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Dear friends, I want to design an electronic circuit that can control open/close a garage door using remote control Any suggestion about : 1. the idea 2. schematic Thanks wait your help.
I think this circuit will help you it is a "remote control using VHF modules"
hello, bodrum48 thank, for circuit. :D Other ides. :idea: Infrared remote control
Hi all, I wanted to build an remote control unit using dtmf, transmitter as well as receiver to control electrical appliances for ON and OFF. Suggest me a simple circuit which has least components also some ideas about dtmf ICs. Thanks in advance.
Hi guys, I am planning to make a 27/47MHz radio remote circuit...can any body suggest a good book or any online reference to start with..i need some circuits designs to grasp the idea.. thanks
When we transmit signals from the IR LED to the IR receiver, usually we keep the frequency constant and carry out modulation depending on the protocol. You can read about these protocols here: SB-Projects: IR remote control Hope this helps. Tahmid.
Hi all, I m trying to build a simple remote control which is want send the signal to ON and OFF something. U all can give me any web / source as a refenrence? Thx.
Hi are anyone have circuit diagram of DC inverter welding? Output can constant current 20-160A ThanK
hi i need fm receiver with usb connection and remote function circuit diagram with part list anybody have pls give to me.........
Look at CC1101 and his
hi, emis as i know that is remote remote control. so you can find some ideas from internet. the followings are
Dear friends Please send me any body Touch screen circuit diagram with remote for home appliance controlling purpose :|
hi i need a circuit of remote control scanner. it must be micro controller based. when it is given the pulses come from remote, it will sens and tell the value or code of that burst.
Are those simple old Chinese remote control ICs still available? I haven't seen a radio controlled product use 27MHz for about 30 years and all the infrared toy helicopters use more than one IR LED so the beam can be wider and more powerful.
HI, i decide to design a Rf remote control with P16F877A. But now face problem in the program code. My receiver cannot receive the signal from transmitter. Can somebody help me? Thanks!
If you want to test if the transmitter IR led is working, use some digital camera with live view, for example a cellphone camera is a good one. If you point the cellphone photo camera to the IR led and it is on, you will see it. You can use this method to test any IR led (I'm not 100% sure about this), i've used this to check if a TV remote cont
Hi members, I found a circuit diagram on the net in the following link : i understand some thing from it but not all. In fact i need to understand its operation as how the shift register will receive the input data and how the binary counter will work as a result,
I need the control circuit..... so if u have and idea...... an interesting article that u want to share....... don't doubt to email me... I know that in the market exist several CI that can do the job..... but i would like to do it in a analog form. for your time thanks Atte. Attrib
Can someone direct me to documents regarding the protocols of the IR remote control units used at home equipment, including description of the streem content and the timing. Thanks.
Hi, I want to buy a cheap RF Transmitter and receiver module for a remote control system. Anyone has a sugest ? Is there any simple discrete transmitter circuit i can build for transmit a stream of digital and receive it ? Thanx in advance
try this Infrared remote control of your PC is easy
If you have an HP48 calculator you can use that as a IR remote control. It is very easy to reprogram the software for your needs. If I remember right the software is called 'remote'. Just a guess, ep20k.
Hai I would like to do a RF based remote control using microcontrollers. I am looking for the RF circuitary. Please guide me with a transmitter and receiver circuit with a reasonable range . Proposes to do IR like coding. the receiver should give a high or low when tx is enabled. Hope (...)
TV IR remote receiver has buildin microprocessor to deal with different codes. It is specialy designed for TV sets and I do not think it is useable for other porpouse.
Use a triangle waveform to tune a VCO in that frequency band. It should interfere with the remote control frequency.
Hi They are from september 2000 iisue under PIC Programming Project column"remote control IR DECODER" Files are just scanned from original magazine, and in jpg format....
HOW CAN I USe dtmf signals to make wire less remote control with 10 funtions need simple circuit
Dear All, How can i make a simple IR remote control with the following materials?? 1 number keypad, AT89c2051, HT12A encoder and HT12D decoder And can you all give me some source code for reference?? Thanks..
I want the circuit diagram for radio frequency controlled car for motors of 12V Please help me Try this: Not for 12V though.
I want to control 8-10 devices by RF remote control. Operations I want to do: - turn on/off lights - dim lights They can either be controlled via RF remote control or "low voltage" hardwire. This is for an upcoming party in a 10,000 sq ft. hall. Can anybody suggest how to (...)
Universal remote control means a single remote can be used to operate your VCD,DVD, TV, Music system. and same equipments of others also. I think this is quite complex for standard remote control u need a encoder chip, keypad and ir led thats it. this will make a remote and on reciever (...)
Hi I have to design a cicuit diagram. design a circuit diagram on change-over switches which is i can build it in the lab which is include in the circuit two switches, using current sensor(important), power supply, two load to test your switches, microprocessor to control switches( so u need a (...)
Hi, I wanna to make a simple 2-channel remote control with the range around 10>meter. I already found one simple Magnetic-Radiation remote-control from net. It only support 4-5meter. May i know is it possible we do some modification on this design for boost the signal up and let the transceiver more longer range? I (...)
Hello, Need for RF remote control footprint PR*TEL circuit. One for 433 mhz or 868 Mhz. Than´k
I need complete schematic and code for a avr microcontroller which has a remote control from phone line to control tv or computer or.....with relay thank :D
I do a small project using remote control ,Please i need the remote control basica ,like how it works and any other docs
I have to bulid a wireless remote control using PIC. This remote control transmits signal to be received by light and fan. I was wondering if the Radio Transmitter - TLP434A from futurlec would be compatible with PIC16F628?
I want to use Infra red remote control to cotrol my room light. I am not expert in programming microcontroller. Can some one help me. Thanks
please guys i want aschematice of remote control (RF) that i can control of speed and direction of motor 24volts . i use ? AT89c52
hello everyone, I need a circuit diagram of a simple FET Switch (specially MOSFET). I want to control a 220V 500Watt AC Lamp. The circuit i ned that simply ON/OFF the Lamp with push botten. thanks.
hello everyone, I need a circuit diagram of a simple FET Switch (specially MOSFET). Actually I want to control a 220V 500Watt AC Lamp. The circuit i need that simply ON/OFF the Lamp with push botton. thanks.
hi everyone................. i need information about universal rf remote control... i want to design universal RF remote control that can control tv,radio and other appliances. anybody,can u help me................
I want a circuit diagram of Human shock breaker.which will work when any one touches the phase not nutral only phase the circuit breaker will disconnectet the line & the man is safe.i want to use it at my home.can any one help me pls give me the circuit diagram
Hi I'm looking for a circuit diagram of a univesal AC single phase motor speed controller that will be able to control the speed of induction motors (if it can control the speed of brushes motor as well, that would be fine but I mainly need it for use with induction AC motors. the max load that it would be (...)
hi everybody i'm a rookie at the power supplies design area. and my boss asks me to design a ac-dc current mode pwm control circuit. i almost know nothing about these circuit. crazy man am myboss? haha. i'm want some advice and helps. hehe . and i need some fundamental papers about the ac-dc current mode pwm (...)
Hi to all. I m computer science student. my final project is "device control using mobile phone" Please send me circuit diagram how to connect t290i to at89c51 using max 232. please help me my project submission date is 30th of Augest 2009. Please also tell me how I check that this model is support at commands. Thanks in (...)
this file explains how they work: check these you want the remote to read same data or y
You may refer "IR remote switch " project published in EFY in this link. Hope it helps you.
i wish to get the circuit diagram and the working principle of a relay circut which gets open with one electric pulse and must be closed with the next electic pulse. the specifications of the components may also be listed
hye everybody, i would like to ask about satellite remote control?i want to do tele-remote that have to include satellite remote to the portable telephone.may i know what kind of integrated circuit that we use in satellite remote control?i want to control (...)