (...)
A relay has only two possibilities of different light levels, i.e. high and low. A dimmer can do a much wider range, from off to fully on and all intermediate values. Frank.
MosFET - Dim 12V light Bulb with 555 IC Project Circuit -
shall i use 8 pin relay instead of 5 pin relay? Verify the 8 pin relay is having the same or more capacity at its contact ratings than the 5 pin relay you are using. 5 pin is called SPDT relay and 8 pin is called DPDT relay. If you intend to use 8 pin relay instead 5 pin, (...)
So what could I do to dimm the light ? Use phase angle control as suggested by crutschow. Generally, if you bring in new problems to the thread (e.g. light dimming as in post #6) tell clearly what you want to achieve. It's really mysterious what 1 kHz PWM has to do with "relay switch lifetime".
Draw the relay logic diagram for a circuit that operates as follows: A. When switch one (SW1) is closed, the green pilot light turns on. B. When switch two (SW2) is closed, the yellow pilot light turns on. C. When both SW1 and SW2 are closed, the green and yellow pilot lights turn off, and the red and white pilot (...)
I?ve made a circuit of an AC controller (light dimmer) with 3 on/off switch to control AC load. I used PIC microcontroller to control the whole things. Detail description - 1. Three relay (6V dc; 250V AC, 10A) to switch on/off three AC loads. PIC MCU takes input using push button switch and provides output to relay driver (base of BC547 (...)
Well i had similar problem, while controlling a motor the controller gets hanged. This must be because of EM interference. the choke coil of a tub light T5 is designed with a high turns coil. hence is may produce high EM during the start. this can be coupled with the circuit of your arduino or the relay IC. to confirm this, try to separate the ar
If the HID current return is chassis sheet metal, that's a bad setup. If it were me I'd be hardwiring direct to battery or the first posts downstream, both + and -. I'd do power switching with a relay if there's none provided, running its coil off the present light power. A weak battery may not be able to make up the startup current, and that cu
Hey im just wondering, it's possible to controll relays from a light switch? light switch u normaly use in wall. Reason, i have a pump and a heater where the sockets are hidden away in wall, so every time i leave the house i unplugg these, so the heater and pump should not start when i im not there. so switch to (...)
what is the advantage of SSR vs Conventional relay and its application?? Thank you SSR have also disadvantages when comparing with normal, mechanical relays .. One of them is the leakage current, which in some circumstances may, for example, cause a fluoro light to “glow” even if the SSR is OFF ..
i'm trying to combine these two circuits a. light/dark sensor b. dimmer but having problem to figure out how to control the dimmer using ldr in the 1st circuit and also i cant figure out why my relay doesnt work with 12v source. can someone help me.. sorry my basic knowledge in electrical is very low. :oops:
Hi, An even simpler isolated method would be a cheap mains coil relay activated by the generator with the contacts switching the micros port.
I am making a led light using 6v battery. I need a low voltage cutout circuit to protect battery from getting deep discharged. I have seen many circuits, but all switch off light slowly. I need a sharp cutout circuit which disconnect load at 4.7v , but without relay.
i'm a hobbyist and a beginner in electronic components. i have a circuit and trying to figure it out. i checked the connection in the circuit board and it looks like am confused, with the first image there is 12v power
This driver has 6 transistor keys for 200V voltage, current up to 6A and two 230V sockets controlled by a relay with current carrying capacity up to 10A. The aim of this device is to control the level of light that behave in similar
See the modified circuit attached in order to obtain 20 min ON/20 min OFF relay.
Adam, Welcome to Edaboard, If I understand correctly You whant automatic switching by some photo sensor or by manual switch ? Your new version of question give better understanding of issues. You can use some dark detection circuit with relay or mosfet on output for switching light bulbs. But I think that is not so smart solution.
if you are aiming at controlling mains ac load, then you have 2 choices: either use triac driven from microcontrolle through an optotriac or use a solid state relay (ssr). You also may need to incorporate some kind of mains filter because both of these methods are very likely to generate strong noise in local mains network
The infrared motion detectors used in the alarm industry along with a timer unit could be adapted for your use. A standard PIR light switch will be cheaper. An universal time relay configured as retriggerable off-delay should do.
Why u r using LCD and realtime clock for this purpose( relay on/off).Just use one of ur timer for setting up clock and 4led display for showing time and alarm setting. I have done this project for automatic street light controller in PIC micro which runs on 3.6v NiCd battery.
If you use output to drive a relay then (normally closed)cotacts of relay can control the fan. Be sure, relay coil voltages are same as bulb's voltage.
Hi all Well I tried googling this but could not find a satisfactory answer , so here I am seeking help from all you experts 8-) So my question is regarding inductive loop sensors used on the road to give presence, vehicle classification etc information. These inductive loops are connected to a vehicle detector ( relay - pulse or presence outp
Normal light bulb is what, 100W (or so), this relay can switch 5*250==> more than 1kW .. No issue here .. :wink: IanP
Check out this schematic. You make a voltage divider with the photocell (you can also replace the resistor with a pot. for sensitivity control). You set the threshold using the pot in the opamp's other input. You drive the relay using a simple transistor (like 2N2222 or something similar). Make sure to use diodes to prevent the relay from killing y
board contains 8 relays and has an USB socket. It can control light, printers and other devices from a computer. The heart of this device is FT245R and as a transistor key, an ULN2803 was used. Additionally, the board was equipped with a transformer, to supply the board from 12V AC w
Hi I think the blinking of Christmas light could be controlled by several different mechanisms. Such as using magnetic relay switch, an oscillator, or bimetallic strip. The on and off effect of the lights can be achieved using relay switch, bimetallic strip, or square wave oscillator. But if one wants the (...)
@ garv ... the 'coil' in your circuit is actually a part of the relay (look above the coil for specs) alongwith the 2 switches. The diode is used as a 'freewheel diode'. The relay 'turns on' the triac and the CFL ... study the individual parts .... will help a lot as this is a very simple circuit. This circuit is made to run on your domestic supply
Actually the real schematic should include strong IIR filter over the measured from the opto resistor signal. This is required to avoid the triggering on/off of the relay if some object is passing in front of the sensor (flying bird) or some strong light source is pointed towards the sensor (car lights). Optically the sensor should have as (...)
connect 230V devices using relay and switch relay when you clap. If you connect bulb using 2 wires and a plug then cut 1 wire end of wire to Common of relay and other end to NC. so when you clap operate the relay. so the connection is made. and you need to plug the bulb always to 230V relay will act as a (...)
HI, I need to design a control box for lights to be used in a theatre show. The box will be foot operated, and control three lights (call them A, B , C) --> Only one light is on at a time. Ideally the box has FOUR buttons:: Punch button 'A' and light A comes on (light B & C off) Punch 'B' and (...)
If you are planning to use relay for auto on/off application in street light, you can either use small or tiny solar cell, LDR (light dependent resistor), Photo transistor & building a small transistor comparator circuit you can turn relay on or off based on the ambient light.
what is the light sensing output like? What is that light sensing component? what is the voltage level of the sensing circuit? These answers are required to decide upon the right circuitry for you to do that job. Yes, mostly it will be with relays and its drivers.
I have a remote controlled one celling fan speed controlled + one light on/off circuit. The circuit is consist with one 8 pin IC, one optocuplor, one relay, one BT 134 and one 547 transistor, and few resistance and capacito. It is very simple circuit without using microcontroller, so I want to make this circuit which will be cheap for me and my fri
Given: On the third page is schematics. Unfortunately, I am not very good with schematics but my question is: I need relay that will turn relay ON if light is exceed certain intensity. Is there way to rewire this unit so it will do exactly what I want? I will have to calibrate level of l
when the 9V battery is plug in, LED1 does emit light but when i clap there is no function with the per the circuit, LED1 should not glow as it is. It should glow only after the first clap.