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Dear friends, I want to design an electronic circuit that can control open/close a garage door using remote control Any suggestion about : 1. the idea 2. schematic Thanks wait your help.
hi, emis as i know that is remote remote control. so you can find some ideas from internet. the followings are
HI, i decide to design a Rf remote control with P16F877A. But now face problem in the program code. My receiver cannot receive the signal from transmitter. Can somebody help me? Thanks!
Universal remote control means a single remote can be used to operate your VCD,DVD, TV, Music system. and same equipments of others also. I think this is quite complex for standard remote control u need a encoder chip, keypad and ir led thats it. this will make a remote and on reciever (...)
Hi members, I found a circuit diagram on the net in the following link : i understand some thing from it but not all. In fact i need to understand its operation as how the shift register will receive the input data and how the binary counter will work as a result,
I have a 6 volt motorized duck with spinning wings (see MOJO duck). I also purchased a 300 ft remote for a deer feeder. I was hoping to wire the remote into the duck and be able to turn it on and off. The remote supplies a 5 second pulse of electricity to power a feeder for 5 seconds. Is there any way to make that pulse turn the duck on. (...)
Hi, I want to control upto 8 dc toy motors wirelessly(clockwise and anticlockwise rotation). I want to make my own transmitter and receiver circuits. Can any one please help me for making this wireless remote control. And you would be helpful if you provide me a working schematic diagram.
Electronics Fusions here you can the circuit diagram and working of 433mhz remotecontrol
Hi everyone.... I need a circuit diagram for a timer based 89c2051.... I attached photo of a prototype that i want.... I dont have a circuit diagram. so I want a circuit diagram and relevent programe for the microcontroller. My needs is as follows.... 1. 3 seven (...)
Dear friends Please send me any body Touch screen circuit diagram with remote for home appliance controlling purpose :|
Better use a rolling code remote control RF key system, look on internet you will find complete designs for this. "rolling code remote control" regards, Paul.
Even if you have a transmitter diagram, to get it to work is another thing, because RF layout is very critical. remote control transmitters work in the UHF band and that's the only band you can use legally, most of them work on 433.92 MHz, where your tuning coils is almost a strait line and your tuning caps between 1pf and 12pf the length of (...)
actually, remote connection is your easy part. The electro mechanics of door locking/unlocking will be the hard part, unless you've got the funds to purchase rather pricey items.
i have purchased fm,mp3 player with remote control as in picture from Chadhanichowk ,Delhi .printed circuit diagram was missing can any body help me
hi sundar check my site FREE PROJECTS ON HARDWARE(8051) AND SOFTWARE(VB, C,C++,JAVA...) . for the project robot control using tv remote. with source code and circuit diagram.:lol:
I think its a 27MHz pair, ones i had seen in a toy remote car. From where did u taken the demodulated data (in Rx) ? If u could draw the circuit diagram of receiver then i think experts here could help U. More over, i think u have to make it sure the connection u had taken from the receiver is the exact demodulated o/p.
hi, I want to make 4 channel IR remote control using PT2262 and PT2272 or HT-12e and HT-12d encoder/decoder IC unfortunately PT2262-IR or ht-12a is not available in my city or any other IR encoder IC so only option I think is to use 38khz IR modulator with PT2262 . Can someone plz give me circuit diagram for above (...)
You may implement this idea by using a microcontroller. Need to monitor battery voltage using internal ADC, comparing the results with preloaded values and generating the necessary DTMF signals. Also it?s possible to be implement the hardware version using DTMF generator circuits (e.g. Holtek HT9200B
Hello sir Again here i found a link with a circuit diagram for volume controller unit however it is dealing with a micro controller but no matter we can discuss its analog part so please refer & tell if it works
1. Do you have 5V supply for the 7474? Asuming yes if you followed the schematic (o; 2. Is the LED blinking when you press your remote control? 3. If there a signal coming out of the 555? And you also see it at pin3 of 7474?
Try the "Analog circuit Design" forum. Part Number = GL3274 Description = Infrared Xmtr-Rcvr for remote control - Preamp for remote control Manufacturer = LG Semicon P(D) Max.(W) Power Dissipation = 300m Vsup(+) Nom.(V) Pos.Sup.Volt. = 5 Package = SO Pins = 8 Technology = Bipolar
I am a newbie in electronics.. I have been trying to build a 4 bit remote control for different applications in toy cars etc.. i used MC145026/27 encoder/decoder pair to generate the signals n all.. they work perfect when connected directly with each other.. but im having problems in making tx/rx :(.. i used the 433mhz design uploaded here.. unfort
Finally, This is the picture for the complete kit. The features are : -1- Works with TV, VCD etc remote control. -2- has two modes for programming the first one is latching on and off then the second one is instant output. If you are interested PM me.
Hello, I am trying to understand the electrical schematics I have attached into this topic. The first schematic is showing the recommended circuit by the producer of the encoder chip PT2262, which is mainly used for radio remote control etc... The other schematic is using the same encoder chip, but the RF part is a little bit different. (...)
Just get Holtek HT12E encoder and HT12D decoder ic's just rig it over a vero board. Here are the schematics. Also readymade assembled and tested kit for 4 channel remote with HT!2 is available at ""
It looks like the PC is supposed to control a FWD/RVS, LF/RT remote control, but it doesn't look like it's hooked up to those relays correctly. I could see the LPT of the computer controlling the ULN which in turn drives the relays, that switch the controls of a remote, but certainly not (...)
Assumptions: Amplituners from 510x family are still one of the best analog constructions from Poland.. biggest problem with them are stereo decoder, that is old construction. Original decoder is based on UL1601 integrated circuit,
Infa-Red remote control
Absolutely no chance! To get any sort of reasonable Q factor the inductors would have to be several Henries. Think in terms of several thousand turns of wire each and a maximum radio range of a few inches at best. It would be more productive to use the remote to push the motor around! Brian.
hi i want to turn on and off a relay using RF signal or using infrared remot control ,above the range 20-30-? meter,, for explain - i saw a L.E.D bulb wich ON and OFF with any cd,musicplayer and tv's remote set ,i am beginer so i want simple circuits , i want both RF and infrared
PICDIM Lamp Dimmer for the PIC12C508 PIC-Dimmer complete with PCB layout light dimmer controlled by PIC! Ir Lamp remote control with PIC
Presented device is a 40 RGB diodes driver. The construction is quite simple, there are few elements on the board: stabilizer LM7805 + heat sink + voltage filtering capacitors microcontroller Atmega8 ULN2803
You can set autoanswer option in phone to answer just on particular phone numbers (yours) this will prevent someone else to press some digits and activate/deactivate some relays. Use handsfree headspeakers for input to your circuit. Input section of your circuit should be modified to accept lower voltage signal from handsfree headspeaker. You
What specifications is required to look for external devices such as motor, sensor and remote control receiver to work with a micro-controller board (processor)?? I'm student and currently doing a project involving programming...
All TSOP-like IR remote control receivers are opreating similarly, they differ however in carrier frequency. Most RC commanders are using 38 kHz, 40 or 36 kHz should be still received with an TSOPxx38 receiver with reduced sensitivity. All these receivers can be expected to output a pulse sequence when receiving a RC commander signal.
hello everybody, okay, to the subject direct, i am working on RF Transceiver module, using remote control with four buttons, and required to drive a vibrating motor with every button click, momentary " as long as button is pressed the motor is vibrating" , the module is paired of pt2262 transmitter, and pt2272 receiver, which gives four separate
hi all how interfacing with ir remote in operating with atmega8 controller and explain the circuit diagram i can try the read the ir remote but not understanding Can you give more details what you need? You want IR remote control using ATMega8 uC ? Existing IR (...)
All is ok, yes D1 is 1N4007 or 1N4001. For triac use BTA series, its isolated. You can remote switch some device on longer distance over twisted pair cable. uC with central device electronics can be on one place, and several relay can be far away on multiple sites : 74419