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hi i need a circuit of remote control scanner. it must be micro controller based. when it is given the pulses come from remote, it will sens and tell the value or code of that burst.
hi all how interfacing with ir remote in operating with atmega8 controller and explain the circuit diagram i can try the read the ir remote but not understanding
Dear friends Please send me any body Touch screen circuit diagram with remote for home appliance controlling purpose :|
What specifications is required to look for external devices such as motor, sensor and remote control receiver to work with a micro-controller board (processor)?? I'm student and currently doing a project involving programming...
I have a 6 volt motorized duck with spinning wings (see MOJO duck). I also purchased a 300 ft remote for a deer feeder. I was hoping to wire the remote into the duck and be able to turn it on and off. The remote supplies a 5 second pulse of electricity to power a feeder for 5 seconds. Is there any way to make that pulse turn the duck on. (...)
Iam working on a mini-project infrared remote controlled car.i am using a t.v.remote control for sending signals. instead of a single motor used here ,i am going to use two gear motor -one in rear side for forward and in reverse direction .and other in front end for left-right combination. from output of a bd139 transistor (...)
i have purchased fm,mp3 player with remote control as in picture from Chadhanichowk ,Delhi .printed circuit diagram was missing can any body help me
Hi members, I found a circuit diagram on the net in the following link : i understand some thing from it but not all. In fact i need to understand its operation as how the shift register will receive the input data and how the binary counter will work as a result,
actually, remote connection is your easy part. The electro mechanics of door locking/unlocking will be the hard part, unless you've got the funds to purchase rather pricey items.
Universal remote control means a single remote can be used to operate your VCD,DVD, TV, Music system. and same equipments of others also. I think this is quite complex for standard remote control u need a encoder chip, keypad and ir led thats it. this will make a remote and on reciever (...)
HI, i decide to design a Rf remote control with P16F877A. But now face problem in the program code. My receiver cannot receive the signal from transmitter. Can somebody help me? Thanks!
hi, emis as i know that is remote remote control. so you can find some ideas from internet. the followings are