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Open the symbol as a .dra - you can change the padstack on the fly using - tools - padstack - modify design padstack - but if you refresh padstacks in your design they will revert to old pads - better to create new padstack and use tools - padstack - replace. After modifying your symbol don't forget to update it in your design - Place - (...)
U can - Edit the pin number in Allegro by Select Edit>Text and then press the pin which u need to change it's number then it's old number will apear in Command nemu and U can edit it - Copy To layer by select Z-copy from Edit menu (Edit>Z-copy) if U need to move U can replace the move By copy flowed by delet
manul is the best teacher,nobody can replace it.
the lazy bump at NI It may be meaningful to learn some basic technical terms of a given field of science or engineering when starting a work. I don't think, that the toolkit wants to replace a text book.
it have other way? if i have not schematic(brd file only). for mentor PADS it can right click and then edit footprint direct. and replace in eco mode easy. no change schematic.
Hello there. I would like to ask you about this error in Eagle: when I try to replace a simple 1x6 pin header with the one I drew (copied the symbol, drew my own package) I get this error: "Gate A in the old version of device set PINHD-1X6 can't be mapped to any gate in the new version of this device set (neither by name nor by coordinates)."
i want to use a new foundry componet to replace the current design. so how to do this batchly rather than one by one manualy! anyone can help me ? thanks
At risk of making it too 'modern' you could replace them with 82V Zener diodes but do not bypass them completely. They are used as voltage regulators but be careful because they do change characteristics after a lot of use. Brian.
How to convert synopsys GTECH.db to Debussy's symbol library?
generate a schematic symbol from your VHDL code using this free tool
Is it possible in WG2002 in the Design Capture symbol Editor to manually change coordinates for something like a line, if I draw a line that will be part of the symbol and it starts at X=0 Y=0 and ends at X=10 Y = 0, is it possible for me to manual change such numbers so the line would end at say X=12.5 Y=0.1? -Jayson
Hi Fine Search/replace program with source Have you ever tried from many GUI-based search and replace programs? This is a powerfull perl script with regular expressions and recursive directories support. 1. -> t tnx
hello, i want to design a pcb on which is a spartan II (bga456) too. where can i get the schematic symbol for orcad capture and the footprint for layout? any ideas? thanks in advance, hqqh
Does anyone point to me who has to absorb RCA? I have need of to replace a transistor 17556 with one equivalent. Best Regard.
Hi, I extracted parameters of a via and exported to serenade file. There is a component with symbol "CVG" with 4 nodes. Does anyone have any idea about it ? thanks, JC
Hi, May be this is stupid questions : If I replace / add some new HW (like NIC, Sound Card, VGA Card, etc) on my comp which running Linux RH8.0 or 9.0. Do I have to resinstall the RH, or the Linux will recoqnize the new hardware that I added or replaced? Thx + Rgds, Tr2000
Darrell Harmon's Single Board Computer Project Errata for 20040720 board DBGU serial port miswired. The AT91RM9200 schematic symbol is wrong. Both SOT23-5 packages have wrong pinout. Need to create correct footprints to replace the ones that came with PCB FPGA oscillator pads are mirrored on the board. F
Can Delta-Sigma replace Accumulator in Fraction-N PLL? IF Delta-Sigma can replace accumulator in Fraction-N PLL, how to difine input, output of sigma-delta and swallow counter input?
I'm designing a DSP board based on TMS320F2812, this is a 176 pins LQFP component. I'm working with ORCAD 9.0 and I haven't got any library with this component or similar (nor symbol neither footprint) :( . Could somebody help me to find an ORCAD library with this component or another similar. The most important for me now it to f
I am working on MaxPlusII. I wrote a verilog module, counter.v. it passed everything. how could I generate a symbol? so I could use this counter as a component in the graphic edit. I know there is a symbol eidt, but it has to draw the component from scratch. I think there must be another way. Thanks
Can anybody help me with the following issue. I'm currently building a custom symbol lib for orcad capture. I have some connectors which need to be add to the library however I'm never sure about the graphical presentation of this symbol. Are there documents/reference lists/ anything available describing the graphical presentation of standard compo
Hi all If you want to create font and symbol like in the attachment a stand along exe for pic basic available from link given below this will generate data tables for T6963 graphic lcd driver chip
Hello guys. If someone can help. Is it possible te replace or just add an internal slim 50-pin atapi laptop DVD+R with an internal Desktop Dvd+R. Of course eventuall I will need to make the cable ATAPI connector to IDE flat cable for the Desktop DVD. My Q is will this work? I will power the Desktop dvd wirh an external(to laptop ) +5 V. It would a
Does anyone can tell me with which transistor I can replace the FTR02 of SANKEN Electrik. I have not found the date sheet. Help me. Best Regard
Hi all, I've just found freeware VHDL symbol Generator for Protel and Pcad, "Reads structural VHDL code and creates a schematic symbol." Other useful stuff for Protel from the same place at Note: The site says that a password (av
I have a model file description for a MOS device. I want to use it in IC5. The model I have is in a subcircuit form that includes a device model and a diode model and stuff. I created a symbol for a subcircuit and now I want to attached the spice netlist description to the symbol I created. Any idea how to? Colombo2
This chip is a TAP ..there is at a TAP core that coud be used as a "starting point" but the 74ACT8990 has more functionnality that need to be inluded .. It only makes sense if you want to replace several chips and the 74ACT8990 included .Otherwise Bobcat is right .It's not worthy it can be ordered from digikey .
The (only) thing that would make any particular byte value a special symbol is how it is interpreted by the applications that send and receive it. So, use something easy to detect, 0 or ff, and you will have to also make sure that this value *is not* sent by your app in any of the multimedia data. This can be done either by encoding the data so
Recently i want to transfer my synthesis tool from pks to dc.but in design-vision , i cant understand an option --symbol library . I just wonder what is symbol library,and where i can get it . maybe i may compile a library use library compile,maynot I? pls give me some advice! :D
Hi experts, I always come across current source symbol as two different forms. The one looks like double circle overlay partly each other. And the other one looks like a dash in the middle of a circle. Do these two forms of current souce have exactly the same meaning? Does there exit electronics abstract component symbol standard? Where to find
Hello experts, I am always wondering which symbol represents CURRENT SOURCE. It looks a simple question, but it seems a little chaos in my mind. I think there should exist standard that most people should follow. I'll be very appriciated for any one could clarify it. Best regards Bittware
I have read a techxclusive from Xilinx named "Timing closure", it suggest that we should 'Use internal three-state buffers to replace large multiplexers', because 'Virtex based FPGAs use dedicated AND-OR logic to implement three-state buffers', and 'Can reduce multiplexer delays'. I was told that internal 3-state should be a
I have been experiencing some problems with MULTISIM7 .. i have the STUDENT VERSION .. and i'm trying to simulate an fully differential OPAMP coupled to a ADC system .. but i get TRAN : time step too small ;time = 2.93 e-008 ,timestep =1.25e-015 trouble with node voffset x1u#branch .. i tried to change the time step in INTRUMENTS and in analysis
I extract a netlist from layout in Cadence and hope to do post-simulation with this netlist. If i can get a symbol from this netlist,i will add the symbol to schematic editor and perform post-simulation by Spectre. But i don't know how to. Can give some ideas? or if there are other ways to do post-simulations? Thx...
Now,i have a soft this core,no reset signal in RTL code, So when i finish synthesis, i get the netlist with F/F which is no reset. now ,i want to replace these F/F without RESET using F/F with RESET,how to do this? please give me your suggestion!!
Recently,when I installed Specman elite in redhat7.3, it reported "undefined symbol _dl_loaded GLIBC_2.1".And I know it works in redhat 7.2 or RHEL2.1. If anybody wanna use EDA Tools (use some private symbols such as _dl_loaded) in high version linux, just try my solution: 1. code "compat-preload.c" struct linkmap *_dl_loaded 2. com
Does the mentore eproduct support regular expression when replace? For example: I want to replace label D with Data, how should I do in EPD? Thanks in advance
I got a electric screwdriver with 14.4 V/1.2Ah accumulators, but the accumulator seems to be dead. As I usually using it indoors, I would like to replace the battery with a transformator, to be able to operate it from 220V mains. What kind of transformator should I use? please help, thanks Zed
How can I replace the resistor in the schematics below given a constant gm circuit already? Thanks
Hi, how i can create the logic symbool for the concept hdl tool. the BGA is with 576 pin , so making the symbol is time consuming and how i can verify any error happened. can any one suggest the process for the same. binu g
Dear All: I want to use BJT to replace MOS for Switching in Digital circuit for Cost Down, Now i use 2N7002,Which Type BJT can i use to replace it? Please give me some advice ,Thanks a lot. Eddy 03/18
Can anybody tell me why USB otg not replace USB hot on the PC.
Does anyone know the equivalent symbol for a LED? What kind of load is it actually? MrEd
Do somone have or knows where can I get an Orcad symbol for XILINX virtex 4 XC4VLX200 device FF1513 package. Thanks Aharon
After I create a symbol for a schematic, then I add a pin. How can I update the symbol to add an extra pin ?
does the constelation in the symbol encoder have an importance or i just can use the 0:7 constelation: 000-0 001-1 ... 111-7 10x
when you say replace it with ?? Do you mean price ? , Do you mean ,size or equivalent processing power .. There are a lot of C51 derivatives that can fit all the bove criterias, look at the SILABS web site !
For circuits like this you can use the popular LM358 dual-opamp, or other option will be LM324 (quad) and then you will replace all 3 opamps with this one. Regards, IanP
hi When I am compiling mplab c18 expmple1 following error occurs PORTA symbol not defined although i have included header file path in serach dir . I am wonder PORTA symbol is defined in header file extern voltile unsigned char PORTA where is orginal symbol is defined.
I need to create a PCB track to replace a 1.5nH inductor. How do I calculated the length and width of this track? Material Er 4.3, t = 12mil, 1oz Anyone have a pdf on this? Thanks. duplex.