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First off, I hope the outputs of the darlington array arent' tied together (the gain of a bjt increases with heat and you will get thermal runaway when a bunch of bjt's are paralleled.) Second, I assume you are going through a ballast made for the tube, and are not trying to drive it directly, as flourescents require huge voltage levels to turn on
markdem, A standard relay will work. Remember that the power factor of older style fluorescent lamps with inductive type ballasts is very low (around 0.4). This means that the current will be more than 2.5 times the current that you would calculate from the wattage rating of the fixutre (taking into account the PF and the fact that the ballast i
As "betwixt" wrote, you may connect the inputs and the outputs of the ULN and then drive the 1amp load or if you choose to use a relay, you may follow the attached schematic. But for using just one relay you may consider using just one NPN transistor instead using the ULN. Cheers
Given: On the third page is schematics. Unfortunately, I am not very good with schematics but my question is: I need relay that will turn relay ON if light is exceed certain intensity. Is there way to rewire this unit so it will do exactly what I want? I will have to calibrate level of l
Hey im just wondering, it's possible to controll relays from a light switch? light switch u normaly use in wall. Reason, i have a pump and a heater where the sockets are hidden away in wall, so every time i leave the house i unplugg these, so the heater and pump should not start when i im not there. so switch to (...)
I am wondering to drive high power lamp using Mosfet or relay? Could anyone explain the main difference between these two schemes? Thanks a lot!
Some relays can be connected directly to an FPGA with no additional circuitry. Please tell us more about your relay so that we can understand you problem.
Hi Guys, Anybody can give me an idea about the mono audio output signal from my fixed termnal can use a low power light bulb instead of a speaker. I have a project instead of hearing a beep sound coming from the speaker as a result of the bar code scanned process, I want to see a status light. What should I use a relay or switch device (...)
see the link and search MOC 3020 based semiconductor relay circuits (also they use TIC226D) most
Case 1: light sensor control AC lamp automatically using PIC? Case 2: User choose to switch on/off AC lamp. Anyone can help me with the codes?? I need to use assembly. I need the circuitry as well. Thank you.
I'm planning on building an IR remote control to control the light bulbs in my room. Im using PIC16F877 MCU. Im not really experience in high voltage so i would like your advice on what exact components are safe to bridge high voltage to pic mcu and a full schematic and installation guide would really help me out .. t
im sure this isnt the only one but there is a part called the DS2E-S-DC5V and what it is is a 2 Form C relay that requires a certain voltage and current to flow through it so it runs, What i would do is
hi there all, :!: :D I am building a motor that has to turn a window shade, and am trying to make it automatic so that it opens when it turns light outside and closes when it turns dark. now because it has to turn only until the shade closes I had this idea of using a l
what type of relay is on this circuit... i cant determine it... and what is an alternate transistor SL100?
I think what you need is a comparator driving a relay so the cell switches off at a certain, predetermined light level. Use the photoresistor and a fixed resistor to make a potential divider and feed it to one side of a comparator. Use a potentiometer on the other comparator input so set the light level at which it will change state. The (...)
hye, im doing a project title ' light Sensor Base On-Off Controller For AC-Load'. Can someone tell me what are the components needed for this circuit?:?: These are the components you need. One LDR, One transsistor, 4-5 resistors, one relay, 2-3 capacitors. Now dont ask for the circuit. Google it you'll find ample of them. Chee
Hai, Your statement says ULN2804 but your circuit is ULN2003. you are sinking the current through load. So, No problem in supply voltage. Make sure the relay current should be less than the ULN datasheet other wise shunt the pins. First Check the condition of the relay, by simply shorting 16 and 8 th pins in your circuit. If it is fine
what is the light sensing output like? What is that light sensing component? what is the voltage level of the sensing circuit? These answers are required to decide upon the right circuitry for you to do that job. Yes, mostly it will be with relays and its drivers.
Use phase control at the required brightness level in normal circumstances and use a PIR motion detector to detect a movement and trigger full phase angle for full brightness for a predetermined time. Write a program with the said sequence an dprogram the PIC. But its quite easy to do this even without any microcontroller. Just use a standared fan
I want to use a 5V relay to switch a 12 volt light circuit on. I know how to wire the relay except I have a question. My relay will be open with the coil is energized and closed when the coil is de-energized. I'm wondering if I should add a resistor the coil part of the circuit to limit the amount of current passing (...)
If you are planning to use relay for auto on/off application in street light, you can either use small or tiny solar cell, LDR (light dependent resistor), Photo transistor & building a small transistor comparator circuit you can turn relay on or off based on the ambient light.
Use momentary switches and DPDT relays wired so that one pole of each relay controls it's light load and the other opens both other relay coils. A fourth, "all off" switch simply opens all relay coils.
connect 230V devices using relay and switch relay when you clap. If you connect bulb using 2 wires and a plug then cut 1 wire end of wire to Common of relay and other end to NC. so when you clap operate the relay. so the connection is made. and you need to plug the bulb always to 230V relay will act as a (...)
Actually the real schematic should include strong IIR filter over the measured from the opto resistor signal. This is required to avoid the triggering on/off of the relay if some object is passing in front of the sensor (flying bird) or some strong light source is pointed towards the sensor (car lights). Optically the sensor should have as (...)
Hi, i am a bit confused on short circuit protection, i don't know how to do this, i have to use relay or MOSFET, i don't know how this circuit will work and, which is the best, best regards
Check out this schematic. You make a voltage divider with the photocell (you can also replace the resistor with a pot. for sensitivity control). You set the threshold using the pot in the opamp's other input. You drive the relay using a simple transistor (like 2N2222 or something similar). Make sure to use diodes to prevent the relay from killing y
Normal light bulb is what, 100W (or so), this relay can switch 5*250==> more than 1kW .. No issue here .. :wink: IanP
It is not the relay that produce a digital level. The inductive loop is a part of a tuned self-oscillating LC circuit. When a car narrows this circuit decreases frequency as inductive value increases and opposite when a car leaves the loop. Resulting varying frequency can be demodulated as FM or FSK resulting in a analog level. This signal can the
Why u r using LCD and realtime clock for this purpose( relay on/off).Just use one of ur timer for setting up clock and 4led display for showing time and alarm setting. I have done this project for automatic street light controller in PIC micro which runs on 3.6v NiCd battery.
Hi All, I am designing a microcontroller based home automation which will derive 10-16 12V 5A relay through RF transceivers. i am using ULN2804 to drive the relays. in the contact side the relay would drive loads like ceiling Fans, lights and other home appliences for long periods. what sort of EMI protection should i have (...)
i'm a hobbyist and a beginner in electronic components. i have a circuit and trying to figure it out. i checked the connection in the circuit board and it looks like am confused, with the first image there is 12v power
I am making a led light using 6v battery. I need a low voltage cutout circuit to protect battery from getting deep discharged. I have seen many circuits, but all switch off light slowly. I need a sharp cutout circuit which disconnect load at 4.7v , but without relay.
Logically you need a switch with memory that can switch off/on externally in series with existing wiring but returns to NC or normally closed contacts when the ignition goes Off/On. A momentary switch makes sense here to "reset" the light "state" when "on" by default so that the car state 0 to 1 turns the light on regardless of switch. THis can
you can proceed as following : its a simple and cheep way: 1)buy a simple Remote control Motor car (kids Toy). the remote control of these toys only have switching signals i.e; pulses. 2)take the receiver out of the car's body. 3)connect the receiver with a bistable multivibrator circuit (may be built by a 555timer IC, a resistor and a capacitor;
i'm trying to combine these two circuits a. light/dark sensor b. dimmer but having problem to figure out how to control the dimmer using ldr in the 1st circuit and also i cant figure out why my relay doesnt work with 12v source. can someone help me.. sorry my basic knowledge in electrical is very low. :oops:
It is possible that the relay coil is taking too much current. That is, the current provided by the motor driver is not enough to handle the motor and the relay in parallel. Take care you may blow the driver at the car. You may try a relay with more resistance. Also the remote car may vary the speed by a method called PWM and this could (...)
what is the advantage of SSR vs Conventional relay and its application?? Thank you
You might mount a photo-sensor in a position where someone walking by will change the light level. Amplify the output and send it to trigger a timer circuit, which will switch on a light for 5 minutes (or whatever you wish). As for the light, a single bright white LED could be sufficient. However if you want to turn on 120VAC to a lamp, (...)
hi all, i want "a relay driver circuit using uln2803 to switch on the lamp" in proteus
Hi, Recently I build a project to control the devices at my home using an IR Remote (RC5 protocol and TSOP) I used a 230V spst relay with a 5v coil. I connected the coil to the controller data pin through ULN2003a. I was successfully able to switch on and off all the devices (Fan, bulb, tube light, TV). But there is this one tube lig
I?ve made a circuit of an AC controller (light dimmer) with 3 on/off switch to control AC load. I used PIC microcontroller to control the whole things. Detail description - 1. Three relay (6V dc; 250V AC, 10A) to switch on/off three AC loads. PIC MCU takes input using push button switch and provides output to relay driver (base of BC547 (...)
There are RF controlled AC power switches on the market. There are USB-controlled DC relay blocks available which you can adopt. Zigbee and other devices have logic outputs that you can couple with power relays to drive lights.
This Christmas light decoration system can be controlled by the Internet. It can be performed by beginner because the construction is rather easy and not complicated. The project is based on an old computer with
Hi All, I know my requirement is very simple and basic stuff. I need an expert advice from you folks to select the best way to do this. I would like to control an electric circuit (say an electric bulb) in the following way. 1. Need to control it using traditional electric switch (Two way switch ofcourse) 2. Plus using a relay/triac based
Draw the relay logic diagram for a circuit that operates as follows: A. When switch one (SW1) is closed, the green pilot light turns on. B. When switch two (SW2) is closed, the yellow pilot light turns on. C. When both SW1 and SW2 are closed, the green and yellow pilot lights turn off, and the red and white pilot (...)
hi everyone !!!!!!!! I want to switch 7 light bulbs using a relays (for a decoration purpose). i'm using 230Vrms-50Hz here is my WORST case scenario switching speed 1Hz straight for about 12hours maximum power of bulb 100W this is the relay i'm using my questions
MosFET - Dim 12V light Bulb with 555 IC Project Circuit -
Hi guys, I've got a night light - that powers a 2 volt LED - when it gets dark. I've got a 12 volt wireless alarm sender. What I want to do - is join them together. So instead of making the led light up - it allows the 12v alarm sender to send a signal to the alarm box. From looking around - I think I need a relay? But I (...)
Hello everyone, I have tried to communicate 2 microcontroller using CAN-BUS , It's worked . Now , I'm trying to turn light bulb using those 2 micro ( 1 micro as input , and the other as output ) I choose ULN2003 to drive 2 relay. but I got stuck!! The problems begin when I put the relay + ULN2003 in my shield. I separated (...)
I apologize if this is in the wrong section/wrong topic etc. ( first time posting) I am a bit of a hobbyist/first year Electronic Engineering Student, so my knowledge isn't the best, apologies if i don't understand first time. Apologies out of the way, there is an interesting product that you wire in, that replaces your mains light switch, it d