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At risk of making it too 'modern' you could replace them with 82V Zener diodes but do not bypass them completely. They are used as voltage regulators but be careful because they do change characteristics after a lot of use. Brian.
Hi, Probably need to replace the ideal components for real... For example in file calview.cellmap for tsmc: ( (p cap c) (tsmc18sige pcapacitor symbol) ( (PLUS) (MINUS) ) )
Hello guys, I was given a component in a format (compiled verilogA is my guess) and i would like to make it a cell in virtuoso to include it in a schematic and simulate it with spectre. Do you guys know how to do that ? One told me to create a veriloga cellview then include this symbol in my schematic and then to replace the of the
i want to use a new foundry componet to replace the current design. so how to do this batchly rather than one by one manualy! anyone can help me ? thanks
You replace symbols in schematics, components in PCB. What Marce said is correct, you need to completely check the symbol, component and part are all correct.
Hello there. I would like to ask you about this error in Eagle: when I try to replace a simple 1x6 pin header with the one I drew (copied the symbol, drew my own package) I get this error: "Gate A in the old version of device set PINHD-1X6 can't be mapped to any gate in the new version of this device set (neither by name nor by coordinates)."
Hi friends, I am working to realize HSP50110 / 50210 architecture, used for demodulation in MATLAB and FPGA. I started with MATLAB's inbuilt example "symbol timing recovery with fixed sampling" and extended the design for HSP50110. I tried to replace Squaring loop method with either Gardner or Early-late Gate algorithm, but no success. Right no
Or place another dummy component, like a documentation symbol at the origin. then you can ensure that you can replace it where it originaly was. By the way, what version of Cadstar are you referring to?
hi I have a project for design receiver. the fs/symbolrate is irrational, examp =7.5 sampel per symbol. I want to add the matched filter, please help me to add it. I use interpolation and timing recovery in a loop. 1-where I replace MF? If I should take it before loop or in the loop with interpolation.? 2-if I put in the loop we should (...)
no put it at the very top level, in your case the schematic of the ring oscillator. if you want to test just one inverter, create a new schematic with just the inverter symbol with the vdd-vdc-gnd circuit and simulate. or replace vdd with vdc=3.3 (or whatever your technology uses) in the schematic of inverter.
How can I change all the view name form "hspiceS" to "symbol". I've tried EDIT>Search>replace...But there seems no such option. Besides how can I change only one parameter of ALL transistors.Say,change all the L but keep the original W at the same time.
manul is the best teacher,nobody can replace it.
Open the symbol as a .dra - you can change the padstack on the fly using - tools - padstack - modify design padstack - but if you refresh padstacks in your design they will revert to old pads - better to create new padstack and use tools - padstack - replace. After modifying your symbol don't forget to update it in your design - Place - (...)