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hi i need a circuit of remote control scanner. it must be micro controller based. when it is given the pulses come from remote, it will sens and tell the value or code of that burst.
hi all how interfacing with ir remote in operating with atmega8 controller and explain the circuit diagram i can try the read the ir remote but not understanding Can you give more details what you need? You want IR remote control using ATMega8 uC ? Existing IR (...)
Hi, Sribangaram, can You give us more detail. Touch screen as touch screen is not problem, you can use GLCD with touch mask, but what You mean under remote control, what is link between remote controling and touch screen ? 79479 79480
Ok u are-doing something we dont know what,so tell us what and send us circuit or block diagram of the device u making. motor, sensor and remote control receiver, peripherals and drivers ... give us background . what kind of student what u know about electronics and why u care about ext device if u r doing programming. (...)
I have a 6 volt motorized duck with spinning wings (see MOJO duck). I also purchased a 300 ft remote for a deer feeder. I was hoping to wire the remote into the duck and be able to turn it on and off. The remote supplies a 5 second pulse of electricity to power a feeder for 5 seconds. Is there any way to make that pulse turn the duck on. (...)
hi sundar check my site FREE PROJECTS ON HARDWARE(8051) AND SOFTWARE(VB, C,C++,JAVA...) . for the project robot control using tv remote. with source code and circuit diagram.:lol:
i have purchased fm,mp3 player with remote control as in picture from Chadhanichowk ,Delhi .printed circuit diagram was missing can any body help me
Hi members, I found a circuit diagram on the net in the following link : i understand some thing from it but not all. In fact i need to understand its operation as how the shift register will receive the input data and how the binary counter will work as a result,
Hi, I am in my final year of computer engineering and this year me and my team need to decide to work on a project related to our field. We brainstormed many ideas and finally decided (best one so far.. could change if another interesting idea pops up) that we would like to work on locking and unlocking doors remotely (distance doesn't matter..
n eed a circuit dia gram of UNIVERSAL remote control
HI, i decide to design a Rf remote control with P16F877A. But now face problem in the program code. My receiver cannot receive the signal from transmitter. Can somebody help me? Thanks!
Hi i am searching for a simple circuit diagram for IR remote control extender but wirless i mean to convert IR signal to RF singal and send it wireless the receive it and convert it back to IR signal Regards,